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Sunday, February 19 2023

I notice the little things...things that most people miss because they're too wrapped up in their own lives.

And these are the same things I noticed right before the market crash in late 2008.

Here are the three (3) key "little" things I noticed right before the last crash:

1)  About 10% of the cars I see have expired tags on their license plates.  At least half of those have been expired for more than a year.  But...when it goes more disturbing is when a significant percentage of those expired tags are attached to luxury brand cars such as Mercedes, Lexus, BMW, and Porsche.  Yes, tag renewals for those vehicles are high every year.  (My BMW tag renewal was $1,060 for this year.)  But, likely your car payment is much higher than that.  So, if you can't make your annual tag're in trouble.

2)  Most people are "maxed out" on their credit cards; many of these same people are late on credit card payments, defaulting on loans, and behind on their mortgage or rent payments. How do I know this?  Because just within our own student database, we've had more students call to try making different kinds of payment arrangements on some of our products and groups in droves...more than last year or the year before.

3)  People are becoming more "unhinged" in ways we've never seen before.  More shootings.  More terror.  More violence.  And this is usually a psychological response when people feel insecure, economically unstable, despondent about their situation, and feeling like they have nothing left to lose.  Never in history have we seen so much violence as we do today.  But then again, never before have we had so many issues with mental health that usually goes untreated.  Broke people, after all, usually can't see a health professional to address these mental health issues.  So, expect more violence as the economy continues cracking apart.

For the first time ever I'm finding myself disgusted with how heavy-duty the pressure is.  I make great money and I'm starting to feel the pressure myself.  I think it's because I know what I should be paying for things versus what I actually am paying for things.  And it really sucks.  I hate it.

There is only so much pressure people can handle before society as a whole completely crumbles.  That's just a reality.  And we're now moving into a period of "survival of the fittest."

My prediction is (and has been for quite some time) that the middle class will disappear.  I believe that most of what is left of the middle class will evaporate during this current recession we're in.

So...that leaves the lower class (which will encompass about 85% of the population) and the upper class (which will be about 15% of the population).

The good news...if you act fast on some kind of money-making plan, you'll have the opportunity to beat the inevitable for you...being part of the permanent "lower" 85% of the economic pyramid.

The bad news...if you keep on the track you're on now, you will be part of that permanent lower 85% and you won't have many options to get out of that lower-income black abyss.

I have something unusual and unique for you...something I've never offered to you before.

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See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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