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Thursday, August 25 2022

Apparently one of my last email blasts ruffled a couple of feathers.  Actually, just ONE set of feathers to be exact.  I've noticed that people in general who know that they themselves are deadbeats and losers, insistent on blaming the world around them for the lack of effort they are putting forth in their own lives, they really get "offended" when I call them out on the obvious.  That their lack of success is, in fact, their fault.  Not many people like to take responsibility for their own failures, as it's just easier to blame the government, or this guy, or that guy, or their spouse, or their kids, or everyone else but the person they see in the mirror.  If you're one of these people who is insistent on refusing to take personal responsibility to ANY degree about how to better your life, I don't want you reading my emails anymore.  (There's a link at the bottom where you can kindly remove yourself off my email blast list right now.)

Such a woman was this idiot named Marina.  She sent me an email that looked like it was written by a half-illiterate elementary school child claiming that I don't know what it's like to be poor and starving and this and that.  Blah, blah, blah.  In which I replied:  Yes, I went without many meals as a child.  So what?  I survived.  Yes, we went without utilities as a child when many times basic services were shut off for weeks on end including water and gas.  But I made it through.  Yes, we were even homeless for a bit.  Again, all water under the bridge.  The KEY POINT is that don't see me bitching or complaining or needlessly rehashing these memories because I grabbed myself up by my bootstraps (with the help of NO ONE, mind you) and went on to become successful on my own.  No excuses.  Boot camp style, my friend.  You find the opportunities.  You find the "loopholes" and study how success can be a part of your life.  And you take action to make it happen.  Very simple.  Furthermore, I've come to understand that it's our difficult times in life -- even our most desperate times -- that build us as spirits/souls.  Without pressure and stress, a diamond cannot be formed.  The best of who you are is defined by the most difficult periods of your life and how you got through, NOT by the happy-happy-joy-joy periods.  And we each can choose how to look at it.  Boo-hoo about it?  Or USE the experiences to make us better?  Your choice, my choice, all of our choices.  I choose to use it and build on it for success, prosperity, and happiness.

Difference between myself and a loser like Marina is that I don't compile and brainwash myself with a bunch of excuses as to why it's everyone else's fault, feeding myself a daily waterfall of affirmations as to why everything is so bad for me without at least considering that there are other more positive possibilities.  I simply move forward, use whatever tools I have to forge ahead, and I make things happen in my own life.  People like Marina, well, they're happy being miserable, sitting in a corner crying all day about how it's everyone else's fault as to why she's too lazy to get off her pitiful ass to make things happen for herself.  Even worse, she's blaming everyone else as to why banks won't give her money and on and on.  I can only imagine what the communication looks like when she's trying to babble on to a banker or other financial professional the way she talks and writes, like a kindergartner.  Then wonders why nobody wants to give her a loan.  How about educating herself to come off as a professional?  How about figuring out HOW to get the money for deals or HOW to generate more income instead of bitching and complaining that it's everyone else's fault for her own incompetence?  Oh, no!  Not for Marina, of course.

She went on to say that I know nothing about identity theft.  Wrong again, Marina.  My entire credit was compromised by my first husband after he opened up several very large credit accounts in my name and then left me with the bill. It cost me a personal bankruptcy that took 10 years for me to sort through.  Again, I don't sit around boo-hooing about it.  I get my ass into gear and do something about it!

I think she was "offended" because I used the word FEAR a lot.  So, maybe it's not fear that's the case for Marina.  Maybe it's just laziness.  Maybe she's just apathetic.  Has she ever thought of that?  No, of course not.  Again, just easier to BLAME everybody else.  Blame Trump and Biden while you're at it.  After all, they MUST be held accountable as to why Marina can't peel her lazy pitiful ass off the couch every day to DO something productive other than whining.  In which case, she'll never get anywhere, guaranteed.  I've learned how to read people pretty good.  And I know when a certain someone should just give up and not bother trying to do anything because there is just too much negativity that they're not willing to let go.  So, for someone like Marina, I recommend that she just give up now.  Don't invest in any programs, seminars, or other materials.  She'll find something wrong with all of it even before she tries anything.  Best to just stay glued to that couch, continue watching Maury Povich, and wonder in great suspense if that DNA test will prove that the "mo-fo" on TV is really her baby-daddy.  (Oh, the suspense!)

For me, I know where I'll be in a few months from now, a year from now, and even 5 years from now.  She'll be exactly where she is now.  Still pitiful, apathetic, blaming everyone else, and wondering why her life still sucks so bad because she never shut off the negativity valve long enough to see opportunities and possibilities all around us AT ALL TIMES...even moving THROUGH us every second of every day!

So...say you're kind of like Marina and you (ideally and hopefully) don't want to be anymore.  It's a choice.  Choose NOT to be like her.  But I'll make it real easy on you by telling you HOW to not be like her.  Start OPENING YOUR EYES to what's going on out there in the world.  CHOOSE to focus on the positive instead of falling into the nightly news negativity abyss each day for hours on end.

Here's an assignment for you:

1)  Stop watching the news in ALL FORMS for 7 solid days.  This includes avoiding Yahoo! News, MSNBC, CNN, FOX, your local nightly news, whatever.  You get the point, I hope.

2)  Start noticing things around you.  Notice ALL of the positive, especially when it comes to wealth.  NOTICE the guy driving the new Porsche, or the lady in that hot red Mercedes-Benz convertible.  NOTICE.  Then listen to what you are saying to yourself.  Are you grumbling about why you don't have that?  Are you assuming they were born into wealth or stole the money?  Then make a CHOICE to switch your thinking and say out loud, "If he can have that, I can have that too."  Or, "If she can drive that car, I can certainly find a way to make the money to drive that too."  Again, say it OUT LOUD, even a few times, so you can start wiring that brain of yours.

3)  Watch nothing negative before bedtime.  This includes 48-Hours, Dateline, crime shows or horror movies.

4)  Right before you fall asleep, ask how you can achieve certain things you're looking to achieve.  For example, you might say, "How can I generate an extra $20,000 per month net in income?  What ways are there that can allow me to do this?"  Then let it go.   Keep repeating this night after night until you receive an answer.  You'll have your answer in a couple of days or less!

5)  When you get your answer, move on it.  Start creating and working a doable action plan.  Don't let your mind talk you out of it.  Keep forging ahead yet stay flexible for new ideas.  You're usually shown new creative ways to get things done when you stay open.  Keep working on your plan.  Do at least one thing each day to complete your plan.

We can all choose to make this shift or we can choose to make excuses while blaming the world around us.  In all reality, we ARE our world.  We ARE our universe.  And you can make it anything you want.  You can choose Marina's universe.  Or you can choose to create something completely different.

Your choice, my friend.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  I'm doing a power-packed free training tonight.  It's on a subject I've wanted to talk to you about for years...and I'm finally doing it.  CLICK HERE to register.  Even if you don't think you can make it, REGISTER ANYWAY.  By registering, you'll automatically get the replay.  CLICK HERE NOW!

P.P.S.  I mentioned before that Andrew Shaw is retiring next year.  So, this means two (2) critical things:  (1) Andrew will be making his LAST APPEARANCE at the upcoming BNB Bootcamp Seminar on October 1st and 2nd in Burbank, California.  If you're not registered yet, CLICK HERE to register now.  And...(2) the last opportunity to do partnership deals will end at the end of next year.  So, you have ONE LAST CHANCE to get funding for your deals backed by Andrew Shaw.  CLICK HERE to check out his Funding On Demand Group right now!

P.P.P.S.  The 2023 Motherload Resource Directory is NOW AVAILABLE.  I'm adding a bonus to this directory for all order that have been placed in the past week up to tomorrow.  This extra bonus resource is a BRAND NEW source to get mortgages with quick approvals (for property flips and Airbnb property deals) and cash (for down payments and closing costs).  I will NOT be offering this bonus ever again.  Guaranteed.  CLICK HERE to get this directory RIGHT NOW!


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Friday, August 19 2022

Here we are.  Summer is coming to an end.  My daughter started high school this year.  Here in California, we start school in the middle of August.  School seems to start earlier and earlier with each passing year.

Anyway, here's the reason I'm sending you this email:  Three weeks ago I had this conversation with my most successful real estate investing student (now investor partner), Andrew Shaw.  He's been working one-on-one with some of my higher-level students in getting them funding for their deals.

But that's not what he wanted to talk to me about.

He said, "I know what you're talking about know, all that zen sh** you kept telling me all these years?  I get it now."

I didn't understand his point or what he was trying to tell me.  All I cared about was whether he's speaking at the upcoming two-day BNB Boot Camp Seminar in Burbank, California on October 1st and 2nd.  (I already knew what he'd tell me though.)  I think based on the radio silence, he figured out that I was clueless as to what he was trying to say.

Then he said, "You know I am committed to the Funding On Demand Group for the rest of this year and all of next year, right?  But after that, I'm out."

"Out?  What does that mean?" I asked.

"I decided to retire.  There's only so much money I can earn and I got kind of complacent with the Airbnb investing...not having to stress out so much.  And I really got used to that.  I talked to my CPA and he told me that I have enough to retire.  Hell, my daughter Katie and her kids...when she has some kids, that is...they'll all be taken care of for life with all my investments.  So, I decided that I'm retiring."

"When?"  I did NOT see this coming!  "When are you retiring?"

"You know how you talk about picking your 'I Quit' date?  Well, I decided that my 'I Quit' date is December 31, 2023.  Next year."

Damn, I didn't see this coming.  We had already ramped up his Funding On Demand Group and I was expecting that he would offer funding on student deals for at least the next three years.  Never did I imagine that it would be so short-lived!

So, it took me awhile to figure out how I was going to break the news to everyone...especially for those of you who are currently part of the Funding On Demand Group.  (It's only a year group anyway.)  You have one year.  And that's it.  The last people we can enroll into the Funding On Demand Group will likely be the last week of December or the first week of January because it is a one-year group.  So, for those of you who have been sitting on the fence "thinking about it," I'm here to tell you that the opportunity to work directly with Andrew Shaw is coming to an end.  CLICK HERE if you think you might be interested in joining the Funding On Demand Group.

And that leads me to the second thing...the BNB Boot Camp Seminar.

To be crystal clear, I did NOT want to do another event, did NOT plan to do another event, and had NO other events scheduled on my calendar.  I think I mentioned that last year.  NO MORE EVENTS for me.

But...Andrew has a way of persuading people to do things that they otherwise don't want to do.

So, he convinced me to do the two-day event in Burbank, California for October 1st and 2nd because he said he'd be there.  He won't speak.  (He has a major fear of public speaking.)  But he said he'd be there, namely for those who are part of the Funding On Demand Apprenticeship Group (also a one-year program).  Each person who attends the event who is a Funding On Demand Apprentice Group student will get a 30-minute one-on-one meeting with Andrew in a private conference room.  For the rest of you, he'll probably be at the bar in the evening to chat with some of you.

This is exciting because the last time Andrew attended any of my events was in Detroit a few years ago when I was doing a special Underground Secret Event and he was one of the investors that ended up backing almost $20 million in property deals just from that one event.  I thought it was funny because Andrew didn't allow me to point him out.  He was in the bar in a casual outfit.  And I remember sitting at a table nearby with several students, drinking a cocktail, and I looked over at Andrew (who warned me beforehand that he wouldn't be wearing a suit) and I cracked up laughing.  Andrew was wearing a black and red plaid lumberjack shirt and a hunting hat.  I almost spit vodka and cranberry juice.  I remember a couple of students looking at me crazy-like wondering what the hell I was laughing at.  I said nothing because...our DEAL has always been that he wanted to meet people "organically" (as he called it) and to NOT know who he was so he could determine if someone would be a good investor-partner fit for him without having any preconceived expectations.  (Hey, those were his rules, not mine.)

So, if you're coming to Burbank, you'll probably get to meet Andrew at the bar.  Hopefully he's wearing something better than a lumberjack outfit in his attempt to "play himself down" as an "average guy."  You'll see.  It'll be like "Where's Waldo?"  You can see if you can spot him at the bar on the evenings of October 1st and October 2nd at the hotel where we will be hosting the event.  (You'll get hotel information once you register by CLICKING HERE.)

As you go through life, you sometimes have the feeling that things will last forever.  I certainly didn't think Andrew would be retiring so soon...or that this will be the last event he'll be talking to students at.  (Yes, I did ask him if he's open to doing one last event before he retires next year.  I promised to throw him a big retirement bash.  He gave me a sharp "HELL NO!")

So, this is it.  For those of you who want an opportunity to chat with Andrew Shaw in person, your only chance is going to be in Burbank, California on October 1st and 2nd.  THERE WILL BE NO OTHER OPPORTUNITIES...EVER!  CLICK HERE to register for the event now, if you're not already registered.

And that brings me to the FINAL thing I'd like to tell you.

I am releasing the 2023 Motherload Resource Directory which has EVEN MORE cash and money resources for you to use to get funding for your deals, for starting or buying a business, or just to get out of debt.  There's a new online application portal that you'll get access to and this can get you quick approvals on both mortgages and loans.  CLICK HERE to get the 2023 Motherload Resource Directory now!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  I did say something (in the subject line) about me retiring too.  Since Andrew Shaw is retiring out of the real estate game, I'm going back to NOT doing any more real estate trainings, events, and mentorship groups after he's done.  (He's the only reason why I came back into the world of real estate trainings, events, and mentorships.)  So, you'll be losing both of us at the same time.  I highly recommend you jump on board with SOMETHING pertaining to real estate investing with us BEFORE we both retire.

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