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Tuesday, April 21 2015

The other day I took a walk with my daughter.  We barely got to the end of the block before she decided she wanted to change into "workout clothes" before we continued with our walk.  Irritated, I agreed that we could go back home so she could change.

Funny because as I was walking up to my house I noticed a drone flying around my house. Yes, a freaking drone.  And it was the first time I'd seen one up close and in person.  It was hanging around in my front yard, kind of low flying.  It wasn't long as I was getting closer when I noticed that it had a camera on it!

It was circling my house as if it was taking pictures.  At first I thought it belonged to the teenage kids across the street and they were messing around.  But I went in the house, upstairs, and out on my back balcony when I realized that it wasn't an innocent fly-by with the neighbor kids but rather it was a couple of dudes parked in a white Navigator on the street below who were operating this loud-buzzing video camera drone.  In fact, the whole "operation" was a little strange as they had a small table set up with a laptop on it.

What they didn't plan for is me quickly noticing their little operation from my balcony above. Apparently they thought they were being slick by being a street over, not anticipating that I'd come out onto the balcony to see them down there.  (I still don't know what prompted me to automatically go out that way to check it out but something did.)

I called the Santa Clarita Sheriff's Department.  It seems that it's sketchy on what the laws are on technical devices and privacy but they wanted to send a car out right away. Unfortunately, the offenders in the Navigator were packed up and driving away before I could have the cops come out.

I guess legally I could have shot it out of the sky and had it drop into my swimming pool since it was, technically, on my property.  In fact, that's what will happen next time I notice this drone if these guys have the balls to come back around.  Then they can fish their broken drone out of my swimming pool while I have the Sheriff come and arrest them for trespassing.

It made me think: WTF is the world coming to where people don't think they have the ethical or moral duty to allow others their privacy?  It seems that people have run rampant out there believing that they have this "self-entitlement" of "I can do whatever I want and nobody can stop me" mentality.  Even worse, who were these guys?  Is this something I have to worry about for later since it's pretty clear that they had MY house singled out on the entire block?

Going even deeper, I realized that maybe I need to take a step back again.  It seems that when I become a little too "high profile" then shit like this starts to happen and I have to worry about my own security.  At the end of the day, I have to this all worth it? The answer always comes back a resounding NO!  It's not worth it.  Nothing is worth the compromise of my personal security.

So, now I'm back to considering whether I'll be staying in the teaching/mentoring game...or not.  I love teaching my students but, at the same time, when you have a few crack-pots out there, it only takes one for my life to be in complete danger.  Only one.  And that's one more than I want in my life.

If you recall, I was lucky to have a body guard at my Detroit event because I had a stalker in attendance who was carrying a knife and God knows what else.  Since then I've committed to having a body guard at every event from now on.  As my entourage seems to grow in size, I have to wonder how crazy do I want this to get before letting go.

I'm a huge fan of Pam Grout who wrote a couple of books (available on Amazon) called E2 and E3.  Good stuff if you want to understand first hand how the law of attraction works.  I recently received an email from her on a recent blog posting since I've subscribed on her website.  It was talking about this woman who had cancer and used one of the techniques to find the help she was seeking to help her heal.

The first person I thought of was my friend Ruth who is dying of cancer.  I told you about her last year.  She has breast cancer.  This blog happened to mention a variety of different things this woman came across when she asked the universe where to go for information in 2 simple words (which I'll tell you in a minute).

I thought about Ruth and wondered if I should email her the blog.  I didn't want her to think I was sending her junk because, for me personally, I really don't like it when people forward me stuff unless it's something I'm really into.  I pondered on it then let it go.

Not but an hour later I ran into Ruth at a local Bed, Bath and Beyond where I had to get a gift card for a friend of mine who just got married.  First of all, I never run into anyone since my city is so large in size.  Second, I rarely go to Bed, Bath and Beyond for anything anymore these days and it was odd how, out of the blue, I just decided to go there of all places to get the gift card.

I told Ruth that I had been thinking about her and if I should forward her the email.  Her face lit up and she said, "Yes, send it!"  So, I sent it later on that day.  Then I hadn't heard from her in about a week or longer after that.  It was weird.  No reply.  No "thanks" for the email.  Nothing.  I wondered if she had received it.

Then she send me an email back that said..."Wow, I'm so glad you sent me that!  Show me, incredible.  ~Ruth"

What is she talking about...??

"Show me."  Those are the 2 magic words.  I thought about it..."Show me."  Could I possibly use these 2 simple words to help redirect my life?  After all, my "toiling" about life isn't as serious as someone who is looking for a cancer cure.

So...I tried it.  "Show me."

"Show me the direction in my life that I should be going in right now."

Then I let it go.

Not but a day later, I was mysteriously jolted with an earth-shattering idea that will completely change the context of my daily life as I know it, giving me the day-to-day freedom I've been craving for the past few years but didn't have the nerve to put into action, probably because it wasn't the right time as it is now.

Then yesterday...a second earth-shattering life-changing investment opportunity in real estate that hasn't gotten me this excited about real estate investing since about 2010...before I started losing my "groove" and luster for the biz.  (For those of you attending this upcoming Vegas event, I may share a little of this life-changing opportunity if I have enough information for you in such a short period of time.)

Then a hard decision...whether to finish my book or not.  I can still go either way with it right now.  (I'd like to finish it.)  We'll see.

Bottom line, the safety of my family has to come first.  Always.  And if it means completely rearranging my life to ensure that this safety is in place, so be it.

If you need direction in your life in any capacity, just use the 2 magic words:  Show me! Then let it go.

Let me know what happens.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  The Vegas event on May 15th & 16th is filling up fast!  Register now at!

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