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Monday, January 01 2024

I'm not gonna lie.

2023 was kind of a rough year for me.

In January of last year, little did I know that I was sitting on the threshold of a tsunami of change that I would have never anticipated in my wildest dreams.

February rolled around.  I had this odd dream about my deceased mother.  She was showing me a map of the panhandle of Florida...a map I knew well due to my many years of real estate investing.  She showed me a brand-new house, told me to choose the one closest to the ocean, told me the price, said escrow would be rocky in the beginning but not to worry because we'd close...and that we'd definitely be moving to Florida.


Moving out of state was kind of always a distant fantasy of mine, being that I had gotten to the point where I hated Southern California with a passion over my 35+ years I had lived there.

California, in my opinion, had only gotten worse in the past decade, only greatly enhanced by the pandemic with an explosion of crime and homelessness at levels I had never seen before.

Leaving my house each day felt less like an adventure and more like a life-risking ordeal.  My life could have ended at any point between my house and my office, only a few miles away, among the many perils from a car jacking, road rage incident, robbery at gunpoint at my corner gas station, or by a hopped up crack addict who'd light me afire if I didn't give him enough pocket change for his next hit.

Think I'm exaggerating?

Take a trip to LA.  Then we can compare notes when you get back...

IF you get back.

But for me, it was the classic "Boiling Frog Syndrome."  You've heard of that, right?

It's when you get used to something getting so bad that you don't notice over time...because you become immune to it.  You get used to the way things are.  So when things get fractionally worse, you hardly notice.  Then they get worse and worse and worse...even by single digit percentages, so seemingly small, but over time it's a monumental that you don't seem to notice because you've been sitting in the pot since the water was warm.  Now it's 200 degrees and you don't even notice because the temperature went up only one degree at a time over a long time...until you're cooked and it's too late!

So, I was "okay" with being in California.  I was just...used to it.  And I think I lost such a huge chunk of my soul at that point, I barely noticed whether I was content or discontent.  I just...flatlined.  And I accepted that maybe that's just the way things are supposed to be.  And that I'd be okay until I'd die, I guess.

That's when I had "the dream" with my mom.

But it wasn't enough for me.

Until it snowed.

Yes, it snowed in Stevenson Ranch where I lived.

I immediately went to, looked at new houses in the panhandle of Florida, and chose the one closest to the ocean.  I called the builder's office and as the phone rang, I told myself, If this is meant to be, I'll get a hustler sales person and it'll happen like greased lightning.

Guess what?  No surprise.  I got a hustler real estate agent who worked for the builder.  And it all happened like greased lightning.

I got the house for the price my mom said it would be.  To the penny.

The rest of the spring and summer was all about packing, sending Pods, packing some more, sending more Pods...just packing, moving in a seemingly never-ending way until it was over.

To cap it all off, we went to Paris on a trip we had planned pre-pandemic.  I thought... What a great way to end the move than to take a relaxing trip to France.  Not realizing that I simply was not prepared for a trip of any kind and I would have been better off sitting at the beach for 2 weeks instead.  After all, I live in Panama City Beach right now.  Why would I need to take a vacation?  I'm already on vacation 24/7.

Now here I sit one year later, thinking about where I was in early January 2023, and realizing that I was on the threshold of something really big and incredibly fantastic...and I didn't even know it yet.

What great threshold are YOU sitting on right now?  And where might you be one year from now?

Only time will tell.  But I will say this:  YOU have to have a hand in the change.  YOU have to dare to do something different.  Because if you don't, I can tell you where you'll be in one year from now.  Exactly where you are now.  And if you don't like it, oh well. It'll be all your fault with nobody else to blame.

Think about this:  What if I didn't listen to my mom's dream?  What if I didn't go on Zillow to look at listings in the area I believed my mom was describing in the dream?  What if I didn't pick up the phone make the call to the real estate agent in Florida?  What if I never put in an offer or followed through on any of the other MANY steps required to make this massive positive change happen in my life?

Exactly.  NOTHING would have happened.

And how many times have YOU not did the research, made the phone calls, or followed through on the dreams you had for yourself and your life?

Isn't it time to CHANGE that?

(I think so.)

It starts by CLICKING HERE.  This is that ONE THING that can change everything for you.  And it's not something you should take lightly.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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