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Saturday, February 27 2016
A Ghost Ate My Fish!

We're In Another Haunted Office and a Ghost Ate My Fish...See Pic as PROOF!!

Something very weird is going on.  We had our fish, Spot, who was our new office mascot.  Two weeks ago he was found in the filter.  Dead.  I figured it was a fluke that he died that way so I had Rose go to the pet store to get a new fish.  She named him Mr. Krabs since she knows my daughter likes Spongebob (and maybe I remind her of Mr. Krabs...who knows?)

Not but a couple of days later, we found the fish shredded in the filter. Mind you, the fish CAN'T GET INTO THE FILTER.  The filter tube is covered with a guard and there's no way a fish can get in from the top either.
Rose came into my office, sad and on the verge of tears.  We've both been feeling this weird spirit out in the hallway in the stairwell next to our office but it just reminded me of some old lonely guy who was just sad all the time.  I didn't feel anything demonic about the spirit so I just left him alone.
Now it seems that he comes into our office at night when no one is around and messes with our office pets, even eating them from the looks of the fish in the picture.
Rose asked me about if we should get another fish.  Nope.  I'm not putting another fish through whatever torture this weird spirit is putting them through after hours in the dark of the night. 
This would explain why our Internet goes down just about every day and our phone system will just go on the fritz for no reason at all. Makes complete sense now.
I have this "knack" for attracting spirits or ending up in buildings that have them.  Maybe it's because I'm more open than most people.  Who knows?  I don't like it.  So we smudged our office and our wing of the building with the door wide open, encouraging him to leave.  I'll let you know if it worked out for us...or not.  Sometimes smudging just pisses them off even more.
What do YOU think about this?  Double fluke?  Or something definitely weird is up?
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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Thursday, February 25 2016

Apparently one of my last email blasts ruffled a couple of feathers.  Actually, just ONE set of feathers to be exact.  I've noticed that people in general who know that they themselves are deadbeats and losers, insistent on blaming the world around them for the lack of effort they are putting forth in their own lives, they really get "offended" when I call them out on the obvious.  That their lack of success is, in fact, their fault.  Not many people like to take responsibility for their own failures, as it's just easier to blame the government, or this guy, or that guy, or their spouse, or their kids, or everyone else but the person they see in the mirror.  If you're one of these people who is insistent on refusing to take personal responsibility to ANY degree about how to better your life, I don't want you reading my emails anymore.  (There's a link at the bottom where you can kindly remove yourself off my email blast list right now.)

Such a woman was this idiot named Marina.  She sent me an email that looked like it was written by a half-illiterate elementary school child claiming that I don't know what it's like to be poor and starving and this and that.  Blah, blah, blah.  In which I replied:  Yes, I went without many meals as a child.  So what?  I survived.  Yes, we went without utilities as a child when many times basic services were shut off for weeks on end including water and gas.  But I made it through.  Yes, we were even homeless for a bit.  Again, all water under the bridge.  The KEY POINT is that don't see me bitching or complaining or needlessly rehashing these memories because I grabbed myself up by my bootstraps (with the help of NO ONE, mind you) and went on to become successful on my own.  No excuses.  Boot camp style, my friend.  You find the opportunities.  You find the "loopholes" and study how success can be a part of your life.  And you take action to make it happen.  Very simple.  Furthermore, I've come to understand that it's our difficult times in life -- even our most desperate times -- that build us as spirits/souls.  Without pressure and stress, a diamond cannot be formed.  The best of who you are is defined by the most difficult periods of your life and how you got through, NOT by the happy-happy-joy-joy periods.  And we each can choose how to look at it.  Boo-hoo about it?  Or USE the experiences to make us better?  Your choice, my choice, all of our choices.  I choose to use it and build on it for success, prosperity, and happiness.

Difference between myself and a loser like Marina is that I don't compile and brainwash myself with a bunch of excuses as to why it's everyone else's fault, feeding myself a daily waterfall of affirmations as to why everything is so bad for me without at least considering that there are other more positive possibilities.  I simply move forward, use whatever tools I have to forge ahead, and I make things happen in my own life.  People like Marina, well, they're happy being miserable, sitting in a corner crying all day about how it's everyone else's fault as to why she's too lazy to get off her pitiful ass to make things happen for herself.  Even worse, she's blaming everyone else as to why banks won't give her money and on and on.  I can only imagine what the communication looks like when she's trying to babble on to a banker or other financial professional the way she talks and writes, like a kindergartner.  Then wonders why nobody wants to give her a loan.  How about educating herself to come off as a professional?  How about figuring out HOW to get the money for deals or HOW to generate more income instead of bitching and complaining that it's everyone else's fault for her own incompetence?  Oh, no!  Not for Marina, of course.

She went on to say that I know nothing about identity theft.  Wrong again, Marina.  My entire credit was compromised by my first husband after he opened up several very large credit accounts in my name and then left me with the bill. It cost me a personal bankruptcy that took 10 years for me to sort through.  Again, I don't sit around boo-hooing about it.  I get my ass into gear and do something about it!

I think she was "offended" because I used the word FEAR a lot.  So, maybe it's not fear that's the case for Marina.  Maybe it's just laziness.  Maybe she's just apathetic.  Has she ever thought of that?  No, of course not.  Again, just easier to BLAME everybody else.  Blame Obama while you're at it.  After all, he's GOT to be held accountable as to why Marina can't peel her lazy pitiful ass off the couch every day to DO something productive other than whining.  In which case, she'll never get anywhere, guaranteed.  I've learned how to read people pretty good.  And I know when certain someones should just give up and not bother trying to do anything because there is just too much negativity that they're not willing to let go.  So, for someone like Marina, I recommend that she just give up now.  Don't invest in any programs, seminars, or other materials.  She'll find something wrong with all of it even before she tries anything.  Best to just stay glued to that couch, continue watching Maury Povich, and wonder in great suspense if that DNA test will prove that the "mo-fo" on TV is really her baby-daddy.

For me, I know where I'll be in a few months from now, a year from now, and even 5 years from now.  She'll be exactly where she is now.  Still pitiful, apathetic, blaming everyone else, and wondering why her life still sucks so bad because she never shut off the negativity valve long enough to see opportunities and possibilities all around us AT ALL TIMES...even moving THROUGH us every second of every day!

So...say you're kind of like Marina and you (ideally and hopefully) don't want to be anymore.  It's a choice.  Choose NOT to be like her.  But I'll make it real easy on you by telling you HOW to not be like her.  Start OPENING YOUR EYES to what's going on out there in the world.  CHOOSE to focus on the positive instead of falling into the nightly news negativity abyss each day for hours on end.

Here's an assignment for you:

1)  Stop watching the news in ALL FORMS for 7 solid days.  This includes avoiding Yahoo! News, MSNBC, your nightly news, whatever.  You get the point, I hope.

2)  Start noticing things around you.  Notice ALL of the positive, especially when it comes to wealth.  NOTICE the guy driving the new Porsche, or the lady in that hot red Mercedes-Benz convertible.  NOTICE.  Then listen to what you are saying to yourself.  Are you grumbling about why you don't have that?  Are you assuming they were born into wealth or stole the money?  Then make a CHOICE to switch your thinking and say out loud, "If he can have that, I can have that too."  Or, "If she can drive that car, I can certainly find a way to make the money to drive that too."  Again, say it OUT LOUD, even a few times, so you can start wiring that brain of yours.

3)  Watch nothing negative before bedtime.  This includes 48-Hours, Dateline, crime shows or horror movies.

4)  Right before you fall asleep, ask how you can achieve certain things you're looking to achieve.  For example, you might say, "How can I generate an extra $20,000 a month net in income?  What ways are there that can allow me to do this?"  Then let it go.   Keep repeating this night after night until you receive an answer.  You'll have your answer in a couple of days or less!

5)  When you get your answer, move on it.  Start creating and working a doable action plan.  Don't let your mind talk you out of it.  Keep forging ahead yet stay flexible for new ideas.  You're usually shown new creative ways to get things done when you stay open.  Keep working on your plan.  Do at least one thing each day to complete your plan.

We can all choose to make this shift or we can choose to make excuses while blaming the world around us.  In all reality, we ARE our world.  We ARE our universe.  And you can make it anything you want.  You can choose Marina's universe.  Or you can choose to create something completely different.

Your choice, my friend.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main


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Tuesday, February 23 2016

A lot of my students don't realize the "behind the scenes" of Monica Main.

So, I'm going to let you in on some personal things that have been going on with me so that you'll understand how my personal trials and tribulations can help you.

In 2010, I went through a financially difficult divorce.  It would be my second divorce but wiped me out financially.  It cost me over $7 million in property and we're not including the cash which was painfully substantial.  That's another story which makes me want to puke when I whip out the calculator so...let's not go there.  But it was costly as all hell.  A big part of me feels that I'm still recovering.

But why did I go through a divorce?  After all, sucking it up and pretending that everything was okay would have been cheaper.  Throwing his ass into a sewer tank at one of my MHPs, letting the elements eat up his body would have been preferred.  But I believe karma is a bitch so I don't harm others unless they are harming me.  That's my personal motto.

At this time, my daughter wasn't even 2 years old yet.  Yes, I know.  That Dr. Laura freak will tell everybody to stay married when they have kids, no matter how miserable, abusive, or shitty the marriage is.  Yes, stay for the children's sake.  In which my reply is, "Shut up, bitch. When you're in a shitty marriage, it's BAD for the kids, you quack.  That's worse than giving then a HAPPY single-parent household.  And where did you get your degree anyway?  The school of Cracker-Jack Quack-Atics"?

Rewind a little more in life, who I am as a person today is a person who was chiseled out of a block of stone from the roughest of beginnings.  Granted, my beginnings weren't as rough as many people.  Maybe you had a tougher upbringing than I did.  If you did, congratulations.  It was good for you.  Thick skin, an I-don't-give-a-shit attitude, risk-taker personality, all good for your success.  I look at kids and even younger adults today with their "I'm-so-offended-because-somebody-said-this-or-that-to-somebody-else" belief systems...WTF, I'm thinking. "Grow a pair," I say, "Because you're gonna need some as life gets more and more complicated for ALL of us as years roll on here."

I'd love to tell people that I had no opportunities growing up.  That was a lie.  But for a long time I actually believed that.  Maybe you do too and that's the type of thinking that you need to quickly discard otherwise it'll continue ruining your abilities to create success and wealth for yourself.  Seriously.  Let the past go, move forward.  Quickly.  Otherwise the past will sink you like an anvil tied around your neck in a pond of quicksand.  You see, this is what my useless brother does.  Blames everybody including our parents STILL, the government, even ME for why he's such an alcoholic welfare-dependent loser.  And until he starts taking FULL RESPONSIBILITY for his own life (even things that can be perceived as "not" his fault), he'll actually start seeing some possibility and potential.  But that day will never come because it's too late for him.  He'll be 40 in June and he's so dead set AGAINST any other type of thinking.  This is why I don't communicate with him and I haven't seen him in almost a year.  I won't surround myself with losers like that, even (and especially) if it's family.  Yes, you can choose your friends.  Even better, you can choose to dump your family too if they don't line up with what you want for yourself, especially those who bring you down.

No matter how old you are, I'm convinced that you can change your mind about anything.  You just have to FIRST be open to other possibilities THEN you can move forward.  Until then, you'll be stuck in your old patterns of thinking and thus your current life will never change.

Here's the way I see it, compared to the millions of people who are fighting just to come to the United States for ANY opportunity (and may take a long time to get here), I had a ton of opportunity starting off.  It could have been worse.  I could have been born in a third-world country, struggling to get to America, swimming across a river to get here against all odds, maybe getting shot at the border.  And if I made it, what would I do when I got here?  I'd have to learn a foreign (and difficult) language in a strange culture full of judgmental Americans who want nothing more than me to return to my foreign country.  Then I'd have to climb up the ladder.  How do I get a job with no papers?  What are my opportunities then?

Yet people have done it.  A lot of people have come to this country against all odds as explained above and have made it, even become multi-millionaires.  It's because they're able to keep their eye on the prize.  Time remains of the essence as the struggle their up against each day weighs heavily into their spirit, forcing them to grow upward every moment of every day.  Because once they stop growing upward toward their goals, they instantly get crushed by everything around them.  And they can't let that happen.  So they steadfastly keep pushing for their goals and dreams.  And THAT is why they make it.  Not because of "luck" or any other reason some lazy-ass may think is the result of the success.  It's because of the constant hustle and drive that pushes anyone toward and into their dreams.  Luck has nothing to do with it, people!

So, if you think there is "no opportunity" for you, what the f*** are you talking about?  Just the mere fact that you can READ THIS EMAIL means that the sky's the limit for you, my friend.  So, stop talking yourself out of giving yourself the life that you've always wanted.  Stop it right now.  Time to move forward...and fast!!

Back to my divorce, because this IS relevant, believe it or not.

One spring morning (in 2010), knowing that I had been in a miserable marriage for too many years, I finally asked myself 2 very important questions:

1)  If my mom were still alive, what would SHE tell me about what I should do about this marriage?

No answer came to me. question:

2)  What would I tell my daughter if she were in the same situation, dealing with an emotionally/mentally abusive f***-tard deadbeat who refused to get a job for the past near-seven years?

Answer:  Dump the piece of shit...TODAY!  Not a moment to waste!  Because you're too good for him, darlin'.

By late that same morning, I was already sitting in the office of my divorce attorney, someone who I didn't know even existed the day before.

Children learn by what you do, NOT by what you tell them to do.  I wanted my daughter to grow up the strong woman I've been able to chisel out for myself, out of that raw block of stone.  Some of what I've become was weather erosion from life circumstance which has also molded me into who I am today.  This is what tragedy and "bad things" do to you.  All for the better good, we would all hope anyway.  But one thing I was intent on her NOT learning was that it was acceptable to drag a deadbeat guy through the mud like a 2-ton log, taking care of him as if he deserved a free ride in life.  (Damn lazy California boys.)  I wanted her to learn from a self-reliant powerful woman -- even if I was to become a single-mom to pull it off -- and that would carry a powerful built-in brain-wired education for her.  She'd learn by seeing what Mommy does, not what Mommy tells her to do.  She'd see a strong successful entrepreneurial woman, not an enabler of a weak piece-of-shit deadbeat guy.

At the age of 7 1/2 now, she's already showing signs that this in-advert education is paying off.  She's already in the midst of starting her first business.  I didn't get bit by the entrepreneur bug till I was in junior high school.  She's not even 8 and she's already named a new business both her and myself will be starting sometime this spring.  I also have a mantra with my daughter when she starts to blame people or circumstances.  I nip it in the bud by always telling her, "Stop blaming others.  You need to take personal responsibility."  The other day she started blaming someone else for something but stopped mid-sentence and looked at me.  I smiled, saying nothing.  She's learning, that little one.  She's becoming a strong, self-reliant woman in the making.  All in a single-mom household.  Take that, Dr. Laura, you misguided know-nothing Cracker-Jack hag!

To decide...such a POWERFUL thing.  The word "to decide" essentially means to cut off all other options.  You choose one option.  All others become irrelevant and fall away.  To decide is such a powerful feeling.

Yet most of you decide nothing.  You make no decisions no matter how painful they are.  And this is what's holding you back.  Waffling around between this or that.  Deciding on nothing.  Doing nothing.  And remaining in the SAME PLACE year after year.  This is what's holding you back right now.  Not deciding.  Not doing anything as a result.  And until you DECIDE on something, you won't be successful doing ANYTHING EVER!!  Because after all, there IS NO LUCK!  There's only YOU forging ahead on a strong vision that you've created for yourself.  After you've DECIDED!  It all starts there.  It all starts when you DECIDE.  Nothing can or will happen until you get to that point.

About 6 months into my divorce, Ron Espinoza and I hit it off at a seminar event I was doing in L.A. that fall.  Thinking back now, I was in a vulnerable state which is why I let things go awry.  But it's all good.  It's all part of the lessons that make us stronger.  We were married less than a year later.  Another mistake because I didn't realize until after the fact that he was never going to leave Michigan.  And I wasn't leaving California.  Stale mate.  So, this is where the third divorce came in.  And yes, I've gotten so good at all this divorce stuff that I did all the paperwork myself, saving tons of money in legal fees.  With a pre-nup in place, it was pretty cut-and-dried.  This was, perhaps, my hardest divorce.  Not because of the money (because I lost nothing in this one) but because I felt I had made such a gross error in judgment that could have been avoided.  And because it was such a tumultuous emotional roller coaster, even years later after the divorce was finalized.  Don't get me wrong.  Ron is a fantastic guy.  But the Michigan/California problem should have been more obvious to me and it wasn't.  For that, I believe I failed from a logical-decision point-of-view.

Even after the marriage was over on paper, we still kept dating.  Another decision: going from dating relationship to merely friends/associates and nothing more.

Eureka!  That was it!!  What a freaking AWESOME decision that was.  I felt that was the missing piece I've been needing to finally start feeling whole and okay again.  And this only happened LAST MONTH when I finally made that decision.  Simple decision yet so powerful and life-changing decision it was.  Yes, it seems too simple, right?  But it turned the tables on POWER for me and sometimes it's the simplest decisions that will give you the greatest power.  I went from battling a nightly depression on this issue to feeling extraordinary in every way almost instantly.  And now, for the first time in my adult life, I understand that term "being in a good place" and what that actually means.  Because I can honestly say I'm in a good place right now.  A REALLY good place.

Again, that little thing about DECIDING.  To decide is the hinge that can swing very large doors for you, as it has for me.

To come to these decisions sometimes can be painful as it has been in the illustrations I've given you about my personal life.  But it's a necessary evil, people.  If you don't decide on something, even if it feels uncomfortable, you'll never get anywhere.

Lately I seem to be getting a lot of emails from people who want me to make their decisions for them.  They want me to tell them what type of business they should do or if they should do real estate over my money funnel stuff.  How silly is that?  Why would you want me or anyone else deciding things for you?  In fact, it's already happening.  The government is deciding your fate as we speak.  Marketers are deciding what you should buy to make them rich.  So, I can see how you'd be used to being a sheep having people tell you what to do with your life.  But, time to step up, man up, woman up...time to make some of your own damn decisions otherwise you'll always be a sheep, following this or that and never becoming anything relevant for yourself.

To DECIDE...such a powerful thing, my friend.  When are YOU going to start making some powerful decisions in your life, even if they are uncomfortable but for the better good of YOU??

How about right now!  

I want nothing more than to see you up here with me...up here in this good place I'm finally at.  It's freaking awesome up here.  So, when are you coming up then??

How about today.  And it all starts simply by DECIDING.  So, decide something relevant to your life and your future, which means it needs to be a little more important than what you're having for dinner tonight.  How about what you want to be when you grow up?  That's relevant enough.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Sunday, February 14 2016

I'm a curmudgeon, I know.  But holidays for me just aren't that fun for me anymore.

Including this one.  Valentine's Day.  Just another commercialized, money-suck holiday that exists just to make people spend tons of money OR feel guilty as hell for not.  And that really sucks.  For most everyone.

What happened to me?

I don't know.  I think as time goes on, I've noticed that I'm losing my overall enthusiasm for life itself.  Or maybe I'm just bored of the same-old, same-old crap.  Who knows?  The older I get, it seems that these holidays are just coming around faster and faster with each passing year that I can't keep up anymore.  Just when I felt I was starting to recover from Christmas, now we have Valentine's Day.  So here we are.  Hopefully you find yourself in a happy place...much happier than where I'm at right now.

I think the main problem with holidays like Valentine's Day (and even holiday events such as your birthday), you're really dependent on someone else to perform to some level that will make you feel special to some degree.  And if they give you a sucky bouquet of flowers, a sucky cake, a sucky gift, or a sucky anything -- or even worse, nothing at all -- your spirits can come crashing down.  And there's nothing worse than having your entire array of emotions riding on the performance of someone else.

And people aren't to be relied on for anything, especially for something as important as having your entire psychological balance at their fingertips.  That's too much power for other people to have over you.

I was just having this discussion with a student of mine the other day about how and why I love business, numbers, and anything else that has a strong logical base to it.  You have something that you'll never get with friends, family, events, parties, etc. which is something called reliability.  Your numbers in business will always produce.  It's like clockwork.  I freaking love it!

For example, I do mailings as one of my main marketing activities, especially when it comes to getting the attention of highly qualified leads to stuff into my Money Funnel.  And I do lots of them.  Lots of mailings, that is.  And I'm making even more money NOW with these mailings than when I was "heavy" into "mail order" back between 2001 and 2004.  Why?  Because the Internet and pressing the EASY button with doing Internet marketing has drastically minimized the competition for me.  People view doing mailings of any kind -- including cheap postcard mailings -- as being "too much money and too much work" so...I get all the leads and they well...don't.

Laziness.  Doesn't pay off much, does it?  Stupidity?  Well, that pays off even less than laziness.

Think about it.  Doesn't it cost MORE per click on Google AdWords if you're paying the highly competitive cost-per-click of $5 or $10 per click than, say, sending out a postcard to people at $0.317 cents each?  Yes, that's how much the standard postcard rate is for an OVERSIZED postcard that commands MAXIMUM attention when it is received by your recipient.  So, yes, that's equivalent to a "click" if you want to compare the two.  And between the printing, mailing list, and postage cost, that's approximately 52 cents per "click" or postcard when everything is said and done.

Try getting 52 cents per click on Google AdWords for any RELEVANT keyword that can make you money.  Good luck.  And no, we're not talking about a keyword tail like "train a parrot to sing course" that you can probably get for 5 cents per click.  Yes, it's cheap.  But no, nobody is typing that in either.

If you're going to make money in this day and age, get off your ass for crying out loud.  Be willing to do more than your Average Joe.  Do some research.  Put in the work.  Set up your business correctly.  Put the time in.  If you don't, then don't you dare expect any kind of beneficial pay out of any kind.

But here's some good news in all of this:  As you know, I've been talking about my Money Funnel stuff a lot lately.  No, you don't have to ONLY do mailings to get people into your funnels.  There is a little-known 100% online method to get people -- and DROVES OF THEM -- into your funnel without doing a lick of offline marketing.  Offline marketing, in case you don't know, would be anything NOT on the Internet such as sending out postcards, advertising in magazines, etc.

So, yes, I've just created the EASY button for you.

Imagine if you're willing to do more.  Add the little-known strategy with one other VERY POWERFUL online marketing strategy (which ISN'T PPC or pay-per-click) and you have a multi-million-dollar Money Funnel business, still without implementing one lick on offline marketing.  So...imagine IF you added offline marketing, too!  How much would you make on top of that??

It's mind-blowing!  Really and truly!!

And THIS is why I love business, numbers, and what I call "new projects" like the Money Funnel.  Unlike people, it's consistent, reliable, and NEVER FAILS if you stick to a very easy-to-do, easy-to-follow, easy-to-implement step-by-step plan!

But as I sort of suggested, this business isn't for everyone.  If you're looking for the Lazy Man's Way to Riches, this ain't it!  You'll have to invest some time and effort into this.  If you aren't willing to do some work, just keep doing what you're doing.  Because anything worthwhile will take some effort.

Many of you know that I finished a very rare and unique 2 1/2 in-office Money Funnel event for only 7 students that will NOT be repeated.  Ever.  And I have the complete video set of this event.

Plus, I have my new Money Funnel System (Course) that is now available.

PLUS, I have a slew of bonuses that I'm offering for my Valentine's/President's Day Blow Out Deal.  You'll be shocked at all the stuff I'm offering BECAUSE this is what I call a "pre-order" discount.  This means that you're ordering right before I get my courses from my printer.  And since I'm not shipping a single course until March 1st to ensure that no one gets an "unfair advantage" over those who are attending my exclusive Beverly Hills Money Funnel Event on March 3rd and 4th, I'm more than making up for this "inconvenience" on your behalf by giving you a ridiculously low price PLUS tons of bonuses on these videos and this new system.

CLICK HERE or go to this link to take a look:

In the meantime, I think I'll go eat some chocolates out of the heart box of See's candy I bought myself last week.  By buying stuff for myself, I can always ensure that I'm never disappointed on even the crappiest of this one.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.   We still have room for our powerful Money Funnel Event in Beverly Hills on March 3rd and 4th.  CLICK HERE for more information including a video that shows you exactly how the Simple Money Funnel works!

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Saturday, February 13 2016

These little scammers!  Yes, I just called the Girl Scouts scammers...okay, not ALL of them but SOME of them.  Maybe only ONE of them.  I really don't know.

You've probably noticed that it's Girl Scout season again.  I've already purchased 9 boxes of cookies in the past week and I'm now afraid to go to the grocery store until this cookie thing blows over.  Because I can't walk past a Girl Scout without buying at least one box.  Of course, I really don't eat Girl Scout cookies so they're starting to pile up on my kitchen table.

So, the first Girl Scout "hit" I got was on Sunday when I went to the store for a quick couple things at the store.  I walked out and they told me that all boxes of Girl Scout cookies were $5 each EXCEPT for the Thin Mints.  Those are now $6.  Okay. Great.  I hate mint ANYTHING so I didn't care that the Thin Mints were more money.  I gave them $20 and walked off with 4 boxes of cookies.

Repeat the same thing the next day at a different store with different Girl Scouts.  Another 4 boxes.  I didn't even ask (or care) about the Thin Mints.  I picked another 4 boxes for another $20.

Then the other day I stopped by another store where I'm like..."Screw it.  Let's get the Thin Mints."  I have some people in from out of town so, why not get them?  Right?  Sometimes the world doesn't revolve around me and my dislike for mint products.  So...I told the little girl I wanted a box of the Thin Mints.

"That's $5 please."

What...$5?  The rip off Girl Scouts down the road are charging $6 for each box of Thin Mints.

So, either the other little chick is skimming an extra buck off each box of Thin Mints she sells OR the rest of the Girl Scouts aren't clued in on the price hike on Thin Mints ONLY.  Which doesn't make much sense to me.

I have to say, I admire little kids when there out there hustling because that was me.  I was hustling to sell everything and I was damn good at it.  This is the point in their lives where they understand what it takes to get the things you want in life and that it actually requires -- GASP! -- work!!  Getting out there.  Hustling.  Selling.  Marketing products.  And making money...even if "skimming" a little here and there.  (I kind of doubt anyone will call the Attorney General on a 9 year old.)

And this, my friend, is why I am so good at making money.  I understand that work and hustle is required.  I understand that you can't just sit on your couch watching People's Court and Dr. Phil while keeping your fingers crossed and waiting for the Publisher's Clearing House people to show up with the oversized check and balloons, guaranteeing $5,000 a week for life.  Yeah, right!  How about I guarantee that for myself and stop waiting for the white pedophile van to show up on my street with my sweepstakes winnings?!

Of course, it doesn't have to be HARD work that you have to do to get to a decent "baller" money-making level.  But there is SOME work that must be adhered to and maintained at a consistent pace if you're going to do really well in this economy.  This is what we call SMART work.  You know a little system -- even if it's a simplified little business -- that you just duplicate, triplicate, quadruplicate (are these even real words??) over several of these "sales funnels" that we use to create our initial Money Funnel Business.

And yes, it's even easier than standing outside having to talk to a bunch of pissed off disgruntled people stopping at the grocery store after work just to skim a buck here and a buck there on Girl Scout cookies.

I did a recent very rare one-time-only 2 1/2 day Money Funnel workshop in my office where only a small handful of students were allowed to participate.  This event was POWERFUL.  Much more mind-blowing than I initially anticipated because just about everyone in the group had a product idea that all I had to do was flesh out for them.  And that was freaking EASY for me to do.  By the way, these are product ideas that many of you probably want to do.  We had a couple of health supplements, a book on health (curing cancer, specifically), a real estate flipping "guru" in the making, and a lawyer who is putting together a wealth creation course/system.  So, all types of products that you should want to sell online because these are the ones that make the most money.

What's most extraordinary about this workshop is that I went over everybody's funnel in detail which I've NEVER done before.  I had also gone over the Simple and Complicated Money Funnels in extreme meticulous detail for the first time EVER!  And now you can see these videos PLUS get my new Money Funnel System for a FRACTION of the cost that it'll be going up to once this promotion is over.

Now, why am I offering a deal on this?  Because this is a PRE-ORDER DISCOUNT and it just so happens that we're coming up on Valentine's/President's Day weekend so...what better time than to offer you a killer kick-ass deal? What does "pre-order" mean?  It means that nothing will be shipped until the week of February 29th.  In fact, no system will leave my office until March 1st and March 2nd.  Why?  Because I cannot let ANYONE gain an unfair advantage over those who are attending my upcoming Money Funnel Event in Beverly Hills.  Everybody will get this information at the SAME TIME.

If you're REALLY smart, you'll be getting the Money Funnel System WITH the Workshop Videos (all in one package) PLUS you'll come to the Beverly Hills Event on March 3rd and 4th so that you can gain access to my done-for-you funnel "clones" but...if you can't come to the event in a few weeks, I understand.  Getting this Money Funnel System with the DVDs will put you on a super fast-track to online money-making success like NOTHING I've ever offered before in the Aggressive Income Business category.  And I mean NOTHING!  This is how powerful this stuff is!

Click on this link to watch the testimonial videos from my 7 very special students who attended this one-time-only RARE Money Funnel Event a couple of weeks ago in my office:

The deal will end soon.  Don't be a sap-sucker waiting until the last minute just to find yourself having to pay twice as much because you procrastinated too long.  This can make you upwards of $20,000 a day once you master these simple easy-to-do strategies.  But this opportunity will only last about a year before everyone will know about it and the competition will become too fierce.  So, when you commit to The Money Funnel, you MUST take swift action to get your business going.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  We still have seats left for the Beverly Hills Event.  Click on this link to register:

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Thursday, February 11 2016

Just when you get rid of one weirdo psycho, there's always another one to replace him who comes in right around the corner.

I think these last couple of days has been the week of the idiots, I swear.  It's like every unbalanced mentally challenged individual has chosen to call our office over the last couple of days.  For example, Rose could swear one guy was drunk as he's arguing with her over one of our Resource Directories.  And it was about 10am so...yes, I get that it's always 5pm somewhere but to be drunk that early on a Monday, I don't know.  Doesn't make much sense to me unless you're just a chronic alcoholic.  In which case, lose my phone number.

But this one's the real kicker...

There's a guy who started calling on Monday to harass Rose.  He kept insisting that he doesn't believe in anything I do or say, especially this new Money Funnel System.  Yes, as the "non-believer" that he claims he is, he demands that Rose put him on the seminar attendee roster for my upcoming Beverly Hills Event on March 3rd & 4th...without paying for it. Yes, you read that correctly.  He thinks it's all bullsh** but he insists that he wants to come to the event. And I'm supposed to foot the bill.

Now Rose, being as sweet as she is, actually put up with the guy verbally abusing her on the phone.  (I make it clear to all of my staff that they DO NOT have to deal with abuse of any kind from anyone calling my office and that they should hang up immediately.)  So, she hung up on him.  Several times.  Because the idiot kept calling back.  Over and over again.

Then this nonsense continued throughout yesterday until Michelle, our new office manager, told Rose..."Put the guy on hold."

And Michelle handled the bulldog she is.  Unfortunately the conversation ended with a lot of cussing, threats, and "don't ever call here again" unless you want the cops involved.  It would seem that this is the second psycho to come out of Seattle in the last 18 months.  (Maybe they should check the water there, too, because something's not quite right with the stock of people coming out of Seattle!)

He stopped calling.  Finally.  Except for a couple of backbone-less hang-ups because that's soooo mature, right?  What an ass****!

What is WRONG with people these days??

Then I started thinking about it.  Maybe I should have this psycho bozo show up to Beverly Hills in March.

I have a bodyguard show up at all of my events.  He's a Detroit police officer of 30 years, he holds several black belts in a wide variety of different martial arts, and he's a trained MMA fighter.  So, since I'm paying this bodyguard so much money for every event I do, maybe I should have had this psycho show up to my Beverly Hills event for his well-needed ass pounding.  My bodyguard would crack his skull against the wall in a fraction of a second then leaving him to bleed all over the carpet at one of the ritziest hotels in the country, at least making me feel like I'm finally getting my money's worth out of what I'm paying him.  (I know, I have a very demonic thought process sometimes.)

Here's my take on all of this:  This guy must be broke but he's DESPERATE to get his hands on this new Money Funnel information.  And rightfully so.  This stuff is powerful.  It blows my prior New Wealth Ninja and Internet Cash Flow stuff out of the SPADES!!  (Those were my 2 former Internet-based Aggressive Income Systems that are NO LONGER AVAILABLE.)

Many of you know that I just did a 2 1/2 day VERY RARE and NEVER TO BE REPEATED workshop in my office a couple of weeks ago.  And I have video of the entire thing.  Truth be told, this workshop went in a completely unexpected direction.  Yes, I covered all of my bases but it turned out 1000% better than I had anticipated because most everyone came prepared with a very specific business idea.  So, we focused on their businesses and created a tailor-made funnel for each and every one of them.  And I revealed some pretty intimate details on some of my most coveted Internet marketing secrets, things I've NEVER revealed before.  And this workshop DVD set will be included with The New Money Funnel System.

Plus, I'll be including some PLR (private label rights) reports and information products that you can sell online for big money!  PLUS you'll get my "plug-and-play" pre-done sales letters that you can just fill in your specific information on and use as your own sales pieces.

And yes, I'm offering a promotional discount on this system for this upcoming set of holidays: Valentine's and President's Day.  At a killer deal with tons of bonuses that I'll never again offer with this system.

Now please note: this is a PRE-ORDER DISCOUNT.  Since the information that is being provided in this system is highly proprietary, confidential, and timely, I CANNOT reveal this system before my Beverly Hills Event which starts on March 3rd.  So, this is what will be happening.  My printer will have these courses in my office sometime in the next 10 days.  They will be packaged but WILL NOT be shipped until the week of February 29th.  Most likely, the courses will be shipped on March 1st and 2nd because, again, I don't want ANYONE to have an "unfair advantage" over those actually attending my upcoming powerful Money Funnel Event in Beverly Hills.  (And if you're getting the course AND attending the event, you're in an extremely powerful position because I'll be revealing even more secrets including giving you my EXACT FUNNEL COPIES for those who attend the event.)

Back to the demanding psychopath...again, I can see why somebody would get all hot and bothered about The Money Funnel.  It IS something to get all hot and bothered about.  But to the point of threatening me if I don't let him come to this event without paying for it?  Well, as they say, you catch more bees with honey than vinegar, especially when dealing with a spitfire like myself.  So, needless to say, as much as I'd like to see a real life ass beating go down during my next seminar event, I won't be allowing Mr. Psycho to attend.  Or even purchase The Money Funnel System at this point.  (Yes, Psycho, you're blacklisted!)  He just screwed himself out of a potential $20,000 a day income.  That's right.  $20,000 a day!!  THAT is just how powerful this Money Funnel System is.

But you can get The Money Funnel System.

Now, what IS this system and how/why is it different than any other Aggressive Income System I've ever offered to my students?

CLICK HERE to check out all of the details...or go to this link:

The deal will end soon so don't dilly-dally around.  Once it ends, that's it.  It's over and the price goes way up!

If you have any questions, call my office at 661-295-5050.  Just promise to be nice to my staff otherwise they may decide that you can't have this or anything else we offer.  ;-)

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  There's STILL ROOM to attend the Beverly Hills Event LIVE on March 3rd & 4th (with a Bonus Day on March 5th for Platinum Viper Wealth).  For more details, CLICK HERE NOW!

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