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Saturday, May 21 2022

A couple of weekends ago I was helping my dad put up a bamboo fence in my backyard.  It seemed simple enough.

Until suddenly I broke out with this nasty angry red rash all over my forearms.

A day later, it spread to my shins and calves.

I was up night after night scratching my arms and legs.

I thought that I had an allergic reaction to whatever chemical they sprayed on the bamboo to keep the pests from eating away at it.  This is what they refer to as "contact dermatitis."

Or that maybe when I was standing behind my rosebush, perhaps there was some kind of poison oak or something.

Never in my entire life had I ever had an allergic reaction like this.  I was so itchy and it was beyond miserable.  I'm still struggling to get this rash under control and I'm scratching my arms in between typing this email to you.

I went to my doctor's office last Friday and he told me that he had several patients come in with the same kind of angry rash on their forearms over the prior two weeks.

And then proceeded to tell me that I was the weather.

The weather?

WTF??  Is this a REAL thing??  Allergies to the weather?

This was a new low when it comes to the "dumbing down" of America.  Even doctors aren't immune to the stupidity, it would seem.

I kept questioning him.

"What do you mean...the weather?  I've never been allergic to the weather before and I've lived in Southern California since 1987."

"Oh, but there are a lot of people allergic to the weather," he insisted.

"Don't you mean allergies to pollen?  That kind of thing?"

"No, you can be allergic to the weather."

And then he proceeded to give me a prescription.  For generic Claritin.  Even after I specifically told him that I DON'T take generic medication because it never works right.  And he told me that he would prescribe the real I was thinking to myself...What's the point?  I can get it over the counter at CVS.

Finally, he told me that Benadryl would be better, to take that at night, and to be sure to drink plenty of water.

Okay, doc.  Whatever you say.

I started to think about what the REAL cause of this sudden rash was IF he was telling me the truth in that there were A LOT of people coming in over the prior two weeks with the same forearm rash.  I had a couple of theories.  The first one was...some kind of delayed reaction from having Omicron?  (I had it in January.)  Like a symptom of long-form Covid?  Or maybe a symptom from getting the Pfizer shots?

This theory was shot when I met a woman the day after who told me that she didn't have any form of Covid or any of the shots...and she got the same rash on her forearms too.


So...then I have another theory...and this one is kind of scary.

I think "they" are spraying a bunch of stuff into our environment.  Maybe to help curtain climate change.  Maybe to kill pests.  Maybe to kill us.  Who the hell knows?!  And if you have all this stuff in our environment that is now affecting people's skin, it's only a matter of time before it begins to do some internal damage.  Maybe this is why kids and animals are getting cancer at a most alarming rate and in the highest numbers than any other time in history.  And maybe my skin rash has something to do with this.  And maybe the doctor, when he said it was because of the "weather," really meant it was because of the wind blowing these toxins on my body because I happened to be standing outside, it was windy, and it might've been a heavy-duty chem trail day.  Who knows?!

These are just crazy theories.  Or maybe not that crazy at all.

All I know is that I'm itchy and it sucks.

Last week I was talking to my multi-millionaire real estate investing partner -- Andrew Shaw -- and I mentioned my skin rash.  Then I told him my crazy theories.  He simply said, "Probably right."

Then proceeded to ask me about how it was going in bringing on new students to do investor partnership deals with him.

So much for my skin rash...and that maybe I'm dying.  As long as he gets some investor partnership deals going...who cares about me, right?!

This is why we're doing a very special and rare event in Burbank, California on October 1st and 2nd on working with the most profitable cash flowing real estate deals right now.

And getting funding from Andrew Shaw and his pool of investors.

If you haven't registered yet for this event, CLICK HERE NOW.  Seating is limited.  But, most importantly, we're doing what we call the "early early bird deal" where you'll be getting a ticket at the lowest pricing deal possible.

CLICK HERE if you haven't checked it out yet.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  I'll be doing a very special online training where I'll show you exactly how you can tap into Andrew Shaw's investor partnership pool for the most lucrative cash flowing real estate deals right now: Airbnb properties.  CLICK HERE to enroll in this training ASAP.  Slots are limited to only 500 people.  Once we exceed that amount, the system won't let you in!  I highly recommend you enroll NOW...before all the slots are taken.  CLICK HERE to enroll now!

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Wednesday, May 18 2022

It never ceases to amaze me on how utterly stupid some people really are.

And this BONEHEAD really screwed himself over by being...I don't know: A BONEHEAD!

Those of you who have been long-time students of mine -- some of you dating back to 2001, believe it or not --
know that I've offered LOTS of really profitable opportunities that have come to fruition for quite a few of you.

So, when the Monica Main "newbies" enter into the realm of things, they're not quite hip to how powerful some
of these opportunities can be -- even (and in many cases) LIFE CHANGING for them.  Instead, they'd rather
BLOW IT by being...stupid.

Over just the last few years alone I've been a part of hundreds of deals with my students including bird-dog
deals, partnerships, a liaison between my students and my investor partners, etc.  Most of my students are
VERY respectful to me when approaching me about a deal, partnership, or with a bird-dog offering.

But not the BONEHEAD.

So, recently, this BONEHEAD purchased my Bird-Dog Bonanza with the Opportunity to work with us on
bird-dog deals.  He emailed me a rude and disrespectful demanding email saying that he was a "highly"
experienced bird-dog and that he needed to know my criteria on deals.  I politely explained to him that these
criteria details are located in the course materials and then I included that I was actually offended that he
didn't have the respect to at least go through all of the course materials before contacting me about a deal...
which, I should mention, he didn't even present in the first place.

This is when the BONEHEAD decided to become unglued by telling me that I was being "evasive" by not
painstakingly spelling out the criteria to him because -- oh, I forgot to mention this part -- he didn't want to
go look at the Bird-Dog Opportunity card that was provided to him.  Even after I told him EXACTLY where
to find the listing of the deal criteria of properties we are looking for!


To be clear, anybody who wants to be a bird-dog for myself or my partners MUST be willing and able to 
  That's kind of...I know know...the FIRST thing my bird-dogs need
to do before submitting a deal.

Yet this BONEHEAD not only refused to look at the deal criteria list but then he THREATENED me if I didn't
give him this list.

Now, as my legal disclosures ALWAYS state, I'm not obligated to do anything with anybodyNor should I be.
But remember, of course, this BONEHEAD never even got to the criteria to begin with.  He was threatening me
about not giving him the list of deal criteria which, of course, I HAD given him the list but he didn't want to go
look at it.

So, I had to tell him the reality of the situation which goes like this:  I've been in this business of real estate
investing for OVER 27 years.  I NEVER (nor should I) work with people who are RUDE, disrespectful, 
demanding, and ESPECIALLY THREATENING in ANY way, shape or form.

Apparently this BONEHEAD never heard the saying, "You attract more flies with honey than vinegar."

Or however the saying goes.

So I told him that despite his "high level of experience" that he professed to have, without any deals submitted, 
we cannot and will not work with him.  I know...that's pretty obvious, isn't it?  How can we invest in ANY deal
(bird-dog or partnership) if it was never submitted in the first place?!

And then here's the REAL kicker!  (Oh yes, it gets even better, folks!)

He said that as time went on that I wasn't spelling out the list to him, his fees were going up!

I had to laugh out loud when I read that.  This BONEHEAD actually thinks he's the only one in the world who
knows how to find deals, acting as if he's in HIGH DEMAND with other investors, and that everybody is beating
a path to his door for his magical golden deals to where he can immediately raise his bird-dog fees on me for...
wait for it -- deals that he has yet to produce in the first place because...wait for it again -- he refuses to read
our list of deal criteria!

And then he THREATENED me for not...looking at the deals he never submitted?  Not giving him the deal criteria
list, even though I told him exactly where to find it?  I have NO IDEA!  (What's wrong with people these days??)

Sometimes you can't quite figure out how stupid people think.  Or how they get out of bed in the morning each day
to begin with!

I think this dude fully and squarely falls into the loony category and instead of harassing people by way of email,
he might find more personal success if he sought out a shrink instead.  Clearly he needs one.

Listen, I don't know about you but just think about this one little thing for one second:

Pretend that you're a multi-millionaire and you're looking to do real estate deals.  You don't care where they are
but they have to have a strong cash flow.

And pretend that you have some snotty pompous asshole who claims that he's the Top Bird-Dog in the country
(even though he's given you NO credentials to support that) and then threatens you that if you don't give him all
of your deal criteria (that you've already provided to him, nonetheless, but he refuses to go and look at the list),
he's going to write a letter to the Attorney General.

Oh, and that his bird-dog finder's fees are going up and up and up the longer it takes you to respond to his
threatening demands by way of email.

Now, just tell me, dear would YOU react to that?  Remember, you're the multi-millionaire who is
merely looking for deals for both yourself AND your investor partners.  You're just looking to find profitable deals
and you want to pay good people for bringing you these deals.  That's all you want really.


Do you WANT to deal with somebody who is an asshole?  Or somebody who threatens you?  Yes or no?

I'm guessing PROBABLY NOT.

I've been in business a long time and I can tell you that I have incredibly long-term business relationships with
both students AND my investors based on ONE THING, and ONE THING ONLY:  They're likable to do business
with.  Period.

And like ALL of the investors who I've worked with, NONE of us do business with people who suck.  NONE of us!

And what type of people suck?

Let's see...

Like BONEHEAD, people who suck are those who refuse to read the instructions provided, those who are mean,
rude, and disrespectful and particularly those who threaten us.  THOSE are the people who suck and THOSE are
the people we DO NOT do business with.

And like with ANY business, we reserve the right to refuse working with someone based on what I described above.

So, was the result of all of this with BONEHEAD?

I had to tell BONEHEAD that he doesn't have the qualities we are looking for as a bird-dog.  And that we won't be
working with him, now or forever more.  No exceptions.  End of story.

He screwed himself out of an opportunity because he's a jack-ass.

And I had to forward all of this to my attorney for further review and possible legal action against this BONEHEAD
in the event that he decides to file libelous letters with any government agency; it'll ultimately at that time turn into
a lawsuit against this jerk-off.

And there you have it.

All because we have a guy who thinks he's hot shit, the ONLY game in town when it comes to bird-dogging, and
he comes at investors with threats, thinking that he's going to get somewhere.  It's like poking a stick at a bulldog.
What does anybody think they'll accomplish doing that?  Especially doing that to people with money?  Crazy!

Now, for those of you who really want to do this with me and my investors -- the whole bird-dogging thing, that is --
INCLUDING a rare partnership opportunity, then you should CLICK HERE for something new that I have for you.

In the meantime, stay cool.  And by cool, I don't mean physically cool (even though that helps in this heat wave),
but to BE COOL.  Be cool to work with.  And if you're cool to work with then us investors will want to do business
with you.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  If you didn't snag a copy of our BNB book kit yet, CLICK HERE NOW.  This is really an important game-changer!
(Seriously, it is!)  CLICK HERE to get it right now!


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Sunday, May 08 2022

Happy Mother's Day!

One thing I'd like to mention about my mom. 

She passed away on July 26th, 2005. 

I still can't believe it's been that long ago...yet it seems like both yesterday and 100 years ago at the same time. 

I've gone through a lot in my lifetime.  Yet I attribute a lot of my semi-chronic daily sadness to the loss of my mother, mostly because she died at such a young age (she was only 52) and I feel that we had some "unfinished business" that I felt we needed to heal from before her death. 

Some people tell me that I can heal those things regardless of her death but I haven't figured out a way to do that quite yet.  So, I'd like to take a moment to say, if you still have your mother around in the flesh living among us, please appreciate her as much as you can and certainly work on healing (if it's necessary) before she goes because you never know when she will take her last breaths...and when it'll be too late for any last words with her.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Friday, May 06 2022


Earlier this year, Andrew Shaw and I had a very long lunch together in LA was life-changing for me, to say the least.

And for those of you who want to know what we talked about during that meeting, I have something called "The Napkin Report" that we send out with our new book called Free With BNB.

Most of you haven't heard about this book yet because...well, we just released it.

(If you want a copy of this book, CLICK HERE.  You'll get The Napkin Report with it which outlines EXACTLY what Andrew and I discussed during this private lunch and it'll blow your mind!)

But that's not why I'm reaching out to you.

One of the authors of this book is my powerhouse student, Cynthia Kelly-West.  Many of you have met her in some of my Detroit events.  She even spoke a couple of times at these events.

And what she talked about has nothing to do with "traditional" passive income cash flowing real estate.  In fact, if you want to know WHAT KIND of cash flowing real estate she specializes in, CLICK HERE and you'll see what it is that she does.  (And yes, it's a VERY profitable form of real estate investing.)

THIS is why I decided to do something extraordinary.

And no, I still can't believe I'm doing this.

CLICK HERE to find out what I'm talking about.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  One thing I forgot to mention about the first link I gave you -- the one that includes the Free With BNB book and The Napkin Report -- is that it's free.  You just have to pay $19,95 shipping and handling.  HOWEVER, if you don't order the free book within 30 minutes, the price jumps up to $119.95.  And NO, you cannot call us to (1) get it at the lower price (once you pass the 30-minute deadline) or (2) call to place an order instead of ordering it online.  So please don't call the office trying to order the book and the report.   We won't let you.  CLICK HERE to order it.  Have your credit card ready BEFORE clicking on the link.  Because once you click the link, the timer starts ticking down from 30 minutes, and then the price goes from $19.95 to $119.95 once it hits zero.

P.P.S.  If you want to be part of something TRULY EXCITING that's happening on October 1st and 2nd (which will likely surprise you), CLICK HERE NOW!  This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER.  Once the deal is over, know the drill (I hope).


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