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Sunday, November 18 2012
And Even More Magic!!
If you're one of my many students who really is ready to change every aspect of your life then you've been reading my lengthy emails from the past few days.
And I only have more magic!
By the time I'm done with these emails, you'll have the entire puzzle put together on exactly what you'll be doing now and through December to make sure that 2013 and beyond are your most awesome years to come!
By the way, I've never shared these strategies and techniques with anyone.
Because I didn't really discover all this stuff until a handful of weeks ago when I truly realized "The Secret" behind having everything in life you've ever wanted.
And now I'm sharing this groundbreaking information with you.
Now, hopefully you've been following me because I'm just going to keep adding onto what I've been talking about since this past Thursday.
If you remember, I started talking about moving energy.  If you recall, this is what I said...

"There are several "things" that move energy:

1) Music (preferably peaceful or high energy)

2) Fragrance, smoke, or incense

3) Cleaning, organizing

4) You physically moving in the environment or exercise

5) A running fountain (constantly)

6) Talking, chanting, singing, or yelling

7) Lights

Moving energy makes things happen.  But sometimes you have to take a step back and say, "Peace, be still."  There can't always be light without darkness. There can't always be speed without stillness.  There can't always be loud without quiet...otherwise the universe doesn't work properly.  And your life won't work out well either."
While you will be able to create a peaceful magical life where things will come easy for you once you constantly feel gratitude while letting go and losing all doubt, you'll find that it's time to move energy in your favor to start making certain things happen.
I view the Universe much like ordering things online.  I'm an junkie.  I order something and in 2 days (or less), it's at my doorstep.
Of course, in order to make this work effectively, you have to have a computer (you) with a connection with no obstacles (i.e. a fast Internet connection with no wiring/wireless interference) and, most importantly, know what you want (to buy).
None of the elements themselves will help.
The computer won't help you get anything if you don't have the Internet connection or don't know what you want.  The Internet connection won't help if you aren't part of the equation (i.e. no computer) or don't know what you want.  The computer or the Internet connection alone won't help if you don't know what you want.
So, what we did in the days prior to this is get you (the computer) attached to the source with no interference by removing the obstacles.
Now...what do you want?
Because removing the obstacles and getting the "flow" going is only part of all this.
(Again, this is what most of the self-help new-age stuff is missing.)
The Universe can't deliver anything to you if you don't tell it what to bring.
It's obvious that in order to place an order from, you have to have a computer, an Internet connection, and know what you want.
But why do suddenly people get confused as to not getting what they want from "placing orders" with the Universe when they never actually place an order??!!
And no, it's not an "order" when you give a list of everything you don't want.
For example, if I call a car dealership on the phone and tell them that I don't want a POS car and I hate yellow and I don't want a gas hog and I hate American cars and I hate convertibles and I don't like cars with sunroofs and I also hate green cars too and I don't like cars made in Japan...what the hell do you think the car dealership is going to say?
Well...what the f*** do you want?
This is so obvious to you and me and everyone else on the planet.
Yet, sadly, when I talk to my students and ask them what they want, they don't know.
"I want to be rich."
Really?  What does that mean?
In Ethiopia, being "rich" could mean having $1,000 and a brand new pair of shoes.
"I want a brand new car."
What kind of car?  What color?  What year?
"I want a new house."
Where?  What city?  What state?  What country?  What color?  How many bedrooms?  How many bathrooms?  Does it have a pool?  An attached garage?  Do you want to buy it or simply rent it?
"I want a successful business."
What does "successful" mean?  What kind of business?  What kind of products/services would you sell?  What would be your gross annual revenues?  What are your net annual revenues?  How large would your office and/or warehouse be?  How many employees would you have?
"I want to have a nice body."
You get the idea...
I hope!
I've found that once you can narrow down exactly what things are important to you in obtaining in each area, you'll be able to move onto the next step.
For example, if you're find with your body and how you look, why create a "goal" when you don't need one just because some self-help book said you need to cover every aspect of your life?
Let's just be clear: Create precise goals in the areas in which you want to change.
Last year I asked my husband if he was going to write down some New Year's Resolutions.  He said no because he had nothing to "give up."
I told him that I thought he had the concept wrong.  I thought a Resolution was to Resolve a part of your life whether you had to give something up (i.e. smoking, drinking, eating like a pig, etc.) or to change something that wasn't working (i.e. starting a successful business to resolve a financial calamity, go to counseling to save a marriage, etc.).  It wasn't just about giving things up.
So, the beginning is to start ironing out what you want.  Don't mention anything about what you don't want.  Start focusing on what you do want and write it down.
In the meantime, let's start working with your energy.
You remember the list at the top of this page?
In addition to figuring out what you want, at the same time you have to start moving energy.  And you need to always start with...
More tomorrow!
(I promise.)
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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