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Friday, December 29 2017

I've been getting an overwhelming amount of questions about this $20,000 to $200,000 unsecured loan.

So, here are the details:

You MUST borrow between $20,000 to $200,000.  No, you CANNOT borrow $2,500.  And no, you CANNOT borrow $250,000.  So, I think the range of $20,000 to $200,000 is pretty clear as far as I can tell.  (Therefore, for those of you sending emails about this, please stop asking if you can borrow more or less.  The reason there is a specific range is because, well...there is a specific range.  It's NOT a "recommended" range.  It's a SPECIFIC range so please stay within this range.)  Once you pay the money back, you can then take the money back out.  Only ONE loan per person at a time which, again, can be re-loaned out to you once it's paid back.

This is an unsecured signature loan which can be used for personal use, real estate down payments, a business start-up or whatever you want.  This can also be set up as a revolving line of credit as well.

There is NO income verification, NO collateral (hence the use of the word "unsecured" above), NO verification of employment, NO upfront fees and NO application fees.  Shaky personal credit is okay.

Aside from that, I think I just gave you ALL the information you need on this new loan broker and his loan/LOC program he is offering to you at this time.

And if you're going to ask me about APRs and interest rates, I don't have a designated answer for any of you because this WILL VARY based on your personal credit rating.  So, I cannot give you a blanket estimated APR or interest rate that will encompass everyone in the world because that's not how the business of finance works, as you probably well know by now.

CLICK HERE for more details about how you can gain access to this first-time-ever offered broker source so you can get your loan of $20,000 to $200,000 in as little as 10 days!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S...Several "housekeeping" notices before we roll into 2018:

1)  I've already gotten quite a few applications for my Apprenticeship Group 2018 (starting in mid-March) in which I'm only accepting 12 people.  This is a VERY RARE group that I've only done ONCE before (back in 2010) and the likelihood that I'll be doing it somewhere between 0% and 5%.  So not very likely.  If you're interested in more information about this highly exclusive and very rare group, CLICK HERE NOW!

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Wednesday, December 27 2017

The biggest frustration I hear over and over again when it comes to starting a business or investing in real estate is this:

"I don't have MONEY to get started!"

But what if I told you that I SOLVED your problem for good?

That's right!  I did!!  (And you can thank me later by sending me a fruit basket or something.)

I have a new broker who can get you $20,000 to $200,000 even if you have shoddy credit.  And this money can be used for ANYTHING including a business start-up and investing in real estate (to use as your down payment).

CLICK HERE if you want to check it out now!

Let 2018 be the year where you finally STOP making those lame excuses...and START doing something already!

After all, I'm taking away the LAST EXCUSE you can possibly have about getting started in something.


See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  We still have spots left for the Detroit Real Estate Cash Flow Boot Camp on March 9th and 10th with a GET MONEY FOR DEALS special exclusive workshop on March 10th.  CLICK HERE to register if you haven't already.  With only $100 you can hold your spot...but that opportunity is ENDING SOON!  CLICK HERE to lock in your spot now!

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Friday, December 22 2017

If you haven't been paying attention, the Republican party is about to pass a new tax bill that is SOOOOO Republican in nature.  Let the rich get richer...and let the poor and middle class hump the load with a bigger tax bill to pay for everything.

And if you think for a second that this bill will benefit you, the Worker Bee, just read up on Reagan's "trickle down economics" from the 1980s and see how that played out.  (Spoiler alert: Companies DID NOT "pass down" what their tax savings to their employees in bigger paychecks, more workers, bonuses, etc.  Real estate investors and those purchasing real estate were hit with the highest interest rates for mortgages IN HISTORY.  And, oh, I can't forget...our stock market CRASHED in 1987 and threw us into a pretty heavy recession thereafter.  THAT is what happened.  How soon we forget.)

This is what WILL do in the middle class, for good.  This is that "inciting incident" (or the incident that triggers a downfall of some kind) of the destruction of the middle class.

We're going into a recession.  RIGHT NOW, in fact.  I've been telling you this for the past year.  Listen to me.

But, you may be thinking, "What can I do about it?"

First of all, if you know the rich are getting richer while the poor will keep getting poorer, you only have ONE solution to that problem:  YOU MUST BECOME RICH!  Period.  No exceptions!  Become RICH so YOU can benefit from all these wealthy tax breaks.

"But how can I do that?" you whine.  Maybe you don't have a clue.  Maybe you think you don't have resources.


That is true, to some extent.

There's a powerful audio seminar I'd like you to listen to.  CLICK HERE.  This will really bring it home for you, make you fully understand exactly how you can "come up" in the world of wealth building (even if you have nothing right now), and how there ARE resources for you to get just for the asking.  You just have to know what to do.

CLICK HERE to listen to this powerful audio seminar NOW!

There are so many changes that took place during our last economic downfall in 2008 and thereafter.  Things are about to shift in a major way AGAIN.  Just when everybody barely got a breath, things are shifting beneath your feet.  If you're not ready, you're not going to survive.

Life is nothing but a series of choices.  You CAN make a simple choice before these upcoming changes occur.  Either stay broke and get poorer because you'd rather be a helpless "victim" in all this.

Or you can choose to get rich.

Your choice.  Very simple!

CLICK HERE to listen to this powerful audio seminar now.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  Claim your MONICA BUCKS before they're gone.  CLICK HERE NOW!


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Wednesday, December 20 2017

I'm a Gen Xer, sandwiched nicely between the Baby Boomers and the Millennials.  We're the under-rated generation, born between the mid-1960s and the early 1980s.  A lot of us got our work ethic from our Baby Boomer parents while being able to easily adapt to the introduction and constant tweaking of technology.  We're also able to adapt to the swift changes in the economy, implementing "old school" and "new school" together to make something "awesome-school."  (I know, that's pretty lame sounding.)

So, what's the point of all this?

Many Baby Boomers are retiring or already retired.  They hold the vast majority of the wealth in this country and have the most disposable income.

But soon they'll be dying off.  In fact, the older portion of this generation already are.  It will be within the next decade or two before the vast majority are gone from this earth.

Then we have Generation X which is my generation.  There aren't nearly as many of us as there are the Baby Boomer generation.  Yes, we will inherit a lot of the Baby Boomer's wealth as they pass away and we generate our own impressive incomes in many cases.  So, we'll be replacing the Baby Boomers BUT NOT IN SUCH LARGE NUMBERS.  Imagine cutting the Baby Boomer population down to 25% (or less) and that's what you have with the amount of populous falling in the Generation X generation.

Not an impressive number AT ALL.

So, yes, per person the spending power will still be there just like with the Baby Boomers except that there aren't nearly as many of us to sell stuff to.


Drop down to the "lost in space" Millennial generation who have eyeballs glued to their iPhones and iPads all day, making actually "working" in any job environment a full blown joke, demanding things like "Peace Pods" so that they can zip themselves away from their work space to take frequent breaks from the stresses of answering the telephone and emails (even if they need a break every 20 minutes), and requiring "specialty" workforce "trainers" to help the normal folk (like us) figure out how the hell to deal with these people (the Millennials) INCLUDING having to hire "pep" consultants to keep these little shits motivated and happy all day.

I'll tell you how things are going to play out because it's already leaning HEAVILY in this direction:

1)  Any company that manufactures ANYTHING will end up going overseas because (a) they won't have a large enough work force who actually wants to work or produce, (b) it's just TOO EXPENSIVE to make anything in the USA with increased wages, insurance requirements, regulations, etc., and (c) it's much cheaper and business-friendly in many countries outside of the USA.

2)  Once the Baby Boomers all retire, our competent workforce will diminish down to us Gen Xers which, as I just explained, do NOT have the population size to replace that of the Baby Boomer generation, slicing the competent workforce down to about 25% or less.  Yes, yes...I KNOW.  Almost everyone knows that "one guy" or that "one chick" who is a Millennial who is a hard worker.  So what?  ONE or TWO isn't going to account for the necessity of needing MILLIONS of these people to get off their lazy asses and get things done without Peace Pods, pep talks by a "motivator" daily at their desks, or having to [GASP] stop looking at their iPhones for more than 10 minutes while trying to -- I don't know -- get some work done, perhaps?  And you'd be hard pressed to name 5 Millennials off the top of your head that ARE hard-workers.  (Even five aren't enough to make the world go around.)

3)  Millennials aren't going to be able to qualify for the types of incomes needed to live in areas like Los Angeles, New York, or other high-priced areas.  Many will move to smaller towns in places like Northern California, Oregon, etc.  OR...they'll be living with their enabling Gen Xer parents forever because living out on their own will simply not be affordable anytime in their near future.

Tech jobs will always need Millennials.  Yes.  Millennials find these types of jobs easy, which is good.  BUT...not all jobs are as easy as lounging around in a Peace Pod between making a few clicks of the computer mouse all day.

There STILL is a requirement for LABOR jobs, SALES jobs, and SERVICE jobs...many of which are completely UNDESIRABLE to the Millennials.

I remember reading an article about a company called Caterpillar based in Illinois who manufacturers construction machinery.  Their biggest problem?  Getting new sales reps.  They stated that the average sales rep does somewhere in the low six-figures each year but they CANNOT get the Millennials to take these jobs.

Same problem with skilled workers like many of the construction trades.  Can't get Millennials to want to pick up a hammer or turn a bolt.

Same problem with the car repair industry.

And on and on and on we go with this.

Those Millennials who ARE skilled in labor trades will make A LOT of money, especially those who have skills in both a labor trade AND technology (especially software).  After all, somebody is going to have to service all of those robots flipping burgers at all the fast food chains when all the fast food owners decide that they're not paying people $15 an hour plus insurance plus sick days plus this and that for FLIPPING BURGERS. 

So, if you DO have a Millennial in your midst, have him or her TAKE ON A SKILLED TRADE, ideally with knowledge of BOTH skilled labor and technology combined.  Because, if you think about it, we'll always need people to build houses, fix airplanes, maintain computers, build and service windmills and other green power and, of course, treat people in the area of medicine (nurses, doctors, pharmacy techs, etc.).  A skilled trade -- ideally with technology or software knowledge -- OR a career in medicine somewhere is the FUTURE for Millennials who want to get paid BIG BUCKS in a career.  So the Millennial generation is all about LABOR and TECHNOLOGY.

If your Millennial isn't doing any of the above, just expect to support him or her to live in your basement sponging money off of you until you are given the gift of an escape (death) because that's just the way it'll be (if it's not that way for you already).

Then there's Generation Z (those born 2005 and after).  This is my daughter's generation.  I'm REALLY hoping that these kids pull it together because the Millennials are so freaking lost that it isn't funny.  With my daughter, she already wants to be a teacher.  Even though it doesn't pay a lot, I'm pretty confident that teachers will still be around in the next several decades.  I do tell her to tell her friends to get involved in medicine and science, mainly to help us save our planet.  Because curing cancer (and other diseases), bio technology (yes, blending BIOLOGY with TECHNOLOGY) and saving the planet is where the money will be in HER generation.  So her generation will be about SCIENCE as well as LABOR (of course...when is it not about labor?)

If you're concerned about yourself and how you'll survive our upcoming recession (hitting most areas of the country in 2018) AND trying to get your Millennial on track with a much more solid future that CAN give him/her/them a cash flow for decades to come WITHOUT having to worry about a job, technology...or even being lazy:  CLICK HERE!  I have a solution for you, your kids and your grandkids to get you the income you want without having to figure anything else out.

CLICK HERE for a powerful audio seminar!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Monday, December 18 2017

Last week I did my last webinar for my Viper Wealth group and I talked about the trends and forecasts for 2018.  Not only did I do that...but I also talked about the next 10 to 20 years and how you MUST set yourself up correctly NOW when investing in real estate (and starting any other type of business, for that matter) because you'll have these same properties (or business that you started) 10 to 20 years from now.  If you do it wrong now, you'll screw yourself over the next couple of decades.  (If you want to see this 2018 forecast webinar, it's a long one.  CLICK HERE and in this video I'll reveal to you some really interesting forecasts that I can guarantee you -- no other economic forecaster has figured out yet!)

What I find really interesting about the next 10 to 20 years is how much more business activity we will be losing overseas.  More manufacturing here in the USA?  Ha!  What a joke!  (I noticed that the president doesn't bring it up anymore because even he knows all about its impossibility.)

What we'll have left for businesses will be your service businesses including food service.  Restaurants and fast food will always be around, much of it will be automated.  (So those of you who think waiting around for that $15 an hour flipping burgers at McDonald's because you think that's a career, you'll be sorely disappointed when your job is replaced by a robot.)  Hair salons and nail salons will still be around.  A lot of smaller mom-and-pop service stores will be around along with our grocery stores (see food service above).  You can include contracting and construction in the service category as well.

Everything else?

Gone with the wind, baby.

And there's kind of a shocking reason as to why this will be.

I go over all this in the video that you'll watch.  It's about an hour and a half long; it's very thorough in both real estate as well as other business trends for both 2018 AND the next 2 decades.

CLICK HERE to watch the video.

For those of you who are interested in pursuing real estate investing but cash and credit has always been your obstacle, you need to listen to this powerful audio seminar.  CLICK HERE.  This is your opportunity to get long-term buy-and-hold real estate with what I call the TRUE no-cash-no-credit deal.  CLICK HERE to check it out!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Monday, December 11 2017

It just FLOORS me when some people call my office and INSIST on acting like an asshole on the phone.  Of course, this doesn't apply to everyone but it does apply to A LOT of you...which is pretty unfortunate, and here's why:

Case in point, just last week I had a jerk-off call my office demanding to know where his Real Estate Cash Flow System was.  On that flash sale we had between Black Friday and Cyber Monday...we actually SOLD OUT of Real Estate Cash Flow Systems within the first HOUR of the sale.  So, of course, we had to order more from my printer who ALWAYS takes a solid 7 days to get us more courses.  (Imagine Sean Penn's character from the movie Fast Times as Ridgemont High and that's the general demeanor of my printer.  He's NEVER in a hurry...let's just put it that way.)

Most people are willing to wait because it only takes a week to get them back into our warehouse.

But then there's that one dickhead who DOESN'T want to wait, calls my office DEMANDING the course, and then scolds my staff because we sold out and "should have had more on make sure you tell Monica that."

First of all, I have no control over how many units of a product we sell.  PERIOD.  There is absolutely NO WAY to measure it.  So, my advice for people like him (who decide to wait within MINUTES of the end of a sale to place an order) is to order EARLIER so you can get the first batch of product we have on hand.  We have a STRICT policy: FIRST IN, FIRST OUT.  Those who place orders first get their product shipped first.  It's really that freaking simple, people.

Of course, there's the alternative.  Go somewhere else!

Oh, wait!  My bad!!  You CAN'T go somewhere else to get the Real Estate Cash Flow System WITH my special all-cash investor because I have the ONLY ACCESS to this particular money guy who is giving up CASH FUNDS for flip and rehab deals.  So, it's either wait a week for something that's SO VALUABLE that I should be charging at least 4 times the price...or don't get the resource at all.  Very simple choice.  No need to be a jerk about it.  Just make a choice.  Very easy peezy!

I just don't understand people who want to give others -- especially those of us in the business of trying to help you -- a hard time.  It doesn't pay off.  Having an attitude like that doesn't get you anywhere.

Of course, this does NOT apply to all of you.  In fact, it doesn't apply to MOST of you, as many of you are very nice to me and my staff.  (And I greatly appreciate it!)  Especially those who have been sending blessings and prayers of safety due to our ongoing fire problem here in Southern California of which we're still in the middle of as I write this.  Thank you!

But the reason I'm mentioning all of this about attitude and people calling my office being rude is that Rose, my main right-hand lady, just lost her brother to a massive heart attack this past Friday and the last thing she needs or wants is a jerk-off on the phone bitching about something that she has no control over.  So, please don't do that.  Instead, how about getting into the CHRISTMAS SPIRIT and being nice to least until the first of the year.  Then you can go back to being surly and rude again if you choose.

My recommendation, be happy!  Life's too short to be sad or miserable.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Friday, December 01 2017

Today we kick off our Inventory Blow Out.  CLICK HERE to get deep deals and discounts on our inventory so we can make room for 2018 stuff!

This deal ends soon but the thing about it is that we typically run out of stuff within a few days of starting the sale so I strongly suggest that you DON'T wait until the last minute.  They'll be a 99% chance that your item that you want won't be available anymore by the end of the sale.

Second thing...Monica Bucks starts today and we haven't offered it in 2 years!  If you're not sure how Monica Bucks works, CLICK HERE and claim yours now!  This doesn't apply to any discounted, on-sale, or previously purchased items.  This is a really huge way to get a ton of money in savings on our most popular and best-selling products! more thing:  Detroit Platinum VIP is almost sold out.  CLICK HERE if you want to claim your spot.  You can still claim it with a $100 deposit even though the BOGO deal is officially over with (effective yesterday).

If you have any questions, give us a call at 661-295-5050 after 9am PST.  We're available until 5pm PST.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main


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