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Friday, June 25 2021

I had a student try to "correct" me about the expiration of the eviction and foreclosure moratorium that -- let me remind you -- expires on June 30, 2021...which is next week!

He said, "They'll just tack past due mortgage payments onto the back of the loan."


Here's the reality: that's not quite how it works!

First of all, I've been in the real estate investing business for over 25 years now (and counting).  Getting a mortgage (for 15 or 30 years) is a long-term loan contract backed by the collateral of the property you are purchasing.

So, no, we're not talking about a revolving line of credit (like a credit card) or a car loan (from Ford Motor Credit) where, if you happen to miss a payment (for one reason or the other), they can maybe throw your missed payment to the back (with a fat penalty, of course).

A collateralized loan contract (mortgage) has a strict start date and a strict end date.  There is no "throwing payments" to the back of a loan on a mortgage without going through an alteration of the original mortgage (via a refinance, for example).

Now, I think what ruffled my feathers so much on this is that the student who brought this to my attention is a pretty sharp tool in the shed.  So, when he brought this "idea" about how be predicts (since no lender, bank, or mortgage company anywhere has "thrown" payments to the back of a 30-year mortgage that I know of yet) banks/lenders will handle the upcoming moratorium expiration, I was a little peeved.

Think about it.

You are a lender.  You opened up, say, 500 new mortgages in the past 5 years.  Covid hits.  A bunch of people are behind on their mortgages by about a year (maybe longer), mostly because the government put a "stay" on anyone filing foreclosure paperwork in court.

June 30th comes and goes.

What are you doing on the first week of July?

I know what I'd be doing.  I'd have an entire legal team in the wings, already printing out the paperwork, and getting it ready for the foreclosure war of the century.

Here's what I wouldn't be doing:

I would not be calling people 6 or more months in arears to tell them, "I know you haven't paid your mortgage in a very long time and your credit is now shot to hell but...let's do a refinance and redo your mortgage agreement since we cannot simply 'throw' your arears to the back of your payment schedule."

Right now we're in one of the hottest housing markets since...2007.  I'd quickly rid the deadbeats out of my financed homes through a legal repo (foreclosure) so I can resell them at top dollar (before the music stops) to many of the millions of people crazy enough to overpay for a house right now.

I would not be "working" with people who have shown no desire or ability to pay their mortgage through the pandemic.

Besides, small banks and lenders won't really have a lot of leeway to work with people unless they have some heavy-duty money backers throwing in cash to keep their negative debt balanced on their general ledger.

Or unless somebody like Bank of America buys them out.

And, unfortunately, the bigger the bank, the less pussy-foot table games they play with people who aren't paying their mortgage.  They have massive legal teams the size of Delaware to mechanically file a streamlined barrage of foreclosure paperwork with such extreme ferociousness, the poor deadbeat sap who's in arears won't even know what hit him.  (Major banks and lenders have learned to treat foreclosures like a well-greased machine ever since many dropped the ball during the 2008/2009 foreclosure crisis; needless to say, they'll never let that happen again!)

One day the foreclosure deadbeat thinks he's getting one over on the bank.  Five minutes later he's setting up a tent on Skid Row next to a rancid bag lady wearing a matted fur coat and Bob Marley wannabe with broken dreadlocks.

First of all, as per the mortgage agreement that all mortgagees agree to, the bank won't parlay payments beyond the end-date of the mortgage agreement.  By law, they can't extend a mortgage contract without an amendment.  So, for example, if you begin your 30-year mortgage on July 1, 2021, it will end on June 30, 2051.

If you decided not to pay your mortgage for a full year, what do you think will happen if you call the bank to ask them to "tack it on" to the "back" of the mortgage?  You know...way out into the future in...2051?

Most of the bankers you'd be dealing today with will either have retired or will be dead by then.

And most bankers don't want to wait until after their dead to collect on a debt owed today.

Business is business, folks.  That's just the way it rolls.  Pandemic or not, banks have to find a way to take negative debt and show it on the plus side of their books.  If they can't, they lose their ability to lend on further mortgages if the negative side of their books is too far into the red.  (This is a government law, by the way, and not something I'm pulling out of my ass.)

And no bank that I know if wants to lose out on their ability to give loans -- their main source of income (through interest payments).

In my opinion, I do believe we're on the threshold of something big that's about to take place.  And it has to do with the credit/debt bubble which is much larger than just the eviction/foreclosure issues we'll be having in the months to come.

Instead of living in fear, you can find out how you can begin lining your ducks up in a row by doing something productive about it now.

Yes, you can do really well in the next coming months and years.

CLICK HERE NOW to find out more about what I'm talking about!

And...oh, this ends today!


See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Friday, June 25 2021

Happy (Belated) Summer!

What are you doing with your time these last few days of the year?

Lately I feel like I'm twiddling my thumbs as if I'm waiting for something to "happen" or something.

Reality is, I'm just mentally "ramping up" for what's to come.  I have an extremely busy year scheduled for the rest of this year and the first half of 2022.  So maybe twiddling my thumbs for my summer hiatus is somehow mentally prepping me for getting my mind in order for the major work about to come.

I think what's most exciting about 2022 is that...well...2021 will be over with.  Of course, we have several months to go before that happens.  It was a rough year for me and for no particular singular reason or even a small grouping of reasons.  I think I felt a little "off key" but now I feel like I'm snapping back into my warrior-like focus.  I really did miss the old me.  Welcome back, old me!

How do I know the old Monica Main is back?

Let's see...

Less than 2 weeks ago I yelled at a real estate broker on the phone for talking down to me as if I knew nothing about commercial real estate investing then threw it in his face a few days after that during an on-site property inspection when he couldn't tell me the definition of an APN.  And this guy "supposedly" has been "in the business" for 30+ years.  "APN?  What's that?"  Are you f****** kidding me??

It gets better.

He tells me that there's no way he can figure out what the outstanding mortgage is on the building and that I should just offer what the asking price is.

Yeah, right!

Apparently he's never heard my nickname:  Lowball Queen.

He's also never heard of Loopnet either because anyone with a Premium Membership can get the current mortgage information within 5 minutes or do a title pull online without Loopnet if you have more than 5 minutes.

He also expected me to pay what the asking price is even though the bonehead seller has had the property on the market for a straight 6 -- going on 7 -- years without even a bite of interest at the same current asking price.

Laughable.  Isn't it?

Meanwhile, in the past week during a time frame when I've long given up hope that anyone would even pick up the phone (i.e. "summer season siesta"), I have 3 banks and 1 broker trying to contact me and lend me money on projects that I don't even have organized in my head yet, let alone committed to paper.

WTF?  Where were these people a few months ago?

Okay, so I have to say that I'm a "hybrid" of the old and new Monica Main put together.  The old Monica Main had a short fuse but took sh** too seriously (but at least got stuff done).  The new Monica Main is relaxed, emotionally disconnected from the results of her work, and doesn't seem to get enough done while being in her meditative "zen-like" state.

I'm a hybrid of both now.

This is why it's easy for me to laugh at the Old Man River commercial real estate agent who thinks I'm Barbie Blondie who knows nothing about commercial real estate investing.  Before I would have snapped his old ass neck like a twig.  Today I just...laugh.  I think the latter is worse for him.  Better for me too since I'm not getting an ulcer for no good reason.

The good news is that since I'm not detached to any outcome, I no longer take any deal seriously.  And guess what?  People are now beating a path to my door on deals, financing, partnerships, and unique yet profitable opportunities that I would have never considered on my own just because I am not so angry about everything anymore.

Make sense?

Okay, so what's the point here?  Am I getting to some point?

Yes.  There is a point to all this.  It's about 2021 and how you're going to make a killing in the months to come with something I predict to be a tsunami of opportunity when the market begins to crack at the seams.

When people experience a recession or depression, they think it'll never end.  It's almost like being sick with the stomach flu or something.  It feels like you'll never get better and you don't even remember the days when you even felt good.  Then, before you know it, you feel great and forgot all about it.  Same thing will happen when the good times roll back in.

Decades ago, my dad told me several things about economic cycles and how they work.  They go up.  They go down.  Just like a roller coaster.  It never stays up forever.  It never stays down forever.  Expand.  Contract.

The only specific thing I remember him saying about recessions was about the car industry.  He told me that it's usually the first industry to go bad and that's when you know you're coming up on a recession.

My own assessment came after that and is solely based on logic.  The first industry that goes will be the first industry to start picking back up once there is an onset of economic recovery.

And that is happening right now.  It's been happening since earlier this year.

But what's most notable about the economy kicking up into high speed is that investors are now buying apartment buildings and other commercial assets as fast as they can pick up these assets.  The days of all investors being in "watch-and-wait" mode are over.

This means that if you want to buy apartment buildings, mobile home parks, commercial-commercial buildings or even single-family residences (to flip or buy and lease), you need to be able to compete with investors who have money.

This means you'll need an EMD (earnest money deposit) and a down payment (usually 20% to 35% of the purchase price).

And if you're one of these people trying to work this business with no cash and no credit, those days are over.

But hope isn't lost.  Why?

Because as of earlier this year, banks have started tightening up on their lending criteria.  It think this is in preparation of things to come...because nothing stays at the top forever.

I have a powerful Real Estate Investing Strategy to share with you including some brand new private lenders, unsecured cash, and investor partnership opportunities.

But this deal ENDS TODAY.  CLICK HERE to get it...before it's too late.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Wednesday, June 23 2021
Warning: Market Crash of October 2021

See the smoldering burning plane in the picture?

That's what our economy is going to look like in the years to come.

Don't believe me?  You don't have to.

We've been on the longest bull market trend in history...more than 13 years (and counting) to be exact.

And what goes up, always comes down!

What I think is interesting is how complacent people have become.  It's almost as if people have let their guards down because they believe the pandemic is fully over (it's not) so let the good times roll (for a short time, anyway).

Here's the way I see it (and you can agree or disagree if you want...doesn't matter to me):

The high-class and upper-middle class people of the country are going to be A-OK.  This accounts for approximately 15% of the population.

The rest of the 85% is in the lower-class section of the population pyramid. 

Where is the middle class? 

Unfortunately, it's now lumped in with the lower-middle and lower-class because most are one or two paychecks away from the streets.  It doesn't matter if people have a nice car and live in a nice neighborhood or not.  If they're so financially short that they are depending on every paycheck on time then that means they're part of the 85% lower class.  They're considered unstable, depending on every cent that comes in.  And if any money comes in late, they're filing for bankruptcy.

So, you'll see that the upper 15% will be doing all kinds of stuff.  Buying luxury homes and cars.  Traveling the world, going on expensive trips.  Buying new wardrobes.  And just getting out there in our post-pandemic world.

Now, you'll find that a lot of other people (lower 85%) will "try" to do these same things.  Except that all they're doing is wracking up bad debt to be able to take their trips, buy new stuff, and pretend that their future is bright and secure.

Except it's not.  In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

Things may seem "fine" right now (kind of like the "Roaring 20s" so long ago).  And then we all know what happened at the end of that gravy train.

October 1929.

Stock market crash.

The end of the "high times" era.

And the beginning of a very long and arduous Great Depression...the worst ever in history.

Until 2008, that is.

Now, I'm not comparing what will happen to either one of those.  Although it may be equal to the Great Depression and the Great Recession.  Who knows?  We won't know until we're in it.

And it's going to happen.  Regardless of what you think.  Nothing keeps going up and up and up without some kind of contraction, pull-back, or recession.  Contraction is normal.  Hyper-inflation and a forever-expanding economy is not normal...not at all!

So, when will it happen?  I don't know.  I do know that a lot of crashes happen in the October to be exact.  Will it happen in October 2021?  I don't know.  But I do know what you should be doing to line yourself up for the opportunity windfall that's about to come.

CLICK HERE to watch a short video that will show you exactly how you can get your "ducks in a row" for the opportunities that will flurry in abundance in the months and years to come.

Trust me...if you missed the opportunity after the crash of 2008, you don't want to miss out on these opportunities because they will likely be your last in your lifetime.


See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Saturday, June 19 2021

There's a huge tsunami coming our way.

And no, it's not the kind that comes from the ocean.

It's so odd how most people seem to be content -- even excited -- as they blindly believe that "all is well" after the vast majority of the "scamdemic" is behind us.

But what most people don't realize is that we have some extreme problems coming our way.

And it has to do with the economy.

I don't think it takes a rocket scientists or a genius to figure out that the stock market is way too high (when taking into context the real "value" of the stocks or stock index markets).  Real estate prices are too high.  Building materials such as lumber and concrete...also way too high.

We're having a supply and demand problem.

But not for long.

If you think in terms of what "supply and demand" really means, it's this:  when the supply of something exceeds the demand, prices go down because there is less value.  On the other side of the coin, when demand exceeds the supply, prices go up.

Which is what's happening right now.


How long is it possible or "probable" that such a demand can continue to exist?  After all, millions of people have been existing on credit cards and government stimulus money.  Most people also haven't seen a raise in a long time.  There is a labor shortage (because there are people who would rather take unemployment checks than go to work).

Who are all of these people overpaying on homes?  Who can afford it?

This is exactly what happened in 2007-2008.  Real estate prices went through the roof.  But, as we all know, at some point the music has to stop.

And who is always left holding the bag?  Those who paid the highest dollar amounts for their properties...right before the bottom dropped out.

While some people will keep their overpriced houses, even when they are worth much less than what they paid for them, others won't.  Some will walk away.  Others will find difficulty being able to afford their overpriced property.

Do I think we're going to see a replay of 2008?

I'm not sure it'll be that bad but we are definitely in for a wild ride when it comes to economic changes.

Think about it: we've been in a bull market for more than 13 years which is longer than any other period in our economic history.  What goes up, must come down.  And it's right around the corner. you know, with hard times ahead, there is always opportunity if you play your cards right.

CLICK HERE to find out what I'm talking about and how you can take advantage of these opportunities by playing your cards right.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  I'll be doing a special training on "A Tsunami of Opportunity for 2022."  CLICK HERE to register for this rare and unique event right now!

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Thursday, June 17 2021
How the

This is my "golden envelope."

In it I have a whole new slew of unsecured money sources, private lenders, and partnership opportunities.

All three of those are required if you're going to become a successful real estate investor, especially with all of the changes I'm predicting are going to be happening in the near future with real estate.

What are my predictions?

Well...unlike what everybody else things -- that we're in the "Roaring 20s" and that everything is going to just be "fine and dandy," I'm thinking something completely different than that.

You see, the very moment people start resting on their laurels and getting "comfortable" with things being "great," the market crashes.

This is what happened in the spring of 1929...then the stock market crashed in October 1929 and we were in the worst depression in history thereafter for many, many years.

Until 2008...that is.

And everybody thought everything was so freakin' great in the spring of 2008...until the fall of 2008 happened, that is.  Then the market crashed.

And, for many, it was even worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s.

The same thing is happening again.  Right now as I write this to you.

We're getting past the pandemic (or, as some refer to it as, the "scamdemic") and everybody is going out, traveling, and getting back to normal with their guards down about any possible looming doom in the future when it comes to the economy.

But I see something very different, folks!

First of all, we're beyond 13 years in a bull market.  That has never happened in the economic history of our country.  Never!

The economy is like the ebbs and tides.  Expansion and contraction is normal behavior.  So...when a market keeps expanding and expanding and expanding like a balloon on steroids...what do you think will happen next?

Yep, you guessed it!  It will pop, explode, blow up...probably in everyone's faces!

Don't be caught with your pants down!

So...even if I did have a crystal ball and predict that we're on the verge of a crash, now what?  What does that mean?  What should you do?

If you remember the opportunities back in post-crash 2008 you'd remember that a lot of people's homes went into foreclosure.  Banks had a surplus of foreclosure properties that they were ditching for pennies on the dollar just to balance the bad debt on their books.

Will it ever be that bad again?  Who knows?!  Probably not.  But even if it's one-third as'll still be bad enough to do really well if you line your ducks up in a row!

So, how do you do that?

Get your money together.  Find resources for unsecured cash for this windfall of foreclosures and short sales coming up.  Line up with private lenders and partnerships.

Do this now before the market collapses so you'll have these people's phone numbers on speed dial for the time you'll need to access this quick money!

I'm offering you these resources and the strategies you need to know to pick up these foreclosures left and right with my newest Real Estate Cash Flow System...just released less than a week ago!

CLICK HERE to find out all about it!

This is a limited time opportunity.  For one, I can't give these resources out to too many people.  And second, I have another bonus that is in very limited supply too.

More about all of this when you CLICK HERE NOW!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Friday, June 11 2021

I think people have been wondering why I've been on and off the fence on teaching real estate investing strategies for the past couple of years now.  Well, to be honest, there have been quite a few moments of sheer wanting-to-jump-off-a-bridge frustration when trying to teach these strategies because sometimes they're not as simple as 1-2-3.  There's something called a PROCESS that must be utilized and followed with precision to do well as a real estate investor.  While I teach these PRECISE blueprints to my students, many times I feel like I'm dealing with the bottom-of-the-barrel lower-echelon folks who want this to be as easy as SOMEBODY ELSE doing ALL the work while they sit on their ass watching TV to collect huge checks...and that ain't how it works in ANY legitimate business.

For example, more than a few years ago I had somebody buy my Apartment Building Cash Flow System (now called Apartment Riches).  Nine days later he returned it (one of the VERY RARE returns we get) with the complaint that he didn't make millions in that 9-day time-frame so he thought it was a "scam" because of it.

Listen, people.  Anyone who tells you that you CAN make millions in real estate in just 9 days IS running a scam.  (You can't even close on your first apartment building in 9 days...even if you're paying 100% cash after finding your first deal on Day One!)  And if you're dumb enough to believe it then you deserve to be robbed of your hard-earned money.

Real estate investing is an ART just like balancing ANY business is.  And it's also a PROCESS of STEPS that MUST be completed WITH SKILL if you are to become successful doing this.  No exceptions.  Remember, anything worthwhile to YOU and to your bank account ideally will be a process so that you can simply wash, rinse...and repeat as many times as you want to make as much money as you want.

Only YOU know if this is the type of business YOU want to be in.  I cannot personally answer that question for you, which is a question I frequently get via email...going something a little like this:  "What kind of real estate do you think I should get into?" Hmmm...How the hell should I know?  I know what type of real estate I like to invest in but that only applies to ME.  I have no idea what type YOU will like to invest in.  Maybe you should try out different types of investing AND businesses to see what YOU will like.  Maybe real estate isn't your thing at all.  Maybe it's some type of online business.  You won't know until you try some things out for size.

Take a look at one of my long-time students, Ben, and the email he just sent to me:

"Hi Monica,
I have to take this time and pay you much appreciation for opening my eyes and providing me the confidence to reach financial freedom! Your no non-sense advice has really guided and just yesterday, I calmly told my Boss that I will no longer offer my services as the Lead Cosmic Origins Spectrograph Engineer for Nasa's Hubble Space Telescope Program! I can honestly say that I am only coming to work the next few months out of respect for my managers to train my replacement and to satisfy my personal desire to contribute to the science community.

Since attending your Multifamily Apartment Seminar in Detroit in Nov 2014, I really applied your teachings and came back to Washington DC fired up!! The next 12 months I raised private money, flipped 12 homes and kept pushing for more. One day I realized the system I developed that allowed me to flip houses while also maintaining a challenging career with NASA, was the same system I could use to develop multi-million dollar deals. And your training on obtaining aggressive income to do larger real estate deals was key! Direct Marketing wasnt my thing but I did push me to find a sweet niche converting 3-level townhomes into two, 2-level high end luxury condominiums on Capitol Hill. Also from your mentorships on researching markets to purchase apartments, I found myself very attracted to Tampa's economy ... so I jumped on a plane every other weekend and started building duplexes in Tampa in 2016. Concurrently I only focused on small development deals in DC as they grossed over 1.5M each! And each door I built in Tampa was netting over $500 each! 

And now I've surpassed my financial freedom point with passive income and have enough cash and credit to build my own apartments from scratch! More importantly, I have my freedom to enjoy my family and experience life with no boundaries.

As you know I'm not the most vocal person but I had to take this time to appreciate the knowledge and confidence you instilled in me to break this rat race! My next goal is to break the 100M mark so I can double back to help sponsor SpaceX to reach Mars and help humans travel our solar system! 

Many Thanks Monica and See You at the Top!

Another successful student,  

Amazing testimonial, don't you think?  One of the best I've gotten.  Yes, I get these types of testimonials regularly but this one really touched my heart.  Ben has been a student of mine for years.  He's tried out different things, "hit" one something he really likes that he's GOOD at and that he's making a ton of money doing.  But the only way to know what "fits" you is by trying things on for size!

And it's the testimonials like THESE that keep me in the training and teaching game because it makes it so gratifying for me to get these emails!

There is new activity on the real estate front which will be one of my main focuses throughout the rest of this year and all of next year.  In fact, I'm releasing the 20th Anniversary Edition of my Real Estate Cash Flow System which includes new unsecured money sources, private lenders, and partnership opportunities.  (CLICK HERE for the latest and greatest including the VERY RARE opportunity to get money from my investor for your deals).   Why?  Because NOW is when you should get started in this WHILE we're at a cooling off "stand-still" (mostly with commercial properties) by making your money connections, staking your claim in a specific area of the country, finding out which TYPE of real estate you'd like to become an amazing investor at...START NOW instead of later when everyone will be running around like a chicken with their head cut off because they won't know how to get money, where to start, what to do...all while the deals are flowing around them like snowflakes in a winter storm.  If you don't have it all lined up NOW and get involved NOW then by the time all the "action" starts hitting, you won't be anywhere near prepared to take advantage of these opportunities...kind of like how many of you were ill-prepared during the LAST recession which is why most of you have no properties from a time when we had the LOWEST property prices with the LOWEST interest rates in American history.  BECAUSE YOU WERE NOT PREPARED!

Time to change that NOW.  CLICK HERE.  No more excuses.  You either DO THIS or you don't.  Your choice.

I'm offering a smashing deal on the 20th Anniversary Edition of the Real Estate Cash Flow System plus offering bonus lenders, investors, and partnerships plus offering you a very special bonus...which goes away very soon!

CLICK HERE NOW to get this limited edition...and become my next success story!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main


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Wednesday, June 02 2021

Normally I don't wish bad on any organization but there is one particular company that DESERVES my spit and venom for right now.

It's the United States Postal Service.  That's right.  The USPS.  F*** them.  They suck...and they're only getting worse as time goes on.

Where is this coming from?  From 25+ years in working directly with them with my direct mail marketing campaigns AND by using them consistently in just about every avenue in my business that requires something to be mailed and shipped.  Yet there's been this subtle shift that's been taking place which seemed to have jolted into a full-blown 8.4 earthquake since the postal rate increase a couple of weeks ago.

Just last week I walked into the post office.  It was just after 8:30am.  The phone was ringing off the hook.  The only lonely employee standing behind the counter refused to answer it.  I listened to that damned phone while I was filling out a label for a package for a returned product.  By the time I got up to the counter, I was about ready to start beating my head up against the wall to give me a diversion over the loud phone ringing, all the while wondering how the hell ANYONE could just stand there are refuse to answer the phone when it's on its 65th ring.  (I was on the verge of jumping the counter and answering it myself...but the phone stopped ringing.  The caller probably just dropped dead...having died of old age waiting for someone to answer.)

I asked the lady behind the counter for 50 rolls of stamps.  She looked at me sideways like I was crazy.  "I don't have 50 rolls of stamps.  Come back at 10 when Christine is here."  She was rude and disrespectful, which I've come used to when dealing with USPS employees.  It seems that the more money you want to spend with their organization, the more abuse they feel like dishing out.  Oh, but if you're the little old lady buying your one book of stamps a year, you'll get the MOST respect from a USPS employee.  But...a commercial client like me who writes checks to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars a month for mailings?  I routinely get treated like dog sh** by the USPS.  And I'm sick of it.

Just last week, after FINALLY getting my stamps being a bum-like "drifter" wasting time hopping from one post office to another until I collected my 5,000 postage stamps, I brought them back for a mailing to the ladies at the office.   They got the majority of my special mailing done but everyone wanted to leave.  It was Friday.  I said, "Go home.  I'll take the mail."  That would be a decision I'd instantly start to regret.

At this point, I knew taking the mail to any USPS counter, I'd AGAIN be treated like a criminal sack of crap for bringing in such a large amount of mail to ANY USPS location because, God forbid, now they actually have to PROCESS the mail and lift those heavy bins off the counter.  (Oh, no!  WORK!)  So, instead of electing to deal with being treated this way, I took the mail to my local distribution center and spent an extra 30 minutes stuffing the mail slots full of mail.  Yes, that's right.  I drove 15 minutes out of my way and spent all this time stuffing mail bins just to purposely AVOID dealing with any USPS counter employee who I knew would treat me like crap for, again, spending so much money with them and actually expecting them to do a little work for their paycheck.  As I was stuffing the bins, I told myself that my direct mail marketing days were coming to a fast end.  In fact, I decided that after my next set of mailings (slated between now and the first week of July), I'll be done with utilizing this as a method for marketing.  Sad...but true.  Well, actually, NOT sad.  Sad for them, not sad for me.

Just as I was having this personal internal conversation about myself in this part pissed-off, part zenned-out state of stuffing these mail bins, this older guy in a large truck came driving through to mail a single bill in an envelope.  He made a comment about my large mailing and offered me two organic oranges from his farm.  Then...strangely enough, started asking me questions about what's going on with the if I worked there or something.  But I knew.  And even more strange, I was able to actually furnish him with answers to all of his questions. He mentioned that he owned an organic farm and that he ships his fruit nationwide.  The problem is that he'll mail his packages to his customers on the bases of the two-day "guaranteed" Priority mail promise and yet NONE of his fruit has been getting to his customers on time.  It's been going bad in transit and he's losing his ass in his business now because of customer refunds due to this.  I told him to start using FedEx, as that would be his best bet (since UPS blows) and that it's too bad DHL doesn't do nationwide shipping anymore (international only now) because they were the best option, hands down.

I also told this gentleman that this all started back last year before the election, when I was told by my mail processing lady at the distribution center that I needed to ADD 5 to 7 days on all my pre-sorted first-class mail, making it 10 days total now.  And that my standard mailings would be going from 10 to 14 now 21 days to be received by anyone.  What the freak?!  The more money I spend, the more I get punished as a commercial mailer.  She shrugged her shoulders, gave me the "can't-do-anything-about-it" speech, and we left it at that.

Now the PROMISED two-day Priority "guaranteed" mail isn't getting there on time...starting only a few weeks ago for many, but I noticed this shift occurring late last year.  It's now worse than ever.  And how the USPS can PROMISE something and NOT deliver (literally) makes me wonder why the FTC isn't finding them a gazillion dollars for false advertising and FRAUD, because essentially that's what that is.  Anyone else in the economic marketplace selling a product under false pretenses and promises would be fined and possibly jailed depending on the promise.  Not the USPS, I guess.

And if I wasn't frustrated enough, I had received a phone call from my former step-son who I sent a card to for his the middle of April.  I mailed him a birthday card with a gift card inside on April 14th with the two-day Priority PROMISE that it would be received by him in two days, well enough time before his April 20th birthday, right??  WRONG!  It's now June and he STILL hasn't received this Priority envelope.

Here's the reality:  The USPS is in trouble.  This is just the tip of the iceberg for the turmoil that's to come with these people.  I don't know if they're pissed off about the rate drop or they're just lazy or what the problem is.  I've been told that there are cut-backs so there are fewer postal employees.  I've been told other excuses as to why things aren't working with them anymore.  All pitiful excuses.  I just don't understand how a system that's over 200 years old can suddenly not work as efficiently anymore...unless the people working WITHIN the organization aren't working anymore.  And I'm sure I'll get a few emails from those of you who work for the USPS with whatever "reason" as to why it is sucking now more than ever, just when I was starting to have some hope that they would pull themselves out of this ditch they dug themselves into.  Now they're going backwards...again.  Possibly for good this time.

I'm stuck using USPS for all of my marketing and mailing for now since it outpulls any response I get online or using any other marketing avenues.  But for you...well, you don't have to use USPS like I do.

In fact, I have a highly prosperous yet uniquely rare business for you to consider.

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Your mentor,

Monica Main

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