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Sunday, January 22 2017

This is going to seem weird to you -- or maybe a tad unconventional -- but hear me out for a minute.

Here in California we're getting hit pretty hard with rain.  It's something we've needed for many years now, as we've been in a drought for more years than I can count.  I find myself fixated on just watching the rain while letting my thoughts just go.  This is a form of meditation but it's powerful because you're not forcing yourself to sit in one place and forget about everything you're thinking about.  Instead when watching the rain, you get sucked into the beauty of nature while just automatically letting your thoughts go.

I've been doing this now for a few days and some of the powerful thoughts that have been coming back to me without any prompting or forcing have been nothing short of amazing.  If you've been on a bad life track for awhile, doing MORE is NOT what you should be doing.  Instead you may want to consider doing less, at least for a few days, just to ponder on where you're going and where you'd like to be.  Even thinking about nothing can be incredibly powerful for your soul.

Rain represents a cleansing and purity.  Just listening to it is calming and almost magical in quality.  And if you let it, it can offer you "whispers" on what you need to do for the next phase in your life.  You don't have to force answers.  You don't even have to ask any questions.  But you can ponder on what's going on in your life and see what "whispers" come as a result of those thoughts and feelings you're putting out there.

I've been training students for many, many years on different investment and entrepreneurial subjects.  The hardest part of my training comes in when people enter my world in a state of confusion with a lack of focus to boot.  They beg me to tell them what they should be doing or which money-making strategy they should taking on for themselves.  And I can't answer that question.  Sometimes (if I feel like it) I'll go through a series of questions with them just to find that "needle in the haystack" in their brain on which direction they should be going into based on what I establish their truly interested in.

Of course, I cannot do this with thousands upon thousands of students that I have so I can tell you how you can do that for yourself.  You can ask questions and "listen" for answers from the higher forces.  And watching the rain or the snow while quieting the mind is an excellent way to get the answers you are seeking about any area of your life.

This is where we start.  We're in a new year now.  New things are happening.  Old things are falling away.  Not only is it time to ponder a deeper meaning to your life but also to start getting answers on how to get to where you want to go.  Try staring at the rain in quietude and see how nature responds to you.  You may be surprised at the level of profound thoughts and answers about your next steps in life that you'll receive back, especially about things that have been troubling you lately.

Part of what I do as a teacher and trainer is provide as many different entrepreneurial cash flow outlets as possible based on my direct experiences in the business world to then pass these secret strategies onto you.  But please be warned: NOT EVERY business strategy is for you...nor should you be trying to do everything I throw your way.  You should see which things make you feel that "pull" toward it vs. things that you naturally feel repelled against.  It's time to start paying attention to these things otherwise you'll find that you're quickly derailed into some other direction then trying to get back on track years from now.  What a waste of time and good years putting yourself through that.

So, I have something else for you to consider but you have to CLICK HERE to listen to a short audio seminar.  Again, this is NOT for everybody.  You know on a deeper level if this is for you...or not.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Friday, January 20 2017

I sent out a blast about Trump a couple of weeks ago and was kind of irritated with the idiot folks who decided to email me back a 10-page tirade about either hating or loving Trump.

And I don't care -- either way -- what you think or don't think about it.

MY job is, and ALWAYS will be, to help you line up with the BEST POSSIBLE opportunities based on what we can expect to happen with the economy.

But back to some of the rude and disrespectful emails that I received for a minute, I have to say that it takes a very BORED and UNPRODUCTIVE individual to send paragraph upon paragraph of useless opinions about the life and times of current American politics to ANYONE...ESPECIALLY ME.  Consider all that wasted time and anger that goes into something like that. Again, what a waste of time and energy!

Finally, I'd like to say for all of the pro-Trumper/pro-Hillary don't have a crystal ball.  None of you know how bad/good it's going to be.  And if you DO have that crystal ball, spend some time drumming up tonight's Mega Millions numbers instead of pretending like you know what the next 4 years will or won't look like.  And while you're at it, stop sending me emails telling me what you think will happen in the next half decade because you don't know.  You have no freaking clue.  We may have a complete and total nuclear holocaust...taking us all out in the next 7 months.  Who really knows?  Nobody, that's who.

For those of you who are educated and have a strong common sense and logic base for business and investing, you already know where to get your "future predictor" numbers for how our current and future economy will look like.  You, like me, already know that we're sitting on top of a recession.  You already have seen the signs of the economy going into that downward spiral, already starting that slow swirl like water going down a drain.  And, again, this has NOTHING to do with the political situation but more so about TRENDS. After all, our last recession on the books started in 2008.  Here 9 years later we're starting another one.  Consider yourselves damn lucky that it took this long to get here since many recessions jump on us every 6 to 8 years on the LONG side...many times within shorter time frames.

So...again, SMART people focus on the trends, facts, and information to solely concentrate on how to best situate themselves economically and financially.  Everybody else loses focus as they get sucked into the emotional trauma of chaos at hand and this is how you get in financial trouble...and fast.  DON'T be like that.  DO NOT be like your average Joe Blow commoner who allows emotions to dictate how he feels and what he then does as a result of his emotional whirlwind that he ultimately becomes a victim of.

Now, here's the part that you may not be ready for...that you MUST get prepared for.  You see, I made the bulk of my money in real estate in the past 10 years between years 2008 and 2011.  Yes, you read that correctly.  During the WORST economic period in our recent history is when I made the most money.  And why did it happen this way?  Because I was prepared.  I knew what to do.  I knew what to look for.  I knew HOW to acquire boatloads of properties for the lowest possible prices that we'll ever see in our lifetime because I was ready.  And I had my financial resources lined up ready to go as well.

Most people (and I'm referring to those "commoners" again) will wait until we're in the thick of things before deciding to get off their ass to get involved in something that they're seeing is profitable for everyone else.  Except it's almost always too late by the time they get involved in anything.  And even if they happen to get in at the tail-end of the opportunity, they usually have no clue as to what they're doing and they're certainly way under-funded to even try to get involved in any deals.  This is what happens when they remain unprepared.  They end up losing out each and every time.

I want to make sure that YOU don't lose out, especially on the windfall of real estate opportunity that is COMING...and coming up FAST!  CLICK HERE or go to where I show you EXACTLY how you're going to make a killing in this upcoming market!

Remember, YOU decide what happens to YOU in the next 4 years...unless you decide that somebody else should have that power.  It's your choice either way.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  We still have room for Gold VIP at the Detroit Underground Secret Event for Real Estate Investing on February 23rd - 25th.  CLICK HERE to get in NOW!


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Wednesday, January 18 2017
Money Doesn't Buy Happiness...But It Fucking Helps!
I bought a 2017 BMW 750i (M7) to myself because I broke some major ground in my life recently between ditching all the scumbags to finishing graduate school to finally feeling like I screwed my head on straight.  This all, of course, allows me to deserve a car worth well over $100,000 because I realized that I MUST treat myself special.  If I don't, nobody else will.
Some people might criticize me.  Those would be the jealous folks who are stuck on a miserable endless treadmill of life who have fed themselves the belief that they'll never have the good things in life.  While I agree that money can't buy happiness, it really does help.  And I'd rather be rich and miserable than broke and miserable any day, any time.
And not for the reasons you think.  It's not about drowning myself in endless shopping expeditions when I'm feeling unhappy or blue.  It's mostly about reminding myself that I deserve the best AND what helps give me the best is my reliance on pretty much the only thing I can depend on in my life that will never let me down: business & investing.
That's right.  As long as I keep putting in the effort by keeping my very basic business and investing systems going, they ALWAYS produce for me clockwork.  Unlike people, relationships, and other drastically varying unstable variables, business and investing will ALWAYS produce consistently and profitably IF you understand the methodologies behind this success; of course IMPLEMENTATION is, by far, the most important key in all of this.
I learned something very important that I'll be divulging at my Detroit Underground Secret Event for Real Estate Cash Flow (February 23-25) which, if you haven't signed up for, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you do because it will be my ONLY real estate event this year.  (CLICK HERE for more details.)  I'll also have my investor partner there to meet some of you after hours during cocktail hour.  (This is literally a ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME opportunity that will NEVER be repeated!)
But...since I'm not going to reveal it here, I'll just briefly tell you the context of it: discovering new things through education is ESSENTIAL to become successful in anything.  You CANNOT and SHOULD NOT bumble your way into something WITHOUT the proper knowledge and education otherwise you'll fail and fail and fail...and FAIL until you finally give up for good.
Why is this?
Because psychologically you're screwing yourself if you start going about a new venture or project wrong.  And by wrong, I mean just going for it WITHOUT the adequate preparation, understanding of the methods to use, and executable PLAN.
So, what happens when you do this is that you go for it, like doing a base jump off a building without a parachute?  And we all know how that ends.  SPLAT!
We have a huge upcoming opportunity in the real estate market. And for the first time ever I "sliced" my Apartment Riches 2017 course to show my students what opportunities are good for hot markets AND what opportunities are good in "downer" markets (like the one coming up soon).
Here's what's going on right now:
We have commercial real estate prices that are approximately 20% HIGHER than they were in 2007...right before the 2008 market crash.  So...guess what, folks?  We're coming up on the next crash.  We're sitting right on top of it now.  And we're in this strange "in between" period where it's the calm before the storm.
I don't care how optimistic some of you are, especially when we have a new president sworn in on Friday.  Only a complete idiot thinks that the real estate and economy keeps going up and up and up without ever hesitating, dropping, or spiraling down at some point.  (This would be the same type of idiot that has never read a history book or studied economic cycles.)
So...what's happening now?
You have to be READY for what's coming up.  No, you're not going to jump right in and start investing tomorrow.  That would make you a complete and total fool.  
But what you WILL be doing -- especially for those who NEED and WANT to become equipped and fully educated in WHAT to do to profit in cash flowing investment real estate -- is COMPLETELY PREPPING for what's coming up.
This includes...
Learning exactly WHAT to do including choosing the RIGHT MARKET to start laying your groundwork in.  This also includes understanding the business in its entirety from front to back, back to front...especially when it comes to management and your exit strategies.
Connecting with lenders, brokers, money sources, and private money...lining them all up in a row so that when you're ready to pull the trigger, you have PLENTY OF MONEY to start swooping up on everything that starts hitting the market.
And then when the market comes crashing down -- and it's COMING, folks! -- then you get to come in with all of your knowledge and resources to pick up deal after deal after deal for a FRACTION of what people think they can sell their properties for now.  And a lot of what you'll be able to get will be another huge windfall of foreclosures, mainly from all the dummies buying property now at the market peak who will be under water in the next handful of short months.
With that said, I upgraded the Apartment Riches System for 2017 which INCLUDES a BONUS set of extremely valuable money resources that is ONLY available to those of you who get this course upgrade right now.  These resources will NOT be available to anyone who gets Apartment Riches 2017 later on.
CLICK HERE to listen to a quick audio seminar that talks about Apartment Riches 2017 and why this upgrade is REQUIRED if you plan on investing in cash flowing apartment real estate between now and through next year.
If you want to do really well in 2017 and 2018...guess what?  You have to ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVES and freaking DO IT already! Nobody is going to do it for you.  No one!
I was reading something the other day about so many people (usually "wannabe" entrepreneurs) who are paralyzed with fear about every business and investment strategy being a "scam" out there so they just never invest in themselves or their financial education.  And if you're one of those people, you have ALREADY BEEN SCAMMED by the system that made you believe that you have to get ripped off by going to college for 4 years, start your adult life off in severe debt, work your ass off by climbing the corporate ladder, and then get that gold watch after 25 years while living in poverty as a senior citizen.  If you bought into THAT lie but think starting your own real estate investment cash flow business is a "scam" then maybe you should have your IQ checked because it's probably kind of low.
CLICK HERE to find out what real estate opportunities are going to hit for 2017.
Once last thing:  Most of you know that I'm the QUEEN of real estate investing, particularly when it comes to apartment building investing.  Yet THIS system and the Detroit Underground Event will be mostly ALL I'll be doing for this entire year for real estate investing.  Yes, I plan on doing an REO system upgrade and mentorship group LATER this year...but that is about it.
Why is this?
Because I believe I can BETTER PREPARE my students by offering other intense training including Raising Capital, Building Business Credit, Getting Crowd Funding...and starting an Aggressive Business to ALL get the CASH you need to start taking advantage of these opportunities this year coming up. CASH will be king.  My job is to help you get that cash for the remainder of this year.  
So, I'm lining you up with the right real estate investing education and strategies at the BEGINNING of this year so that you can get working on that while training with me on all the other stuff.  Trust me, this is a PERFECTLY PLANNED method of strategies that I'm orchestrating for you.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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Monday, January 16 2017
The Struggle IS Real!

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.
Martin Luther King Jr.
Sometimes I get mad at people in general, especially the Millennials who mostly don't have a clue about anything.  Why? Because I don't think many of us know or truly appreciate the struggle of a revolution...or even know what it means to force your way into the world with the intent on invoking change.  Big change.  And change for many, many others having little to do with ourselves.
Of course, I've had my fair share of life struggles but nothing remotely close to what people like Dr. King had gone through for the purposes of civil rights for others.  And what bothers me most is that, perhaps, not much has changed since the 1960s as far as racial progress as far as I can tell.  Yes, there have been "upgrades" here and there, less segregation, more legal rights, etc. but...has the attitude of people really changed that much?
I don't know.  I can only tell you what I've noticed over the years and, of course, not speaking from a comparison of the 1960s because...well, I wasn't alive during that time.
I grew up in the 1970s in a lower-middle-class area of the south side of Chicago.  I went to an evenly blended white/black school where I was bullied a lot, mostly by my own race, coincidentally.  But most noted in my childhood was my parents (mostly my dad's) racism, unkind words toward people of color that I didn't yet understand, and the seemingly thick tension between the races that I also didn't quite get either.  So much history was laid down long before my entrance into this world in 1974.  So much I had to learn about.  So much I still don't fully understand.
And it took me many years to unlearn and reverse the negativity that I was brainwashed about since birth.
Since having to look at the world differently while trying to understand how change can finally happen, I had to ask:
How does one overcome such pain and hurt that's been prevalent in our American history for so long?
And there's only one answer:
It comes down to one day at a time, one person at a time, one kind word at a time...over time.  Sometimes over a very long time.  This is something that doesn't happen in leaps and bounds but rather slowly over every second in time.  And knowing this, it simply means that we ALL can be participants in the same revolution that Dr. King started so many decades ago.
With one kind word.
One person at a time.
One day at a time.
Over time.
And that's how change happens.  There's no other way that I can see around it.
Of course, this encompasses EVERYONE participating in the plan. And this is the tricky part because everybody from all races, sexes, ages, and backgrounds MUST participate.
But will they?
Most importantly...will you?
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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Wednesday, January 11 2017

Last year I started teaching my Aggressive Income Affiliate Strategies in 2 different seminars: March and May 2016.  Since then I've had a small handful of students take my teachings to extraordinary income levels, one student consistently hitting the $25,000 per month mark.  And we're talking net PROFITS and NOT gross proceeds.

For those of you wondering exactly what this student does, I'll tell you.  Now, as a confidentiality disclaimer, I cannot tell you which sites are his OR which products he promotes.  But I can tell you his system and the types of products he promotes and, if you're smart, you'll quickly figure out exactly what he's doing so that you can emulate his success for yourself.

Everything he promotes is from a website called Clickbank.  He sticks solely with stocks, bonds, Forex, and options trading information products.  And he has 8 websites as of right now.

Here's how he does it:

1)  He sets up a VERY SIMPLE one-page website with (to capture leads).

2)  He creates SIMPLE Facebook ads promising a video on a killer kick-ass new trading strategy that he guarantees his prospect has never heard of...all they have to do is input their name and email address to immediately access the video.

3)  Once his prospect ends up on his site, they input their name and email address and are immediately sent over to the affiliate's sales page which has the promised video on it.

4)  The affiliate's website copy, video, testimonial and "proof" elements are so good that it has a high conversion rate with the traffic that ends up on the site.

5)  My student will send follow-up email "drips" and "blasts" to his database of other stock-trading-related information products which are affiliate programs.

6)  He's in the process of creating his own stock trading program that he plans on selling for $497 (plus shipping/handling) that he can upsell to his database so that he can make even more money beyond his "paltry" $22,000 to $25,000 net per month that he's making now.

There are a few "secrets" in between that MUST be implemented to do this well.  

One such secret is how to "circumvent" the "affiliate link filter" that most email blast systems have.  (There are 2 very effective ways in doing this which I'll be discussing in my Affiliate Bonanza Mentorship Group...starting on Monday, January 16th.)  You see, this affiliate link filter gives any email with a "hoplink" link in an email a very high SPAM rating, making most of your emails undeliverable.  But there ARE 2 ways around this that will blow your mind; these are strategies you'd never guess in a million years.

The other secret has to do with WHICH affiliate programs to choose and why.  It's not just about the affiliate site being kick-ass and a high converter.  There are other elements that you MUST look out for otherwise you may be wasting a lot of money on advertising and NOT getting the proceeds that you deserve to be making.  I'll show you exactly what you must look for to get involved with the very best affiliate programs out there.

And a lot more will be revealed in this 8-week online mentorship group which, again, starts on Monday, January 16th.

As with ALL of my mentorship groups starting in 2016, I do weekly webinar trainings that last between an hour and 90 minutes.  You do NOT have to make the sessions.  Each is recorded and then uploaded for your viewing later on.  After each training session, you'll have access to that week's Action Sheet which is based on the training for that week (so you must view the training first before tackling the items on the Action Sheet).

And finally, the most important part is the technical aspect.  At least 3 of the 8 weeks will be covering setting up your 3 to 5 simple one-page websites.  IF you are having issues or problems setting up your sites, if you are part of this group then I can help you with the technical aspect by going into your system and fixing your problems/issues.  This is NOT something I offer to my students at any other time so if you decide not to participate in this mentorship but to get the modules later, you will NOT be able to use me to personally help you get your websites up and running.  Only those who participate in this ONE-TIME-ONLY group will get that benefit so...if you have the technical aptitude of a tadpole the I strongly suggest registering for this mentorship group so that I can personally assist you in getting your websites up and running.

CLICK HERE to listed to a quick audio seminar about the Affiliate Marketing Bonanza Mentorship Group.  The special pricing deal ENDS SOON!

If you have any questions, call my office now at 661-295-5050.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Monday, January 09 2017

I was texting my star MHP student and friend Aran Dunlop over the weekend and based on my last email rant he kind of implied that I'm sounding more and more like Donald Trump by the day.

I don't know if that's good or bad.  I'm thinking by his tone that he probably didn't mean it as a compliment.

I'm not sure if you knew this or not but Donald Trump and I share the same birthday:  June 14th.  This means we're both Geminis which are known to have dual personalities, be a little "unfocused" at times, and definitely quick on the temper front.  This is both good and bad in business.  We tend to be personable but when things don't go our way, we can turn a room cold just with one laser-beam stare.  And, of course, the temper never helps either.

So, I'll admit, I explode once in awhile.  But, as strange as this may seem, I turn out my best work when I'm on edge and pissed off about something.  I certainly wish I could function at this higher level in a peaceful zen-like state but, unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work out this way for me.

I may disagree about a lot of what Donald Trump states he believes in but one thing I do "get" about him is that he's a doer.  He makes his own "luck" by getting off his ass and making things happen.  Hence why he was able to take on and win an presidential election. He decided one day that he was going to run and he...well, just did it.  And won despite the odds stacked against him, despite the negative (and potentially crippling) press, and having an opponent that, by all accounts, ran spades around him by having much more experience in politics.  None of that matters when you zero in on a target and just go for it without doubt, floundering around, or second-guessing anything.

And for that I admire him.

There is only ONE thing that is separating you from the things that you want in life:  UNRELENTING UNWAVERING FOCUS.

If you don't have this component, it doesn't matter what else you have going for you.  Resources, knowledge, a desire...whatever.  None of that matters unless you get out there and start working your plan, moving forward in one direction no matter what is thrown your way.

I've had a few students email me over the weekend about my upcoming Affiliate Bonanza Mentorship Group.  Some of these students have been with me for 5+ years, getting involved in as many teachings as I've done from seminars to mentorships to workshops and everything in between.  They're certainly NOT lacking in knowledge or resources but...they don't ever do anything.  Even worse, they're frustrated with themselves because they know that they've become their worst enemy by not implementing anything and yet they have no idea how to ZONE IN and FOCUS like a mad dog!

So, here's a suggestion for you if you're one of those people:  CLEAR YOUR SLATE.  Yes, you read that right.  Instead of flailing about with all these options, possibilities, and opportunities -- finding yourself confused and misdirected -- start FOCUSING ON ONE THING and go from there.

For example, if you have a full-time job, you know exactly what to do when you get there, right?  Great.  Then you create a "second career" schedule for yourself which can be devoting even 15 minutes a day to your new enterprise.  (The awesome thing about the Affiliate Bonanza Mentorship is that it requires almost NO TIME AT ALL to make wildly successful for yourself.)  And this "second career" needs to be ONE THING ONLY.  No more having multiple things on your plate that you're trying to do at once.  THIS will be the ONLY thing you'll be doing for the next 2 months...and nothing else on the entrepreneur side of your life EXCEPT for this.

You have to reel in your focus otherwise you'll find yourself on this psychotic treadmill where you're running and running yet accomplishing nothing.  And then you keep beating yourself up because you're older but still nowhere.  STOP THE INSANITY!  You have the power RIGHT NOW to stop it.  Instead, FOCUS!  FOCUS!  FOCUS!!

If you make THIS the ONLY thing you're going to commit to then you WILL succeed in doing this.  Guaranteed.

If you haven't listened to my 10-minute audio seminar on how this whole thing works, CLICK HERE.  This WILL be life-changing for you!

See you at the top!

You mentor,

​​​​​​​Monica Main

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Saturday, January 07 2017

The other day I sent an email out about getting rid of toxic relationships so that you can catapult your life into a different more positive, happy, and prosperous stratosphere by getting rid of people who are draining I've been doing.  And the outpouring of emails from all of you have been fabulous, encouraging, and have really made me realize just how awesome most of my students are.  I've even had dozens of amazing men send some incredible emails to me in support of the changes I'm making -- getting rid of the deadbeat men out of my own personal life -- and with full understanding on what I'm going through.  You're all so awesome.  Thanks so much for your support!

But, as you know, there's always that ONE piece of sh** that bubbles up from the bottom of the loser cesspool.  Kenneth is the name of this particular POS.  Here's his highly intelligent and well-written email (I'm being sarcastic) that he sent to me in response to the one I sent a couple of days ago:

"WTF is all this bullshit you are sending us????This is a sales letter????  you kidding us  right???  sounds like and written like all the transparent Nigrians cams   Pls  Get  real and get alife   !!!!!"

What's interesting about this email is that years ago it would have pissed me off.  Today...this is something that makes me laugh my ass off about.  The reason it's so funny is that I think of the loser behind his laptop, probably some sloth-like over-the-hill greasy stinky 300-lb-overweight Coke-bottle-bottom-glasses-wearing pervert-looking idiot who spends his days jacking off to internet porn between dodging his bitchy mother who yells at him every day to get out of her basement and finally find a freaking job.  And a life.  This is Kenneth.  Total gross pervert loser who will never amount to anything.

Even worse for people like him, he's miserable in his own skin because he already knows just what a POS he really is.  He's unsuccessful.  Knows deep down that he'll never be successful.  Is clearly threatened by a woman like myself who is extremely successful.  And tries making himself feel better about himself by trolling the internet and writing sh** like the email above in a desperate attempt to make himself feel...manly?  Important?  Smart?  Who knows what this loser thinks.  What I do know is that sh** heads like Kenneth don't have the ability to ever become successful doing anything.  Not now.  Not ever!

And here's why:

He's become his own worst enemy.  He decided at some point (probably fairly early on) that he's content with being glued to somebody else's rat-infested couch, sucking down White Castle sliders all day while watching People's Court, and mooching off his family because it means he never has to face the real world.  Never has to win.  Never has to lose (even though he already has...just hasn't realized it yet).  And finds "power" in insulting others because, for a fraction of a second, it makes him feel good about himself.

What a crappy way to live!

Why am I telling you all this?  Because you DON'T want to be like Kenneth or anything remotely like the guy.  You want to be amazing, productive, successful, and so ecstatically happy that you don't feel like having a sense of power means trying to bring others down.  You want to live an extraordinary life in every way possible.  Because that's what you deserve.  You just have to go out there and get it.

Now back to Kenneth and others like him, take a very close look at the email he wrote above.  In order to succeed in ANYTHING in this day and age, you MUST have good communication skills.  I don't care if you're sending an email to a listing agent about a property that you're interested in investing in or if you're setting up a basic website for a small business you're doing.  You CANNOT type rhetoric and nonsense like what Kenneth displayed above and expect to have anyone with any inkling of professionalism respond to you in a positive way.  Most will just delete then block you if you want to spew this type of crap to anyone.  Being professional at all times will allow you to have the success in life that you want.  And yes, sometimes you'll be dealing with frustrating pompous people but you just have to bite your tongue (something I'm still learning) and power through it with the best character you can muster.

And by the way, what Kenneth was referring to is my latest Money Funnel Online Marketing Strategy called the Affiliate Marketing Bonanza Mentorship Group.  This is when I'll be training you over the course of 8 weeks with 8 60- to 90-minute webinars showing you exactly what you need to do to create 3 to 5 basic websites.  The awesome thing about this mentorship is, unlike my Money Funnel Group that I did earlier last year, I will be focusing about 70% of the group on the marketing aspect.  This will be the part about placing Facebook ads and doing other types of highly effective marketing.  This, of course, is the most critical part in all this and this is the part we'll be concentrating the most on.

But imagine if Kenneth were to start putting together a website with his highly intelligent, incredibly articulate means of written communication.  Imagine if he wrote his Facebook ad like the way he writes his email.  Do you think somebody like that has a chance in hell in making any money in this or anything else?  The answer:  HELL NO!

So, as a cautionary disclaimer...if you write or express yourself or think the way Kenneth communicates is acceptable within the English language parameters, DO NOT register for this (or any other) group that I'm doing.  Because if you honestly think that communicating this way will make you money, think again.  My advice to you is to either learn how to write and speak English or find somebody who does who can help you.  Existing this way in the world of business will become fruitless for you if you cannot communicate at all.

For Kenneth and those like him, I suggest Hooked on Phonics.  Shock therapy.  Or a brain lobotomy.  Whatever you think may work,  The world of business waits for no one and has absolutely no mercy for idiots.

CLICK HERE for more info on this mind-blowing upcoming 8-week Affiliate Marketing Bonanza Mentorship Group.

In the meantime, have a great weekend!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  The Detroit event is ALMOST FULL!  CLICK HERE to reserve your seat for only $100 if you want to come, meet my investor partner, and discover everything you need to know to make a killing in real estate during this upcoming recession and beyond!

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Thursday, January 05 2017

I know I'm going to sound like a horrible person for what I'm about to say but I think, at some point, we all get to a stage in our lives where we refuse to be a doormat anymore.  At least I'd hope that most or all of us would get to that point.

I decided that 2017 is going to be the year where I ditch every single man in my life that has been nothing but a leach/user/freeloader with their hand out constantly as if I owe them something.

The latest male in my life in line with his hand out was none other than my dad who, I mentioned before, showed up at my doorstep with a suitcase in hand wanting to park his ass in my house while claiming to sort out his debacle with his very ill wife.  And this was just after I got rid of one of the many male freeloaders that showed up and left within the last year from my former step-son to my brother to Deadbeat Hubby #2 and then Deadbeat Hubby #3.  It never seemed to end.  When lessons need to be learned, they keep showing up with the same message but in different forms.  With me, the lesson that needed to be learned: Stand up to freeloading men no matter who they are.  Stop tolerating it.  Stop being abused in this way.

The final falling out with my dad came over New Year's weekend when we sat down to have dinner and, after almost 4 months of residing in my house with seemingly no progress with his household situation, I finally asked him when he's selling his house and moving forward with his life.  And with all seriousness in the world, he looked at me and said, "I'm not putting an ill woman out on the street," as if to imply that I was crazy for ever thinking that this was his plan in the first place.  And then he chuckled as if to say, Well you bought that lie hook, line and sinker, didn't you?

What a lot of people don't know about me is that I'm half Italian (not to mention a dual-personality Gemini) so my temper is VERY SHORT.  However, it does take a while of building and building and building before the volcano explodes.  And that's exactly what happened on New Year's Eve. The volcano exploded with no warning, no way to hold it back, and no desire on my part to candy-coat how I felt.  I very curtly and probably quite rudely yelled at him about how his problems are not my problem.  His wife's issues are not my issues.  In other words, his personal bullsh** not only has nothing to do with me but I'm no longer buying into the notion that these things he dumped on my doorstep are things I have to deal with anymore.  And then I told him to get the f*** out of my house.

Two days later he was gone.  My daughter Brie is ecstatic, as my dad was really suffocating her freedom and comfort levels in her own home.  And I'm glad he's gone as well.  I needed my house and my personal sanctuary back.

To add insult to injury, as my dad left, he dropped off a $1,700 dental bill on my kitchen table and asked me to pay it.  Then he left, locking my door.  In other words, refusing to return my key.  But I'm having a locksmith take care of changing all of my locks as we speak so he can't come back anymore.  I wanted to cry as he left because he left that bill...and it never seems to be enough that these men just want to take and take and take with no remorse, no pride, and no self-respect on their part.  At the same time, I felt incredible that I finally launched over another obstacle in my life, learning a lesson I'd struggled with for so long about being a doormat and not speaking up enough.  Kicking my own dad out of my house after I decided to STOP being taken advantage of:  PRICELESS.

I started thinking about all the others before my dad in different disguises trying to teach me the same lesson of standing up, not tolerating being used, and forcing my will on those who want to impose their freeloader-ism upon me.  I think I finally "got" the lesson with the hardest freeloader to kick to the curb: a family member.  My dad.  But as cold-hearted as it seems to be, it's necessary -- required even -- to lose anyone and everyone who is leaching off of you with no pride on their part.  No courtesy to how you feel.  No interest in anything but what they can forcefully extract from you.  Much of what you'll lose isn't money or resources but a huge chunk of your precious soul gets lopped off and obliterated in the equation.  And that's the part that's NOT okay in all this.

My last male-deadbeat project is my second husband who hasn't paid a single cent to my daughter's well-being.  (At one point I was paying him child support for a daughter he never saw!  I finally had that thrown out of court.  That's how some of these self-entitled California boys are...they think everyone owes them something.)  He's being served his court paperwork today.  After my daughter Brie has been on this earth for 8 1/2 years, he hasn't paid a single penny for anything having to do with raising this child.  I have a new female judge and come February 6th, I'll have this fierce woman on my side ruling in my favor to have this deadbeat finally start paying for his child.  (Trust me, I don't need his money.  But this is part of regaining my power in my life.)  And if he doesn't pay?  That's fine too.  I'll have the state of California get involved and, for those of you who have ever had to pay child support in California, you'd know how vicious this state is to those deadbeats who don't pay.  The state will start stripping everything away.  No car registration.  No license renewal.  Contractor's license revoked.  Eventually the passport will go too.  Finally, it's jail time.  And that's how it goes.  F*** him.  That's what he deserves.  The loser.

This New Monica Main isn't a doormat anymore.  And there's such immense power in taking back your life and doing the things you've only been talking about for too many years...and not doing for one reason or another.  Toxic relationships will RUIN YOUR LIFE.  What I also learned is that you adopt the karma of another human being who is close to you in your life, especially those who live in your household.  If you have a spouse with a lot of negativity or "bad luck," you'll adopt that as your own.  And guess what?  Nothing you do or try will ever work out for you until you get rid of this toxic individual or multiple individuals.  I've learned this the hard way when finally kicking Deadbeat Hubby #3 to the curb.  I was taking on his karma and bad luck which started affecting everything in my own life (and I never realized it until now).  Now that he's gone, the karmic tides have quickly shifted back in my favor.  My "good luck" is back now that I'm clear of all of these toxic individuals that I got rid of.

Who do YOU have to get rid of now?  Who have you been wanting to disconnect from but haven't due to the avoidance of "discomfort" or stress or...God forbid, "hurting" the other person even though YOU are the one hurting yourself in the process?  Listen, the longer you stay in these toxic, deadly, and DRAINING relationships -- no matter WHO they are with -- you are essentially screwing yourself out of the freedom and happiness that you deserve.  Stop hurting yourself this way.  Make 2017 the year that you put these people out of your life where they deserve to be...gone from your "inner circle" of your life for good.

But getting rid of toxic people and relationships is only ONE PART of the deal.  Part II is doing stuff that will get you to where you want to be in life.  You first have to shed the people weighing you down.  Then you have to find the elements needed to help skyrocket your life into the atmosphere of happiness and prosperity.

For many of you, it's finding the perfect tool to make money.  And what's awesome about right now, for perhaps the first time in many years, I finally have a tool that is basic, easy to do, quick to make work, and cost-effective to operate as an Aggressive Income Strategy.

It's a BRAND NEW Money Funnel Strategy that is like NOTHING like I've ever done a training on.  CLICK HERE if you haven't listened to my powerful mind-blowing 10-minute audio seminar yet.  This is so incredibly financially life-changing for WILL blow your mind.  But I must add a disclaimer:  I will ONLY be doing ONE of these 8-week online training groups and that's it.  If you miss it...too bad!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  The Detroit seminar still has spots available for Gold VIP.  Platinum VIP is SOLD OUT.  So, if you want in for my only seminar on real estate that I'll be doing in ALL of 2017 then you need to get your seat now.  As I mentioned, I have an investor partner that will be showing up and meeting some of you.  This is ONLY for those of you who show up and want to chat with him.  He's looking for deals, looking for students to partner with, and looking to building more relationships with my students.  But only those of you who show up have the opportunity to meet this guy in person.  CLICK HERE to grab your spot before we run out of room at this exclusive one-time-only event in Detroit on February 23rd, 24th and 25th.

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Tuesday, January 03 2017

Last weekend I thought I was going to die.  I was trying to push this flu I've been fighting out of my system so I went to Whole Foods and got this Echinacea supplement that caused me to overdose by giving me an allergic reaction I never expected.  I literally thought I was going to die.  I had hives everywhere, I couldn't breathe, my heart was racing like a horse and my blood pressure dropped to uncomfortable lows.  Here I am several days later and still not at 100%.

It just makes me realize how fragile life is.  Anything can happen at any time without notice.  And who knew that an all-natural supplement would cause such an imbalance in the body.  If I was a little older or not as healthy, it may have killed me.  It made me vow to be extremely careful with the herbal supplements I take, maybe even cutting back on my regular supplement regimen because it's a toss up on what any of this stuff is anymore.  It made me wonder how many people just drop dead without their families having any clue as to what they were taking, thinking that their death was just "old age" or, even worse, "unknown."

This goes back to what I was saying in an email a few weeks ago about how instant the end of your life can come.  One minute you're here.  The next minute you're not.  Yes, it can happen that fast.  It happens like that for thousands of people every moment of every day.  And one day it'll be you, too.

Kind of morbid, isn't it?

But I have a point here.  I promise.

We're getting into a new year now.  Yes, another one.  And I can promise you that you're probably sitting there right now having already thought about the things that you had planned for last year's New Year's Resolutions that didn't manifest.  Many of you have been unfocused or just floundering around for the past year or so.  And you can't make anything happen in your life if you're an unfocused flounder.

I've turned a major corner in my life which I describe in my January Viper Wealth issue.  A lot will begin to change for me...almost like greased lightning simply because this one personal issue of mine has finally been resolved after being in flux for more than a half-decade.  My focus is back.  My "groove" is back.  And I can now really get on track in doing the things I've been wanting to do with my students for a couple of years now.

I decided to start this new year with something my students have been asking me about for almost a year now and I haven't had time in my schedule to devote a Mentorship Group to it...until now.  Back in March and May of 2016 when I did my Beverly Hills and Vegas events, I started showing my students how to make a killing online selling other people's products using a very unique system that several of my students are now using to pull in $10,000 to $25,000 per month.  This encompasses only a handful of my students and those who were technically apt to "fill in the blanks" on some of the things I was teaching earlier last year.  I knew I had to do a very in-depth training on this that I could never do in a 2- or 3-day seminar event and now I'm finally making it happen.

CLICK HERE to find out what I'm talking about.  This can and will change the entire landscape of your financial future if you do this 8-week online group with me.  This is powerful online money-making stuff here that I'll be showing a small group of you in this ONE-TIME-ONLY Mentorship Group.  CLICK HERE NOW to find out more about this including listening to my 10-minute audio seminar about it.  This is truly MIND BLOWING STUFF.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Sunday, January 01 2017
Hello 2017!

I've been waiting for this day for quite some time now and I'm so glad it's finally here.  A New Year ALWAYS brings new possibilities, excitement and opportunities.


I can already tell that 2017 is going to be...much different than other years.  I can't describe how I know this but I do.  You'll see.

Regardless of everything that you'll notice happening (mostly on the political and economic fronts), DO NOT let all of this activity throw your focus.  Instead, make a commitment to yourself that you will keep a steady disciplined eye on YOUR LIFE ONLY. This includes all of the components that will make your life awesome and successful from your family to your new wealth-generating businesses that you will grow in 2017 and beyond.

Your new life starts right now.  It starts today.  So, let's do this.  And let's do this together.

Let's make 2017 our best year ever!!

CLICK HERE to see the first wealth-building strategy I have for you for this new year!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

​​​​​​​Monica Main

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