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Monday, November 19 2012
The Secret to Clearing
Okay, yesterday I left you hanging on which of the energy flowing elements you should do first while you're devising your list of exactly what you want.
Now, you probably don't remember the list and it doesn't matter.  I'm only going to be talking about one of the elements right now.
My most unproductive days are when I'm sitting amongst a pile of crap on both of my desks.  (I have 2 desks.)  In fact, a single unproductive day can easily and quickly slip into a full week of non-productivity when there is piles of crap everywhere.
I feel busy all day, every day.  Yet nothing gets done.
When I finally realize what's happening, I'll take everything off my desk.  I'll then grab a bottle of spray and a paper towel.  I spray, wipe, and get rid of all of the dirt.  Then I organize everything including throwing paperwork and other stuff away.  Other stuff I file away.
Immediately after I get done with this simple and quick cleaning process, my productivity comes back.  Projects that were stumped become "unclogged."  Everything starts to resume back in a full force working order.
All from cleaning my desk.
About 18 months ago was the last time I visited my dad at his house in San Clemente, California.  My dad is usually a very clean and neat person.  He always has been.
However, the last time I was at his house showed a completely different thing than what I was used to.
This, unfortunately, explained why his life was a mess.
I went to his house and there were boxes everywhere.  Paperwork was stacked in corners.  You could barely walk through the place without wanting to scream!
I lasted all of 10 minutes in his house then left.
I no longer wondered why he was almost confused and disoriented about his life.  He was in a depression and a downward spiral.  This was right before I discovered him ripping off my company and then lying to me about it.
And right before I permanently fired him which, of course, sent him in to further personal and financial problems.
All because his freakin' house is a disaster.
There is power in getting rid of things that no longer service you.  Give them away.  Other people can use the stuff.  Make frequent trips to Goodwill or the Salvation Army with your stuff.  There is power in circulating your unused stuff and putting it back into circulation for others to make use of it.
What you have left, make it neat and organized.  Organize paperwork and receipts.  Put old paperwork and documents into bank boxes and store them out of sight and out of mind.  Get rid of dust and dirt.
Not only will you begin to think more clearly (and feel much better) but you'll also realize that the Universe will respond.  It will begin to move in your favor just because your obstacles are now gone.
(Hey, why wait for "spring cleaning" when you can start organizing and cleaning now?)
I recently hired a contractor to redo my entire master bedroom closet.  They are coming out again in the next couple of weeks to do my smaller master bedroom closet.  I am also in the process of having bookcases built to make my dream library (since I have a huge book collection).
This is all clearing away the energy obstacles to make a clear path for the energy to begin working for you (and not against you in the form of blockages).
While you're working on all this, there's something else you need to do to make everything start popping for you...and fast!
If you're one of these people who need stuff to happen now, you have to start the next process.  Remember, cleaning your house alone isn't going to single-handedly do it!
There's more.
And I'll reveal that tomorrow!
(I promise.)
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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