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Monday, July 31 2017

Recently I was telling you about Vincent James' $77 Million Manual that I got off eBay MANY years ago and how it helped me create a multi-million dollar health supplement company from scratch.

For the manual itself, it was riddled with endless amounts of mistakes, English misspellings, grammatical errors, and was very difficult to read because he wrote it within days of being hauled off to prison to do a sentence concerning the mishaps with his company.  (Yes, he ended up going to jail for lying in his advertising about "clinical trials" that he never did while putting people on credit card auto-pay, making it next to impossible for them to get off of auto-billing.)  But, I believe you can LEARN from other people's mistakes just as well as their successes.  What was awesome about this book (if you can still find it anywhere) is that it gives you his EXACT blueprint to create a multi-million-dollar direct mail marketing empire INCLUDING what NOT to do to get into legal trouble like he did.  (He does talk at great length about what NOT to do which is critical for EVERY business to know!)

What I didn't quite get (especially with some of my students) is that they complain if one little thing is "off" or "wrong" with a book or manual, particularly with a misspelling or grammatical errors.  My point was that, to me, it didn't matter how many errors there are in a text provided that it's giving me a MAP to become SUPER SUCCESSFUL in whatever I'm reading about.

As the $77 Million Manual did for me.

I DID follow Vincent's advice (with some tweaks and minor changes) and started a company called Brie Labs based on his business model.  And within mere months the company turned into a CASH COW, bringing in millions of dollars based on his basic business structure as he outlined in his manual.  All because I didn't care about the misspellings and slapped together text of the book.

And to think...if I would have discounted his manual because of the misspelled words, grammatical issues, I would have been running around like the rest of the unsuccessful "perfectionists" who won't dare follow through with ANY book, course, manual or other text that has a single misspelled word or one single grammatical error because, after all, that IS the ONLY reason you're reading a book about business or investing, right?  Because you're trying to play self-appointed editor-and-chief?

This was during my recent rant about how a student sent me an email about how my 100K in 100 Days book was really good but...he noticed some grammatical errors that he wanted to correct for me.  Instead of focusing on the multi-million-dollar MAP that was provided, he decided to complain about a misspelled word and an incorrectly executed sentence.  Unbelievable.  And then it's people like him who wonder why success evades them constantly.  It's because they can't get out of their own way.  Are YOU one of these people...who just can't get out of your own way?

What's awesome about what I'm doing now is that I'm teaching my students how to follow MY EXACT blueprint business plan that I've been using for the past several years (since 2011 to be exact) that YOU can now use to build your OWN multi-million-dollar empire using direct mail marketing as the main strategy to bring in droves of orders (and money)!

And I'm doing this in a BRAND NEW Mentorship Group called Money Funnel 2.0.

CLICK HERE to listen to a 10-minute audio seminar and to see my mind-blowing testimonials from this last event!

Oh...and one more thing:  I'm doing a 3-day Money Funnel 2.0 Workshop in Valencia, California on September 28th - 30th.  I only have 3 spots left.  If you register for this rare LAST EVER event, you'll get the mentorship group AND the Money Funnel 2.0 System PLUS a slew of other bonuses!


See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main 

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Thursday, July 27 2017
Why I Suspect That This
This blog posting may ruffle a few feathers because...well, this "guru" (shown in the picture next to me) really does have a huge following.  And over the years I too have read his books, listened to his audios, etc. just to ALWAYS find myself bewildered, confused, and having no clue how to implement what he was saying...IF I could dissect what he was TRYING to say, that is.  I just thought it was me.  Maybe I was just too stupid to figure out what he was talking about.
Then I met him a couple of weeks ago.  He gave our Titanium group a one-on-one "mini seminar" where, yet again, I found myself completely confused and bewildered about what he was saying.  I even asked my own questions directly to him which was about marketing on an international level (namely doing direct mail) and, as if he was himself speaking a foreign language, I STILL didn't understand what the hell this guy was saying.  He started mumbling something about competition in China and how it wouldn't be wise to sell my products on store shelves.  Huh?  Who said anything about selling products on store shelves in China?
The guru I'm studying under right now is somebody really "old school" in the marketing world...goes back to the Gary Halbert days.  Gary is dead now.  He's been gone for about 10 years I believe.  Gary truly was the best there was in both marketing and copywriting.  Today, there are very few "real gurus" left out there to study with.  Even thought I'm not a fan of "mastermind groups," I decided to study under this one particular marketing guru for a couple of years before he either retires or kicks the bucket because he's the last one that I know of who is part of the original marketing "brat pack" from back in the day.
Back to the "guru" in the picture (who is NOT the same "guru" I'm studying under), I couldn't make heads or tales of what he was saying.  Before meeting him live, I was sent a set of CDs to listen to.  It was this "guru" on the CDs talking about business partnerships.  And it was a PAINFUL 2-hour audio of him stammering and him-hawing around, having trouble finishing a complete sentence or thought.  Again, this made me wonder... "What the HELL do people see in this guy??"  Even my marketing mentor found himself constantly injecting things like, "I think what he means is..." and "What I believe he's trying to say is..."
Not a good sign, for sure.
Then like a bolt of lightning, IT HIT ME!  Anyone can "position" themselves to be an EXPERT on pretty much anything.  You just write a book, march out there and profess yourself to be an expert, and VERY FEW IF ANYONE will question you.
Don't believe me?  Try it.  You'll see!
Because after listening to this so-called business marketing "genius," I was able to quickly assess that this dude doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground. What he DOES know is how to position himself as an "expert" and everybody else who knows just a little bit less actually goes along with it.
So...what about those of us who know MORE about marketing (or whatever topic the "expert" claims to know so much about)?  We can see through them like the frauds that they are.
As I did with this guy.  
He's a fraud.  He's a huckster.  He doesn't know jack shit about marketing.  And all of this "theories" are either ripped off from other marketing gurus or just theories that he grabbed from thin air (and clearly NOT from business experience) that he's just throwing out into a book or seminar.
And THAT really sucks!
I tell students all the time that most times it's MUCH WORSE to learn all the wrong stuff on a topic rather than knowing nothing at all and just bumbling through the learning process yourself BY DOING it yourself.
One of the most valuable things I have to bring to the table is that EVERYTHING I teach my students is EVERYTHING I DO!  Period.  No exceptions.  And yes, I do A LOT of stuff!
Even better, I teach you what we call the "nuts and bolts" of EXACTLY how to do it, how to implement the teachings, and how to make money with it.
And that narrows me down to maybe only ONE of thousands of gurus out there running around selling theories, stories, and bullshit because they're fraudulently positioned themselves as an "expert" when really they're not.  Not by a long shot!
Sadly (for you), there is a set of teachings that I will no longer be doing after this fall.  It's my non-real estate Aggressive Income Strategies including my highly profitable Money Funnel Strategies.
And there are three (3) reasons why I'm no longer doing these trainings, mentorship groups, and courses anymore after this fall:
1)  As our real estate market dives into a buyer's market in coming months, I will need all my energy and focus to work on new deals, partnerships, and property acquisitions.  This is going to force me to cut back on the workshops and mentorship groups that take the most time, effort and energy which are those that fall under the non-real estate Aggressive Income category.
2)  I've created too much of my own competition.  It seems that everything I do, all my students want to do from health supplements (and exactly the ones I sold when I had Brie Labs), real estate courses, personal credit systems, and now skincare products (because this is my latest and greatest business strategy). Yes, I think it's great that there are quite a few of my students using my Money Funnel Strategies who are making $20,000 to $50,000 AND MORE per month in net profits.  BUT...since my students insist on selling EXACTLY what I'm selling in my businesses, I'm creating too much competition for myself.
3)  The HARDEST subject for me to teach is non-real estate related Aggressive Income Strategies like Internet marketing, direct mail marketing, etc.  This is because I'm pulling on more than 20 years experience AND showing you the newest and best methods to market in TODAY'S economic marketplace.  It's SO DETAILED and PRECISE that it takes laser focus and A LOT of energy for me to prepare my mentorships and workshops on these business strategies because I truly believe that I'm the ONLY ONE OUT THERE who will give you the REAL "nuts and bolts" on how to do this to build a REAL BUSINESS.  This is because I have the experience and I am a REAL expert (and not just a "properly positioned" blow hard).  Because of this energy and focus requirement, I cannot focus on real estate and, as stated in #1 above, we are coming into "acquisitions season" which requires my 100% focus AFTER this coming fall.
This is why I STRONGLY recommend that you take advantage of this LAST EVER influx of trainings I'm doing for what I call Money Funnel 2.0.  You'll have 3 choices to take part in this:
1)  Just getting the Money Funnel 2.0 System which includes a couple of kick-ass bonuses to ensure your success IF you can follow basic directions.  CLICK HERE to get it.
2)  Registering for my 8-week online Money Funnel 2.0 Mentorship Group (starting September 5th) in which you'll get the above Money Funnel 2.0 System as a throw-in bonus.  This is the RECOMMENDED OPTION because you'll gain access to already-done Money Funnel CLONES that you can use as a ready-made tested-and-proven business.  The majority of the mentorship we'll be focusing on marketing your set up Money Funnel!  CLICK HERE to get it.
3)  Registering for my 3-day Money Funnel 2.0 Workshop in Valencia, California on September 28th - 30th where you'll automatically be part of our mentorship AND you'll get the Money Funnel 2.0 System as well.  (If you're already registered for the workshop, you'll get all these added bonuses so don't worry.) IMPORTANT NOTE:  We ONLY have 3 spots left in this almost-full workshop so if you want to do this, I STRONGLY URGE YOU to register right away by calling (661) 295-5050.  CLICK HERE.  And yes, we can do a payment plan on this for you.
You can also CLICK HERE to hear a really heart-felt and truly awesome testimonial video from my video guy -- Jesse J. (who is always the one filming my seminars so if you've attended one, you've seen him there) -- and his TREMENDOUS SUCCESS with my Money Funnel Strategies via his website  Jesse is doing so well that he just bought a house with his online profits!  (And yes, Jesse WILL be filming our next workshop and he'll PERSONALLY be talking about how and why he's so successful with his online marketing strategies!!)
The bottom line is this:  Not everybody is cut out to make $20,000+ per month in net profits with online marketing.  It's not for everyone.  I realize that.  But if it's something that you know you want to do, I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you take advantage of these upcoming LAST EVER trainings I'll be doing, whether you do the mentorship AND the 3-day event or just the mentorship.  But this is it.  It's NOW OR NEVER, baby!
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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Monday, July 24 2017

Relatively recently, I got from a student of mine -- Lyle D. -- who was part of my initial Money Funnel and Affiliate Trainings starting 2 years ago and by watching the training of one of my seminar events earlier last year and he was talking about some of the successes he's had with my Money Funnel stuff while telling me not to let some of my "troubled children" students get to me.  Here's the email:

"Hey, Monica. This is Lyle [LAST NAME WITHHELD] and I'm one of your students who got your money funnel stuff in 2015 plus I got the videos from I think it was your Beverly Hills event last year. I'm one of the students who uses your stuff and I want to tell you what I've been doing with my online business.  I have several money funnels as you laid out in your money funnel course and I also sell a lot of affiliate stuff like you talked about in the Beverly Hills seminar that I have on DVD.  Right now I'm up to making $48,000 to $52,000 a month, it varies.  This is gross but my profits are over $35,000 a month, sometimes more, and I advertise mostly on Facebook but sometimes I do postcards. I'm proof that this works because I'm making a lot of money from what you teach. I'm not like that Jeff guy you were talking about in your email who expects to get the results by not doing the work and wanting everything for nothing.  I'm here to tell your students that if you do the work you'll get the results but you have to do the work. If they do the work, they'll make the money you're talking about. Thanks for everything you do. I went from a guy who worked at a ritzy restaurant valeting cars making peanuts to making a lot of money online and I wouldn't be doing this if you didn't open my eyes to this opportunity so keep doing what you're doing and fuck guys like Jeff. They're losers who are not worth your time so don't let them get you down. Have a great day.  -Lyle"

Thanks, Lyle.  Another stand-up guy who is part of the World of Monica Main who gets results by USING THE STUFF I TEACH!

This email was from a few months ago.  This is the latest email I got from him about 2 weeks ago:

"Hey, Monica.  This is Lyle [LAST NAME WITHHELD] again and I wanted to let you know what I'm doing now.  I got the videos of your last workshop.  Amazing shit there!  You're brilliant.  There's no other way to put it.  (I'm sure you hear that all the time.  LOL!)  But I wanted to give you an update on where I'm at with your money funnel stuff.  Last month (June) I hit over 70,000.  My exact gross sales were $71,423.  Can you believe that?  I still can't believe it.  I just wanted to say thanks for everything. You changed my life.  -Lyle"

If you want to start cashing in like Lyle and you're NOT lazy (and you're willing to roll up your sleeves and do a little bit of work) then CLICK HERE NOW!  You CANNOT let this opportunity pass you by if you're financial freedom is important to you.  Period!

CLICK HERE NOW for a quick 10-minute audio seminar talking about how this, quite possibly, is the MOST POWERFUL Aggressive Income Business that I've EVER done training on.

If you have any questions, call my office at 661-295-5050.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main


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Wednesday, July 05 2017

Yes, you CAN make $500,000 OR MORE flipping property.

But there's a SECRET to this...

To be the most PROFITABLE real estate investor possible, you MUST adhere to a SINGLE strategy that I've had in place for many years now.

It's the "every-other" strategy.

When you FLIP a property for cash, try to use that cash for the NEXT property to buy and hold the asset for long-term cash flow.  Try to flip then hold then flip then hold then flip then get the point.

Some of my students will flip 2 deals and then hold 1 deal.  That's fine too but it'll take you LONGER to get to your monthly net Passive Income Cash Flow GOAL by doing you'll get screwed on capital gains taxes if you're not rolling your flip proceeds into another property through the IRS 1031 Exchange program.

What's awesome about the flip strategy that I have is, well...two (2) things, actually:

1)  It's the most basic, simplistic, and effective strategy for the most "wet-behind-the-ears" person to start off with yet it's a more "advanced" strategy that you'll never hear about in mainstream "flipping" real estate seminars, and (2) I have an investor partner who wants to work with you on getting you the cash down payment money PLUS money for any rehab needed for these deals...

And, actually...there's one more thing too:

(3)  He not only wants to do flip deals but he also wants to do some buy-and-hold deals with you too!  This completely fulfills my precise real estate investing strategy as I've outlined about and this investor wants to help you with the cash you need to do both!

CLICK HERE if you haven't signed up for this amazing opportunity yet!

Now I've been working with this investor for YEARS and he's the one who has done more deals with my students that the rest of my investors COMBINED, especially in the past 11 months.  But he made it clear that this is the last time he'll be offering CASH for deals.  Yes, he'll still be doing investor partnerships (especially in the near future for REO opportunities) but he won't be offering CASH for down payments anymore after this one.  (You'll have until March 2018 to submit for cash for your deals IF you take advantage of this rare opportunity NOW.)

CLICK HERE to get started.

If you have any questions, call my office at 661-295-5050, especially if you'd like to set up a payment plan for this.  We can only set up payment plans via phone orders.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  Please note that this opportunity has been in HIGH DEMAND since it was released a little over a week ago.  We've had to send our Real Estate Cash Flow System to press TWICE since we started this promotion.  By waiting around until the last minute (which is Friday at 5pm Pacific Time), you're guaranteeing that you'll have to wait until we get more of these from our printer so I STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you CLICK HERE or call 661-295-5050 to get your system ASAP before we run out again.  And yes, we can do payment plans if you need just have to call the office at 661-295-5050 to set up your payment plan.

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Tuesday, July 04 2017

Here we are again.  Up on another Independence Day.  It's the day when our great nation declared independence some 241 years ago now.

Yet most people in this country really don't FEEL free.  Are you one of those who are frustrated, angry, upset, and feeling like you're on a hamster wheel in life?

You can change all that at ANY time.  You can declare your OWN Independence Day...right now.  And this is how you do it:

1)  DECIDE that it's time to be from that job, your boss, your spouse or whatever is holding you back.

2)  CREATE a solid Action Plan for yourself to attain your financial goals in the shortest amount of time.

3)  Then WORK the plan consistently, even if it's only a little bit each day until you hit it big.

It really IS that simple.

Now, it's up to you to figure out what type of vehicle you'll be using to attain your financial freedom.  But...I have something real estate-related for you that may be of interest to you, especially since it can drastically SHORTEN your time to reach success because I'm including a RARE contact to be able to get CASH for your down payments and rehab on your properties provided that these deals are SFRs (single-family residences), duplexes, triplexes, and "quads" (or 4 units).  These can be flips or buy-and-hold (as long as you realize that the investor will take an equity stake in each deal).

Again, this is a RARE opportunity that doesn't come up very often.  CLICK HERE to check it out now.

In the meantime, celebrate the freedom that you're about to experience in the months to come when you create your brand new cash flowing real estate business...because it'll happen for you much faster than you can possibly imagine.


See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  Our office is CLOSED today.  Please call on Wednesday after 9am Pacific Time for any questions or orders to be placed.  Please note that we have a super easy and SEAMLESS online ordering system that you can use by CLICKING HERE!

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Saturday, July 01 2017

Happy July!

So the other day I had this guy from New York call the office and he started screaming at my staff about how his package didn't go out within a day after he ordered it.  Mind you, he ordered on Saturday and the dim-wit wondered why he didn't have it by Monday. Who even THINKS like that?!

So he calls the office...SCREAMING at the top of his lungs (yes, literally screaming) about how he wants the Real Estate Cash Flow System NOW.

Rose was the one who took the call and she said it hurt her feelings.  I said, "That's okay.  I have to inform my investor of all students who are considered 'difficult' and he's going on that list.  Furthermore, the second he even thinks of speaking to my investor that way, he'll get a prompt hang-up, NO MONEY for his deal, and he'll be permanently BLACKLISTED from doing further deals -- not only with that investor but with his own inner circle of OTHER investors that he works with.  So, essentially he'll be screwing himself by acting like an ass**** because, after all, leopards don't change their spots.  If he'll talk to you that way, he probably talks to everybody that way, including to those who hold the opportunities and the purse-strings in life."

And with that, this loser will be shooting himself in the foot!  It's a guarantee, actually.  Because again, people do NOT change their behavior.  They are who they are.

So, if you're one of THOSE types of people, please DO NOT waste my investors' time because he WILL (a) be notified of your difficult behavior in advance with the list of students we send over for him to review, and (b) won't give you any money for your deals because of it.

It kind of reminds me of women and dating: the guy who is rude to the waitress (especially if she doesn't deserve it) is going to be that same guy who turns into an ass**** toward YOU later well as toward your family, friends, etc.  This type of behavior doesn't change and smart business people KNOW THIS.

For those of you who are taking advantage of this opportunity to use this investor for cash for your deals (for both down payments as well as rehab money) in this VERY RARE opportunity to get this money for both flipping as well as buy-and-hold deals for properties from 1 to 4 units, you need to change your attitude and be gracious when dealing with those who have your future in real estate investing in the palm of their hands...and this INCLUDES the people who answer my phone at my office as well.  Being rude to them will result in your order NOT being processed and you NOT gaining access to this opportunity. nice, for crying out loud.  It's basic human decency and I shouldn't be the one to tell you how to act like a humble adult.  It should be a given.

CLICK HERE to get this investor's contact information.

And by the way, the guy who was screaming at my staff, his order was CANCELED and he isn't able to take advantage of this opportunity anymore.  (Yes, he's been BLACKLISTED.)  So, essentially, he screwed himself.

Don't be like him.


See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  Our office is CLOSED from today through Tuesday.  We'll be back in the office bright and early on Wednesday, July 5th, answering the phones at and after 9am Pacific Time.  Get your order in ONLINE over this long weekend instead of trying to call the office since nobody will be there to take your call.  Thanks!

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