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Saturday, November 07 2015
Out With the Old...In With the New (Changes for 2016)
I'm amazed at how fast things are changing in the economy.  It seems that the "old ways" of doing things are quickly becoming obsolete while the "New & Globalized Economy" is now on a fast-forward trending path into the future.
Case in point: I am at an event with a marketing group that I've been a part of for many years now.  I constantly am honing my skills to become better and more efficient at what I do which, in turn, always benefits my students.
Many of you know who Ron LeGrand is...old real estate guru back in his "hey-day" in the 1980s and 1990s.  I see him every so often every few years in these marketing "inner circles" I'm a part of.  He doesn't do much speaking anymore but he made a very rare speaking appearance yesterday.
I found it odd that they stuffed him into the smallest hotel conference rooms possible (when Ron is a marketing ICON in this industry) -- forcing an overflow of people (myself included) to go elsewhere and ultimately missing his entire presentation -- while sticking some used-car-salesman-type in the biggest ballroom available for his power-selling "speaking" gig.  (Ron wasn't happy about this, by the way, and it's doubtful that he'll be speaking for this organization ever again!)
I did catch the very beginning of Ron's presentation which hadn't changed AT ALL since he'd been pitching his wares in the mid-1990s starting with, "I buy things at these events" followed by, "you take notes and they end up in a drawer with the other notes from the past seminar you attended..."  You get the gist.  The "pre" sales pitch is basically what it is.
These old-timers are from the "hard-sell" mentality which no longer applies anymore.  And while Ron was fairly pissed off that he lost most of his seminar (and buying) crowd due to being forced to speak in such a small room, what most of the dummies in the crowd didn't realize is that Ron is still pitching his old wares from the 1990s that you can buy on eBay for less than $50.  (And in some areas of the Internet, you can download it without paying anything for it.)
Even though Ron didn't get a large room for his presentation, it reminded me off how things are...fading out the old (or in this case, the REALLY old) to make room for the "new" way of doing things.
Me and Dan Kennedy, marketing guru
Dan Kennedy, on the other hand, has managed to stay relevant yet "old school" all at the same time.  He still sells the idea of using offline methods combined with online marketing to grow your business.  Most importantly, everything he says works which is why I have hung with this guy for the past 20 years of my life as, what he calls, a "lifer."
But there are some bumps coming in the road for Dan -- or more accurately -- the company he represents which is GKIC.  Years ago, Dan (and his former counterpart, Bill Glazer) sold GKIC to a corporate entity that is pretty much going against what his core beliefs have been all of these years as a marketer and entrepreneur.  I sensed that Dan would be abandoning the GKIC ship for a couple of months now and I've gotten confirmation of that during this event, as I've discovered that he has a contract of less than a year with GKIC.  Nobody is sure if he'll renew his contract or not.  I'm guessing that if he does, he'll start disconnecting from GKIC with his own "side" company (as he has been) while maybe letting them "borrow" his name as the figurehead of least for awhile until he's thoroughly sick of the corporate politics at play here.
If you haven't studied Dan Kennedy's stuff on marketing and business, you should.  In the very least, learn from the man about his entrepreneurial beliefs and systems.  My favorite Dan books are The Ultimate Sales Letter,The Ultimate Marketing Plan, and No B.S. Wealth Attraction in the New Economy (which is my favorite).
While Dan Kennedy wrestles with his challenges with corporate America and the company that took over his brand, I've been more keen to focus on the new breed of profitable entrepreneurship in today's market place. I've studied Russell Brunsun for a little while now and was absolutely BLOWN AWAY when I read his recent book called DotCom Secrets.  (If you didn't read this book, it's freaking amazing!)
Russell Brunsun and Me at the GKIC Info-Summit in Denver, Colorado
When comparing the "old school" with the "new school" (and being in the "middle school" myself), I can see how the old ways of doing business are no longer applicable in today's economic market.  You constantly have to be flexible while willing to work fast (quickly jumping on new opportunities) while remaining steadfastly focused on exactly what you want to happen for yourself.  You definitely have to roll with the punches, and fast!!
Needless to say, it made me sad to see one of the big marketing icons o all time -- Ron LeGrand -- still using the same old hard-sell pitch selling the same old crap using the same old lines (and jokes) without changing anything at all.  He's too old to change.  Too old to want to change. Certainly too tired to care about doing something different.
He won't change.  Ever.
Yet EVERYTHING had changed around him.  Absolutely everything!  Our economy, what makes people respond, what people want to hear...everything is different now.
On the other hand, you have another marketing icon -- Dan Kennedy -- who still has the goods but lost control of his brand, his identity, and everything he believes in to corporate and now has to decide if he has the energy to get it all back (by buying the company back or branching off on his own...again) or just quitting the business altogether.
Hard choices.
Choices you won't have to make one day when you're old and gray, I hope.  This is because you're going to line yourself up correctly with the right businesses, the right investments, the right strategies.
For TODAY'S economy using TODAY'S strategies.  Not using old tired techniques that died back in 1999.
Why am I telling you all of this?
Big Changes for Me AND You in 2016
As we wind down our 2015 and start going into that annual mental coma state approaching Thanksgiving (and through the 1st of the year), I will be working my ass off to get everything ready for January for my New Wave of New Wealth Strategies.
Letting the cat a little out of the bag, I'll be primarily focusing on TWO main things in 2016:
1)  Total Transformation and Breakthrough Strategies:  I've found over the years as I teach workshop, seminar, and mentorship that there is a significant percentage of people who end up understanding the stuff but doing nothing with it. There's no point in learning something powerful if you're not going to use it, right?  I realized that people need some "brain re-wiring" in order to automatically push themselves to the next level so I'll be teaching some of these secrets and strategies in the beginning of this coming year.  Without making these personal breakthroughs for yourself, chances are, you'll still keep learning, reading, and attending workshops but you'll never be successful in DOING the stuff so...what's the point?  Only you fully understand how important it is for you to finally get over that barrier obstacle you have somewhere in your head so that you can start realizing the success you have always wanted in your life!
2)  Aggressive Income Strategies with Online/Offline Businesses:  What's most awesome about this is that I'll be introducing BRAND NEW STRATEGIES for home-based high-income businesses to get that Aggressive Income kicking for you.  I mentioned in my last seminar event that you should ALWAYS funnel your excess cash into passive income real estate as the ultimate wealth building and retaining strategy. However, with the changes (and ramping up) of our New Economy, you're now competing with other investors and paying top of the market for your apartment building (and other commercial) real estate.  This means you're now shelling out 20% cash down to get into these deals (with ONE exception that I'll be talking about in a short minute).  My Aggressive Income Strategies (since I started doing trainings in 2012) have been one of my most successful business methods taught to students because it's been super easy to set up, do, and ultimately profit from.
And it's just gotten EVEN EASIER.  (More to come...VERY SOON!)
On the real estate side, there will be only ONE main investing strategy that I'll be focusing on between now and for the next several years.  Here it is:
The No-Cash-No-Credit Real Estate Investing Secret
This is the ONLY relevant strategy you'll be able to use as we enter 2016 and beyond.
Why is this?
As I mentioned before, you're main strategy for acquiring Passive Income such as apartment building real estate, you'll be putting 20% cash down into the deal to (1) get the best type of loan (conventional) at the best terms (and interest rates), (2) to be able to compete with investors on larger property deals, and (3) get a healthy cash flow on a deal walking in!
That leaves ONLY ONE "creative financing strategy" left that is relevant and usable between NOW and the next handful of years to come.
What is this strategy?
The No-Cash-No-Credit Strategy which encompasses a couple types of "creative financing" techniques including short-term lease-options (using land trusts or land contracts) and creative financing methods getting a 60% LTV while creatively financing the rest using the 60-40 method.
That's it, folks!  Those are literally the ONLY creative NCNC strategies you can use!
Now, I recommend that ALL of my students have something on the Aggressive Income AND the Passive Income side going on.  This is the fastest and most reliant way to build wealth in today's New Economy. This means that you're getting a cash flow from an easy-to-do business while investing in Passive Income Assets for your immediate AND long-term cash flows.
I'm doing something really cool for the rest of this year ONLY.  I'm doing ONE LAST Mentorship Group for my 100% No-Cash-No-Credit Strategy.
Because I'm offering this LAST EVER 6-week online mentorship, I'm also going to get you the physical course for these No-Cash-No-Credit Strategies too.
You'll get BOTH TOGETHER for a ridiculously low price.
After that, the 100% LTV Course will NO LONGER BE SOLD at the price it's at.  In fact, it'll become part of a much larger course that I'm doing'll cost upwards of just under $700 if you want to do this later.  And that will be JUST for this component of the course, not including a mentorship (which, as I just pointed out, is ending after this next session starting on November 11th).
I'm doing a killer kick-ass deal for Veteran's Day which includes this 100% LTV No-Cash-No-Credit Course AND my last-ever mentorship group for the course materials.
There's no better way to go out with a bang in 2015 than to set yourself up to hit the ground running in 2016 (while everyone else is wasting their time pigging out on food and sleeping for the next 6 to 8 weeks).
Like I mentioned, this is the LAST real estate investing frontier for those of you interested in doing No-Cash-No-Credit Deals now and beyond.
CLICK HERE for this limited-time deal:
If you want to be relevant and -- most importantly -- PROFITABLE in the years to come, you're going to have to step up and be a multi-faceted entrepreneur implementing BOTH Aggressive and Passive Income at the same time.
Start taking advantage NOW while you still can, especially since these real estate No-Cash-No-Credit Strategies actually have a shelf-life of about a year to eighteen months before even THESE will stop working.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
P.S.  I can't wait until 2016, as I have LOTS of profitable workshops, trainings, seminars, and "stuff" for you guys and gals who are finally ready to ramp up to full speed on the profit chart.  The only thing YOU have to do is DECIDE to do it.  :-)
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