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Sunday, May 27 2018

I have a lot of you asking me about WHICH DEAL to take advantage of.

And the answer is REALLY SIMPLE, folks.  Which do you want RIGHT NOW?  Aggressive income or passive income?

Whichever the answer is determines WHICH DEAL to go for that I have going on right now.

For Aggressive Income, CLICK HERE.

For Passive Income, CLICK HERE.

Realistically you could do both but I don't recommend you do both right now.  You need to pick ONE right now.

Listen, this year is already slipping by.  Many of you haven't really gotten STARTED on anything let alone really rolling in the profits on any of your intended projects.

Time to change all that now.  Like RIGHT NOW.

CLICK HERE for Aggressive Income.

CLICK HERE for Passive Income.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Friday, May 25 2018

I decided to do something a little unconventional for my Memorial Day Blow Out Deal.

And that is to give you a LIST of my investors.

Yes, you read that correctly.  A LIST!!!  And on this list are investors who you can contact directly (because I give you their DIRECT contact information). 

Now a quick IMPORTANT NOTE about this investor list:

1)  You MUST have a deal to present to them.  This is NOT some deal where you pick up the phone to call them to "shoot the breeze" with them or waste their time in ANY way.

2)  These investors can offer down payment funding (for interest) OR a partnership (where they get an equity and cash flow stake in the property).  But you MUST present only ONE or the OTHER...NOT both in one deal.

3)  Your first line of contact needs to be via letter.  NOT a phone call, NOT email but a letter IN THE MAIL.  This is what they want to see.

The good news is that not only will you get a list of these investors but you'll also get 2 letter templates to use for your deals.  All you have to do is fill in the blanks with your information, print it out, mail it out and you're done!  You'll have these investors contact you DIRECTLY after they receive and review your deal.

To get more details on EXACTLY what I'm talking about, CLICK HERE!

Remember, I'm only offering this exclusive list for a VERY SHORT TIME because I don't want a lot of you to have it.  This is meant for only a few of you who really want to work directly with serious investors who are looking to do partnerships and to offer money (for interest) for your down payments.

Please note that these investors are NOT looking for bird-dog deals.  These guys and gals actually DO NOT invest in property this would be different than a bird-dog investor list.  This is a list of investors who will FUND and PARTNER in on deals.

CLICK HERE to check it out.

This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER and once it goes away, it's over for good.  You'll never be able to get this list ever again after this deal is over.


See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  If you want some Aggressive Income on STEROIDS then you need to CLICK HERE and take me up on my Mother's Day Promo which is still going on (until June 1st).  CLICK HERE for that deal now!

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Tuesday, May 22 2018

For any of you who might argue that there really isn't a "recipe" for success, think again.  There IS a recipe.

Even my seminar video guy (who you've definitely seen if you've attended ANY of my seminars and workshops since March 2010) decided to take this exact RECIPE and turn it into a $20,000 per month business.  (He talks about it in this video testimonial he shot for me last year that you can take a look at by CLICKING HERE.)

So, what's the recipe?  And what EXACTLY is this recipe for?

Well, I'd like to call it more of a "blueprint" than a recipe.  After all, I can't cook worth a darn and I'm used to working with blueprints on the many rehab and construction projects I've worked on over the past 2 decades.

Recipe, blueprint...WHATEVER you want to call it, I have it for something that I like to call a KTB which is short for a "kitchen table business."

This is NOTHING to sneeze at.  I've actually made MORE from my KTBs than when I took my business into an office/warehouse, hired a bunch of employees, did everything the way I thought I was "supposed to" (according to the business world) and yet found that the vast majority of my profits would begin to EVAPORATE because of all the overhead and expenses.

And that SUCKS when that happens.

So, I tell my students this secret:  "Work your business from your home for as long as humanly possible, outsourcing everything, and keeping ALL of the profits to yourself."

I even recently heeded my own advice by doing just that.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I closed down my office on February 28th of this year and started outsourcing EVERYTHING.

And keeping all the profits to myself.

Just like I showed my video guy -- Jesse J. -- and everyone who has attended what I like to call my "Aggressive Income Business" workshops and seminars, there IS a step-by-step method in creating a KTB.

Even better, you can CLONE MY EXACT KTB without starting anything up from scratch (which is somewhat difficult to do).

What am I talking about?

CLICK HERE and I'll show you EXACTLY what I'm talking about.  This IS the formula to clear a MINIMUM of $20,000 in NET PROFITS each and every month...LIKE CLOCKWORK!

CLICK HERE and I'll show you how it's done!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Friday, May 11 2018

It's not anything new if I tell you that you need money to make money.  We all know that by now, right?

But it's not just MONEY that you need.  It's CREDIT.  Money is limited to what you have in your pockets and in your bank account.  But CREDIT is where all the LEVERAGE is at! may only have a few hundred bucks in your checking account but if you have a really good credit score, you can access HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS...

Within 7 to 10 days, to be exact.

And I have the guy who can get you this money...with NO income verification, NO employment verification, NO collateral, NO upfront fees, and NO application fees.

But you have to have good credit to get the MAXIMUM dollar amount he's offering in UNSECURED credit.

So, the GOOD NEWS is this:  If you don't have good credit, you can get it.  AND FAST!

In fact, I have a way of boosting your FICO score by up to 200 points in 90 days or less.

CLICK HERE to find out EXACTLY how it's done...including my SECRET STRATEGY!

By the way, this opportunity ENDS 5pm Pacific Time to be exact.


You cannot afford to wait another moment!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Wednesday, May 09 2018

Last weekend I had my 2-day meeting with my Apprenticeship Group where I had my UNSECURED $200,000 Money Guy talk about the requirements to get the unsecured loan for up to $200,000.

That's when I discovered that he has TWO loans, the first is actually up to $250,000 (for really good credit) and is, of course, UNSECURED.  But then he said that anyone can get a SECOND line of credit for up to $150,000.

That makes it $400,000 in UNSECURED CREDIT that someone can qualify for to use for anything, including (and especially) down payment money for real estate investing!

These loans require NO collateral, NO income verification, NO employment verification, NO upfront fees, and NO application fees.

But you have to have a mid-FICO of 680.  They can go as low as 650 (on a case-by-case basis) and if you have a military affiliation...they can go as low as 600.

But, of course, not everyone HAS the base-bottom required mid-FICO.


What if I told you that you can BOOST your FICO score up to 200 POINTS in the next 90 days or less?


If you don't have this awesome VERY hard-to-find resource like my Money Guy then I can give THAT to you too!

CLICK HERE and find out all about it.

This opportunity goes away on Friday.  That's in 2 days.

I'm also throwing in a RARE 2-day Credit Workshop Event on video that cost my students $4,000 a pop...and I'll give that to you as a bonus.  This is a bonus that I've NEVER offered before.

CLICK HERE to find out how to get all this stuff...for a super low price that will BLOW YOUR MIND!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  My Inner Success Retreat in Santa Barbara, California is on September 28th, 29th and 30th.  My early-bird pricing deal is ENDING SOON and I have a STRICT CAP on the amount of people who can show up.  It's only for 35 total students who want to attend.  CLICK HERE for more details on this first-ever Total Breakthrough and Transformation Event that will NOT be video or audio recorded.

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Tuesday, May 08 2018

Have you had the chance to listen to my newest audio seminar yet?


This is what is going to "set the stage" for your success from now to the end of the year...IF you want to start acquiring cash flowing properties, that is!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Monday, May 07 2018

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.  You've heard that before, right?

You know why, for sure.

It's because the rich have access to OPM or Other People's Money at the snap of a finger.

And the poor, well...they do not.

THAT is the main key difference.

Of course, there are other differences.  How the poor THINK and FEEL about money is one difference.  How the poor MANAGES money is another difference.  HABITS...that's another difference.

Education.  That's a HUGE difference.

And it's EDUCATION IN MONEY that I'm talking about.

One of the biggest factors is how economics works, how credit works, and how money fluctuates and flows through the world at large.

And why only a handful of the "elite" get to hold the vast majority of the wealth while everybody else is graced with nothing but peanuts...just enough to make them think they're "making it" when all the while it's just stringing them along for basic survival.  And nothing more.

If you want MORE and you're tired of living the pauper's life because you simply don't know better, time to make some changes.

Like NOW.

Because nothing will ever change for you by doing the same things over and over again while expecting a different result.  (That's the definition of insanity, they say.)

CLICK HERE to find out the VERY FIRST THING everybody should do when setting out to build massive wealth for themselves.  And if you DON'T do this, you'll NEVER get anywhere.  Not only will you never be wealthy but basic functional living will also be extremely difficult for you.

CLICK HERE to find out what I'm talking about.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Friday, May 04 2018

Did you have a chance to listen to my brief audio seminar yet?

If not, CLICK HERE right now.

What I'm about to tell you is how to increase your personal mid-FICO score by boosting it 200 points or more in the next 90 days or less!

I don't need to be the one to tell you that you need good credit to start a business and run a business.  They say that the vast majority of businesses that go under do so because they are UNDER-CAPITALIZED.  I don't want that to be you.

I also don't need to tell you that you need good credit to buy investment real estate, especially if you want the lowest interest-rate fixed loans with the highest LTV a lender can offer to you.

Again, that pesky CREDIT requirement keeps coming up time and time again.

So, if you're mid-FICO isn't well over the 700-mark...why isn't it yet?


Time to break out of that now.

CLICK HERE and I'll show you EXACTLY HOW!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Friday, May 04 2018

There IS a reason that the rich get richer while the poor get poorer.

The reason?


Now, I'm not talking about being able to go to Harvard or making connections by rubbing elbows with the rich.  Yes, that helps...but that's not what I'm talking about here.

Education...meaning they KNOW what to do to "work the system" to make it work for them.  To help them build massive wealth.

The poor...well, they don't know any of this.  In fact, it was Rockefeller who developed the school system, purposely doing it in such a way to make the "commoner" stupid.  The system was developed to ensure that you are "trained" to show up everyday at a certain time, to eat lunch at precisely a certain time for a certain number of (short) minutes, and to do mindless busy work.

Rockefeller was a genius...for the RICH, that is.  Because he developed this school system to keep everyone stupid and compliant so that they can all work in rich people's manufacturing plants, farming fields, and the like -- all this to keep making them RICH while keeping the poor ALWAYS POOR.

And it worked!  In fact, it's STILL working in Rockefeller's favor and he's long dead!  It's working for his wealthy (living) distant relatives who are STILL benefiting from this "rigged" set-up.

Going even further down the rabbit hole, did you notice that the school system NEVER introduces any real-world finances at ANY stage in the school system?  They don't teach you about credit, getting loans, or balancing a checkbook  None of that is taught.  So it's no wonder that kids who graduate high school and go into college, they are drawn to the first credit card booth that is put on the college campus (and banks DO do this, you know), they apply and GET their first credit card...and they don't know what to do with it!  They don't understand payment cycles, compounded interest, NONE of it!

It's no wonder everybody goes into debt so early on in their 20s.  It's because nobody taught them about debt.  (This was intentional, by the way, to keep people stupid, in the dark, and CONTROLLED by the system through massive heavy debt.)

I remember being in high school and the unruly trouble-maker loser kids who couldn't sustain marginal barely-passing grades in Algebra were thrown in the "Business Math" class.  Some of the kids would tell me about what they taught in there.  Believe it or not, they actually taught kids how to balance a checkbook, how to create a personal budget, and how the credit system works!

I was flabbergasted!!  I wanted to be in that class!  But when I asked my school counselor about getting into the Business Math class, I was told that my grades were TOO GOOD to be in the class (because it was designed only for the stupid kids, for some reason...still makes no sense to me why this was).

Thinking back, I'm wondering if the "system" believed that the unruly trouble-makers couldn't be "conformed" to the "system" that the wealthy devised for the commoner so they said, "What the hell?  Give them SOME tools in the real world to make it since they won't work in our factories.  We'll just keep those tools away from the compliant ones because we need them to run our stores, factories, businesses, and the like!"

Reality is, you were NEVER GIVEN any of these real-world business tools when you were growing up.  And it was designed ON PURPOSE this way.  Yes, it was.  And you were RAILROADED!

But it's time to change that.

Starting with your personal credit rating.  Because this is where it ALL begins.  With your personal credit.  This is how you begin to build your cornerstone "base" from with which wealth will be able to grow.  As long as the base is set up correctly, it'll be such a solid foundation for you that it will continue to help you build wealth for decades to come.

But how?

Glad you asked!

Because with this excellent personal credit rating, you'll be able to access OPM or Other People's Money...just like the rich do.  In fact, the vast majority of the time, they use NONE of their own money to acquire assets.  They rely heavily on OPM.  And because they know how to get it, they are graced with wealth beyond their wildest dreams because they UNDERSTAND HOW THE SYSTEM WORKS the way it was designed...since it was designed only for them.

But you can tap into this same power of OPM.  Yes, you can!

A couple of months ago I did an introductory offer on my 2018 Build Business Credit FAST! System and we sold out THREE TIMES...that's how popular that system is.

But for some of you, you realize that in order to unlock the full potential of this unsecured business credit, you MUST start with a decent personal FICO score otherwise you'll find that you'll be spinning your wheels for longer than you need to, getting frustrated in the process and potentially giving up.

And I don't want that to happen.

I have a VIPER FAST WAY to boost up that personal FICO score...up over 700 and ideally up over 720 to be able to unlock the full potential of OPM.

If you haven't started working on fixing and rebuilding your personal credit, you MUST start now.  It only takes a few months and upwards of a year (if your credit is really a mess).

Think about it.  In a year from now, you'll still be a year older.  You can choose to celebrate your next birthday in the SAME credit situation you're in now OR with an excellent credit score as being someone who is tapping into OPM for wealth-building.

The choice is yours!

CLICK HERE and I can show you exactly how to quickly bolster up that personal credit score ASAP so you can start getting rich like the wealthy while forever leaving behind the "rigged system" that was intentionally created for you to be a struggling poor commoner with no access to wealth.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Tuesday, May 01 2018

Recently I had a guy from two decades ago -- a guy who was a "bad apple" ex-business partner -- contact me through Facebook.  This guy was bad news, although I didn't know it at the time.  I was barely 20-something when I met him and he seemed pretty kosher.

Except that he wasn't.  He was a legal battle waiting to happen and, as it turned out, he actually became exactly that!

So, needless to say, after our business partnership went south, I never saw him again.  This was back in the 1990s.  So, yes, it's been a REALLY long time.

I thought it was pretty freaking BALLSY of him to contact me via Facebook in light of everything he and his bad dealings had put me through back then.

But...what the hell?!  Water under the bridge, right?  (That's what they say, don't they?)  Just keep a VERY LONG arm-length's distance, is my methodology in instances like this.  Never see the guy, never talk to the guy...just see what he's up to through Facebook.  Keep it at that.

He immediately began to tell me how his life hasn't changed much since back then and went on to describe his life as being "impoverished."

Impoverished?  Well, I'll be damned.  Karma really does work!

But it wasn't so much "karma" for doing bad misdeeds (to me and many others) back then (although I'm sure it was PART of the equation in his being "impoverished")...

It was his BAD HABITS that he NEVER changed.

You see, he always had a bad credit score, never paid his bills, never paid off past (or current) debts...NO MATTER HOW MUCH MONEY HE MADE.  Yes, you read that correctly.  He made money -- and lots of it -- back then but he NEVER paid his bills!

I never understood that mentality!  I was always very good about paying everything, and EARLY on top of that!  But to vindictively not pay bills just don't want to pay them?  Who THINKS like that?

Evidently HE does, that's who.  (Hopefully you don't think that way!)

So...all these years later, you can compare both of us.  Me...and him.  And it comes down to one thing:  FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.

I'm rich.  He's not.  Not by a LONG SHOT.

And there's one MAJOR element as to why.  FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.

I have GREAT personal credit; he STILL has crappy credit (and he's worked pretty hard to keep it this way for 20 years)!

I'm able to use OPM or Other People's Money to gain wealth.  He's not because...well, he chooses to never pay his bills or debts.

Therefore, I am wealthy; he is impoverished.

All because he has BAD CREDIT (and chooses to keep it that way)!

Yes, it pretty much comes down to that ONE THING that separates me and him.  We know the same sales and marketing skills.  We're both good at sales.  We both know real estate.

But I have money.  He DOESN'T have money.

And it's because of the BAD HABIT of his not fixing and rebuilding his credit.

Think about it:  20 years went by and he could have refurbished his credit profile FROM SCRATCH 2 times over had he filed for bankruptcy twice.  (As far as I know he didn't file for bankruptcy but he could have and STILL been able to have an 800+ FICO score by now!)

So, what does all this mean?  It means that what can separate two people with the same knowledge and set of skills comes down to one reoccurring theme and issue all the time:  CREDIT!

Credit, credit, CREDIT!  That's all it seems to come back to, right?  And there's a reason for that.  It's because our entire economy is run on credit.  So, if you don't have it together, I STRONGLY suggest that you do.  RIGHT NOW, actually!  Because otherwise you'll just keep missing opportunity after opportunity and, maybe eventually, you'll be saying that your own financial conditions are that of "impoverished" if you keep on this road of not cleaning up your credit situation.

If you do not have a mid-FICO in the 700s then you need to do something about your personal credit situation.  NOW!

And I have a way for you to do that.  But you must CLICK HERE NOW and I'll tell you all about it.

Nothing changes -- decades later even -- if you don't make necessary changes NOW.  That's just how the ball bounces.  The change begins with YOU.

And the good news is that I'm making it REALLY easy to make this happen.  CLICK HERE and I'll explain everything to you!

As far as my ex-business partner for 20 years ago, I ended up blocking him permanently from Facebook.  As they say, God sweeps people out of your life for a reason.  Why invite trouble back in, right?

But at least I know he got what he deserved.  ;-)

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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