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Friday, November 23 2012
Beyond Changing Your Life!
Over the past week I've been giving you a thorough breakdown of how to quickly and easily start changing your life.
Now, as you know, while you're doing the spirital stuff, you have to also play the game of economics.  As I briefly mentioned, you can't sit under a fig tree, meditate, think positive thoughts, and suddenly a check for a million dollars is miraculously mailed to you from the clouds.
That's not how the rules were set up on this earthly plane.
And if you're going to make it (and big) you have to create an action plan that works well in giving you piles of money into your bank account as quickly as possible.
There has never been a better time to get quick money from real estate.  And it's actually a surprising strategy to use to get it.
One of my newer students who got started with the Real Estate Cash Flow System last month has already flipped 2 houses and made a total of $17,200 in the process.  All in only 5 1/2 weeks.
I have another student who flipped her first house in the last 3 weeks and she's made $6,750 on the deal.  Not bad.  (She was disappointed because she thought it would have been more but the deal she's working on now will be double that.)
Flipping properties is now back "in" style just because it's do-able in our current economic conditions.  This is how I started in real estate 18 years ago.  (Damn, am I that old already?)
Of course, as our real estate market got crazy out of control, flipping got harder and harder to do since everyone and their mom was doing it.  Plus, it got harder to find fixer-upper deals out there since everyone was snatching everything up at viper speed.
That ended the days of flipping.
Everyone knows what happened next.  The real estate bubble burst.  And we're still trying to sort out the foreclosure mess (which will take another 5+ years at this rate).
We're at the bottom.  You may have been dubious when I told you this earlier this year but now I don't have to convince you that it's true.  Real estate prices aren't getting any lower.  Interest rates aren't dropping anymore.
And, believe it or not, not everyone got caught up in the foreclosure windfall.  There had been a big chunk of the population (that they never talk about about on the news) that didn't lose their homes, didn't even own a home, and didn't damage their credit in the past 7 years with the real estate foreclosure calamity.
Even better, these people are buying property now.
Plus, the FHA program has come back in full force, making it affordable for people to get into a house without a huge down payment (since banks have gotten so strict on so many purchasing elements to get a conventional home mortgage).  The FHA program had just about died not so many years ago.  Now it's becoming more popular than ever.
It was in the month of May when I realized that banks were back in the business of lending.  Yes, May.  Of this year (2012).  For awhile they were in "watch-and-wait" mode but I think they, like everyone else, got sick of nothing (good or bad) happening and that life moved on.
Plus, there is a way through transactional funding (deferred) that you can buy, fix up, and flip a house without using your own money.  This has never existed before a year ago this month let alone 18 years ago when I first got started in the business.
I introduced this successful strategy of flipping for profit to my students in a double-whammy at both my 3-Day Vegas Boot Camp Seminar and in my Real Estate Cash Flow System, both introduced at the same time.  It's the first time I've ever revealed to my students how to get that cash needed for down payments, earnest money deposits, due diligence, closing and other costs to purchase larger cash flowing passive income properties.
Within a short time (much shorter than I expected), I have students who not only absorbed the materials but they are using it for success.  Quick success!
This shocked me.  I'm used to hearing the success stories begin to trickle in about 3 or 4 months after I introduce a success secret to my students.  I didn't expect to hear on people's successes so quickly!
Isn't it your turn now?
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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