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Friday, September 10 2021
Why We Should NOT Celebrate 9/11 Anymore

So...I know she hates when I do this but I have an Apprenticeship Group Student and a good friend by the name of Nichele Jackson.  Many of you have met her at various events I've done over the years and she'll also be attending Detroit next month.

The part that she hates is when I tell people that she's a 9/11 survivor.  Now, I'm not going to go into details about exactly what happened to her.  (You can buy her a drink at the bar when you see her in Detroit and she'll tell you all about it.)  But I can tell you that she is one of many who have gone through hell due to the physical, mental, and emotional stresses from that one day that has echoed through the past 20 years in the harshest ways imaginable.

But she's healed a lot over the years even though she does still house a lot of the PTSD in her soul somewhere.  Every day is a new day.  Every day is a moment for a new beginning.

I had a conversation about 9/11 with her a year or so ago.  I told her that I disagreed with the annual hoorah "rehashment" of the tragedy this country had to endure.  To heal means to move forgive and forget...and Nichele agreed with me.

Now, you might argue that we should hold big annual ceremonies to "never forget" the incident that happened 20 years ago.


Before you insist that this is the righteous thing to do, first ask yourself this:

If you were trying to heal from a traumatic rape, for example, would it be helpful if you had to revisit the incident blow-by-blow, remembering every detail, including holding annual ceremonies about the incident on the day it happened every single year?  Would that help your healing?  Would that make you feel better by doing this?

Or...would you just rather move past it?

Now, the other thing you need to ask yourself is...

Are you a survivor of 9/11? 

Because, if you aren't, then you don't have an opinion about forcing an annual commemorative against the wishes of those who have survived...and of those who wish to move on to brighter days ahead, leaving this sordid and unspeakable past behind.

People like Nichele and many, many others.

Nobody can heal if you keep stabbing the wound open over and over again with a sharp knife.

So, those are my thoughts about today and all the annual "hoopla" that surrounds 9/11.  While I honor those who have lost their lives on that fateful day, I can guarantee you that all of those people who have passed on are in a much better place than we are now.

I'd rather honor those who are still alive, those who are still struggling on a daily basis with PTSD -- not to mention the physical damage that has come from two collapsing buildings -- and helping to make their lives easier, better, and brighter.

The survivors.

Those who are still with us.

Why can't we honor them by NOT dredging up the pain of the past for yet another year?

Just my two cents.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Sunday, September 05 2021
Over and over again, my students have emailed me expressing concerns about is their level of experience and if investor partners will be interested in working with them when attending the Underground Secret Event in Detroit on October 22nd, 23rd, and 24th...the 24th being the day I'll be revealing the Multi-Million-Dollar Partnership Opportunity.
The answer: yes, they want to work with you.  If you are presenting an awesome cash flowing opportunity for them with a basic plan on how you're going to pull it off, they want in.  Period!
The basic "rule" though is that the property (or opportunity) will have to be local to some degree.  You can't realistically dream of capturing the interest of a prospective investor if you say, "Here's my Loopnet deal, I want 50% of it, and we are going to acquire this as partners yet I'll hire a management company since it's 3,000 miles away from where I live."
No, no, no!  This isn't how it works.
Instead, you're essentially saying, "Here's my deal, I want 30% of it for overseeing minor cosmetic rehab and lease-up, we are going to acquire this as partners, and since I'm fairly local to the property, I'll handle every aspect of this deal while you wildly profit!"
The other thing that my students don't seem to understand is that there is this huge wave of interested investor partners coming out of the "mass wealthy" pool.  These people are doctors, dentists, lawyers (yuck!), engineers, and other professionals who have lots of liquid assets but no clue on what to do with this money.
Yet they are all in the same boat.
Time is running out for them.  It's as simple as that.
These people can only continue working 40 to 70 hours per week for so long before they will realistically drop dead from exhaustion (or blowing their brains out to escape the rat race), they're all getting up there in age, and they are desperate for a real plan on maintaining their lavish lifestyle while cutting back (or eliminating) their work schedule!
And YOU are their plan.
I've had more "mass wealthy" invest in my deals just in the past several years than I've ever had in my investing career.
I had no "mass wealthy" invest with me 15 years ago.  I had 1 invest with me about 7 years ago.  Now 95% of the investor partners who invest with me on deals are part of this "mass wealthy" pool.
Interesting how quickly things change.
What's awesome about these people is that you don't need to twist their arm on the opportunity.  You don't need to convince them of having a high level of experience.  Just going through a course on real estate investing makes you much more qualified on the subject than they'll ever be!
This is quite the opposite, by the way, if you're trying to deal with professional investors (which has become very difficult to do these days because they micro-manage everything).
Remember, I've been warning everyone for a couple of years now that the window of opportunity is closing for getting your foot in the door on apartment building investing with little or no money down, owner financing, and by using creative financing methods.
During my Underground Secret Event, I'm offering you an opportunity to have your own Operation Money Magnet blueprint developed and up and running so that you can ring in the New Year of 2022 with a property under your belt!

This is going to be a powerful event.  You'll either be there...or your won't.
You decide whether gaining access to hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars in investor partner down payments for your deals is important...or not.
CLICK HERE NOW to get yourself enrolled.

Want to live-stream the event?  Register as Gold VIP and you can watch from the convenience of your living room for all 3 days.  You'll even get replays of the entire event!

See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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Wednesday, September 01 2021

My daughter asked me a strange question this morning.  She asked, "What are 5 jobs you would never want to do?"

I thought about it for a second then started rattling things off like:

* Being a janitor or maid
* Being the person who sucks all the crap out of those Porta-Potty
* Being a garbage collector or having to do with waste management of any kind
* Working for a sewage company doing...anything
* Being a nurse, doctor, or anything dealing with blood and dying people

Those were my top five.  There were more -- many more -- once I got the ball rolling like being in construction, working in accounting, driving a taxi or Lyft, etc.

What jobs would you never want to do?

What this allowed me to do was give me a deep sense of gratitude that I've been able to write my own checks in life.  I've always been very good at making money through having streamlined "money funnel" businesses and through my investing.

Of course, this has all been by design.  It's no accident that I've been able to carve such an amazing life for myself.

It also made me realize that I'm really not much smarter than most people.  I just have a low tolerance in dealing with the things that I distain.  I won't work jobs or businesses I hate.  I won't deal with employees or offices I can't stand to be in.  I won't deal with pissy customers/clients.  And instead of dealing with things and people I dislike, I hone in on the things and people I do like.  Very simple.

If you have a life you don't like or your in a job/profession that sucks, change it already.  Stop blaming everybody else.  YOU are the one to blame if you're doing things you don't want to do or dealing with people you can't stand.  Yeah, that sucks to hear it.  Hard pill to swallow sometimes but there's good news in it.  It means that since YOU are to blame, YOU can easily turn it around.  You can completely turn your financial life around in a super short period of time just by understanding a business secret and doing a "quick implementation" of it.

So...what IS it?  What is this "business secret" and how can you have a "quick implementation" of it?

I'll be revealing this in my upcoming Underground Secret Event in Detroit on October 22nd, 23rd, and 24th.

Now, to be 100% transparent, the majority of what I'll be talking about in this Underground Secret Event has to do with real estate investing, especially since this fall will mark the beginning of the real estate market "cracking" at the seams because of the expiration of unemployment benefits and foreclosure/eviction moratoriums.

And I'll show you how to profit in a big way while everything is going to hell in a handbasket.

But...on the first day of this event (on Friday, October 22nd), I'll be talking about an Aggressive Income Cash Flow Opportunity Bonanza that will knock your socks off!

This will be so incredible, amazing, and mind-blowing, you'll have to hold your head so your brains don't explode!  (And, no, this is NOT something I've ever revealed before and, YES, it's worth a cool $20,000 MINIMUM per month in net profits.)

This event will be OFF THE HOOK.  But best of all, everything I will be showing you over 3 days will allow YOU to be in control of your financial future.  How awesome is THAT??

CLICK HERE to enroll now!  I have some very special bonuses including my "black envelope."  This includes ALL of my most powerful cash resources, investor partners, loan programs and everything you'll need to operate a highly profitable real estate or other entrepreneurial enterprise.

This deal ends soon.  CLICK HERE NOW!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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