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Saturday, November 17 2012
The Next Piece of Magic...Revealed!!
For the last couple of days I've been revealing some magic to you.
But I'm not done yet.
If you're one of those self-help junkies who read all kinds of new-age-type books, you'll know that there isn't a single book out there that reveals all the details to changing your life.
One of the biggest problems with most of those books is that they elude to a fantasy concept of simply changing something (whether it's your thought process or starting to meditate or thinking positive or chanting or whatever it may be) and your entire life will change.
The problem with this concept is that you can't simply meditate under a banyan tree and expect to have money start raining down on you from the clouds.  Even Stuart Wilde, my favorite new age self-help author, states that you have to function in the marketplace since those are the rules of this earthly incarnation and that no one is mailing you a check from the clouds.  You have to sell some kind of product or service and participate in the market of life if you are going to make money.
Okay, maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself but you get the point (sort of).  The point is, most of the materials out there are missing some key pieces of information if they are going to change your life.
For the past couple of days I've been leading you up to today (and then there is tomorrow and up to Thanksgiving Day).
So far I've talked about the concept of feeling a deep and genuine sense of gratitude, especially about things in your life that you believe are a "thorn in your side," so to speak.  And I've talked you through a couple of techniques that I work with both in the morning and before I drift off to sleep each night that will help you start turning things around.
Now, I should mention that one of the biggest "things" that stop the flow in your life is not just about focusing on the negative.  (What you think about expands.)  It's also having a sense of anxiety and fear about what you can't readily see.
What does this mean?
Do you have a sense of anxiety about the future?  About the "not knowing" part of it?
I know I did.  Up until recently, that is.
I always had this sense that the other shoe would drop or that something bad is just right around the corner.
If business or my investing activities were slow, I'd feel fearful and anxiety-ridden.
If business or my investing activities were fine and profitable, as they usually are, I'd still feel fearful and anxiety-ridden because I'd be wondering when the next slow wave or "hit" would come.
And these feelings started becoming part of all aspects of life.  I started thinking about weird stuff like my husband suddenly dying or something happening to my daughter or myself getting a terminal illness.
I didn't understand why I kept thinking that either things had to be in a negative cesspool or I'd be wondering when they'd get to that state when things were actually fine.
Once I started constantly thinking about things to be grateful for, I noticed that my personality become more whimsical and relaxed. 
Instead of being so intense, focused, and rushed all the time, I actually started to notice that I'd enjoy being with my daughter.  I finally realized how funny she is by listening to what she had to say rather than being focused on other things to hardly notice the cute innocent things she had to offer.
I started to notice that instead of focusing on negative stuff like what I disliked about the world, I'd be sitting somewhere and absently say to myself..."I really like that dress she's wearing."  Or..."I like the color orange."  Or..."UPS is awesome because of all the packages I get."  Stupid stuff like that.  But "stupid," my friend, is better than negative.  My responses before would have been to pick things apart but now it's different!
And these thoughts are automatic...not "forced" at all.
Plus I even started working less.  Much less.  Almost barely at all, actually.
My first instinct was to believe that everything would fall apart then the next major shift happened.  A thought that made all the difference in the world.
That thought?
Who cares if it does fall apart?
Yes, that's right.  Who cares if it falls apart?!  So freakin' what??
What a sense of freedom that was!
Now, in case you're wondering if I finally lost all my marbles, you'd realize that I've never before ever felt (or been) so "together" as I am right now.
Because I just discovered what it means to let go.
That's right.  Let go!
Nothing bad will happen to you by throwing in the towel on toiling over everything in your life because immediately thereafter you'll realize there's an invisible net to "catch" you and make sure you're set on the right path in the right direction at all times.  This is what happens when you let go and trust that everything will work itself out.
There's magic in being grateful for everything you have and everything you are.  There's magic in moving forward with an action plan you create for yourself.
There's the deepest magic in letting go of your emotional attachment to the outcome.
And the deepest, deepest magic comes in when you trust that it'll work out.
In 100 years from now, you'll be dead.  I don't care how well you take care of yourself, you'll be dead and gone.  Period.
Every worry, point of anxiety, stress, or problem you think you have now won't be worth a damn when you're gone.
Did you ever look at a photo of someone from 100 years ago or longer?
Whenever I look at those old photos, I think of only one thing:  "What is this person toiling about in his or her life?  What is this person's worry?  What is bothering this person at this moment?"
I have a bunch of stock certificates in my office at my house.  Each one is 100 years old or older.  I look at the signatures and I'm in awe.  Why?  Because it was written/signed by a physical person...who isn't here anymore.  And who hasn't been here on this earth for a long time.
Yet their signature is still here.
What's gone is their physical body and all the worries, anxiety, and problems they had at the time they signed the document.  Or took the picture.
At the moment they laid their signature on the page or posed for the picture, they had worries, anxieties, and problems.  All of them did.  (The exception would be children, for the most part.)  Yet none of what they toiled over matters now.  None of it.
This is when I realized I learned how to let go.
A big part of my lesson in letting go was marrying someone who lives 2 time zones away from me without any type of solid plan on when we'll ever reside in the same household.  Just recently, I've let go of that to the point where I'm not attached to any specific outcome nor am I trying to force anything to go either way.  I've learned to let go.
I've let go of my feelings about my companies.  I've let go about being attached to certain deals.  I've let go of my anxiety about not having every element of my immediate future planned out.
I've completely let go.
And strangely, for the first time in my life, I'm free.
I always thought that I could only be free if I met certain goals or paid off my house or acquired a certain amount of property or whatever.
Now I realize that freedom is an inside job and can happen at the snap of a finger.
It can happen for you.  Today.  Right now. recap:
1)  Feel the deepest part of gratitude for everything, especially those things that you now see in a negative light.  And do your gratitude exercises twice daily.
2)  Let go.  Just let go.  Stop feeling scared or anxiety-ridden or worried.  None of it will matter when you're dead.
3)  Trust that it'll work out.
Okay, so that will get life to open up to you.  Your "problems" will quickly find themselves resolved.  Your "issues" will instantly be overcome.
And you'll feel a deep sense of peace.
Now, time to start moving life to work in the direction of your dreams and in getting what you want.
I'll start telling you about that tomorrow!
(I promise.)
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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