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Wednesday, January 11 2017

Last year I started teaching my Aggressive Income Affiliate Strategies in 2 different seminars: March and May 2016.  Since then I've had a small handful of students take my teachings to extraordinary income levels, one student consistently hitting the $25,000 per month mark.  And we're talking net PROFITS and NOT gross proceeds.

For those of you wondering exactly what this student does, I'll tell you.  Now, as a confidentiality disclaimer, I cannot tell you which sites are his OR which products he promotes.  But I can tell you his system and the types of products he promotes and, if you're smart, you'll quickly figure out exactly what he's doing so that you can emulate his success for yourself.

Everything he promotes is from a website called Clickbank.  He sticks solely with stocks, bonds, Forex, and options trading information products.  And he has 8 websites as of right now.

Here's how he does it:

1)  He sets up a VERY SIMPLE one-page website with (to capture leads).

2)  He creates SIMPLE Facebook ads promising a video on a killer kick-ass new trading strategy that he guarantees his prospect has never heard of...all they have to do is input their name and email address to immediately access the video.

3)  Once his prospect ends up on his site, they input their name and email address and are immediately sent over to the affiliate's sales page which has the promised video on it.

4)  The affiliate's website copy, video, testimonial and "proof" elements are so good that it has a high conversion rate with the traffic that ends up on the site.

5)  My student will send follow-up email "drips" and "blasts" to his database of other stock-trading-related information products which are affiliate programs.

6)  He's in the process of creating his own stock trading program that he plans on selling for $497 (plus shipping/handling) that he can upsell to his database so that he can make even more money beyond his "paltry" $22,000 to $25,000 net per month that he's making now.

There are a few "secrets" in between that MUST be implemented to do this well.  

One such secret is how to "circumvent" the "affiliate link filter" that most email blast systems have.  (There are 2 very effective ways in doing this which I'll be discussing in my Affiliate Bonanza Mentorship Group...starting on Monday, January 16th.)  You see, this affiliate link filter gives any email with a "hoplink" link in an email a very high SPAM rating, making most of your emails undeliverable.  But there ARE 2 ways around this that will blow your mind; these are strategies you'd never guess in a million years.

The other secret has to do with WHICH affiliate programs to choose and why.  It's not just about the affiliate site being kick-ass and a high converter.  There are other elements that you MUST look out for otherwise you may be wasting a lot of money on advertising and NOT getting the proceeds that you deserve to be making.  I'll show you exactly what you must look for to get involved with the very best affiliate programs out there.

And a lot more will be revealed in this 8-week online mentorship group which, again, starts on Monday, January 16th.

As with ALL of my mentorship groups starting in 2016, I do weekly webinar trainings that last between an hour and 90 minutes.  You do NOT have to make the sessions.  Each is recorded and then uploaded for your viewing later on.  After each training session, you'll have access to that week's Action Sheet which is based on the training for that week (so you must view the training first before tackling the items on the Action Sheet).

And finally, the most important part is the technical aspect.  At least 3 of the 8 weeks will be covering setting up your 3 to 5 simple one-page websites.  IF you are having issues or problems setting up your sites, if you are part of this group then I can help you with the technical aspect by going into your system and fixing your problems/issues.  This is NOT something I offer to my students at any other time so if you decide not to participate in this mentorship but to get the modules later, you will NOT be able to use me to personally help you get your websites up and running.  Only those who participate in this ONE-TIME-ONLY group will get that benefit so...if you have the technical aptitude of a tadpole the I strongly suggest registering for this mentorship group so that I can personally assist you in getting your websites up and running.

CLICK HERE to listed to a quick audio seminar about the Affiliate Marketing Bonanza Mentorship Group.  The special pricing deal ENDS SOON!

If you have any questions, call my office now at 661-295-5050.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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