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Thursday, April 23 2015

I now have $7,000,000 in partnership cash to be used for down payments for partnership deals for those who attend the Vegas event on May 15th & 16th.  This is, again, for cash down.  It's not to cash out any single deal with 100% cash.  That's not the proper (or smart) way to leverage yourself in real estate.

This partnership opportunity will only be open to those who pay for and attend the seminar event in Las Vegas on May 15th & 16th.  No exceptions.  Sorry.  I can't add additional people who don't find the time or importance in attending over those who actually do.

There's a reason for this is simple.  In the past when I would open up partnership opportunities to just anyone, I got a lot of waste-of-time deals that completely bleed my valuable time dry.  This is because students who aren't fully aware of all of the submission requirements will submit deals that are wrong for what we're looking for or won't have the expenses itemized out (as required) or won't have the deal financially structured properly. Opening up a bunch of Excel spreadsheets and looking at them when they turn out to be deals that aren't going to work is a total waste of my time.

I did notice a huge different in the quality of deals I was getting when I opened up the partnership opportunity to only those who attended the Detroit seminar event last November.  The quality of the deals we got were top of the line.  Students listened to my thorough presentation on what my investors were looking for and found what he was looking for.  And most of them submitted deals to match what we were looking for.

As I mentioned before, I have 3 investor partners who are funding the now-collective $7,000,000 for down payment funds on property deals.  And I want you to start getting your deals together so you can hit the ground running!

Again, let me give you a short break-down and the rest of their requirements will be discussed in full detail when you get to Vegas so you can start finding some deals to match what we're looking for:

Investor #1:  This is my guy from PA.  He's a MHP (mobile home park) guy.  He's putting in $3,000,000 total.  He's looking for MHPs of any size in any area of the country in which you can realistically commit to personally managing the property.  He won't allow you to simply use a management service.  (He never does.)  For many MHP deals, the down payment will be anywhere from 30% to 15% (depending on a WIDE VARIETY of variables including where the property is located, income, etc.)  He has a preference in where he'd like to get more deals.  He's interested in Arizona, Texas, and Florida.  (He has a lot of the MHPs he wants in the Midwest already.)  However, he'll consider deals anywhere provided that he believes they are worthwhile to him.  A tip: look at deals that have 50 pads or above to gain serious consideration, especially with CAPs over 9.5%.

Investor #2:  This investor partner and I go way back.  He's from Texas but goes back and forth between TX and FL.  He is my "small" apartment building guy.  He likes apartment building deals between 5 and 50 units ONLY.  He's looking for anywhere with a strong cash flow and prefers CAPs to be over 9% (but will consider slightly lower CAPs).  He does NOT like Detroit especially (as he's clearly stated to me over and over again).  In fact, he'd prefer to stay completely out of Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania altogether.  He'll consider deals in Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and Florida. (Those are his hot spots.)  No commercial, no MHPs, and nothing over 50 units.  No major rehab.  Nothing majorly under-performing.  You have to be within 60 miles of where the property is located.  This guy is throwing in $2,000,000 which will account for 20% in down payments so we'll be able to leverage $10,000,000 in property deals through this investor.

Investor #3:  This is my investor who invested with my Detroit seminar students.  He's also from Texas.  (I used to do a lot of deals in Texas so I have a lot of financial ties to that state, especially with investor partners.)  He prefers apartment building properties OVER 50 units and will also do MHP deals just about anywhere there's a strong cash flow.  He prefers his CAP rates to be over 9%.  All investors involved with deals with him must provide full management services, no exceptions.  He usually won't consider someone's deal if they reside more than 40 miles away from where the property is located.  He will not consider commercial-commercial but will consider mixed-use (part commercial, part residential) especially with retail at street level.  No major rehab.  Nothing under-performing.  He is putting in $2,000,000 which means we'll also be able to leverage $10,000,000 in property using this cash as the 20% down payment funds.

Each investor is offering my students a 33% stake in the property in both gained equity as well as the monthly cash flow.  (It's very important that you include this 67/33 split information when you have to submit your mini-business plan.  All seminar attendees will get a mini-business plan template to sort of "copy" from.)  You may submit multiple deals.  

They may accept more than one deal from you.  (One of my students had 2 deals accepted from the Detroit event.)  Of course, just because you submit a deal doesn't mean they are required to accept it, especially if it doesn't fit their needs/requirements.  (This is the legal disclaimer that I'm supposed to be using from now on, as per my attorney.)

More will be discussed on May 15th & 16th in Las Vegas in how you can participate in these deals.  And, as with my investor partnership deals before, it has made some of my students "overnight millionaires" so this is definitely something to consider when working with investor partnerships like this.

Right now I have the early-bird pricing deal still in effect for this upcoming first-ever No-Cash-No-Credit 100% LTV Real Estate Boot Camp Seminar!  However, this deal ends very soon.

If you have questions, call my office at (661) 295-5050 where I have my happy caring staff who is ready to talk to you after 9am Pacific Time today!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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