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Monday, November 02 2015
My First Corner Office...That YOU May Get to Personally See Pretty Soon!
Okay, guys and gals.  I finally got my corner office.  Well, it's not like I always wanted one. Quite honestly, I don't care where I work as long as I have some light, a couple of plants, and -- most importantly -- a DOOR with a LOCK so that I can work alone without any staff distractions.
Here's the picture of what the office looked like before I started piling in the boxes, desks, chairs, etc.  But it's a nice space.  Very "zen." I love it!
Now that I have a new office, it means new things.  A new "Monica Main Reboot" if you will.
So, what does this mean for 2016?
It means a lot of new things...
My biggest frustration with my students is that I seem to give so much invaluable information on business-building and real estate investing that is either only partially implemented or completely thrown on the back-burner.  I don't blame my students.  I understand how life goes.  People get busy, commit to doing it all "later," then later never comes.
My Kick-Ass Plans for My Students in 2016
This upcoming year will kick off a slew of small-group hands-on workshops, some of which will be conducted in my office to ensure that the majority of the success components required for my wealth-building strategies are actually done and completed before my students leave. These sessions/workshops will be 2 or 3 days, depending on the workshop subject matter.
So many of you will actually see my new corner office and will probably sit in it with me as we do some of these elements of the small-group trainings.
Exciting stuff!
Now most of you know that I just came back from doing my 2-day event in Detroit on Aggressive Income Strategies for both business and real estate which are the most cutting-edge and relevant multi-million-dollar strategies for today's economic environment.
And yes, I finally got the majority of the testimonial videos up.  I'll finish getting the rest of them up by tonight.  CLICK HERE to see them!
Most People Will NEVER Be Successful...
Here's Why:
One thing I noticed having taught students since the early 2000s: most people never make it to second base.
There's a reason for this.  They psyche themselves out before they get anywhere.  They can't quite seem to wrap their minds around success so then end up talking themselves out of it before they really begin.
During my Detroit event, for the first time I reveal my mind-blowing, powerful Total Transformation Strategy that is guaranteed to get you over ANY obstacle, barrier or block you have for success, wealth, or anything else within mere minutes of working the technique!
It starts with removing barriers and obstacles that only your mind is holding onto.  These barriers don't actually exist anywhere else except your mind.  And without overcoming these barriers, you'll never quite make it through the initial success steps because your mind will promptly talk you out of it.
In fact, we actually did this technique DURING the seminar event. Afterwards many of my students actually felt and knew that there was an INSTANT and IMMEDIATE effect after we did the technique.
How This Secret Barrier-Removing Strategy Works
Your brain has patterns in them and they play over and over again like a broken record.  Even if you have the best intentions for success, your brain will give you a different result if you don't change the patterns or brain pathways.
This is why traditional "attraction" techniques never work; they focus on affirmations and positive thinking without using any HARD SCIENCE to make the changes your brain needs to make to start following a different pattern.  No matter how many affirmations and positive thinking meditations you do, your brain will always buck these strategies.
Except there's ONE technique your brain won't block.

And this is the BREAKTHROUGH method that I talk about in the event that is truly life-changing on every level.  This, of course, has to come first before you attempt any business, investing, or money-making endeavor!
CLICK HERE for more details.
Multi-Million-Dollar Business and Real Estate Strategies Revealed!
But I didn't stop at helping my students make their Total Transformation. I revealed the latest, most cutting-edge money-making strategies for NOW and beyond based on today's economic advantages.
A lot has changed in the economy and now things are ramping up to full speed.  There are only a handful of business and investing opportunities that you can realistically implement for big money IF you know what they are and IF you know how to implement them.
And this is what I teach in my event; you'll discover exactly what these opportunities are and how to make massive cash flows from them.
Detroit Seminar Videos...Just Released!
The seminar videos of this event have just been released.  Get the full scoop on everything that was revealed at this POWERFUL event which, as you know, will be my last real estate investing seminar for at least a year...if not longer.
CLICK HERE to find out how you can get these at a steep discount which ends tomorrow!

See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
P.S.  Nothing ever changes unless you actually take ACTION.  Now is the time.  No more waiting.  It's seriously now or never, baby! 
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