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Friday, April 06 2018
All Good Things Must Come to an END!

I've been in Hawaii with my daughter Brie for the past 10 days and now I'm on my way back we speak.
I'm going to miss Hawaii but I'll be back next year.  (I usually go every Spring Break.)  All good things must come to an end but now it's time I roll my sleeves back up and go to work!
I don't know if you noticed but the opportunities are starting to flurry back into the market.  (I'm talking about real estate, in case you don't know what I'm talking about.)  And as you know, it starts as flurries (or mist, if you want the rain analogy) and then the blizzard will come in (or a full-on hurricane, if you'd prefer more of a tropical analogy instead).
I've been warning you folks for coming up on TWO YEARS NOW that this was going to happen.
It started with the "issues" surrounding the subprime credit market.  This time it was different.  Instead of affecting housing (at least in the beginning of this, anyway), it's more about subprime credit like unsecured credit cards, car loans, car leases, etc.  This began in the late summer of 2016...or at least that's when I picked up on it.
Fast forward to a year after that when it was reported that our commercial real estate prices were (and still is in some areas) 20% HIGHER than it was back in 2007...right before the crash in 2008. forward again to just about 2 months ago when we had 2 of the largest stock market DROPS in a single day...IN HISTORY.
It's what we call "inciting incidences" (as referred to in the creative writing world) like these that become the catalysts of further developments, usually not the "good" kind either.
Of course, they're good for me.  Anytime there is a full blown recession, I ALWAYS do much better financially than when the economy is doing well.  It's during these times that there are deals, opportunities, and people running around scared so much to the point where they're willing to give you the keys to the kingdom...for nothing more than a prayer and a song.
Instead of YOU fearing the worst in the months to come -- as it will become evident to everyone that things are going awry -- you need to learn how to EMBRACE IT...even WELCOME it since you're then preparing for OPPORTUNITIES GALORE that are about to come to you (and others best prepared for it).
And I'm about to show you how to do that.
CLICK HERE and I'll show you the very best way to not only prepare for the market devastation to come...but how to WILDLY PROFIT from it!!
Listen, YOU can make the decision in what you want to do, where you want to be, and how you want to handle the upcoming changes in the market. 
You can choose to be a victim or you can choose to profit. 
The decision is all yours.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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Wednesday, April 04 2018
If You WANT It...You GOTTA Go Out and GET IT!

I took this picture of this bird this morning while eating breakfast.  There was another bird -- much larger in size -- that just hopped on the table and started eating my daughter's breakfast.
I thought it was funny.
It kind of reminds me of how life is.  If you want something, you have to go get it.  As Zig Ziglar would say in the olden days in his sales training events:  "Timid sales people have skinny kids."
Same thing with every type of money-making endeavor out there whether you're investing, starting a business, etc.
Timid investors have skinny kids.
Timid business owners have skinny kids.
Timid ANYBODY has skinny kids.
You cannot be timid in the world of business.  You just have to go out there and grab life by the balls and get what you want.  There's no other way around it.
And if you offend a few?  Who cares?!
If some are put off by your brazen attitude?  Again...who cares?!  Because at the end of the day only YOU care if you're coming home to skinny kids.
And if you're FINALLY ready to get out there and make your mark in the REAL world of business, particularly that of getting a kick-ass monthly cash flow, CLICK HERE NOW!
Remember, life doesn't wait around waiting for you to get off your ass and go out there to get what you want.  Life will easily just give it up to somebody else.
Somebody else who wants it more.  And who wants to jump up there and get it before anybody else does.
CLICK HERE to see what I'm talking about!
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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Sunday, April 01 2018
Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Here is a picture of a cake that my Apprenticeship student Nichele J. sent to me.

I have some of the best students, don't I?

Have a great Easter, my friend!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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