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Saturday, January 07 2017

The other day I sent an email out about getting rid of toxic relationships so that you can catapult your life into a different more positive, happy, and prosperous stratosphere by getting rid of people who are draining I've been doing.  And the outpouring of emails from all of you have been fabulous, encouraging, and have really made me realize just how awesome most of my students are.  I've even had dozens of amazing men send some incredible emails to me in support of the changes I'm making -- getting rid of the deadbeat men out of my own personal life -- and with full understanding on what I'm going through.  You're all so awesome.  Thanks so much for your support!

But, as you know, there's always that ONE piece of sh** that bubbles up from the bottom of the loser cesspool.  Kenneth is the name of this particular POS.  Here's his highly intelligent and well-written email (I'm being sarcastic) that he sent to me in response to the one I sent a couple of days ago:

"WTF is all this bullshit you are sending us????This is a sales letter????  you kidding us  right???  sounds like and written like all the transparent Nigrians cams   Pls  Get  real and get alife   !!!!!"

What's interesting about this email is that years ago it would have pissed me off.  Today...this is something that makes me laugh my ass off about.  The reason it's so funny is that I think of the loser behind his laptop, probably some sloth-like over-the-hill greasy stinky 300-lb-overweight Coke-bottle-bottom-glasses-wearing pervert-looking idiot who spends his days jacking off to internet porn between dodging his bitchy mother who yells at him every day to get out of her basement and finally find a freaking job.  And a life.  This is Kenneth.  Total gross pervert loser who will never amount to anything.

Even worse for people like him, he's miserable in his own skin because he already knows just what a POS he really is.  He's unsuccessful.  Knows deep down that he'll never be successful.  Is clearly threatened by a woman like myself who is extremely successful.  And tries making himself feel better about himself by trolling the internet and writing sh** like the email above in a desperate attempt to make himself feel...manly?  Important?  Smart?  Who knows what this loser thinks.  What I do know is that sh** heads like Kenneth don't have the ability to ever become successful doing anything.  Not now.  Not ever!

And here's why:

He's become his own worst enemy.  He decided at some point (probably fairly early on) that he's content with being glued to somebody else's rat-infested couch, sucking down White Castle sliders all day while watching People's Court, and mooching off his family because it means he never has to face the real world.  Never has to win.  Never has to lose (even though he already has...just hasn't realized it yet).  And finds "power" in insulting others because, for a fraction of a second, it makes him feel good about himself.

What a crappy way to live!

Why am I telling you all this?  Because you DON'T want to be like Kenneth or anything remotely like the guy.  You want to be amazing, productive, successful, and so ecstatically happy that you don't feel like having a sense of power means trying to bring others down.  You want to live an extraordinary life in every way possible.  Because that's what you deserve.  You just have to go out there and get it.

Now back to Kenneth and others like him, take a very close look at the email he wrote above.  In order to succeed in ANYTHING in this day and age, you MUST have good communication skills.  I don't care if you're sending an email to a listing agent about a property that you're interested in investing in or if you're setting up a basic website for a small business you're doing.  You CANNOT type rhetoric and nonsense like what Kenneth displayed above and expect to have anyone with any inkling of professionalism respond to you in a positive way.  Most will just delete then block you if you want to spew this type of crap to anyone.  Being professional at all times will allow you to have the success in life that you want.  And yes, sometimes you'll be dealing with frustrating pompous people but you just have to bite your tongue (something I'm still learning) and power through it with the best character you can muster.

And by the way, what Kenneth was referring to is my latest Money Funnel Online Marketing Strategy called the Affiliate Marketing Bonanza Mentorship Group.  This is when I'll be training you over the course of 8 weeks with 8 60- to 90-minute webinars showing you exactly what you need to do to create 3 to 5 basic websites.  The awesome thing about this mentorship is, unlike my Money Funnel Group that I did earlier last year, I will be focusing about 70% of the group on the marketing aspect.  This will be the part about placing Facebook ads and doing other types of highly effective marketing.  This, of course, is the most critical part in all this and this is the part we'll be concentrating the most on.

But imagine if Kenneth were to start putting together a website with his highly intelligent, incredibly articulate means of written communication.  Imagine if he wrote his Facebook ad like the way he writes his email.  Do you think somebody like that has a chance in hell in making any money in this or anything else?  The answer:  HELL NO!

So, as a cautionary disclaimer...if you write or express yourself or think the way Kenneth communicates is acceptable within the English language parameters, DO NOT register for this (or any other) group that I'm doing.  Because if you honestly think that communicating this way will make you money, think again.  My advice to you is to either learn how to write and speak English or find somebody who does who can help you.  Existing this way in the world of business will become fruitless for you if you cannot communicate at all.

For Kenneth and those like him, I suggest Hooked on Phonics.  Shock therapy.  Or a brain lobotomy.  Whatever you think may work,  The world of business waits for no one and has absolutely no mercy for idiots.

CLICK HERE for more info on this mind-blowing upcoming 8-week Affiliate Marketing Bonanza Mentorship Group.

In the meantime, have a great weekend!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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