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Sunday, November 25 2012
One More Secret!
There is one more thing I should mention!
Okay, you remember that over the past week and a half I've been sharing different details about how you can change your life by the end of this year, making 2013 your "magical" year...including giving you a 21-page Magic Report (for those of you who requested it)?
After putting together the report and mulling over it for a few days, I realized that there is one element that trumps over everything else when it comes to being successful in everything that I do.
Now, this doesn't work unless you have both an action plan and the motivation (and enthusiasm) to do the plan. have to be doing the plan.
As I mentioned (about 5 emails ago), you have to be working a plan.  Once you start working a plan, the Universe will start making ways for you and altering your plan into something that is better for you.  The point, though, is that you have to be working a plan into a productive direction in order for the Universe to start helping you.  If you plan something but sit on your ass watching Judge Judy, the Universe will do nothing for you.
With that said, I can now get down to business with "my secret."
Once you get rolling with the implementation of your action plan, you can't care about the outcome.  That's the rule.
Part of the reason my life works so well is because I don't give a damn day to day what the outcome is (or isn't).  I have learned to trust that things will work out.
Bottom line:  I set forth a solid and strong plan in motion and I then let go, not giving a damn what happens from that point forward.
Seriously...I don't give a damn.  I completely let go and understand that whatever happens, happens.
Now, in order for this to work well you have to obviously have a solid action plan and be implementing that plan.  You have to be doing the very best you can do with the resources that you have.  You can't beat yourself up if you don't have enough in resources including knowledge, experience, money, etc.  Again, do the best you can with what you have and you'll be surprised at what will open up for you.
After a time when you start to realize that the Universe will begin "helping" you along the way with knowledge, people, and other resources, you'll start to trust that you'll be taken care of with whatever endeavor you decide to go forth with.
And with trust you'll get more results from the Universe.  With more results, you'll have more trust.  With trust, the flood gates will fully open.
And you'll never have to worry again about what to do in any situation or circumstance.  You'll always be taken care of.  Automatically.
To be clear, the secret is to give it your all and not give a damn about what happens.  When you can truly let go, you'll realize just how miraculous things will start to happen in your life.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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Friday, November 23 2012
Beyond Changing Your Life!
Over the past week I've been giving you a thorough breakdown of how to quickly and easily start changing your life.
Now, as you know, while you're doing the spirital stuff, you have to also play the game of economics.  As I briefly mentioned, you can't sit under a fig tree, meditate, think positive thoughts, and suddenly a check for a million dollars is miraculously mailed to you from the clouds.
That's not how the rules were set up on this earthly plane.
And if you're going to make it (and big) you have to create an action plan that works well in giving you piles of money into your bank account as quickly as possible.
There has never been a better time to get quick money from real estate.  And it's actually a surprising strategy to use to get it.
One of my newer students who got started with the Real Estate Cash Flow System last month has already flipped 2 houses and made a total of $17,200 in the process.  All in only 5 1/2 weeks.
I have another student who flipped her first house in the last 3 weeks and she's made $6,750 on the deal.  Not bad.  (She was disappointed because she thought it would have been more but the deal she's working on now will be double that.)
Flipping properties is now back "in" style just because it's do-able in our current economic conditions.  This is how I started in real estate 18 years ago.  (Damn, am I that old already?)
Of course, as our real estate market got crazy out of control, flipping got harder and harder to do since everyone and their mom was doing it.  Plus, it got harder to find fixer-upper deals out there since everyone was snatching everything up at viper speed.
That ended the days of flipping.
Everyone knows what happened next.  The real estate bubble burst.  And we're still trying to sort out the foreclosure mess (which will take another 5+ years at this rate).
We're at the bottom.  You may have been dubious when I told you this earlier this year but now I don't have to convince you that it's true.  Real estate prices aren't getting any lower.  Interest rates aren't dropping anymore.
And, believe it or not, not everyone got caught up in the foreclosure windfall.  There had been a big chunk of the population (that they never talk about about on the news) that didn't lose their homes, didn't even own a home, and didn't damage their credit in the past 7 years with the real estate foreclosure calamity.
Even better, these people are buying property now.
Plus, the FHA program has come back in full force, making it affordable for people to get into a house without a huge down payment (since banks have gotten so strict on so many purchasing elements to get a conventional home mortgage).  The FHA program had just about died not so many years ago.  Now it's becoming more popular than ever.
It was in the month of May when I realized that banks were back in the business of lending.  Yes, May.  Of this year (2012).  For awhile they were in "watch-and-wait" mode but I think they, like everyone else, got sick of nothing (good or bad) happening and that life moved on.
Plus, there is a way through transactional funding (deferred) that you can buy, fix up, and flip a house without using your own money.  This has never existed before a year ago this month let alone 18 years ago when I first got started in the business.
I introduced this successful strategy of flipping for profit to my students in a double-whammy at both my 3-Day Vegas Boot Camp Seminar and in my Real Estate Cash Flow System, both introduced at the same time.  It's the first time I've ever revealed to my students how to get that cash needed for down payments, earnest money deposits, due diligence, closing and other costs to purchase larger cash flowing passive income properties.
Within a short time (much shorter than I expected), I have students who not only absorbed the materials but they are using it for success.  Quick success!
This shocked me.  I'm used to hearing the success stories begin to trickle in about 3 or 4 months after I introduce a success secret to my students.  I didn't expect to hear on people's successes so quickly!
Isn't it your turn now?
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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Wednesday, November 21 2012
Final Piece of the Puzzle to Change Your Life!
You stuck with me through the journey so far.  Congrats to that!
Now, we have a final part of this journey for me to reveal to you.
(By the way, if you missed any piece of the journey or want all of it in once simple report, go to and get all of it in one simple easy-to-read PDF document.)
Let's go back to the very beginning when I spoke about moving energy.  If you want to begin changing things, moving energy comes in many forms.  We talked about cleaning and organizing, which is the first you should do.
When setting up your work environment, use a lot of light.  Have music.  Use fragrances.  Have a fountain or fish tank.  This moves all the energy while you're working on your action plan.
In the morning and at night when you are doing your gratitude exercises, you'll need to add something to it now.  Once you have your action plan and you start moving on the track of the plan, begin adding this into your gratitude exercise.  Pretend as if you have already achieved your goal or you know you are about to.  Be grateful for what has come (as if it's already happened) or be grateful for what's about to come (if you can't pretend it's happened already).  Feel excited about it.
If you start to experience doubt, let go and quickly shift gears into thinking about other things you are grateful for even if it's your child's beautiful smile or a joke someone told you the other day.
This can also become more powerful if, while feeling grateful and getting that "warm and fuzzy happy feeling" that you let it become a visualization fantasy and allow yourself some visual pictures of the things and situations to come with your goal or action plan.  Visualization is not for everyone.  If you have a hard time visualizing or find that you become negative and doubtful in these types of sessions then don't add this into your daily ritual.
Whenever you are talking to people in your journey to reach your goal, thank them for their time and their efforts in helping you.  Be very genuine in how you speak to them when you express this gratefulness to them.
When you are given something small, really feel the thankfulness and express it openly.
Make gratitude a moment-to-moment thing you embrace in your life and you'll notice all kinds of doors opening for you instantly.  The waters of life will quickly begin parting for you.
Now...I cheated because I do have one more piece of the puzzle but this is only for those of you who are serious about all this I've been teaching you for the past several days.  And no, this isn't some course or anything to buy from me.  There really is one more thing I want to tell those of you who are serious and it's in my magic report that you can get without paying me a cent for it.  You just have to tell me you want it by going to and you can get this report instantly via email.
This is one final thing you can use to implement into all of these secrets I've been sharing to put you over the top with everything.
And it's in the report you can get at
(I promise.)
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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Tuesday, November 20 2012
So...What's Your Plan?
We've come so far together!
Let me give you a crash course on flying an airplane...not that I really know the mechanics of how to physically fly a plane but I got the concept of it.
Most planes are off course most of the time.  Both technology and the pilots on task are responsible for keeping a plane on course, on time, and on point for its final destination.
Before you can take off, you have to know where you're going.  Obvious, right?
Yet, why do so many people set goals and have no idea how they will get there?
Why do so many people set goals that are so entirely much to the point that they psych themselves out before they can even get started?
Why are people so unwilling to do things for their future?
Okay, these are open-ended rhetorical questions, correct?
An obvious point is that you can't take off in an airplane without knowing your destination.
Even if you know that you're going to Chicago and nothing else...that's all you need to know to get yourself up in the air.  You don't need to necessarily know what you are going to do the second you touch down.  You don't need to really have your hotel picked out provided that you have some idea that there are hotels in the immediate area where you'll be staying.  You don't have to know where you're going to eat while you're there.  You don't really have to know much except some broad idea of where your destination will be.
Back to life in general...
Saying that you want "financial freedom" is equivalent to saying you want to take a vacation but you don't know where.  Again, the plane can't take off until you have some idea of where you want to go first.
A better statement would be that you want to have "financial freedom through real estate."
A bit better but not perfect.  This is almost equivalent to saying that you want to take a vacation somewhere in the southeast of the United States.  Again, no specific destination means the plane can't leave.
Even better, you'd say that you want to have "financial freedom through passive income real estate via residential-commercial apartment building investments."
This is almost perfect...but not quite.  This is equivalent to saying you want to take a trip to Florida but you don't have a city in mind yet.  Again, the plane can't leave until you know exactly where you want to go.
To make it even more specific, you'd add that you want "to make a monthly net income of $10,000 like clockwork."  Or whatever your financial freedom point or goal is.
Now we just created a flight plan.  Now the plane can take off.  This is equivalent to saying we are choosing to fly to Miami.
Of course, there is a lot of stuff to decide.  Where to invest.  Where to get the down payment.  How to locate properties.  All this stuff is equivalent to trying to plan the further details of your trip like what you are going to eat for each of your 3 meals each day you are there or where you are going to stay or what color your rent-a-car is going to be.  These are details that can be worked out when you get there.
When people start stressing out over the details, they never get very far.  They get overwhelmed and end up paralyzed.  When they are paralyzed they do...nothing!
Life is like a dark road.  The only pieces revealed to you are those that are a short distance ahead in which you headlines can light up for you.  That's the only piece of the road you need.
The magical part of "making plans" is that your plan will never go off the way you originally intend.  And this is awesome.  Because a better plan reveals itself after you get off your ass and start progressing forward in some manner and in some direction.  Any positive direction.
Case in point:  One of my newer endeavors ended up being successful in a completely different realm than I could have ever planned.  One of our most successful products was sold via direct mail.  Yet it wasn't cost effective enough since postage is so high and printing costs are excessive.
The original "plan" was to sell this product via direct mail.  We went forth with the plan.  It worked but only marginally to where we ditched the campaign just to have something else happen after I "let go" of pushing the business forward.
Ronnie went into a gas station owned by an associate of his and the guy was complaining about a supplier for this one particular product (stocked in our warehouse) couldn't provide him with enough of the product since it was selling so fast.
The only "problem" was that the product we had in our warehouse was in bottles.  I had to work on a means of individually packaging each supplement capsule for this type of retail sales.
A door automatically opened in our exact precise product line that we would have never "figured out" by thinking about it, toiling about it, worrying about it or even trying to plan it.
Even more strange, Ronnie is working the distribution network of this product in the greater Detroit area.  Another gas station owner associate who said he'd buy the product from him once we launch our individually packaged line suddenly sold out his interest in the gas station and couldn't get our product in his store.
Since he likes Ronnie so much (who doesn't?) and he was getting out of the business, he gave Ronnie a list of all the major distribution warehouses he bought all his products for the store from including contact names and phone numbers.  (When does that ever happen?)  Again, this wouldn't be anything you'd ever "plan" in the process of moving forward with success.
Let's move forward, shall we?
Figuring out where you want to go needs to happen 2 ways:
1)  In writing.
2)  Visually.
Write down specific goals (like the one I used above with the $10,000 a month in passive real estate income from apartment buildings).
Then create a visual of these things.
I like the concept of a "vision board" because I know first-hand how powerful it is.  Whenever I stopped using a vision board, I found that years would go by with no progress.  When I would use my vision board, each year by the year's end, I'd have accomplished 99% of the stuff on the board.
Most of us are "visual" people.  We respond to pictures.  It ignites a feeling within us.  So, get some pictures of all the stuff you want and start gluing it to a poster board.  Hang the board up where you'll see it everyday.  Make sure everything that's on your board is what you want because you will end up getting everything on your board within 18 months or less.
Now, it's not simply enough to have a list of stuff and a pile of pictures of everything you want in life.  You have to go a step further.
Remember, God can't mail you a check from the clouds.
So, you have to have some kind of loose plan on how you're going to acquire your list of stuff you want.
Not to overwhelm you, we'll start with only 1 - 2 items.  Usually the financial one is the most pressing.  The other should be the "minor" one like a new relationship or something not as pressing.
Do not choose to go forward with 10 goals at one time otherwise you won't be focused and nothing will happen.
Focus on 1 - 2 goals with a loose action plan and nothing outrageous, physically impossible, or overwhelming.  (I.e. "I'll have $10 million in property by December 31st of this year," or "Some old guy will die and leave me all of his apartment buildings and I'll meet him at a bus stop on Valentine's Day."  You get the point, I hope!)
A loose plan may be something like, "I'll have 3 apartment buildings in the next 12 months that will give me a $7,500 monthly cash flow (net) and I'll be finding all of these properties in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  I'll begin looking for these properties online as well as finding a buyer's agent in that area to assist me with both acquisitions and foreclosure properties.  I'm also going to work on my business credit as well as finding investor partners to assist with the down payment money."
Now, to seal the deal and make this all happen at lightning speed, I have something else.
And I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.
(I promise.)
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main 
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Monday, November 19 2012
The Secret to Clearing
Okay, yesterday I left you hanging on which of the energy flowing elements you should do first while you're devising your list of exactly what you want.
Now, you probably don't remember the list and it doesn't matter.  I'm only going to be talking about one of the elements right now.
My most unproductive days are when I'm sitting amongst a pile of crap on both of my desks.  (I have 2 desks.)  In fact, a single unproductive day can easily and quickly slip into a full week of non-productivity when there is piles of crap everywhere.
I feel busy all day, every day.  Yet nothing gets done.
When I finally realize what's happening, I'll take everything off my desk.  I'll then grab a bottle of spray and a paper towel.  I spray, wipe, and get rid of all of the dirt.  Then I organize everything including throwing paperwork and other stuff away.  Other stuff I file away.
Immediately after I get done with this simple and quick cleaning process, my productivity comes back.  Projects that were stumped become "unclogged."  Everything starts to resume back in a full force working order.
All from cleaning my desk.
About 18 months ago was the last time I visited my dad at his house in San Clemente, California.  My dad is usually a very clean and neat person.  He always has been.
However, the last time I was at his house showed a completely different thing than what I was used to.
This, unfortunately, explained why his life was a mess.
I went to his house and there were boxes everywhere.  Paperwork was stacked in corners.  You could barely walk through the place without wanting to scream!
I lasted all of 10 minutes in his house then left.
I no longer wondered why he was almost confused and disoriented about his life.  He was in a depression and a downward spiral.  This was right before I discovered him ripping off my company and then lying to me about it.
And right before I permanently fired him which, of course, sent him in to further personal and financial problems.
All because his freakin' house is a disaster.
There is power in getting rid of things that no longer service you.  Give them away.  Other people can use the stuff.  Make frequent trips to Goodwill or the Salvation Army with your stuff.  There is power in circulating your unused stuff and putting it back into circulation for others to make use of it.
What you have left, make it neat and organized.  Organize paperwork and receipts.  Put old paperwork and documents into bank boxes and store them out of sight and out of mind.  Get rid of dust and dirt.
Not only will you begin to think more clearly (and feel much better) but you'll also realize that the Universe will respond.  It will begin to move in your favor just because your obstacles are now gone.
(Hey, why wait for "spring cleaning" when you can start organizing and cleaning now?)
I recently hired a contractor to redo my entire master bedroom closet.  They are coming out again in the next couple of weeks to do my smaller master bedroom closet.  I am also in the process of having bookcases built to make my dream library (since I have a huge book collection).
This is all clearing away the energy obstacles to make a clear path for the energy to begin working for you (and not against you in the form of blockages).
While you're working on all this, there's something else you need to do to make everything start popping for you...and fast!
If you're one of these people who need stuff to happen now, you have to start the next process.  Remember, cleaning your house alone isn't going to single-handedly do it!
There's more.
And I'll reveal that tomorrow!
(I promise.)
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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Sunday, November 18 2012
And Even More Magic!!
If you're one of my many students who really is ready to change every aspect of your life then you've been reading my lengthy emails from the past few days.
And I only have more magic!
By the time I'm done with these emails, you'll have the entire puzzle put together on exactly what you'll be doing now and through December to make sure that 2013 and beyond are your most awesome years to come!
By the way, I've never shared these strategies and techniques with anyone.
Because I didn't really discover all this stuff until a handful of weeks ago when I truly realized "The Secret" behind having everything in life you've ever wanted.
And now I'm sharing this groundbreaking information with you.
Now, hopefully you've been following me because I'm just going to keep adding onto what I've been talking about since this past Thursday.
If you remember, I started talking about moving energy.  If you recall, this is what I said...

"There are several "things" that move energy:

1) Music (preferably peaceful or high energy)

2) Fragrance, smoke, or incense

3) Cleaning, organizing

4) You physically moving in the environment or exercise

5) A running fountain (constantly)

6) Talking, chanting, singing, or yelling

7) Lights

Moving energy makes things happen.  But sometimes you have to take a step back and say, "Peace, be still."  There can't always be light without darkness. There can't always be speed without stillness.  There can't always be loud without quiet...otherwise the universe doesn't work properly.  And your life won't work out well either."
While you will be able to create a peaceful magical life where things will come easy for you once you constantly feel gratitude while letting go and losing all doubt, you'll find that it's time to move energy in your favor to start making certain things happen.
I view the Universe much like ordering things online.  I'm an junkie.  I order something and in 2 days (or less), it's at my doorstep.
Of course, in order to make this work effectively, you have to have a computer (you) with a connection with no obstacles (i.e. a fast Internet connection with no wiring/wireless interference) and, most importantly, know what you want (to buy).
None of the elements themselves will help.
The computer won't help you get anything if you don't have the Internet connection or don't know what you want.  The Internet connection won't help if you aren't part of the equation (i.e. no computer) or don't know what you want.  The computer or the Internet connection alone won't help if you don't know what you want.
So, what we did in the days prior to this is get you (the computer) attached to the source with no interference by removing the obstacles.
Now...what do you want?
Because removing the obstacles and getting the "flow" going is only part of all this.
(Again, this is what most of the self-help new-age stuff is missing.)
The Universe can't deliver anything to you if you don't tell it what to bring.
It's obvious that in order to place an order from, you have to have a computer, an Internet connection, and know what you want.
But why do suddenly people get confused as to not getting what they want from "placing orders" with the Universe when they never actually place an order??!!
And no, it's not an "order" when you give a list of everything you don't want.
For example, if I call a car dealership on the phone and tell them that I don't want a POS car and I hate yellow and I don't want a gas hog and I hate American cars and I hate convertibles and I don't like cars with sunroofs and I also hate green cars too and I don't like cars made in Japan...what the hell do you think the car dealership is going to say?
Well...what the f*** do you want?
This is so obvious to you and me and everyone else on the planet.
Yet, sadly, when I talk to my students and ask them what they want, they don't know.
"I want to be rich."
Really?  What does that mean?
In Ethiopia, being "rich" could mean having $1,000 and a brand new pair of shoes.
"I want a brand new car."
What kind of car?  What color?  What year?
"I want a new house."
Where?  What city?  What state?  What country?  What color?  How many bedrooms?  How many bathrooms?  Does it have a pool?  An attached garage?  Do you want to buy it or simply rent it?
"I want a successful business."
What does "successful" mean?  What kind of business?  What kind of products/services would you sell?  What would be your gross annual revenues?  What are your net annual revenues?  How large would your office and/or warehouse be?  How many employees would you have?
"I want to have a nice body."
You get the idea...
I hope!
I've found that once you can narrow down exactly what things are important to you in obtaining in each area, you'll be able to move onto the next step.
For example, if you're find with your body and how you look, why create a "goal" when you don't need one just because some self-help book said you need to cover every aspect of your life?
Let's just be clear: Create precise goals in the areas in which you want to change.
Last year I asked my husband if he was going to write down some New Year's Resolutions.  He said no because he had nothing to "give up."
I told him that I thought he had the concept wrong.  I thought a Resolution was to Resolve a part of your life whether you had to give something up (i.e. smoking, drinking, eating like a pig, etc.) or to change something that wasn't working (i.e. starting a successful business to resolve a financial calamity, go to counseling to save a marriage, etc.).  It wasn't just about giving things up.
So, the beginning is to start ironing out what you want.  Don't mention anything about what you don't want.  Start focusing on what you do want and write it down.
In the meantime, let's start working with your energy.
You remember the list at the top of this page?
In addition to figuring out what you want, at the same time you have to start moving energy.  And you need to always start with...
More tomorrow!
(I promise.)
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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Saturday, November 17 2012
The Next Piece of Magic...Revealed!!
For the last couple of days I've been revealing some magic to you.
But I'm not done yet.
If you're one of those self-help junkies who read all kinds of new-age-type books, you'll know that there isn't a single book out there that reveals all the details to changing your life.
One of the biggest problems with most of those books is that they elude to a fantasy concept of simply changing something (whether it's your thought process or starting to meditate or thinking positive or chanting or whatever it may be) and your entire life will change.
The problem with this concept is that you can't simply meditate under a banyan tree and expect to have money start raining down on you from the clouds.  Even Stuart Wilde, my favorite new age self-help author, states that you have to function in the marketplace since those are the rules of this earthly incarnation and that no one is mailing you a check from the clouds.  You have to sell some kind of product or service and participate in the market of life if you are going to make money.
Okay, maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself but you get the point (sort of).  The point is, most of the materials out there are missing some key pieces of information if they are going to change your life.
For the past couple of days I've been leading you up to today (and then there is tomorrow and up to Thanksgiving Day).
So far I've talked about the concept of feeling a deep and genuine sense of gratitude, especially about things in your life that you believe are a "thorn in your side," so to speak.  And I've talked you through a couple of techniques that I work with both in the morning and before I drift off to sleep each night that will help you start turning things around.
Now, I should mention that one of the biggest "things" that stop the flow in your life is not just about focusing on the negative.  (What you think about expands.)  It's also having a sense of anxiety and fear about what you can't readily see.
What does this mean?
Do you have a sense of anxiety about the future?  About the "not knowing" part of it?
I know I did.  Up until recently, that is.
I always had this sense that the other shoe would drop or that something bad is just right around the corner.
If business or my investing activities were slow, I'd feel fearful and anxiety-ridden.
If business or my investing activities were fine and profitable, as they usually are, I'd still feel fearful and anxiety-ridden because I'd be wondering when the next slow wave or "hit" would come.
And these feelings started becoming part of all aspects of life.  I started thinking about weird stuff like my husband suddenly dying or something happening to my daughter or myself getting a terminal illness.
I didn't understand why I kept thinking that either things had to be in a negative cesspool or I'd be wondering when they'd get to that state when things were actually fine.
Once I started constantly thinking about things to be grateful for, I noticed that my personality become more whimsical and relaxed. 
Instead of being so intense, focused, and rushed all the time, I actually started to notice that I'd enjoy being with my daughter.  I finally realized how funny she is by listening to what she had to say rather than being focused on other things to hardly notice the cute innocent things she had to offer.
I started to notice that instead of focusing on negative stuff like what I disliked about the world, I'd be sitting somewhere and absently say to myself..."I really like that dress she's wearing."  Or..."I like the color orange."  Or..."UPS is awesome because of all the packages I get."  Stupid stuff like that.  But "stupid," my friend, is better than negative.  My responses before would have been to pick things apart but now it's different!
And these thoughts are automatic...not "forced" at all.
Plus I even started working less.  Much less.  Almost barely at all, actually.
My first instinct was to believe that everything would fall apart then the next major shift happened.  A thought that made all the difference in the world.
That thought?
Who cares if it does fall apart?
Yes, that's right.  Who cares if it falls apart?!  So freakin' what??
What a sense of freedom that was!
Now, in case you're wondering if I finally lost all my marbles, you'd realize that I've never before ever felt (or been) so "together" as I am right now.
Because I just discovered what it means to let go.
That's right.  Let go!
Nothing bad will happen to you by throwing in the towel on toiling over everything in your life because immediately thereafter you'll realize there's an invisible net to "catch" you and make sure you're set on the right path in the right direction at all times.  This is what happens when you let go and trust that everything will work itself out.
There's magic in being grateful for everything you have and everything you are.  There's magic in moving forward with an action plan you create for yourself.
There's the deepest magic in letting go of your emotional attachment to the outcome.
And the deepest, deepest magic comes in when you trust that it'll work out.
In 100 years from now, you'll be dead.  I don't care how well you take care of yourself, you'll be dead and gone.  Period.
Every worry, point of anxiety, stress, or problem you think you have now won't be worth a damn when you're gone.
Did you ever look at a photo of someone from 100 years ago or longer?
Whenever I look at those old photos, I think of only one thing:  "What is this person toiling about in his or her life?  What is this person's worry?  What is bothering this person at this moment?"
I have a bunch of stock certificates in my office at my house.  Each one is 100 years old or older.  I look at the signatures and I'm in awe.  Why?  Because it was written/signed by a physical person...who isn't here anymore.  And who hasn't been here on this earth for a long time.
Yet their signature is still here.
What's gone is their physical body and all the worries, anxiety, and problems they had at the time they signed the document.  Or took the picture.
At the moment they laid their signature on the page or posed for the picture, they had worries, anxieties, and problems.  All of them did.  (The exception would be children, for the most part.)  Yet none of what they toiled over matters now.  None of it.
This is when I realized I learned how to let go.
A big part of my lesson in letting go was marrying someone who lives 2 time zones away from me without any type of solid plan on when we'll ever reside in the same household.  Just recently, I've let go of that to the point where I'm not attached to any specific outcome nor am I trying to force anything to go either way.  I've learned to let go.
I've let go of my feelings about my companies.  I've let go about being attached to certain deals.  I've let go of my anxiety about not having every element of my immediate future planned out.
I've completely let go.
And strangely, for the first time in my life, I'm free.
I always thought that I could only be free if I met certain goals or paid off my house or acquired a certain amount of property or whatever.
Now I realize that freedom is an inside job and can happen at the snap of a finger.
It can happen for you.  Today.  Right now. recap:
1)  Feel the deepest part of gratitude for everything, especially those things that you now see in a negative light.  And do your gratitude exercises twice daily.
2)  Let go.  Just let go.  Stop feeling scared or anxiety-ridden or worried.  None of it will matter when you're dead.
3)  Trust that it'll work out.
Okay, so that will get life to open up to you.  Your "problems" will quickly find themselves resolved.  Your "issues" will instantly be overcome.
And you'll feel a deep sense of peace.
Now, time to start moving life to work in the direction of your dreams and in getting what you want.
I'll start telling you about that tomorrow!
(I promise.)
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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Friday, November 16 2012
Magical Secrets Revealed!
Yesterday I started a lengthy blog about how I turned my life around from the inside out and what magical secrets I used (starting from a magical book that got the ball rolling).
Since my email yesterday seemed to go on and on, I decided to break this up into 2 emails just to create a magical time for you right before Thanksgiving.
And your life will change if you follow this in detail.
Okay, if you recall yesterday, I was talking about moving energy.  We'll get back into that shortly.
Let's get back to overcoming the chatterbox demons that create fear, negative self-talk, lack of confidence, and self-hatred.  (This is sort of where I left off.)
The opposite of finding everything that's wrong with your life is finding everything that's right with it.
My dad raised me to hate the government.  And I did for a long time until one day I had an emergency with my first husband. 
He was beating me up.  I grabbed for the phone, dialed 9-1-1 and within less than a second he cut the phone cord with the knife he was about to stab me to death with.
Within less than 2 minutes (and I'm not exaggerating), there were several officers at my door.  They saved my life and he was hauled off to jail.
My view of the government changed.
When my dad continues to bitch about the government, I tell him to live somewhere else.  You see, unlike him, I've traveled out of the country quite a few times.  In many countries still even in 2012, there isn't clean running water.
Where else in the world are you going to get clean running water into your home for about $50 a month or less?
When my views about the government changed, the legal entanglements I had with the government also instantly cleared up including a judgement that was almost $2 million on 2 of my 3 credit reports.  Like...almost overnight.
But I still didn't put 2 and 2 together yet.
How difficult is it to find the good in something...anything?
So, I started with my ex-husband who has been the center of most of my misery for the better part of the past few years.
My ex-husband, for the most part, is a decent guy.  He could be worse.  Instead of focusing on what I dislike, I focused on how he gave me a beautiful daughter who is my entire world and means everything to me.  In fact, nothing means more to me than my little girl.  And what a wonderful life-changing gift that is!
Suddenly he started becoming very amicable about custody issues.  He finally got a job (which was the reason we split up) just out of the blue.  He started becoming nicer to me pretty much overnight.  He even agreed to start taking much less money in spousal support.
I'm like..."This must be working!"
Over the past 18 months I've been really upset about one of my companies.  I've been sending so much hatred in the direction of the business.  It has methodically been going down the tubes for the past year and a half because of my negativity and dislike that I've been sending in the form of energy (thoughts) in the direction of the business from hating the products to hating the employees.
Then I started thinking about it.  I began thinking of how grateful I am for being able to service people and having such a profound, positive impact on people's lives with the product line.  I started thinking of the business as a living, breathing entity and feeling a sense of gratitude for what the business has provided for my life both financially and personally.
Within a few days the company completely turned around.
Meanwhile, a brand new company I've been struggling with for the past few months had some grateful feelings injected into it.  I started feeling grateful that I came up with such an awesome product idea and how wonderful it'll feel like to bring it into the marketplace.  I was feeling grateful about what a great job I did on some of the product design and what a gift it is to have an eye for such detail (while enjoying the design process).  I felt grateful for having a staff in place to help me with certain business details.
Within 2 weeks the entire outlook of the business changed from being completely "dead" to getting million-dollar product contracts with wholesale distributor/suppliers.
I've done this "gratitude technique" over and over again with issues such as my marriage, businesses, investing, my body, and everything else that I believed was creating obstacles or negativity for me.
The technique...
What I began doing was listing, in my mind, all the things I am extremely grateful for.  I'd shoot for at least 3 things.  Then I'd add 2 more.  Then I'd try to make it to 10.  I wouldn't write them down.  Instead I'd focus on how I felt and allowed myself to really and truly feel grateful for each one without rushing through a written list.
And I'd do this as I'm going to sleep.
Sometimes I wouldn't start with the major things I'm grateful for.  I'd start with the little things.  I'd choose 3 things that happened in my day that were awesome.  Then I'd try to find a couple more.  Then I'd pick the most awesome thing out of the list I created.
I'd actually feel great, warm, and fuzzy as I started falling asleep instead of sad and full of anxiety as I have been in the years prior.
(By the way, let me mention that when you have sad, depressing, angry, or fearful thoughts all the time, especially all the time before bed, eventually your life starts to come apart at the seams as my life had been.  It really does a lot more damage than you think!)
In the morning, I'd start listing a few things I anticipated as being awesome for that day...even if it was a certain lunch I planned on having!  I'd get pumped up and excited about...anything.  Literally anything big or small!  And if I had nothing particular to look forward to, I'd make sure I'd think about how I'd want a certain project to turn out or about ordering something online and make it a point to add that into my day.
Pretty soon, I started thinking differently.  My mind actually began rejecting negativity.  The second something negative came into my mind, I didn't have to force myself to think "positive."  Instead my mind automatically started wanting to focus on better, more positive outcomes and things that made me happy.
I have a short list of things I need to focus on in order to get me back to that "warm and fuzzy" place of gratitude that has been miraculously shifting my life.  The more times I get to that place, the better and more effortlessly my life tends to flow.
But there's another part to this...the part "they" never talk about.
You know what?
Let's talk about that one tomorrow.
(I promise.)
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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Thursday, November 15 2012
Secrets to Changing Your Life with a Little Bit of "Magic"
Not everything in life has to be at a break-neck speed (as things have always been).  Yes, I like movement.  I don't like it when nothing is happening and things are stagnate.
In fact, everyday when I come into the office, I have a ritual.  I turn on music in my bathroom.  (Yes, I play music in the bathroom at my office.)  My fountains are already running.  (They run all the time.)  I turn on all the lights.  I turn on music upstairs where my office is.  The music is usually high energy.  Sometimes I light an incense.
On the surface none of this may make any sense to you.  Below the surface (or in the areas you can't see), it makes a huge difference.
There are several "things" that move energy:
1)  Music (preferably peaceful or high energy)
2)  Fragrance, smoke, or incense
3)  Cleaning, organizing
4)  You physically moving in the environment or exercise
5)  A running fountain (constantly)
6)  Talking, chanting, singing, or yelling
7)  Lights
Moving energy makes things happen.  But sometimes you have to take a step back and say, "Peace, be still."  There can't always be light without darkness.  There can't always be speed without stillness.  There can't always be loud without quiet...otherwise the universe doesn't work properly.  And your life won't work out well either.
Okay, so what the hell am I talking about?
December, for me, is usually a depressing month.  It's not anymore because you are about to discover a powerful secret to change your life forever.  In fact, from now on, you'll start to look forward to December every year.
In order to change anything in your life, you have to start off with understanding the movement of energy in your life.  Energy isn't what you see.  Energy is what you don't see.  It's like looking at the air.  You can't see anything but blank space, yet this is where the most powerful energy forces circulate.  Everything you can see is simply an obstacle to that energy.
Now, I'm not going to go into any lengthy monologue about feng shui or anything like that.  This is different.
I discovered something really powerful and life-changing very recently.  (And by accident.)
I started feeling very...depressed.  I go through these depressive episodes every so often because I've been told that I'm "genetically prone" to depression.  Furthermore, I've been told that when severe situations occur in ones lifetime (loss, divorce, bankruptcy, etc.), it starts to alter the biological interworkings of the brain.
And yes, depression is very real.  It's not a matter of just "snapping out of it" as many non-depression-prone people think.  It's a real brain chemistry disorder that sometimes make people think that even ending their own life is a better prospect than going on anymore.  It's the deepest point of depression that anyone can ever imagine.  (Women would understand this as an especially deep bout of PMS where endless crying for no reason occurs.)
Recently I came to a crossroads.  The holidays are coming up.  My mom's favorite holiday was Thanksgiving, which just passed.  My mom passed away more than 7 years ago.  I'm not talking with my brother.  I never see my dad.  (Don't ask why.)  So, essentially I have no "family" around for the holiday season.
For the first time in many years I made an appointment with a doctor to start back up on anti-depression medications because I thought I "needed" it to make it through the holidays.
The appointment came.  I didn't go.  I didn't see a psychiatrist and I didn't get any medication.
I realized that the reason I was recessing into a depression in the first place was that my thought process needed some work.  We call it "self talk."

Since I bought my beautiful new home this past June, it seemed that the novelty of it had worn off (as with any exterior "fix" we have to enlighten our mood does).  I found myself walking around feeling sorry for myself because my husband lives in Detroit and I don't have anyone around for the holidays.  I have lost my "spark" for training.  My employees have been screwing up lately and I don't even want to go to work anymore.  Everytime I hear from my brother is because he needs money and for no other reason.  I never hear from my dad except when he wants his old job back with my company.  My ex-husband is an ass**** loser who keeps wanting his spousal and child support payments early since he squanders all the money.  Blah, blah, blah...
And finally I'm like...WTF??  Why do I keep depressing myself like this?  Why do I tell myself such awful things?  No wonder I don't want to get out of bed in the morning!
I started reading a book and it changed everything.  I'm not going to tell you the name of the book because it only offered a small fraction of what I needed to implement in order to change everything.  But the book started the ball rolling and everything else automatically fell into place.
Since (at the time) we were coming up on Thanksgiving, I started forcing my focus in a new direction.
Starting immediately (and it was at night when I had this realization), I began to "train" myself to think about different stuff.

And no, this isn't some corny "positive thinking" deal.  (That's crap, by the way, and if you've done any work with "self-help" then you already know it doesn't work.)
I started to change my self-talk topics.  I stopped imagining myself as a victim being bullied by life and everyone in it.
I started regaining my power back.
Sometimes the mass population will see a successful person as powerful and "together" without realizing the daily or minute-to-minute demons they face.
I'm a fan of the rapper Eminem.  He is an extremely focused, intense, and seemingly fearless.  Yet it didn't surprise me that he wanted to kill himself or that he overdosed on drugs.
Most people who seem fearless, focused, and "together" usually aren't at all. 
Including myself.
Even though people can be confident, fearless, focused, and good at what they do, the "off time" is where the negative internal chatter comes in.  And it ruins confidence, focus, and everything else.
This is the part we all can control.
The demons in our chatterbox minds (I'm not talking about real "demons" so don't think I'm a weirdo or anything) will pick apart at our weak points.  Lack of confidence.  Worry.  Anxiety.  Fear.
And at night it's worse because our defense mechanisms, energy forces, and confidence levels are down.  It's the worst when we are alone or with someone who is chiseling with their own negative chatter toward us.
So, here's what I started doing a few weeks back and my entire world, business, and energy has completely changed like magic...
You know, I just realized that this email has run on forever.  I'm going to tell you about the additional magic tomorrow!  (I promise.)
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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