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Monday, June 15 2020

What a lot of people don't realize (because they are short-sighted employees) is that the economy is like an airliner jet that just lost its jet engines.

It's coasting...

And it's about to crash.

Think about it:  How long do you honestly think the US Government and each individual state will be able to shell out cash to people on unemployment?  Forever?  If you're thinking like that, think again!

The state and federal governments do not have cash to give you forever in the form of unemployment, stimulus checks or other funds.  In fact, you'll be lucky to still have money coming in by the end of the summer at this rate because the system that we have in place for all of these funds is not sustainable!

If you're one of these people -- coasting along on government funds -- the gravy train will crash!  I'm here to warn you of the reality of how things work in the real world of money and finance.

Even worse, that job that you had before has at least a 50/50 chance of not being there when it's time for you to go back to work.

You see, here's the part that most employees don't consider or think of: What businesses are going through.  Us business owners...we're not getting money from the government.  Most of us aren't getting PPP or economic injury loans.  Almost none of us are getting any stimulus money or financial aid from the government.

So...putting 2 and 2 together, Sherlock, how do you think most of us businesses will survive with no money and no aid?


You're 100% correct.  Most businesses will not survive this pandemic...or scam-demic.  Because most businesses are getting no financial support, loans, or stimulus!  That means, nada!  Nothing!

As the bearer of bad news, I'm here to tell you that the likelihood that your company will still be around or to be able to offer you the position you had is slim.  Yes, that's right.  It's slim.  (Sorry to be so negative!)

But the good news is this...

Right now you have a choice.  You can either live in La-La Land -- thinking your government aid will come in forever until you die -- or you can realize that we have something called the "real world" and do something about your future...before it's too late!

I have something pretty amazing for you...something I've never done before!

Here goes...

1)  I have the brand new 100K in 100 Days for 2020 in my warehouse.  

2)  I just got the brand spanking new 100K in 100 Days Workbook (that didn't exist before now) and it shows you how to set up a profitable online business step by step in a way I've never shown my students before including accompanying training videos.

3)  I'm also including a training on how my student -- Greg -- makes $90,000 per month online...without his own website!

All this is at my website that you can access by CLICKING HERE.

Now, you must get the upgrade on the order page to get all of the above.  Otherwise you'll just end up with the book without the workbook and other important training and accompanying materials.  So, be sure to upgrade to get all of it!

Listen, these are trying times.  Maybe now is the best time -- this summer, while things seem to be "okay" (before the sh** hits the fan) -- to start building that business you've been talking about for too many years.  So, when fall hits, you won't be someone without a pot to piss in because you'll already have started and began profiting from your highly profitable online business.

Then...if your boss does (by some miracle) ask you to come back to work, you can tell him to shove that job where the sun doesn't shine.

CLICK HERE NOW to get the package.  It's really cheap.  In fact, it's so'll wonder if I've completely lost my mind!


See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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