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Thursday, November 26 2015
Meet the New GSS Mascot

Happy Thanksgiving!

While you're about to enjoy your turkey dinner and spending time with friends and family, I'm working. Right now I'm at the office spending time with the new GSS mascot, Sally Joe!  My daughter finally twisted my arm hard enough so now we have a little terrier mutt of some sort.  And she's sooooo precious.
I'm not a dog person by nature.  I like cats because -- like me -- cats tend to be very independent and also (like me) they're very finicky, picky, and bitchy.  Of course, I love ALL animals but the last dog broke my heart.  His name was Butch and I had to put him down due to a bleeding tumor in his nose.  And I haven't had a dog since...but now I have Sally Joe!
So, you're probably wondering why I'm at the office right now.  Or maybe you just don't give a damn, in which case just delete this email and continue stuffing your pie hole.
Massive Changes for 2016
I have A LOT going on coming up for 2016 and I have to adequately prepare.  The economy will be cranking at full speed by the time the first week of January rolls around and those of us who are prepared, ready, and able to go will be hitting the ground running like we're Flo Jo on steroids.  I'd rather not be wasting a second dilly-dallying around which is why I continue to perform financially at such stellar levels while most people...well, don't.
Right now I'm at the office doing credit files, doing the Viper Wealth Newsletter for December, and putting the finishing touches on the new Apartment Riches 2016 course.
So, what does all this mean for you?  It depends on where you see yourself a year from now.  You can either be where you've been for the past several years...just several years OLDER in a few years from now.  Or you can be on the threshold of some MAJOR financial changes in the year to come.
One of the most exciting things that I'll be focusing on for the first half of 2016 is showing students The Money Funnel.  In fact, yesterday I just finished a mind-blowing comprehensive video on exactly how The Money Funnel works and how anyone who uses it can make $20,000 a day.  I even tell you exactly how to use the funnel and how to start making money with it.
This, of course, is my Aggressive Business Strategy of 2016.  By making upwards of $20,000 a day, damn right when I say that you will be putting the majority of that cash flow into Passive Income Real Estate.  You'll easily be able to retire in a year by doing this.
Check out this video right now if you're already sick of the holidays like I am:
Of course, it doesn't help that I'm mostly alone for each holiday.  Maybe if I had the awesome friends and family that you have then I probably wouldn't be sitting here banging my fingers against the keyboard while you're plugging away on pumpkin pie.
See you at the top!
And Happy Thanksgiving!
Your mentor,​
Monica Main
P.S.  Things in 2016 are going to be moving pretty fast on an economic level.  It will be very hard NOT to make money. You'd have to be sitting on your ass watching television and doing nothing else to miss out on all this.  I recommend that you spend at least PART OF this holiday season now wasting away and gaining 25 lbs. while you could be setting up for that major Roaring 20s-like wave that I've been talking that I predicted would be coming.  Well, folks.  It's 2016.  Be ready or...not.  I know what's going to be coming into my bank account. I hope you know what will be coming into yours, too! 
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