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Sunday, November 25 2012
One More Secret!
There is one more thing I should mention!
Okay, you remember that over the past week and a half I've been sharing different details about how you can change your life by the end of this year, making 2013 your "magical" year...including giving you a 21-page Magic Report (for those of you who requested it)?
After putting together the report and mulling over it for a few days, I realized that there is one element that trumps over everything else when it comes to being successful in everything that I do.
Now, this doesn't work unless you have both an action plan and the motivation (and enthusiasm) to do the plan. have to be doing the plan.
As I mentioned (about 5 emails ago), you have to be working a plan.  Once you start working a plan, the Universe will start making ways for you and altering your plan into something that is better for you.  The point, though, is that you have to be working a plan into a productive direction in order for the Universe to start helping you.  If you plan something but sit on your ass watching Judge Judy, the Universe will do nothing for you.
With that said, I can now get down to business with "my secret."
Once you get rolling with the implementation of your action plan, you can't care about the outcome.  That's the rule.
Part of the reason my life works so well is because I don't give a damn day to day what the outcome is (or isn't).  I have learned to trust that things will work out.
Bottom line:  I set forth a solid and strong plan in motion and I then let go, not giving a damn what happens from that point forward.
Seriously...I don't give a damn.  I completely let go and understand that whatever happens, happens.
Now, in order for this to work well you have to obviously have a solid action plan and be implementing that plan.  You have to be doing the very best you can do with the resources that you have.  You can't beat yourself up if you don't have enough in resources including knowledge, experience, money, etc.  Again, do the best you can with what you have and you'll be surprised at what will open up for you.
After a time when you start to realize that the Universe will begin "helping" you along the way with knowledge, people, and other resources, you'll start to trust that you'll be taken care of with whatever endeavor you decide to go forth with.
And with trust you'll get more results from the Universe.  With more results, you'll have more trust.  With trust, the flood gates will fully open.
And you'll never have to worry again about what to do in any situation or circumstance.  You'll always be taken care of.  Automatically.
To be clear, the secret is to give it your all and not give a damn about what happens.  When you can truly let go, you'll realize just how miraculous things will start to happen in your life.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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