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Monday, January 09 2017

I was texting my star MHP student and friend Aran Dunlop over the weekend and based on my last email rant he kind of implied that I'm sounding more and more like Donald Trump by the day.

I don't know if that's good or bad.  I'm thinking by his tone that he probably didn't mean it as a compliment.

I'm not sure if you knew this or not but Donald Trump and I share the same birthday:  June 14th.  This means we're both Geminis which are known to have dual personalities, be a little "unfocused" at times, and definitely quick on the temper front.  This is both good and bad in business.  We tend to be personable but when things don't go our way, we can turn a room cold just with one laser-beam stare.  And, of course, the temper never helps either.

So, I'll admit, I explode once in awhile.  But, as strange as this may seem, I turn out my best work when I'm on edge and pissed off about something.  I certainly wish I could function at this higher level in a peaceful zen-like state but, unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work out this way for me.

I may disagree about a lot of what Donald Trump states he believes in but one thing I do "get" about him is that he's a doer.  He makes his own "luck" by getting off his ass and making things happen.  Hence why he was able to take on and win an presidential election. He decided one day that he was going to run and he...well, just did it.  And won despite the odds stacked against him, despite the negative (and potentially crippling) press, and having an opponent that, by all accounts, ran spades around him by having much more experience in politics.  None of that matters when you zero in on a target and just go for it without doubt, floundering around, or second-guessing anything.

And for that I admire him.

There is only ONE thing that is separating you from the things that you want in life:  UNRELENTING UNWAVERING FOCUS.

If you don't have this component, it doesn't matter what else you have going for you.  Resources, knowledge, a desire...whatever.  None of that matters unless you get out there and start working your plan, moving forward in one direction no matter what is thrown your way.

I've had a few students email me over the weekend about my upcoming Affiliate Bonanza Mentorship Group.  Some of these students have been with me for 5+ years, getting involved in as many teachings as I've done from seminars to mentorships to workshops and everything in between.  They're certainly NOT lacking in knowledge or resources but...they don't ever do anything.  Even worse, they're frustrated with themselves because they know that they've become their worst enemy by not implementing anything and yet they have no idea how to ZONE IN and FOCUS like a mad dog!

So, here's a suggestion for you if you're one of those people:  CLEAR YOUR SLATE.  Yes, you read that right.  Instead of flailing about with all these options, possibilities, and opportunities -- finding yourself confused and misdirected -- start FOCUSING ON ONE THING and go from there.

For example, if you have a full-time job, you know exactly what to do when you get there, right?  Great.  Then you create a "second career" schedule for yourself which can be devoting even 15 minutes a day to your new enterprise.  (The awesome thing about the Affiliate Bonanza Mentorship is that it requires almost NO TIME AT ALL to make wildly successful for yourself.)  And this "second career" needs to be ONE THING ONLY.  No more having multiple things on your plate that you're trying to do at once.  THIS will be the ONLY thing you'll be doing for the next 2 months...and nothing else on the entrepreneur side of your life EXCEPT for this.

You have to reel in your focus otherwise you'll find yourself on this psychotic treadmill where you're running and running yet accomplishing nothing.  And then you keep beating yourself up because you're older but still nowhere.  STOP THE INSANITY!  You have the power RIGHT NOW to stop it.  Instead, FOCUS!  FOCUS!  FOCUS!!

If you make THIS the ONLY thing you're going to commit to then you WILL succeed in doing this.  Guaranteed.

If you haven't listened to my 10-minute audio seminar on how this whole thing works, CLICK HERE.  This WILL be life-changing for you!

See you at the top!

You mentor,

​​​​​​​Monica Main

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