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Thursday, September 29 2016

So, this morning sometime between 1am and 2am, my dog Sally wanted to go out AS USUAL.  I was so groggy that I ended up missing a step.  I fell down the stairs and fractured my right hand.

THEN I had a meeting with the principle at my daughter's school at 8am.  This was the meeting in which I blew up at him for letting this little shit kid back into my daughter's class who was suspended for a week...for bringing a freaking KNIFE to school.  And not only did he bring a knife but he extended the blade and was waving it around in front of one of my daughter's female classmates during recess.  After all, this little A-Hole tends to ONLY pick on little girls.  I've already had a couple of bullying issues with this twerp since school started and we're barely 1 month into the school year.  Even worse, I told her teacher a week before this incident that I've noticed how mentally disturbed this kid is stemming from when I would volunteer in my daughter's kindergarten class back...4 years ago!

You know what's screwed up about society?  We have people who will step forward and say things about mentally disturbed and violent individuals yet it seems to fall on deaf ears pretty much EVERY time.  Then something MAJOR happens.  Something violent.  Something that you can't rewind and change.  Something life-altering.  And then everybody else is like, "Where were the warning signs?  How come nobody said anything??"  Let's see.  How about ALL the people who stepped forward in the last several months...or YEARS that said something...and it was never taken seriously?!  What about all of THOSE incidences?!

And that's what this incident reminded me of.  Because this kid is an accident waiting to happen.  A violent accident.  Because they suspended him for only a week and now he's back to wreak even more havoc on a bunch of other innocent 8-year-olds.  I guess they can't really do anything until he brings his parent's gun to school and starts shooting off rounds into other kids' heads.  Sick, sick society we live in.

So now I'm in the office, steaming.  In fact, if I looked in the mirror, I'd probably see a red face (much like the angry red Emoji face) with steam coming out of my ears.  So, of course, to top it all off, I have to deal with a couple of jerk-off students who sent me emails, essentially telling me that the world owes them a living and since the world isn't giving them the living that they believe their automatically entitled to, they're mad...especially at me for not parting the waters for them.  Once such lame-oid is too lazy to follow a very clearly laid out SIMPLE set of instructions that my investor partner presented for all partnership deals.  So, because she's lazy and doesn't want to do the stuff on the list, she's deciding that she wants to get irate with me.  Don't get irate with me because you're lazy and don't want to follow SIMPLE instructions!  After all, I've had, to date now, a half dozen partnership deals approved since mid-August that 4 have closed on already.  And another one is going under contract by Monday.  Plus, that's not even including the NOW 18 loans he's already done for real estate down payments.

Guess what, Lazy Lady (and you know who it is I'm talking to), look at the OTHER students who AREN'T complaining, who are just DOING the work, and who are GETTING their deals done!  See how easy it is when you STOP BITCHING and START DOING??

Now, to be CRYSTAL CLEAR, my investor partner is NOT there to answer 500 questions.  I think I made that clear in MY initial set of instructions.  His instructions are very basic, easy to follow, and his list is fairly short.  So...people with rocks behind their ears WILL have problems following these basic instructions, as they probably do with every other basic thing in their lives.  So, if you're looking for an investor to "take you under his wings" and "show you the ways of the world in real estate investing" then this ain't your guy.  However, IF you can follow a very simple SHORT set of instructions that are very clearly laid out, then you can easily get a partnership deal, a business loan, or real estate down payment money for your deals.

Only you know which category you fall into.  Are you in the Simple-Instruction-Following Category?  Or the Dumb-Ass-NON-Instruction-Following Category?

If you're in the Simple-Instruction-Following Category then you can get money from my investor IF you apply and IF you follow the simple instructions provided.

Since that encompasses you, I recommend that you NOT miss out on this because this loan program for both real estate down payments and now business loans.  Based on the agreement I have with him, I am no longer allowed to offer the loan side of this program anymore.  (I will be able to offer the investor partnership one more time before the year is out but the loan program offer ENDS TOMORROW FOREVER!)

I'm to the point where either my students see the value in getting and using OPM (Other People's Money) for both businesses and well as real estate down payments...or not.  I can't make that decision for you.  Only you know and can see if this has any value for you because, I will mention, it's VERY HARD to find good money sources out there.  I'm basically handing these resources to you on a silver platter.  Take it or leave it.  The deal ends tomorrow at 5pm Pacific Time.

CLICK HERE to get it now.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Tuesday, September 27 2016

Since I announced the pre-order Fall Blow Out Deal for the Build Business Credit FAST! 2017 System WITH the never-before-revealed unsecured loan sources, I've been besieged with all kinds of questions that I'll try to address here.

About the business loan aspect with my investor partner: Just like his real estate down payment loans, the interest rates vary from about 7.25% to 9.5% (on average) but he reserves the right to drastically increase it based on 2 factors:  (a) having a very, very low personal FICO score from people who look like they NEVER paid a bill in their lives, and (2) higher than normal risk (real estate and business).  For example, we had a student calling to ask about whether this investor would fund a marijuana dispensary.  Yes, IF it's legal in the state in which it will be set up and...plan on paying out the ass on an interest rate on that loan.  This would be one where you're looking at a 15% interest rate, easy.  And the terms of these loans are 18 to 36 months.

So, that covers my investor and the loan program he has.

Now, again, for those of you who have the Raising Capital System that we just mailed out last month, you'll already have this resource.  Your user name and password for the LOAN button will be the same for the NEW business loan button that WILL NOT be available or on the site until October 1st.  So, you lucky Raising Capital people get the built-in benefit of getting this additional business loan add-on without doing anything more than logging onto the secret website on or after October 1st.

Some extra sources that I've never revealed to my students before are 5 brand new unsecured business lenders who will lend on start-ups even for those with past personal credit problems.  PLUS...I'm including a brand new equity partner who specializes in large multi-million-dollar real estate projects/deals.


Here's one of the best parts and it's an "unadvertised bonus" that I'm just now adding to this system:  one of my students has shared a secret crowd funding resource he's used successfully to seamlessly and effortlessly raise over $1 million for his property flipping deals.  And no, it's not one of those cheesy crowd funding sites either.  It's an incognito very little-known crowd funding website that you can also use to get tons of investors beating a path to your door if you have property flips (SFRs and apartment buildings) that need 100% cash PLUS rehab money to pull off!

You'll get all of the above resources in my updated Build Business Credit FAST! 2017 System.

CLICK HERE to listen to my audio seminar that explains all about it.  Now, since the crowd funding resource is so new, I don't talk about it in the audio but it WILL be included in your Build Business Credit FAST! 2017 System.

If you have any questions, call my office ASAP at 661-295-5050.  We're available Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm Pacific Time.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main


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Sunday, September 25 2016

The other day I indicated my second and last chance to work with an investor partner who is doing now both real estate as well as business loans.  Those of you who have the 2016/2017 Raising Capital Course will already have this resource won't be able to apply for a business loan until October 1st.  Also, this opportunity to apply for this new type of loan only lasts until December 31st.  After that date, business loan applications with this particular investor will no longer be accepted.

Now, let me explain more about these loans and how they work:

I have an investor partner who wanted to do deals directly with my students.  At first he only wanted to do partnerships but then decided to offer real estate loans (for down payments).  He's been doing A LOT more loans than partnerships.  I've had hundreds of students who missed the deal asking if I'd offer this investor opportunity once more.  I told them that I'd have to wait to get permission to do it.  When talking to my investor about the tally of partnerships and loans so far, I asked him if he'd consider doing some business loans too since he's doing real estate loans.  He said, "Yes.  But only for a few months."

We committed to a date range for these business loans that will be from October 1st through December 31st.  Then the special application link will be pulled immediately thereafter, disallowing for more business loans.  These are loans for business start-ups or expansions.  Maybe you want to buy an existing business or start a business.  This is exactly what this newest loan program is for but it's ONLY for 3 months and that's it.  You have 3 months to get your business application in with this one investor partner of mine.  However, he'll still be doing real estate loans and partnerships until August 2017.

Now, those of you who got the Raising Capital Course for 2016/2017 were the luckiest bunch because you have access to the partnership side AND the loan side (including this new loan opportunity).  For those who procrastinated, I'm offering you the loan side (but not the partnership side) as a bonus with my Build Business Credit FAST! 2017 System.

You'll also get a BRAND NEW equity partner who is looking for large-scale (multi-millon dollar) deals and there are no deadlines on getting your application in for this.  AND I'm also providing 5 BRAND NEW business loan sources who specialize in giving loans to new businesses where the principle (you) may have poor personal credit.  These are sources I've never before revealed to my students to date and they, too, have no deadlines as well!

CLICK HERE to find out more about this once-in-a-lifetime OPM (Other People's Money) opportunity that ends VERY SOON!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Friday, September 23 2016

Happy fall, everyone!  (This is my favorite season!)

Today I had a Viper Wealth call and I had several students asking me about my investor partner who is working directly with my students and how the deals are going.  So...this afternoon I called him to confirm how he's doing with both the investor partnership and loan deals with my students.

This is the info I got:

  • 3 closed real estate deals
  • 2 properties under contract
  • 16 loans funded

And more deals to come!

I asked him when he'd like to start doing business loans (and not loans for real estate).  He told me, "Anytime!"

So, yes.  Now he's ready.

For those of you who (foolishly) didn't take advantage of the LAST opportunity to get involved with this investor partner, now you can.  (This will be your last shot to be able to use him for loans, as this opportunity goes away permanently to new students next week.)

CLICK HERE and in my audio seminar I tell you all about this program and how it can make you rich by, of course, using OPM or Other People's Money.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Saturday, September 03 2016

Over the years people have asked me to summarize how to become a successful real estate investor and are usually sorely disappointed to find out that I cannot stuff all of these "secret strategies" inside one short paragraph, or on the back of a Chinese fortune for that matter.

But I can give you some overall strategies that will clearly pinpoint how to become a successful cash flowing real estate entrepreneur.  Five to be exact.

Here they are...

#1.  Decide on some type of Passive Income Asset that can keep giving you a positive cash flow month after month, year after year.  This means narrowing down your type of what we call an "asset class" down to something that can give you this type of income.  This also means avoiding those other pesky types of real estate investing opportunities that I put into the Aggressive Income category such as flipping property because this robs you of (a) long-term cash flow, and (b) valuable tax write-off benefits.  I recommend investors new to the Passive Income game to think about and seriously consider residential-commercial acquisitions, namely apartment building investing or mobile home park (MHP) investing since this type of investing can give substantial monthly cash flows while helping you weather through recessions unlike other types of Passive Income Assets such as office space or industrial/warehouse properties.

#2.  Find your ideal "farming area" or area in which you will be building your real estate "empire."  This will be ONE area only and CAN be 1,000+ miles away from where you live.  (I'll explain in a minute why you don't have to be anywhere near your assets.)  Most newbie real estate investors start local to where they live.  This is natural because they want to see the properties and have more of a hands-on approach to their property management.  Plus, since most newbie investors get involved in flipping, they kind of need to be local to the property if they're going to do minor or extensive rehabbing on the property.  Since you're getting involved in Passive Income Assets, you don't need to be in the same city in which you will invest.  This gives you the freedom to literally go anywhere in the country to invest.  I originally discovered this freedom back in 2001 when I realized that investing in my tri-county area (Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties) were just not that profitable.  And forget about venturing down to Orange County or up to Ventura County where properties were ultra-expensive, giving no cash flow even if I were to give up 50% cash down to secure the deal.  This is when I started investing on the gulf side of Florida then expanding upwards through the middle portion of the state...until I ended up in Georgia where some of my most profitable deals have come to fruition.  You have to go where the cash flow is.  Plain and simple.  It's smart and definitely a manageable strategy IF you know how to pull it off.

#3.  Getting the money and financing for your deals is quite possibly the most challenging aspect of real estate investing, especially for new investors who don't have any contacts or access to private investors.  This is the secret to breaking into the business: getting the financing, getting the credit, getting the loans, and getting these fiscal resources together.  Many people don't realize that they have access to more resources and contacts than they know.  Others just need some doors opened up for them to get them started.  The ideal way to acquire a cash flowing property deal is to have the 20% cash down and to have decent credit (700+ FICO) to be able to get approval for the mortgage financing.  This is why I have extensively taught my Aggressive Income Strategies throughout this entire year (to this point) because it has allowed my students to raise this cash to get involved in these deals.  But even I don't like using my own money for deals if I can help it.  And that's when the benefits of understanding the art of raising capital becomes extremely valuable.  For my students who think raising capital is hard, think again.  It's much easier than you think once you understand the simple steps behind it that are required.

#4.  Create or find a good management company to manage your out-of-state assets.  This is HOW you're able to invest anywhere.  You have somebody else doing it for you whether it's your own management company that you created or a management service.  Many of my newbie students freak out when I tell them to buy property out of state.  They're first questions are about looking at the properties and managing them.  Okay, so you will have to get on a plane here and there to look at and acquire your properties.  (Most escrow and closings can be done via FedEx.)  You'll want to look at, say, 12 to 15 properties at a time when you fly out until you quickly realize that, since this game is all about the cash flow, looking at properties becomes a complete waste of time.  (You have contractors and property inspectors who are professionals in their field look at these properties since, chances are, you are not an expert in state building codes in the state you will be acquiring properties nor are you an expert on determining if there is structural viability to the properties you are viewing...nor are you an expert in the neighborhoods in which the properties are located.  It takes a few trips to your farming area to realize that you really do have to rely on EXPERTS to do this work for you and that you looking at properties yourself really does nothing valuable in the process at all.)

#5.  Understand the reality on what it takes to get rich in cash flowing investments.  BUY AND HOLD FOREVER.  Yes, that's right.  Buy the property and hang onto it until you're 6 fee under and it doesn't matter to you anymore.  You only need a handful of small apartment buildings to get rich.  Between 5 and 10 properties is all you need to be set for life.  Rents typically will DOUBLE in most areas of the country every 15 to 18 years.  And by flowing more of your profits back into each property by paying down the principle of each mortgage, you'll be able to pay each property off within 10 years.  Imagine your cash flow in 15 years with doubled rents and no mortgage!  Exactly.  THIS is why you never let those properties go.  Not ever!

So...time to get to investing.  Starting now.  CLICK HERE.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Thursday, September 01 2016

I was shocked when I received an email from my investor partner (the one who is working directly with my students...for the first time ever) and he informed me that he agreed to do a loan for $960,000 on a property deal in California.  I wasn't sure what shocked me more.  That he actually held true to his promise of giving up to $1 million for a short-term 18-month loan or that this is the 6th loan he's done in the past 3 weeks for my students who are working directly with him.

For those of you who missed out on working with this investor partner, that sucks for you.  It really was a rare opportunity.


I'm allowing more students to participate with direct partnerships with him.  This is for those of you who will be personally trained by me in understanding EVERY element of cash flowing real estate...starting on September 22nd when the training will begin.

You see, this investor partner is doing more loans than partnership deals.  His reasoning is that most of the partnership deals coming through are being presented by students who "clearly have no idea as to what they're doing" (his exact words as per his email).  And being that I hadn't done any real estate mentorship groups at all this entire year (or for about a year, for that matter), I decided to take this opportunity to do an 8-week online mentorship group with 8 weekly 60- to 90-minute (each) webinar trainings to show you exactly what you need to know (from beginning to end) on finding, analyzing, and securing your first piece of cash flowing investment real estate.

If you didn't listen to my audio seminar yet on this special upcoming group, CLICK HERE NOW.

At the very end of this group, all participating students will be able to submit up to 3 deals within 30 days after the group ends.  The beauty of this entire thing is that each student in the group will fully understand exactly how to find and present these deals to him, dramatically increasing the odds of their deals being accepted from about, say roughly, 10% to 20% (without the training) to 80% or higher (I'm guessing, of course) because of the intense training behind them on how to get it done.

Reality is, investors want to work with people who they feel they can trust with a deal...someone who seems like they know what they're doing.  And if you're failing in one of the many components from presenting the numbers of the deal to looking professional then you're dead in the water, even if you have the greatest cash flowing deal since the crash of the market and getting something for pennies on the dollar.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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