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Wednesday, November 21 2012
Final Piece of the Puzzle to Change Your Life!
You stuck with me through the journey so far.  Congrats to that!
Now, we have a final part of this journey for me to reveal to you.
(By the way, if you missed any piece of the journey or want all of it in once simple report, go to and get all of it in one simple easy-to-read PDF document.)
Let's go back to the very beginning when I spoke about moving energy.  If you want to begin changing things, moving energy comes in many forms.  We talked about cleaning and organizing, which is the first you should do.
When setting up your work environment, use a lot of light.  Have music.  Use fragrances.  Have a fountain or fish tank.  This moves all the energy while you're working on your action plan.
In the morning and at night when you are doing your gratitude exercises, you'll need to add something to it now.  Once you have your action plan and you start moving on the track of the plan, begin adding this into your gratitude exercise.  Pretend as if you have already achieved your goal or you know you are about to.  Be grateful for what has come (as if it's already happened) or be grateful for what's about to come (if you can't pretend it's happened already).  Feel excited about it.
If you start to experience doubt, let go and quickly shift gears into thinking about other things you are grateful for even if it's your child's beautiful smile or a joke someone told you the other day.
This can also become more powerful if, while feeling grateful and getting that "warm and fuzzy happy feeling" that you let it become a visualization fantasy and allow yourself some visual pictures of the things and situations to come with your goal or action plan.  Visualization is not for everyone.  If you have a hard time visualizing or find that you become negative and doubtful in these types of sessions then don't add this into your daily ritual.
Whenever you are talking to people in your journey to reach your goal, thank them for their time and their efforts in helping you.  Be very genuine in how you speak to them when you express this gratefulness to them.
When you are given something small, really feel the thankfulness and express it openly.
Make gratitude a moment-to-moment thing you embrace in your life and you'll notice all kinds of doors opening for you instantly.  The waters of life will quickly begin parting for you.
Now...I cheated because I do have one more piece of the puzzle but this is only for those of you who are serious about all this I've been teaching you for the past several days.  And no, this isn't some course or anything to buy from me.  There really is one more thing I want to tell those of you who are serious and it's in my magic report that you can get without paying me a cent for it.  You just have to tell me you want it by going to and you can get this report instantly via email.
This is one final thing you can use to implement into all of these secrets I've been sharing to put you over the top with everything.
And it's in the report you can get at
(I promise.)
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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