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Saturday, November 28 2015

I hate to rain on your weekend parade but...I just feel like it.  I'm sure this past week has been nothing but a flurry of busyness, overeating, overspending, and being swept up in a myriad of stress and whatever everybody else seems to be doing including...sleeping in a freaking tent to get to a sale in the wee hours of the morning.  What is that about?  Who the hell sleeps in a tent to buy anything?  The only time I'd sleep in a tent to get something is if I was forced to live in a concentration camp and I had to wait for food the next day or something.  Even then, I may just elect to starve to death rather than sleeping in the tent for the prospect of getting the food.  If you're that type of person to sleep in a tent to buy a game, phone, TV or any damn thing for that matter, please have your brain checked out, okay?  Because there's something seriously wrong up there.

I've been a little out of sorts since my friend Ruth died of cancer the day before Veteran's Day.  (I had a student send me a card in the mail.  Thank you so much!  Most of you are amazing people and, for that, I'm truly thankful!) This is probably why I've been relatively silent since then.  When people start dying that are your age (or thereabouts), it makes you really start thinking about a lot of things.  At least that's what it did for me.  It made me realize that maybe I need to start touching even more people's lives, crank up more trainings, do more things to get people financially on track because...time is ticking, fast.  Life is way too short...definitely too short to be spinning your wheels financially and being worried all the time that there's not enough money or that you can't things that you really want to do.  Because that's not a life.  That's more like being in a prison.

Then, to make matters worse, during the grief I had to deal with Thanksgiving.  Ah, yes.  Thanksgiving.  Let me tell you about that "wonderful" day...

First off, earlier in the week I felt that my staff took a jab at me on Tuesday to rub it in as they were chatting and swooning about how they couldn't wait for Thanksgiving because of all the food and spending time with their families...knowing damn well that I had nobody to spend the holiday with.  (My daughter was with her deadbeat dad since this is my "off" Thanksgiving, in other words, my holiday without her.)  I didn't bother coming into the office at all on Wednesday.  I wasn't going to listen to that crap anymore.  Word to the wise, when you build your businesses, you'll need staff.   Don't be friends with any of them.  Keep them all at an arm-length away from you because none of them would give you the time of day if you stopped signing their paychecks.  They don't care about you.  Don't ever be fooled to think otherwise.

Then on the doomsday itself, I spent all day on Thanksgiving alone with my new dog and 3 cats, all fighting because the new puppy  And the cats are mean and territorial.  And honestly, I cried on and off that day.  It was the hardest day of the year for me and I knew it would be, as I started to feel that gut-wrenching sadness before the summer was over in anticipation for a single day that I knew was coming at me at the speed of lightning.  I even thought of Ruth's kids and what they were going through, dealing with life without their mother...forever.  And this would be their first holiday to start coping with the loss.  At ages 5 and 7.  Sometimes life is cruel and unfair.  Poor babies.

I went to the office on Thanksgiving just to take my mind off sitting at home and I posted on Facebook that I was at the office with my puppy (and posted a pic of both of us); immediately my dad called me saying, "What are you doing at the office?  Get out of there."  And do what exactly?  Go home so I nothing by myself?  You'd think he'd invite me somewhere.  No.  Didn't do that.  Basically just told me to go home so that I could fully concentrate on how empty my house was, I guess, maybe so I could cry even more.  I have the strangest "family."  It's laughable and ridiculous, actually.  Sometimes I feel like I'm living in a black-and-white Twilight Zone episode, hoping that the credits will start rolling so that I know it's over so the next episode would start.  Maybe then I'd get a new set-up including a real family and real friends, even if they were aliens, devils, or pig people in outer space.

But now it's over.  Sucky Suckfest Holiday #1 is over.  Now there's #2 (Christmas) and #3 (New Year's) to get through.  Good news, they progressively get better, as Thanksgiving was the worst and now that's over.  Christmas may actually pan out to be pretty decent since I have my (former) step-son moving out here from Michigan and he'll be spending his first California Christmas with me, my daughter and my crazy household zoo of pets.  And New Year's...I just sleep through it.  Who cares?  Why watch a boring ball drop when I need to rest up so I can hit the ground running after wasting a month-and-a-half on time-vampire holidays?

And that's what I wanted to talk to you about.  You see, while all you folks are "enjoying" the holidays (and I'm using quotes because we all know that the holidays is nothing but stress, overeating, overspending, and wanting to kill people), I'm building yet another business.  Many of you know that I decided to shut down my supplement business recently due to some "moral" disparities I was battling with for a few years about it.  I realized that I really don't need to be selling products that I don't feel good about, even if they're making millions of dollars selling the stuff.  So...just as I was shutting it all down, I got an epiphany that has motivated me to reboot the supplement business with a completely new line of products.  Very profitable products, I may add.  If you haven't checked out the video that I put together for you, watch it right now by CLICKING HERE or going to  This explains this latest profitable Aggressive Income Business.  This video can change your life, as I explain everything in how it all works and anyone can make a killing doing this stuff!

And something else: while I was at the office on Thanksgiving, I counted my Motherload 2016 Million-Dollar Resource Directories and decided to do such a super deal on them (including a boatload of bonuses) for my Friday-through-Monday Deal...and that promo is going on now, to end very soon!  CLICK HERE or go to this link to check that out:

Yes, the holidays are freaking fantastic.  But don't take your eye off the ball, okay?  That's what "average" people do who end up getting "average" results in their pitiful "average" lives.  And we don't want that.  I don't want that for you.  I want better for you, just like you want better for yourself.  And while "average" is actually becoming what "below average" used to be only a few short years ago (because our population is quickly dumbing down), no student (a.k.a. "warrior") of mine under my wing is going to be one of those dopes.  No.  You are going to excel, succeed, and exceed your own expectations.  Why wait until these pesky inconvenient holidays are over with before you start doing something about your New Life in 2016?  You have to start now while nobody else is looking and while everyone else is too busy looking at the glitter in the sky.  This is what separates successful people from failures...what you do now, how you conduct yourself, and what you invest your time in when everybody else is doing what the rest of the herd does.  Stop being like everybody else, doing what everybody else is doing when you can use this time for a much greater purpose than what rest of the sheep are dilly-dallying their time away on.

This brings me to something that I've been sitting on the fence with for about 6 months and finally decided to pull the trigger on, partly because this is my 20-year anniversary of being both an entrepreneur and a real estate investor.  Yes, I started in 1995.  I can't believe it's been 20 years.  I realized that I've never had a reliable networking group or a handful of people I could rely on to be accountable to for my success...mostly to keep me on the path.  And what a difference having that would have made!  So, if you're inclined, you can check out this game-changer at  I have special pricing on those who become part of this "inner circle" during this holiday season then the price will go up for new students coming in starting next year.  There are a couple of videos on the page that you may want to see.  The good news about Viper Wealth is that it's now covering both Aggressive and Passive Income Strategies in a powerful membership that is like nothing else out there.  Check it out by CLICKING HERE or going to

Now it's time for me to work on another Money Funnel.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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