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Saturday, November 28 2015

I hate to rain on your weekend parade but...I just feel like it.  I'm sure this past week has been nothing but a flurry of busyness, overeating, overspending, and being swept up in a myriad of stress and whatever everybody else seems to be doing including...sleeping in a freaking tent to get to a sale in the wee hours of the morning.  What is that about?  Who the hell sleeps in a tent to buy anything?  The only time I'd sleep in a tent to get something is if I was forced to live in a concentration camp and I had to wait for food the next day or something.  Even then, I may just elect to starve to death rather than sleeping in the tent for the prospect of getting the food.  If you're that type of person to sleep in a tent to buy a game, phone, TV or any damn thing for that matter, please have your brain checked out, okay?  Because there's something seriously wrong up there.

I've been a little out of sorts since my friend Ruth died of cancer the day before Veteran's Day.  (I had a student send me a card in the mail.  Thank you so much!  Most of you are amazing people and, for that, I'm truly thankful!) This is probably why I've been relatively silent since then.  When people start dying that are your age (or thereabouts), it makes you really start thinking about a lot of things.  At least that's what it did for me.  It made me realize that maybe I need to start touching even more people's lives, crank up more trainings, do more things to get people financially on track because...time is ticking, fast.  Life is way too short...definitely too short to be spinning your wheels financially and being worried all the time that there's not enough money or that you can't things that you really want to do.  Because that's not a life.  That's more like being in a prison.

Then, to make matters worse, during the grief I had to deal with Thanksgiving.  Ah, yes.  Thanksgiving.  Let me tell you about that "wonderful" day...

First off, earlier in the week I felt that my staff took a jab at me on Tuesday to rub it in as they were chatting and swooning about how they couldn't wait for Thanksgiving because of all the food and spending time with their families...knowing damn well that I had nobody to spend the holiday with.  (My daughter was with her deadbeat dad since this is my "off" Thanksgiving, in other words, my holiday without her.)  I didn't bother coming into the office at all on Wednesday.  I wasn't going to listen to that crap anymore.  Word to the wise, when you build your businesses, you'll need staff.   Don't be friends with any of them.  Keep them all at an arm-length away from you because none of them would give you the time of day if you stopped signing their paychecks.  They don't care about you.  Don't ever be fooled to think otherwise.

Then on the doomsday itself, I spent all day on Thanksgiving alone with my new dog and 3 cats, all fighting because the new puppy  And the cats are mean and territorial.  And honestly, I cried on and off that day.  It was the hardest day of the year for me and I knew it would be, as I started to feel that gut-wrenching sadness before the summer was over in anticipation for a single day that I knew was coming at me at the speed of lightning.  I even thought of Ruth's kids and what they were going through, dealing with life without their mother...forever.  And this would be their first holiday to start coping with the loss.  At ages 5 and 7.  Sometimes life is cruel and unfair.  Poor babies.

I went to the office on Thanksgiving just to take my mind off sitting at home and I posted on Facebook that I was at the office with my puppy (and posted a pic of both of us); immediately my dad called me saying, "What are you doing at the office?  Get out of there."  And do what exactly?  Go home so I nothing by myself?  You'd think he'd invite me somewhere.  No.  Didn't do that.  Basically just told me to go home so that I could fully concentrate on how empty my house was, I guess, maybe so I could cry even more.  I have the strangest "family."  It's laughable and ridiculous, actually.  Sometimes I feel like I'm living in a black-and-white Twilight Zone episode, hoping that the credits will start rolling so that I know it's over so the next episode would start.  Maybe then I'd get a new set-up including a real family and real friends, even if they were aliens, devils, or pig people in outer space.

But now it's over.  Sucky Suckfest Holiday #1 is over.  Now there's #2 (Christmas) and #3 (New Year's) to get through.  Good news, they progressively get better, as Thanksgiving was the worst and now that's over.  Christmas may actually pan out to be pretty decent since I have my (former) step-son moving out here from Michigan and he'll be spending his first California Christmas with me, my daughter and my crazy household zoo of pets.  And New Year's...I just sleep through it.  Who cares?  Why watch a boring ball drop when I need to rest up so I can hit the ground running after wasting a month-and-a-half on time-vampire holidays?

And that's what I wanted to talk to you about.  You see, while all you folks are "enjoying" the holidays (and I'm using quotes because we all know that the holidays is nothing but stress, overeating, overspending, and wanting to kill people), I'm building yet another business.  Many of you know that I decided to shut down my supplement business recently due to some "moral" disparities I was battling with for a few years about it.  I realized that I really don't need to be selling products that I don't feel good about, even if they're making millions of dollars selling the stuff.  So...just as I was shutting it all down, I got an epiphany that has motivated me to reboot the supplement business with a completely new line of products.  Very profitable products, I may add.  If you haven't checked out the video that I put together for you, watch it right now by CLICKING HERE or going to  This explains this latest profitable Aggressive Income Business.  This video can change your life, as I explain everything in how it all works and anyone can make a killing doing this stuff!

And something else: while I was at the office on Thanksgiving, I counted my Motherload 2016 Million-Dollar Resource Directories and decided to do such a super deal on them (including a boatload of bonuses) for my Friday-through-Monday Deal...and that promo is going on now, to end very soon!  CLICK HERE or go to this link to check that out:

Yes, the holidays are freaking fantastic.  But don't take your eye off the ball, okay?  That's what "average" people do who end up getting "average" results in their pitiful "average" lives.  And we don't want that.  I don't want that for you.  I want better for you, just like you want better for yourself.  And while "average" is actually becoming what "below average" used to be only a few short years ago (because our population is quickly dumbing down), no student (a.k.a. "warrior") of mine under my wing is going to be one of those dopes.  No.  You are going to excel, succeed, and exceed your own expectations.  Why wait until these pesky inconvenient holidays are over with before you start doing something about your New Life in 2016?  You have to start now while nobody else is looking and while everyone else is too busy looking at the glitter in the sky.  This is what separates successful people from failures...what you do now, how you conduct yourself, and what you invest your time in when everybody else is doing what the rest of the herd does.  Stop being like everybody else, doing what everybody else is doing when you can use this time for a much greater purpose than what rest of the sheep are dilly-dallying their time away on.

This brings me to something that I've been sitting on the fence with for about 6 months and finally decided to pull the trigger on, partly because this is my 20-year anniversary of being both an entrepreneur and a real estate investor.  Yes, I started in 1995.  I can't believe it's been 20 years.  I realized that I've never had a reliable networking group or a handful of people I could rely on to be accountable to for my success...mostly to keep me on the path.  And what a difference having that would have made!  So, if you're inclined, you can check out this game-changer at  I have special pricing on those who become part of this "inner circle" during this holiday season then the price will go up for new students coming in starting next year.  There are a couple of videos on the page that you may want to see.  The good news about Viper Wealth is that it's now covering both Aggressive and Passive Income Strategies in a powerful membership that is like nothing else out there.  Check it out by CLICKING HERE or going to

Now it's time for me to work on another Money Funnel.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Thursday, November 26 2015
Meet the New GSS Mascot

Happy Thanksgiving!

While you're about to enjoy your turkey dinner and spending time with friends and family, I'm working. Right now I'm at the office spending time with the new GSS mascot, Sally Joe!  My daughter finally twisted my arm hard enough so now we have a little terrier mutt of some sort.  And she's sooooo precious.
I'm not a dog person by nature.  I like cats because -- like me -- cats tend to be very independent and also (like me) they're very finicky, picky, and bitchy.  Of course, I love ALL animals but the last dog broke my heart.  His name was Butch and I had to put him down due to a bleeding tumor in his nose.  And I haven't had a dog since...but now I have Sally Joe!
So, you're probably wondering why I'm at the office right now.  Or maybe you just don't give a damn, in which case just delete this email and continue stuffing your pie hole.
Massive Changes for 2016
I have A LOT going on coming up for 2016 and I have to adequately prepare.  The economy will be cranking at full speed by the time the first week of January rolls around and those of us who are prepared, ready, and able to go will be hitting the ground running like we're Flo Jo on steroids.  I'd rather not be wasting a second dilly-dallying around which is why I continue to perform financially at such stellar levels while most people...well, don't.
Right now I'm at the office doing credit files, doing the Viper Wealth Newsletter for December, and putting the finishing touches on the new Apartment Riches 2016 course.
So, what does all this mean for you?  It depends on where you see yourself a year from now.  You can either be where you've been for the past several years...just several years OLDER in a few years from now.  Or you can be on the threshold of some MAJOR financial changes in the year to come.
One of the most exciting things that I'll be focusing on for the first half of 2016 is showing students The Money Funnel.  In fact, yesterday I just finished a mind-blowing comprehensive video on exactly how The Money Funnel works and how anyone who uses it can make $20,000 a day.  I even tell you exactly how to use the funnel and how to start making money with it.
This, of course, is my Aggressive Business Strategy of 2016.  By making upwards of $20,000 a day, damn right when I say that you will be putting the majority of that cash flow into Passive Income Real Estate.  You'll easily be able to retire in a year by doing this.
Check out this video right now if you're already sick of the holidays like I am:
Of course, it doesn't help that I'm mostly alone for each holiday.  Maybe if I had the awesome friends and family that you have then I probably wouldn't be sitting here banging my fingers against the keyboard while you're plugging away on pumpkin pie.
See you at the top!
And Happy Thanksgiving!
Your mentor,​
Monica Main
P.S.  Things in 2016 are going to be moving pretty fast on an economic level.  It will be very hard NOT to make money. You'd have to be sitting on your ass watching television and doing nothing else to miss out on all this.  I recommend that you spend at least PART OF this holiday season now wasting away and gaining 25 lbs. while you could be setting up for that major Roaring 20s-like wave that I've been talking that I predicted would be coming.  Well, folks.  It's 2016.  Be ready or...not.  I know what's going to be coming into my bank account. I hope you know what will be coming into yours, too! 
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Wednesday, November 25 2015
Each time I question what I'm doing and why, I get a spectacular email from a student.  And today, this is what I got from my student Paul S. who lives in Vermont.  In fact, for those of you who attended the Vegas event earlier this year, you would have actually met Paul.  He spoke of his success stories at the event.
Here's what he emailed me today:
"Hi Monica
Monday we closed on the mobile home park. It's profitable as it sits but there is plenty of room for value add - we have 75 total pads, 16 of which are empty. We also are looking at a park wide cable and internet access deal that will be cheaper for the residents and lucrative for us.
Thanks for ALL you have done to help us get to this point.
I'm so proud of Paul, as I always considered him one of my "Smarties."  These are the students who are super smart but yet never do anything with the information they are given because they over-analyze and second-guess everything.  Paul finally got over all that and is on fire with his real estate investing, picking up several properties to date and still going strong.
This is why I keep going, keep training, keep providing information to my students...with the hopes that all of you will TAKE ACTION and get out there and do something that will secure a lifetime of financial freedom for yourselves.
As the eve of Thanksgiving is upon us, now is the time for all of us to think about what we're thankful for INCLUDING and especially how we're part of a great country who can afford us these extraordinary opportunities that others only dream of.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
P.S.  I almost forgot.  I did this amazing video for everyone today that talks about The Money Funnel and exactly how it works. For those of you who want to take the time out to see how you're about to start making $20,000 a day online in 2016, you may want to check out the video now.  Here's the link:
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Wednesday, November 11 2015
My Friend Ruth Died Yesterday

I'm really sad.  My friend Ruth passed away yesterday afternoon.  While I planned on doing a piece on Veteran's Day, I find myself thinking about this spectacular woman who was probably one of the nicest people I've met in recent years.  And I can't bring myself to think of anything else at the moment except this beautiful soul who physically is no longer among us anymore. She didn't make it to 45 and, probably the worst part, left behind a boy of only 7 (and my daughter's classmate) and a young girl of only 5.

What's All This About Anyway?
I think it's in these moments where we question what all of this is really about, realize our own mortality, and feel a deep sense of insecurity in our own ability to sustain our well-being despite our best attempts at it.
I think it's during times like these when we come to know that it can end for us at any time with or without notice and to grasp onto life itself is just as futile as trying to grab a handful of water.  Impossible to pull off. Ridiculous to try.
I know she's in a better place.  It's weird to "know" something without much proof or substantiating evidence.  But she couldn't breathe anymore.  She was drowning in her own lungs.  Living like that had to be utterly miserable.  At least now she's not in pain anymore.
My Experience with Heaven
I first started getting messages from the other side sometime in 2000, I think.  My grandmother had passed away and I started seeing her in dreams.  But that's all I thought it was: dreams.  Nothing more.
When my mom passed in 2005, I had much of the same experience with her...seeing her in dreams.
It started with this one particular dream.  You see, I couldn't make her funeral because the plane I was to fly out on broke down.  Flight was canceled.  And I found myself smiling instead of being upset.
Mom hated to fly.  I believe she made that happen.
But I felt guilty for missing her funeral that afternoon and she knew how I felt.  That night I dreamt I was giving my mom a eulogy at a podium in some outside venue with only a handful of people.  She was holding a white candle in the dream, standing in the back, smiling at me.  She looked like when she was in her 40s when she was slim with very blonde hair.  She said nothing to me as I gave her my own private eulogy.
Again, I passed it off as a dream...until she started telling me things about how things are "over there."  She explained to me about how spirits can make electricity pulsate, usually through lamps or other electrical things. She said that this is called "employing a device."
She explained to me about how we incarnate with the same small group of people from lifetime to the next.  These people, instead of being called family, are actually called your "pod."
And on and on it went.
So either I have a very active dreaming imagination or...things are very interesting on the other side.
Of course, that's exactly what I thought it was: my imagination.  Then other messages started coming through where she'd give me private details about certain people's lives of friends and family she knew.  I'd go to these individuals and they'd not only corroborate what my mom told me but they'd usually follow it up by saying, "Nobody else knew that.  How did you know?"
I guess this was her way of "proving" the reality of the fact that I wasn't merely dreaming but I was really seeing her.
What Heaven is Like
I've since been to the "other side" many times to the point where my experiences have been limited due to having too many episodes of severe depression upon returning.
It's...amazing there.  I'd go into details but time is short for now.  But the quick explanation is that it's much like it is here except that it's more pure. If you can imagine how things were only a couple hundred years ago before paved roads, airplanes, and massive pollution when much of the land was still majorly underdeveloped...that's what it looks like there.  Like open countrysides everywhere and no human interference with nature.
Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.
But what I absolutely love about it is how every soul is happy, compassionate, glad to see you, wants to include's like showing up to a happy party where everyone knows your name. 
This is why my experiences of going there has been limited...because I come back to my lonely world here and have much more difficult in coping than before.  Because I can't understand why people are the way they  And they become the highest possible form of their selves...but ONLY when they go back. 
Why do we all have to wait?  Why can't we be that "highest self" part of our souls RIGHT NOW??  Compassionate, empathetic, kind, inclusive, loving...all of it.  Why are we waiting?  What are we afraid of?
Where Ruth is Now
She's transitioning now but her party is about to begin.  And for that, I'm happy for her.  She knows everything will be okay.  She knows now that the trials and tribulations her children and husband are going through -- and will continue to go through for the next several years (and decades) -- is all part of the plan...and in divine order.  
She's not worried, fretting, or upset about how unfair her early departure is.  She knows it is all in perfect order and will all work out as it's supposed to.
She's blissfully happy now.
So, perhaps the problem is deep sense of sadness.  Because she's certainly not unhappy.  She's blissfully happy.
The grieving, sadness, and heartbreak is all mine based on, perhaps, me being glad that she could move on but, at the same time, knowing I'm still stuck here to fight the good fight.  As her good fight is over...and now she's free.
And the rest of us are left behind to keep fighting.  We all know how old that gets, how tired it all becomes.  I believe that's why we grieve.  We have one less person who is here standing in our corner and the burden of living without them just becomes a bit heavier to bear than before.  So, we're mostly sad for ourselves and I think that makes it all the worse.
Please send out a little prayer for the passing of my friend Ruth, if you'd like.  That would be phenomenal.
Then say a little prayer in gratitude for yourself...because we're all still here to fight the good fight for yet another day.  But make no mistake...your time is ticking, too.  Maybe now would be a good time to think about whether you're living life to the fullest and doing the things you really want to do.  I know that's what I'm thinking about.  After all, every minute counts.  Every last one of them!
See you at the top!
Your Mentor,
Monica Main
P.S.  Sorry, Veteran's, for my inability to honor you today on this most important day.  Many of you know that, not only do I always thank military when I see them but I also encourage my daughter to do the same.  The look on their faces when I send my little girl up to them to say, "Thank you for your service," always brightens their day more than words can describe and many are so humble that they try to downplay the importance of their role.  From me, to all the veterans, thank you for your invaluable service and dedication to our country. And for any of you who don't support our troops, remember...If you don't want to stand behind them, maybe you'd prefer standing in front of them instead.  (Food for thought.)
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Monday, November 09 2015

I'm on this custiner/student detox diet right now.  I'm finding that each time I do an email blast these days, I'm getting some people who want to unsubscribe.

And that's freaking awesome!!


Because I'm actually getting RID of those who are just weighing down my system so that I can only keep an open line of communication with those who really want to do something extraordinary as we roll around into the New Year.

And I definitely DON'T have room for deadbeats, losers, bottom-feeders, or slugs who are never going to do anything, never plan on doing anything and would rather watch People's Court or Dancing with the Starts than do anything productive or profitable with their lives.

Many of you already know that I plan on doing some small workshop groups and one-on-one events in 2016.  In fact, most of you don't know that I have a VERY RARE event that I am putting on the last weekend of January that I don't plan on advertising because it's already full.

Yes, you read that correctly.  It's ALREADY FULL!

I sold out on the event when I presented it in Detroit last month.

What is it exactly?

It's a 2 1/2 day workshop in my office for 8 people where I will be setting up a complete business from them including setting up what I call a "complicated funnel" and we'll be setting up their entire businesses from scratch.

And yes, this is an Internet business.

And yes, this is the FIRST event like this of its kind where I'll be taking my small group by the hand (and even doing some of the work FOR them) by completely setting them up in their new Internet funnel business that, once set up, will automatically generate income for them.  All they have to do is keep the traffic coming into the funnel with very easy-to-do low- and medium-cost traffic magnet strategies (which will also be covered in this small workshop group).

If you didn't attend the Detroit event, you'll never know (or be invited) to this RARE event but...

I have ANOTHER couple of opportunities coming up for the same types (but slightly different) in-office training events in the first half of 2016.

So, keep your eyes peeled.

These events will be life-changing and part of my completely ALTERED teaching strategy that will become more and more common for me in my presented events where we'll keep in small in size to accomplish more DURING the event so that you actually have something completed by the time you actually go home!

As we are getting close to ENDING 2015, I have one final opportunity in Passive Income where you can learn the "last-standing" creative real estate strategy BEFORE everybody and their mom learns it, implements it, and creates REAL competition to the point where it'll become unusable; that'll take place in 12 to 18 months.  Guaranteed.

And this is ONE of those small-group workshops I'll be doing in the first half of 2016 where I'll be showing small handfuls of people this strategy one on one in my office.


None of those groups are starting until February.  Why wait that long? We both know that the time is already ticking.  By waiting until February (and since I'm ONLY taking 8 people for the group), reality'll probably NOT make the 2 1/2 day workshop in California.

And that simply means that these opportunities aren't for you...but for others who are motivated to take action and to ultimately become super successful in the years to come.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Saturday, November 07 2015
Out With the Old...In With the New (Changes for 2016)
I'm amazed at how fast things are changing in the economy.  It seems that the "old ways" of doing things are quickly becoming obsolete while the "New & Globalized Economy" is now on a fast-forward trending path into the future.
Case in point: I am at an event with a marketing group that I've been a part of for many years now.  I constantly am honing my skills to become better and more efficient at what I do which, in turn, always benefits my students.
Many of you know who Ron LeGrand is...old real estate guru back in his "hey-day" in the 1980s and 1990s.  I see him every so often every few years in these marketing "inner circles" I'm a part of.  He doesn't do much speaking anymore but he made a very rare speaking appearance yesterday.
I found it odd that they stuffed him into the smallest hotel conference rooms possible (when Ron is a marketing ICON in this industry) -- forcing an overflow of people (myself included) to go elsewhere and ultimately missing his entire presentation -- while sticking some used-car-salesman-type in the biggest ballroom available for his power-selling "speaking" gig.  (Ron wasn't happy about this, by the way, and it's doubtful that he'll be speaking for this organization ever again!)
I did catch the very beginning of Ron's presentation which hadn't changed AT ALL since he'd been pitching his wares in the mid-1990s starting with, "I buy things at these events" followed by, "you take notes and they end up in a drawer with the other notes from the past seminar you attended..."  You get the gist.  The "pre" sales pitch is basically what it is.
These old-timers are from the "hard-sell" mentality which no longer applies anymore.  And while Ron was fairly pissed off that he lost most of his seminar (and buying) crowd due to being forced to speak in such a small room, what most of the dummies in the crowd didn't realize is that Ron is still pitching his old wares from the 1990s that you can buy on eBay for less than $50.  (And in some areas of the Internet, you can download it without paying anything for it.)
Even though Ron didn't get a large room for his presentation, it reminded me off how things are...fading out the old (or in this case, the REALLY old) to make room for the "new" way of doing things.
Me and Dan Kennedy, marketing guru
Dan Kennedy, on the other hand, has managed to stay relevant yet "old school" all at the same time.  He still sells the idea of using offline methods combined with online marketing to grow your business.  Most importantly, everything he says works which is why I have hung with this guy for the past 20 years of my life as, what he calls, a "lifer."
But there are some bumps coming in the road for Dan -- or more accurately -- the company he represents which is GKIC.  Years ago, Dan (and his former counterpart, Bill Glazer) sold GKIC to a corporate entity that is pretty much going against what his core beliefs have been all of these years as a marketer and entrepreneur.  I sensed that Dan would be abandoning the GKIC ship for a couple of months now and I've gotten confirmation of that during this event, as I've discovered that he has a contract of less than a year with GKIC.  Nobody is sure if he'll renew his contract or not.  I'm guessing that if he does, he'll start disconnecting from GKIC with his own "side" company (as he has been) while maybe letting them "borrow" his name as the figurehead of least for awhile until he's thoroughly sick of the corporate politics at play here.
If you haven't studied Dan Kennedy's stuff on marketing and business, you should.  In the very least, learn from the man about his entrepreneurial beliefs and systems.  My favorite Dan books are The Ultimate Sales Letter,The Ultimate Marketing Plan, and No B.S. Wealth Attraction in the New Economy (which is my favorite).
While Dan Kennedy wrestles with his challenges with corporate America and the company that took over his brand, I've been more keen to focus on the new breed of profitable entrepreneurship in today's market place. I've studied Russell Brunsun for a little while now and was absolutely BLOWN AWAY when I read his recent book called DotCom Secrets.  (If you didn't read this book, it's freaking amazing!)
Russell Brunsun and Me at the GKIC Info-Summit in Denver, Colorado
When comparing the "old school" with the "new school" (and being in the "middle school" myself), I can see how the old ways of doing business are no longer applicable in today's economic market.  You constantly have to be flexible while willing to work fast (quickly jumping on new opportunities) while remaining steadfastly focused on exactly what you want to happen for yourself.  You definitely have to roll with the punches, and fast!!
Needless to say, it made me sad to see one of the big marketing icons o all time -- Ron LeGrand -- still using the same old hard-sell pitch selling the same old crap using the same old lines (and jokes) without changing anything at all.  He's too old to change.  Too old to want to change. Certainly too tired to care about doing something different.
He won't change.  Ever.
Yet EVERYTHING had changed around him.  Absolutely everything!  Our economy, what makes people respond, what people want to hear...everything is different now.
On the other hand, you have another marketing icon -- Dan Kennedy -- who still has the goods but lost control of his brand, his identity, and everything he believes in to corporate and now has to decide if he has the energy to get it all back (by buying the company back or branching off on his own...again) or just quitting the business altogether.
Hard choices.
Choices you won't have to make one day when you're old and gray, I hope.  This is because you're going to line yourself up correctly with the right businesses, the right investments, the right strategies.
For TODAY'S economy using TODAY'S strategies.  Not using old tired techniques that died back in 1999.
Why am I telling you all of this?
Big Changes for Me AND You in 2016
As we wind down our 2015 and start going into that annual mental coma state approaching Thanksgiving (and through the 1st of the year), I will be working my ass off to get everything ready for January for my New Wave of New Wealth Strategies.
Letting the cat a little out of the bag, I'll be primarily focusing on TWO main things in 2016:
1)  Total Transformation and Breakthrough Strategies:  I've found over the years as I teach workshop, seminar, and mentorship that there is a significant percentage of people who end up understanding the stuff but doing nothing with it. There's no point in learning something powerful if you're not going to use it, right?  I realized that people need some "brain re-wiring" in order to automatically push themselves to the next level so I'll be teaching some of these secrets and strategies in the beginning of this coming year.  Without making these personal breakthroughs for yourself, chances are, you'll still keep learning, reading, and attending workshops but you'll never be successful in DOING the stuff so...what's the point?  Only you fully understand how important it is for you to finally get over that barrier obstacle you have somewhere in your head so that you can start realizing the success you have always wanted in your life!
2)  Aggressive Income Strategies with Online/Offline Businesses:  What's most awesome about this is that I'll be introducing BRAND NEW STRATEGIES for home-based high-income businesses to get that Aggressive Income kicking for you.  I mentioned in my last seminar event that you should ALWAYS funnel your excess cash into passive income real estate as the ultimate wealth building and retaining strategy. However, with the changes (and ramping up) of our New Economy, you're now competing with other investors and paying top of the market for your apartment building (and other commercial) real estate.  This means you're now shelling out 20% cash down to get into these deals (with ONE exception that I'll be talking about in a short minute).  My Aggressive Income Strategies (since I started doing trainings in 2012) have been one of my most successful business methods taught to students because it's been super easy to set up, do, and ultimately profit from.
And it's just gotten EVEN EASIER.  (More to come...VERY SOON!)
On the real estate side, there will be only ONE main investing strategy that I'll be focusing on between now and for the next several years.  Here it is:
The No-Cash-No-Credit Real Estate Investing Secret
This is the ONLY relevant strategy you'll be able to use as we enter 2016 and beyond.
Why is this?
As I mentioned before, you're main strategy for acquiring Passive Income such as apartment building real estate, you'll be putting 20% cash down into the deal to (1) get the best type of loan (conventional) at the best terms (and interest rates), (2) to be able to compete with investors on larger property deals, and (3) get a healthy cash flow on a deal walking in!
That leaves ONLY ONE "creative financing strategy" left that is relevant and usable between NOW and the next handful of years to come.
What is this strategy?
The No-Cash-No-Credit Strategy which encompasses a couple types of "creative financing" techniques including short-term lease-options (using land trusts or land contracts) and creative financing methods getting a 60% LTV while creatively financing the rest using the 60-40 method.
That's it, folks!  Those are literally the ONLY creative NCNC strategies you can use!
Now, I recommend that ALL of my students have something on the Aggressive Income AND the Passive Income side going on.  This is the fastest and most reliant way to build wealth in today's New Economy. This means that you're getting a cash flow from an easy-to-do business while investing in Passive Income Assets for your immediate AND long-term cash flows.
I'm doing something really cool for the rest of this year ONLY.  I'm doing ONE LAST Mentorship Group for my 100% No-Cash-No-Credit Strategy.
Because I'm offering this LAST EVER 6-week online mentorship, I'm also going to get you the physical course for these No-Cash-No-Credit Strategies too.
You'll get BOTH TOGETHER for a ridiculously low price.
After that, the 100% LTV Course will NO LONGER BE SOLD at the price it's at.  In fact, it'll become part of a much larger course that I'm doing'll cost upwards of just under $700 if you want to do this later.  And that will be JUST for this component of the course, not including a mentorship (which, as I just pointed out, is ending after this next session starting on November 11th).
I'm doing a killer kick-ass deal for Veteran's Day which includes this 100% LTV No-Cash-No-Credit Course AND my last-ever mentorship group for the course materials.
There's no better way to go out with a bang in 2015 than to set yourself up to hit the ground running in 2016 (while everyone else is wasting their time pigging out on food and sleeping for the next 6 to 8 weeks).
Like I mentioned, this is the LAST real estate investing frontier for those of you interested in doing No-Cash-No-Credit Deals now and beyond.
CLICK HERE for this limited-time deal:
If you want to be relevant and -- most importantly -- PROFITABLE in the years to come, you're going to have to step up and be a multi-faceted entrepreneur implementing BOTH Aggressive and Passive Income at the same time.
Start taking advantage NOW while you still can, especially since these real estate No-Cash-No-Credit Strategies actually have a shelf-life of about a year to eighteen months before even THESE will stop working.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
P.S.  I can't wait until 2016, as I have LOTS of profitable workshops, trainings, seminars, and "stuff" for you guys and gals who are finally ready to ramp up to full speed on the profit chart.  The only thing YOU have to do is DECIDE to do it.  :-)
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Monday, November 02 2015
My First Corner Office...That YOU May Get to Personally See Pretty Soon!
Okay, guys and gals.  I finally got my corner office.  Well, it's not like I always wanted one. Quite honestly, I don't care where I work as long as I have some light, a couple of plants, and -- most importantly -- a DOOR with a LOCK so that I can work alone without any staff distractions.
Here's the picture of what the office looked like before I started piling in the boxes, desks, chairs, etc.  But it's a nice space.  Very "zen." I love it!
Now that I have a new office, it means new things.  A new "Monica Main Reboot" if you will.
So, what does this mean for 2016?
It means a lot of new things...
My biggest frustration with my students is that I seem to give so much invaluable information on business-building and real estate investing that is either only partially implemented or completely thrown on the back-burner.  I don't blame my students.  I understand how life goes.  People get busy, commit to doing it all "later," then later never comes.
My Kick-Ass Plans for My Students in 2016
This upcoming year will kick off a slew of small-group hands-on workshops, some of which will be conducted in my office to ensure that the majority of the success components required for my wealth-building strategies are actually done and completed before my students leave. These sessions/workshops will be 2 or 3 days, depending on the workshop subject matter.
So many of you will actually see my new corner office and will probably sit in it with me as we do some of these elements of the small-group trainings.
Exciting stuff!
Now most of you know that I just came back from doing my 2-day event in Detroit on Aggressive Income Strategies for both business and real estate which are the most cutting-edge and relevant multi-million-dollar strategies for today's economic environment.
And yes, I finally got the majority of the testimonial videos up.  I'll finish getting the rest of them up by tonight.  CLICK HERE to see them!
Most People Will NEVER Be Successful...
Here's Why:
One thing I noticed having taught students since the early 2000s: most people never make it to second base.
There's a reason for this.  They psyche themselves out before they get anywhere.  They can't quite seem to wrap their minds around success so then end up talking themselves out of it before they really begin.
During my Detroit event, for the first time I reveal my mind-blowing, powerful Total Transformation Strategy that is guaranteed to get you over ANY obstacle, barrier or block you have for success, wealth, or anything else within mere minutes of working the technique!
It starts with removing barriers and obstacles that only your mind is holding onto.  These barriers don't actually exist anywhere else except your mind.  And without overcoming these barriers, you'll never quite make it through the initial success steps because your mind will promptly talk you out of it.
In fact, we actually did this technique DURING the seminar event. Afterwards many of my students actually felt and knew that there was an INSTANT and IMMEDIATE effect after we did the technique.
How This Secret Barrier-Removing Strategy Works
Your brain has patterns in them and they play over and over again like a broken record.  Even if you have the best intentions for success, your brain will give you a different result if you don't change the patterns or brain pathways.
This is why traditional "attraction" techniques never work; they focus on affirmations and positive thinking without using any HARD SCIENCE to make the changes your brain needs to make to start following a different pattern.  No matter how many affirmations and positive thinking meditations you do, your brain will always buck these strategies.
Except there's ONE technique your brain won't block.

And this is the BREAKTHROUGH method that I talk about in the event that is truly life-changing on every level.  This, of course, has to come first before you attempt any business, investing, or money-making endeavor!
CLICK HERE for more details.
Multi-Million-Dollar Business and Real Estate Strategies Revealed!
But I didn't stop at helping my students make their Total Transformation. I revealed the latest, most cutting-edge money-making strategies for NOW and beyond based on today's economic advantages.
A lot has changed in the economy and now things are ramping up to full speed.  There are only a handful of business and investing opportunities that you can realistically implement for big money IF you know what they are and IF you know how to implement them.
And this is what I teach in my event; you'll discover exactly what these opportunities are and how to make massive cash flows from them.
Detroit Seminar Videos...Just Released!
The seminar videos of this event have just been released.  Get the full scoop on everything that was revealed at this POWERFUL event which, as you know, will be my last real estate investing seminar for at least a year...if not longer.
CLICK HERE to find out how you can get these at a steep discount which ends tomorrow!

See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
P.S.  Nothing ever changes unless you actually take ACTION.  Now is the time.  No more waiting.  It's seriously now or never, baby! 
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