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Sunday, April 26 2015

When it comes right down to it, there are only a handful of ways to get property deals with no money down.

Here are the strategies that I use to pull this off:

Strategy #1:  The Lease Option Deal.  This is when you negotiate with the property seller to "take over" the property until you either get the down payment together or can bring up the occupancy level (to or above 85%) to qualify for a conventional mortgage on the property. The reason sellers like this is because they can get around paying a commission to a listing agent, they can defer their tax obligations (capital gains), and they can sell their property at top dollar even if their property doesn't command that amount (due to underperformance, for example).  It's best to get these deals using my famous letter campaign to a designated mailing list.  I have a couple of new secrets (including the legal elements) when it comes to using this strategy that will be covered in full detail at the Vegas Event on May 15th & 16th!

Strategy #2:  The 100% LTV Bond Funding Program.  This is for those properties priced at or above $1,000,000 that are "stable" or performing to some reasonable or acceptable degree. Yes, the bond funders like to see that you have 1% to 2% of the purchase price but -- as secretly revealed before -- you can use something called a VOD or "verification of deposit" to show that you have these funds since they won't be required in escrow.  The benefit is that you can get a true no-cash-no-credit property (since there isn't a heavy bearing on personal credit) while acquiring an asset that is worth a million or more.  Of course, the "catch" is that you have to find a strong-pulling cash flow property that will be able to support the 100% LTV, preferably one that is being sold below market value.  For the first time, money broker Ron Espinoza will include intimate details of exactly how this works, the types of deals you can (and cannot do), the newest Bond Funding criteria, how to "balance" the numbers on a deal (with real deal property examples), and how to profit from using OPM in the most cutting edge way possible...with 100% of somebody else's money!  All revealed at the May 15th & 16th Las Vegas Event!

Strategy #3:  Getting the Cash and Credit via Business Credit Building.  I've shared some extraordinary never-before-revealed business credit building strategies to all of my students in the form of 2 powerful videos a few weeks ago.  It's never been easier to build stellar business credit from scratch as it's become now.  This allows for students to gain access to cash to be used for down payments.  In addition, you can use your "partner" (or your corporate entity) and its built credit to "partner" up with you on your new property's LLC (that is acquiring the property).  This is the ideal way to let money work for you rather than working for money.  Use OPM (other people's money) for maximum leverage and this is the way to do it!  The latest personal and business credit building secrets will be covered at my upcoming event...and by an onsite expert who will reveal things that I've never told my students about when it comes to the Vegas Event!

Strategy #4:  Using Investor Partners.  I've been doing this for years which is the crux of how I've done deals.  (I now focus on investing without the use of partners using business credit, lease options, and 100% LTV Bond Funding Program.)  I've done a lot of deals this way, racking up thousands of units and millions of dollars in the process without putting in anything but my blood, sweat, and tears into the deals.  This is a powerful way to get started and to quickly build wealth with this single strategy.  (Eventually you'll branch off and do your own exclusive deals like I do but this is a great way to springboard your way to success!)  My $7,000,000 down payment partnership opportunity will be revealed in full detail at the Vegas Event on May 15th & 16th and will only be for those who attend.


You'll discover exactly which types of real estate assets perform the best by cash flow, how to find these assets, and how to cash in big in the shortest amount of time with passive income real estate!

I'm having my star MHP (mobile home park) student, Aran Dunlop, explain exactly how he went from being a regular student (just like you) only a handful of years ago to using investor partnership cash to become independently wealthy (and retired at the age of 32) by using a specific set of very-easy-to-do strategies that he will be showing you.  He'll also be uncovering the details of his latest real estate cash flow secret which very few people in real estate investing even know about...and you can jump in for big profits before this trend gets too hot to touch!

But you have to register for this mind-blowing event to get all of the above and more!

Here is the link to register:

The early-bird deal ends on Thursday, April 30th at 5pm Pacific Time.  After that time, the price goes WAY up!

If you have any questions, call my office after 9am Pacific Time tomorrow morning at (661) 295-5050.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Thursday, April 23 2015

I now have $7,000,000 in partnership cash to be used for down payments for partnership deals for those who attend the Vegas event on May 15th & 16th.  This is, again, for cash down.  It's not to cash out any single deal with 100% cash.  That's not the proper (or smart) way to leverage yourself in real estate.

This partnership opportunity will only be open to those who pay for and attend the seminar event in Las Vegas on May 15th & 16th.  No exceptions.  Sorry.  I can't add additional people who don't find the time or importance in attending over those who actually do.

There's a reason for this is simple.  In the past when I would open up partnership opportunities to just anyone, I got a lot of waste-of-time deals that completely bleed my valuable time dry.  This is because students who aren't fully aware of all of the submission requirements will submit deals that are wrong for what we're looking for or won't have the expenses itemized out (as required) or won't have the deal financially structured properly. Opening up a bunch of Excel spreadsheets and looking at them when they turn out to be deals that aren't going to work is a total waste of my time.

I did notice a huge different in the quality of deals I was getting when I opened up the partnership opportunity to only those who attended the Detroit seminar event last November.  The quality of the deals we got were top of the line.  Students listened to my thorough presentation on what my investors were looking for and found what he was looking for.  And most of them submitted deals to match what we were looking for.

As I mentioned before, I have 3 investor partners who are funding the now-collective $7,000,000 for down payment funds on property deals.  And I want you to start getting your deals together so you can hit the ground running!

Again, let me give you a short break-down and the rest of their requirements will be discussed in full detail when you get to Vegas so you can start finding some deals to match what we're looking for:

Investor #1:  This is my guy from PA.  He's a MHP (mobile home park) guy.  He's putting in $3,000,000 total.  He's looking for MHPs of any size in any area of the country in which you can realistically commit to personally managing the property.  He won't allow you to simply use a management service.  (He never does.)  For many MHP deals, the down payment will be anywhere from 30% to 15% (depending on a WIDE VARIETY of variables including where the property is located, income, etc.)  He has a preference in where he'd like to get more deals.  He's interested in Arizona, Texas, and Florida.  (He has a lot of the MHPs he wants in the Midwest already.)  However, he'll consider deals anywhere provided that he believes they are worthwhile to him.  A tip: look at deals that have 50 pads or above to gain serious consideration, especially with CAPs over 9.5%.

Investor #2:  This investor partner and I go way back.  He's from Texas but goes back and forth between TX and FL.  He is my "small" apartment building guy.  He likes apartment building deals between 5 and 50 units ONLY.  He's looking for anywhere with a strong cash flow and prefers CAPs to be over 9% (but will consider slightly lower CAPs).  He does NOT like Detroit especially (as he's clearly stated to me over and over again).  In fact, he'd prefer to stay completely out of Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania altogether.  He'll consider deals in Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and Florida. (Those are his hot spots.)  No commercial, no MHPs, and nothing over 50 units.  No major rehab.  Nothing majorly under-performing.  You have to be within 60 miles of where the property is located.  This guy is throwing in $2,000,000 which will account for 20% in down payments so we'll be able to leverage $10,000,000 in property deals through this investor.

Investor #3:  This is my investor who invested with my Detroit seminar students.  He's also from Texas.  (I used to do a lot of deals in Texas so I have a lot of financial ties to that state, especially with investor partners.)  He prefers apartment building properties OVER 50 units and will also do MHP deals just about anywhere there's a strong cash flow.  He prefers his CAP rates to be over 9%.  All investors involved with deals with him must provide full management services, no exceptions.  He usually won't consider someone's deal if they reside more than 40 miles away from where the property is located.  He will not consider commercial-commercial but will consider mixed-use (part commercial, part residential) especially with retail at street level.  No major rehab.  Nothing under-performing.  He is putting in $2,000,000 which means we'll also be able to leverage $10,000,000 in property using this cash as the 20% down payment funds.

Each investor is offering my students a 33% stake in the property in both gained equity as well as the monthly cash flow.  (It's very important that you include this 67/33 split information when you have to submit your mini-business plan.  All seminar attendees will get a mini-business plan template to sort of "copy" from.)  You may submit multiple deals.  

They may accept more than one deal from you.  (One of my students had 2 deals accepted from the Detroit event.)  Of course, just because you submit a deal doesn't mean they are required to accept it, especially if it doesn't fit their needs/requirements.  (This is the legal disclaimer that I'm supposed to be using from now on, as per my attorney.)

More will be discussed on May 15th & 16th in Las Vegas in how you can participate in these deals.  And, as with my investor partnership deals before, it has made some of my students "overnight millionaires" so this is definitely something to consider when working with investor partnerships like this.

Right now I have the early-bird pricing deal still in effect for this upcoming first-ever No-Cash-No-Credit 100% LTV Real Estate Boot Camp Seminar!  However, this deal ends very soon.

If you have questions, call my office at (661) 295-5050 where I have my happy caring staff who is ready to talk to you after 9am Pacific Time today!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Tuesday, April 21 2015

The other day I took a walk with my daughter.  We barely got to the end of the block before she decided she wanted to change into "workout clothes" before we continued with our walk.  Irritated, I agreed that we could go back home so she could change.

Funny because as I was walking up to my house I noticed a drone flying around my house. Yes, a freaking drone.  And it was the first time I'd seen one up close and in person.  It was hanging around in my front yard, kind of low flying.  It wasn't long as I was getting closer when I noticed that it had a camera on it!

It was circling my house as if it was taking pictures.  At first I thought it belonged to the teenage kids across the street and they were messing around.  But I went in the house, upstairs, and out on my back balcony when I realized that it wasn't an innocent fly-by with the neighbor kids but rather it was a couple of dudes parked in a white Navigator on the street below who were operating this loud-buzzing video camera drone.  In fact, the whole "operation" was a little strange as they had a small table set up with a laptop on it.

What they didn't plan for is me quickly noticing their little operation from my balcony above. Apparently they thought they were being slick by being a street over, not anticipating that I'd come out onto the balcony to see them down there.  (I still don't know what prompted me to automatically go out that way to check it out but something did.)

I called the Santa Clarita Sheriff's Department.  It seems that it's sketchy on what the laws are on technical devices and privacy but they wanted to send a car out right away. Unfortunately, the offenders in the Navigator were packed up and driving away before I could have the cops come out.

I guess legally I could have shot it out of the sky and had it drop into my swimming pool since it was, technically, on my property.  In fact, that's what will happen next time I notice this drone if these guys have the balls to come back around.  Then they can fish their broken drone out of my swimming pool while I have the Sheriff come and arrest them for trespassing.

It made me think: WTF is the world coming to where people don't think they have the ethical or moral duty to allow others their privacy?  It seems that people have run rampant out there believing that they have this "self-entitlement" of "I can do whatever I want and nobody can stop me" mentality.  Even worse, who were these guys?  Is this something I have to worry about for later since it's pretty clear that they had MY house singled out on the entire block?

Going even deeper, I realized that maybe I need to take a step back again.  It seems that when I become a little too "high profile" then shit like this starts to happen and I have to worry about my own security.  At the end of the day, I have to this all worth it? The answer always comes back a resounding NO!  It's not worth it.  Nothing is worth the compromise of my personal security.

So, now I'm back to considering whether I'll be staying in the teaching/mentoring game...or not.  I love teaching my students but, at the same time, when you have a few crack-pots out there, it only takes one for my life to be in complete danger.  Only one.  And that's one more than I want in my life.

If you recall, I was lucky to have a body guard at my Detroit event because I had a stalker in attendance who was carrying a knife and God knows what else.  Since then I've committed to having a body guard at every event from now on.  As my entourage seems to grow in size, I have to wonder how crazy do I want this to get before letting go.

I'm a huge fan of Pam Grout who wrote a couple of books (available on Amazon) called E2 and E3.  Good stuff if you want to understand first hand how the law of attraction works.  I recently received an email from her on a recent blog posting since I've subscribed on her website.  It was talking about this woman who had cancer and used one of the techniques to find the help she was seeking to help her heal.

The first person I thought of was my friend Ruth who is dying of cancer.  I told you about her last year.  She has breast cancer.  This blog happened to mention a variety of different things this woman came across when she asked the universe where to go for information in 2 simple words (which I'll tell you in a minute).

I thought about Ruth and wondered if I should email her the blog.  I didn't want her to think I was sending her junk because, for me personally, I really don't like it when people forward me stuff unless it's something I'm really into.  I pondered on it then let it go.

Not but an hour later I ran into Ruth at a local Bed, Bath and Beyond where I had to get a gift card for a friend of mine who just got married.  First of all, I never run into anyone since my city is so large in size.  Second, I rarely go to Bed, Bath and Beyond for anything anymore these days and it was odd how, out of the blue, I just decided to go there of all places to get the gift card.

I told Ruth that I had been thinking about her and if I should forward her the email.  Her face lit up and she said, "Yes, send it!"  So, I sent it later on that day.  Then I hadn't heard from her in about a week or longer after that.  It was weird.  No reply.  No "thanks" for the email.  Nothing.  I wondered if she had received it.

Then she send me an email back that said..."Wow, I'm so glad you sent me that!  Show me, incredible.  ~Ruth"

What is she talking about...??

"Show me."  Those are the 2 magic words.  I thought about it..."Show me."  Could I possibly use these 2 simple words to help redirect my life?  After all, my "toiling" about life isn't as serious as someone who is looking for a cancer cure.

So...I tried it.  "Show me."

"Show me the direction in my life that I should be going in right now."

Then I let it go.

Not but a day later, I was mysteriously jolted with an earth-shattering idea that will completely change the context of my daily life as I know it, giving me the day-to-day freedom I've been craving for the past few years but didn't have the nerve to put into action, probably because it wasn't the right time as it is now.

Then yesterday...a second earth-shattering life-changing investment opportunity in real estate that hasn't gotten me this excited about real estate investing since about 2010...before I started losing my "groove" and luster for the biz.  (For those of you attending this upcoming Vegas event, I may share a little of this life-changing opportunity if I have enough information for you in such a short period of time.)

Then a hard decision...whether to finish my book or not.  I can still go either way with it right now.  (I'd like to finish it.)  We'll see.

Bottom line, the safety of my family has to come first.  Always.  And if it means completely rearranging my life to ensure that this safety is in place, so be it.

If you need direction in your life in any capacity, just use the 2 magic words:  Show me! Then let it go.

Let me know what happens.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  The Vegas event on May 15th & 16th is filling up fast!  Register now at!

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Monday, April 20 2015

Many of you know that I started off with $5,000,000 in investor partnership cash for those who attend my Vegas event on May 15th & 16th.

Now it's up to $7,000,000 and I just may get another million by the time I do the event next month.

But what does this mean exactly?

It means that those of you who enroll, pay for, and attend this Las Vegas Event will gain exclusive access to these funds for your deals.

Now, to be clear, these funds will act as down payment cash for your deals.  So, for instance, if you find a cash flowing property that has a purchase price of $5,000,000 then the down payment requirement (in most cases) will be 20% or $1,000,000.

This is what this cash is for.  It's for acquiring property with my investor partners.

Your "cut" on each deal that you submit (that is accepted and purchased for partnership) is 33%.  This means 33% of the monthly cash flow and 33% of the gained equity.

Now, what is "gained" equity?

Gained equity is the equity that is gained after the acquisition of the property that does NOT include the equity from the down payment.  Using the example above, if your property is $5,000,000 and the down payment is $1,000,000...after the close of escrow (provided that the property appraises at the purchase price), you'll have $1,000,000 in equity from the down payment.  That doesn't count.

Gained equity is the equity that is built through appreciation AFTER acquisition.  And that's the part you split.

So...say after the 36-month partnership term (which is typical in these deals; sometimes it goes to 5 years) the new appraised value is $7,000,000.  This means the "gained" equity from the purchase price (of $5,000,000) and the new value that you sell the property for (at $7,000,000) is a difference of $2,000,000.  This is the amount you split.  So, it ends up being $330,000 for each million dollars in gained equity...or $660,000 in the above example.

Not too shabby considering that you'll have walked in without putting a penny into the deal.

And, of course, that doesn't include all the cash you made on a monthly basis from the deal before you cashed out at the end.

Right now, we have access to a total of $7,000,000 in cash (even though my website still says $5,000,000) for these partnership deals.  This means we can leverage between $30,000,000 and $35,000,000 in deals depending on the down payment requirement.  (Most MHP deals require a larger down payment; on the other hand, all of my investor partners have the connections with smaller banks to get up to an 85% LTV on most residential-commercial deals that are stabilized.)

But again, this opportunity is ONLY for those who attend this 2-day event.  It's the first ever No-Cash-No-Credit 100% LTV Real Estate Cash Flow Boot Camp Seminar in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 15th & 16th.

The early-bird deal ends next week.  And we may or may not have any more Platinum VIP slots left.  (Call the office if you want to enroll as a Platinum VIP to see if there are any slots left.  I don't believe there are any more but sometimes we'll have a student cancel unexpectedly.)  Our office number is (661) 295-5050.

You can still get Gold VIP at the BOGO deal price!

Remember, seating is limited and it's going fast.  If you want to participate in this amazing opportunity that made handful of students into millionaires the last couple of times I've offered this opportunity then DO NOT miss out on this event!

Here's the link:

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Monday, April 06 2015

I wanted to share something personal about myself and something I've discovered that has changed the course of my future.

At the last seminar, I discussed (and not at great length) about how years ago I was diagnosed as being bi-polar.  Typically with bi-polar, one feels both depressed and super happy (elated) except that I feel mostly the depressed side of things.  This is, of course, a daily battle for me.

When my mom passed away in July 2005 (yes, it's quickly coming up on 10 years now), I was so crestfallen and beyond despondent that I started taking any type of numbing prescription medication to numb the pain of her suddenly and unexpectedly departing from my life (long before her time, in my opinion).  However, I found that most of these drugs put me in a semi-comatose state.  

One particular drug for anxiety that I was taking (called Lexapro) stopped working.  However, when I tried getting off the drug, I was reduced to lying in a fetal position in a dark corner, shaking, and sick to my stomach.  This is when I fully understood (and could empathize) with what it was like to be a drug addict.  Many don't take the drugs to get high anymore; they take the drugs so they don't get deathly ill.

I was very lucky when I got pregnant with my daughter in late 2007.  My doctor told me that I had to get off of everything.  I feared the result of having to try getting off Lexapro again but found that I was lucky to get a "system reboot," if you will.  With the raised hormonal levels in my body, I was able to seamlessly get off the Lexapro without any withdrawal symptoms.  (Call it a miracle because that's how I look at it.)

Since then, I've been off every type of prescription medication.  I still battle depression but I do it with all-natural remedies.  I take a complicated cocktail of herbs and vitamins each morning with a "greens" veggie-based shake.  I've found that most of it doesn't really do much for depression.  Yes, I take Omega-3, St. John's Wort, SAMe, B-Complex (changing it out with B-12 every so often), and some other base vitamins (including a colon cleanse capsule).

But...I noticed a significant change when I started taking this liquid Vitamin D3 oil.  You're only supposed to take one drop per day (which is equal to 4,000 IUs).  However, studies have been done where people have curtailed many types of diseases by consuming an "overdose" amount between 50,000 and 100,000 IUs per day.  This has also known to help with depression as well.  (Even the Mayo Clinic has recommended "overdosing" amounts for a listing of several diseases at this link:

Even then, my moods were still "tempermental" and uncontrollable at best.  I would basically have to throw a dart at a dartboard each day to see whether I'd feel happy or bitchy.  And I hate having that lack of control over my own health and mental well-being.

Then I read something that changed everything.  Literally everything!

First, I sort of stumbled on this health "secret" by accident.  A couple of years ago I spent a fortune putting an outdoor balcony off my master bedroom that...I never used.  And in January of this year I'm like WTF?  Why am I not using this awesome balcony where I have a full set of outdoor furniture and a beautiful view of the mountains.

So, as a relaxation tool (mostly), I started sitting outside for at least 30 minutes.  I'd have a cold bottle of water and sit there with my sunglasses on.  After doing this for a few days, I noticed a major 180-degree in my moods the following day (after spending time in the sun). I felt happy, content, blessed, gracious, and really freaking awesome!

Of course, I thought it was a fluke.  It must be my imagination, after all.  Right?

This is when I started reading some things on what I'll coin as the Sun-Depression Connection.  There is clinical proof and evidence that when the body gets sun, it gives the body 10,000 IUs per 20-30 minutes of sun.

Hell, I didn't need the oily D3 drops (that sometimes hurts my kidneys and liver with dull pains) when I could just sit in the sun for a day full of happiness the next day.

Of course, I had to sit in the sun for a minimum of 30 minutes for it to have any affect. Anything less didn't cut it.  And if I could swing an hour, I was home free the next day.  I felt like I was on Cloud 9 all the next day if I could get that hour in the day before.

I always tell Ron that I can't survive in Michigan.  In California there are a minimum of 330 sunny days per year (minimum...of course, no rain either, which is clearly a problem) but each time I'm in Michigan I'm lucky to see a sliver of the sun for minutes at a time before it disappears.

After a week I start looking at bridges and thinking about what it would be like to jump off...that's how depressed I get sometimes.

If you don't have depression, it's very hard to understand that it's a very real disease.  It's not like you can "snap out of it" and stop thinking despondent thoughts.  Rather it can consume its victims, especially when the devil on their shoulder starts whispering such awful things (usually in the middle of the night)...I believe this is what happened to Robin Williams. Again, it's a very real disease that is hard to pin down.  

Unfortunately, more and more people are starting to feel depressed as we become more disconnected with one another while the pressures of such a fast-paced lifestyle begin to get the better of us.  Because of this fact, we need to take time to take better care of ourselves; we need to take time out for ourselves.

If you know anyone who is depressed, tell them to get a minimum of 30 solid minutes in the sun per day.  They'll notice the uplifting attitude changes almost immediately.  I try to stick to my daily regimen but sometimes working too many hours gets in the way.  The next day, of course, everyone has to pay the consequences for my lack of sunshine the day before. And that just sucks for everyone.  So when I sit in the sun, I know it's not just for me.  It's for my daughter, my staff, and my students, too.  It's so that I stop turning into Ms. Hyde.

If you're not depressed, you can probably benefit from this bit of advice even more.  If you're already a happy person with a bouncing positive attitude then you'll rule the world with rays of sunshine and happiness if you try this 30-minute daily sun routine.

And if not, worst case, you'll get a bit of a tan.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main


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Saturday, April 04 2015

Good news and bad news...

First, the bad news.  It seems that some of my students are using the 100% LTV Bond Funding Program incorrectly and therefore not finding success with the program as they anticipated (and I'll explain why in a second).

But...the good news.  I have quite a few students who have successfully closed on deals using the 100% LTV Bond Funding Program since the beginning of this year.

I should also mention that I've closed 2 partnership deals using this program as well so...yes, this works.

Okay, let's talk about the boneheads who can't close using the Bond Funding Program.  Why do I so disrespectfully call them boneheads?  Because they are boneheads.  That's why.  They want to blame the system rather than blaming their personal inadequacy in following simple instructions.

And following instructions tends to be a re-occurring theme in whether people are successful in acquiring real estate, or not.  (So, maybe -- just maybe -- following directions could be important in every aspect of real estate investing.)

Now, for those of you who are new to the 100% LTV Bond Funding Program, this is a cutting-edge new program where you can get a 100% LTV for your real estate deal provided that the deal is $1,000,000 or over.  (It used to be $10 million then $5 million. Now it's down to a million.  Pretty cool, huh?)

Essentially bond funding is like a "mutual fund" for private investors.  They throw money into a pool, have not much of an idea as to what their money is funding (except that it's for real estate and other businesses), then wait to receive dividends as their money extracts interest.  So, basically, this is a loan (as far as you are concerned).  And no, this isn't grant money that you don't have to pay back.  Again, it's no different than a loan.  Period.

So, where do you fit into all of this?

You find a stable cash flowing piece of real estate, do the numbers to make sure it can support a 100% LTV, and then put it under contract.

THEN you submit for your approval on the 100% LTV Bond.

Back to the boneheads I was speaking about.

All of them -- yes ALL -- submitted their deals without being under contract.  So, they'd get the approval on the bond but the seller would either (a) raise the asking price or (b) put it under contract with someone else by the time my student(s) had the opportunity to get the property.

Yes, that is what they would refer to as being "half-ass and backwards."

Putting a deal under contract isn't that hard, folks.  You simply tell the listing agent exactly what you're doing -- even telling him or her that you're putting 100% cash into the deal with a clause about getting financing if needed -- and then lock it up.  Make sure there's a clause where you can back out if you change your mind based on the results of your "final inspection."

And that's it.

Every student that has been successful getting their 100% LTV Bond Funding deal done has had their deal under contract BEFORE submitting in for approval.  On the other hand, every student who has lost their deal, has done so because they DIDN'T have their property under contract before they submitted for approval.

Yet, again, they are quick to blame the system instead of blaming themselves for not following the instructions provided.

Here's another little "hang up" for some of my students who, again, don't understand the system in place.

The people funding these bonds need to see that you have 1% to 2% of the purchase price of the property.  And my little secret for my students that is NOT supposed to be discussed with the money broker or the bond funding people is that you can use a VOD company to show these funds.  A VOD company can show that you have any amount of money in "your" bank account (or an account with your name on it) for a small fee, of course.

So, for a $1 million deal, you'll have to show that you have $10,000 to $20,000 in a bank account somewhere.

And if you don't have it, go to a VOD (verification of deposit) company.  Again, this is NOT something you divulge to the money broker or the bond funding people.

By the way, know how to operate a calculator.  My money broker got into an argument with a student of mine over the phone who insisted that 2% of $10,000,000 is only $20,000.  At this stage in the game, if you can't operate a calculator...just give up now.  Don't bother.  The rest of the road will be extremely treacherous for you.

One more thing, don't be going after these $10,000,000 deals if you can't show some realistic proof that you know how to manage a property this large.  Your range should be between $1,000,000 and $3,000,000.  And that's it.  You can get your bigger deals later. First show these people that you can manage the property you get through their bond program then get a second and third property progressing up the financial ladder.  Last time I checked, working your way UP is by climbing up and not just ending up there by helicopter in an instant with no progression.

This 100% LTV Bond Funding Program can work for buying businesses as well as working with other money-making assets and enterprises as well.  It's not just for real estate.

All of this will be laid out including some of the changes that have occurred with the 100% Bond Funding Program, making it even more accessible to people who know how to use the the May 15th and 16th Las Vegas No-Cash-No-Credit 100% LTV Real Estate Boot Camp Seminar.

And if you bring a deal with you (preferably on a printed out Cash Flow Evaluator), the money broker can take a look at your deal on site to see if it's even worth submitting for approval before going to the next step (which is securing it under contract THEN submitting for a formal approval).

This is something that my money broker usually never offers to do but he'll take a look at your deal for you IF you bring it.  And he's only offering this option for this next event ONLY so...bring a deal!

I'm already getting very full on Platinum VIP.  If you want to come as Platinum, now is the time to register because if you wait until the deadline for my special deal (which ends on Friday, April 10th), Platinum VIP will be sold out by then and you'll have to go on a waiting list.

Here's the link:

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Thursday, April 02 2015

I'm addicted to Dateline, 20/20 and 48 Hours.  I record every episode and watch every morsel of each show every week.

One of the episodes I finally go to watch that was recently recorded was a 20/20 episode about how this guy who was making $200,000 a year as a CFO but lost his job for making some stupid video then posting it on YouTube.  Even worse, the video showed what a pompous ass he really was as he was chastising a young lady working at the Chick-fil-A drive-through for working for such a morally incorrect company.

First of all, I don't think ANYBODY ever agrees with their company's beliefs and/or policies 100% of the time.  So if everybody quit their job because of these types of belief disparities then there would be a lot of people sitting at home all day watching People's Court and Dr. Phil, unemployed of course.

And second, to belittle this poor young lady who already has a belittling job working for peanuts at some stinking low-grade chicken joint is really out of line.  He didn't know what her story was or why she had to work there.  Maybe she was a college student working 2 jobs for tuition.  Or maybe she's a single parent and needs the job, having found no other options.

Yet, not only does he humiliate her with a string of uncalled for questions about why she's working for such a morally incorrect company but the dummy posts it on YouTube.  Why would anyone think that humiliating an innocent person then posting it for everyone in the world to see would be "righteous" in any way?

But, karma is a bitch, as they say.  So now Mr. CFO who was making $200,000 a year is on food stamps.  Even worse (for him) is that nobody wants to hire him because he's considered a major legal liability.  He's been living in poverty for 2 years now since the "incident."

Now his wife has become the breadwinner because he, just like many other formerly-well-paid economic casualties, he's grabbing at straws and can't even squeak out a minimum wage job.  (The drive-through employee he was belittling makes more money than he does now.)

This is probably why I never saw any value in climbing the corporate ladder.  Apparently somebody gave me a crystal ball because I always said (even when I was a teenager) that there is never any financial security when somebody else is holding all the purse strings while making all the decisions about your career path.

Then Aran Dunlop, my star mobile home park student (who will be speaking in Vegas), sent me an email with a link in it which I thought was interesting.  It's a Bloomberg Business article (which is my favorite periodical) about how U.S. home prices are surging 13 times faster than wages.  (Here's the article if you care to read it:

Sounds like a losing battle for most Americans.

Most of you know I live in an upper-middle class area.  My daughter goes to a public school that gives a private school-quality education.  (It's because of parents like me that donate a lot of money to the school.)  And her school is starting to panic.

It seems that there are too-few new students who are enrolling into the school.  This is presenting a problem because it will interfere with the government funding that they do get.

I started to think about it.  You have higher class people who aren't having as many children.  You have lower class people pumping out as many kids as they can.  (This isn't always the case but it's statistically correct if you check your stats.)

Couple this with the ever-widening separation of the classes that's already been in full swing for the past couple of decades and you have the Perfect Storm pointing to a very near future of only low class and high class...and absolutely nothing in between.

You'll have the home owners of large homes.  And the gardeners, maids, and pool boys who tend to them.  Nothing in between.

You'll have the luxury car owners who drive the Bentleys.  And you'll have the detail services who clean those cars.  Nothing in between.

You'll have the wealthy who take high-end vacations.  And you'll have the food service workers, cabana boys, and maids who vacuum the rooms while changing the sheets. Nothing in between.

Kind of scary, isn't it?

The middle class is being muscled out by the day.  And as with any shocking, quickly-unfolding disaster, most people will end up on the side that has the most space.  This will be, of course, the low class side.  My prediction is that 92% will be low class (making less than $50,000 a year), 5% will be upper-middle to high class, 2% will be ultra rich, and 1% will remain the elite wealthy.  I'm not sure if the numbers will fall exactly as such but it'll be pretty damn close.

The good news (for you, at least) is that those 5% in the upper-middle class category will be making upwards of $300,000+ per year.  Nothing staggering.  It's not like you have to clear $1 million or more a year to make that 5% cut.  At least not for another couple of decades or so yet.

This is why I teach both Aggressive and Passive Income Strategies.  If you follow my business plans and investment strategies, you'll never have to worry about being Mr. CFO who went from making $200,000 to living on food stamps.  In fact, if Mr. CFO ever got his head out of his ass**** then he wouldn't have to live like that anymore.  Instead of being in a tailspin over the next "job," he can write his own checks and make what he wants with his own business or by investing in passive income real estate.

The problem is that most people are too fearful of taking that step.  Instead they keep clicking the send button...sending out yet another resume in search for that Holy Grail "perfect" job (that will never come) and losing their self-confidence with each passing second.

And that's just madness.  All over fear of doing something else.

I'm sorry but I'm fearful when somebody else has my future in their hands.  That's when I start to freak out.  I don't know how anyone can think they are secure in their "good-paying job" when the rug can be pulled out at any time.

Case in point, the former CEO of American Apparel who lost his job recently.  Even though he still lives in this gorgeous estate overlooking Los Angeles, he admitted that he's dead broke (and about to lose everything).  Instead of finding a new path (or, as I was yelling at him through the TV, "Start your own clothing company, you fool!") he's obsessed with getting his JOB back with American Apparel.  However, because he's such a loose cannon (i.e. legal liability), he doesn't realize that American Apparel will NEVER hire him back. (They can't afford to.)  Pretty soon he'll be like Mr. CFO...on welfare and food stamps.  Too narrow minded to realize the power of being able to write his own check in life.

If you haven't woken up yet...WAKE UP!

The cards are stacked against you and becoming more so as the clock ticks and ticks away. This year of 2015 is supposed to be your year, yet we just closed out the first quarter and you've still done...nothing.

I'm going to be doing a life-changing event on May 15th & 16th in Las Vegas called my 2-day first-ever No-Cash-No-Credit 100% LTV Real Estate Boot Camp Seminar.  I'll be presenting a variety of different 100% LTV strategies including how to raise the cash for your deals (and it's much easier than you think).  I'll be having more speakers than I usually have, all with cutting-edge information that will blow your mind.

And when you leave, you'll have a clear and concise plan on exactly how to make money in passive income real estate starting with no cash and no credit.

Additionally, you'll be given the opportunity to basically spend $7,000,000 of my investor partner's money on your own real estate deals which can potentially make you a millionaire overnight.  And I don't see that there will be many more of these opportunities left with my investor least not that I can see for right now.

Register for this event right now.  Get the Spring Blow Out Deal that will give you some extra bonuses that you won't get when this deal is over.

And start carving out YOUR financial future by writing your OWN check.  Stop depending on someone else otherwise the rug can be pulled out at any moment.  Even if the rug stays in tact, with as fast as housing prices and other basics going up (in appreciation), how long will you realistically be able to sustain your current lifestyle making what you're making now?  Pretty soon the music will stop.  And it's doubtful you'll have a chair to sit in when that happens if you remain on this track.

Here's the link where you can listen to a powerful audio seminar:

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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