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Thursday, April 02 2015

I'm addicted to Dateline, 20/20 and 48 Hours.  I record every episode and watch every morsel of each show every week.

One of the episodes I finally go to watch that was recently recorded was a 20/20 episode about how this guy who was making $200,000 a year as a CFO but lost his job for making some stupid video then posting it on YouTube.  Even worse, the video showed what a pompous ass he really was as he was chastising a young lady working at the Chick-fil-A drive-through for working for such a morally incorrect company.

First of all, I don't think ANYBODY ever agrees with their company's beliefs and/or policies 100% of the time.  So if everybody quit their job because of these types of belief disparities then there would be a lot of people sitting at home all day watching People's Court and Dr. Phil, unemployed of course.

And second, to belittle this poor young lady who already has a belittling job working for peanuts at some stinking low-grade chicken joint is really out of line.  He didn't know what her story was or why she had to work there.  Maybe she was a college student working 2 jobs for tuition.  Or maybe she's a single parent and needs the job, having found no other options.

Yet, not only does he humiliate her with a string of uncalled for questions about why she's working for such a morally incorrect company but the dummy posts it on YouTube.  Why would anyone think that humiliating an innocent person then posting it for everyone in the world to see would be "righteous" in any way?

But, karma is a bitch, as they say.  So now Mr. CFO who was making $200,000 a year is on food stamps.  Even worse (for him) is that nobody wants to hire him because he's considered a major legal liability.  He's been living in poverty for 2 years now since the "incident."

Now his wife has become the breadwinner because he, just like many other formerly-well-paid economic casualties, he's grabbing at straws and can't even squeak out a minimum wage job.  (The drive-through employee he was belittling makes more money than he does now.)

This is probably why I never saw any value in climbing the corporate ladder.  Apparently somebody gave me a crystal ball because I always said (even when I was a teenager) that there is never any financial security when somebody else is holding all the purse strings while making all the decisions about your career path.

Then Aran Dunlop, my star mobile home park student (who will be speaking in Vegas), sent me an email with a link in it which I thought was interesting.  It's a Bloomberg Business article (which is my favorite periodical) about how U.S. home prices are surging 13 times faster than wages.  (Here's the article if you care to read it:

Sounds like a losing battle for most Americans.

Most of you know I live in an upper-middle class area.  My daughter goes to a public school that gives a private school-quality education.  (It's because of parents like me that donate a lot of money to the school.)  And her school is starting to panic.

It seems that there are too-few new students who are enrolling into the school.  This is presenting a problem because it will interfere with the government funding that they do get.

I started to think about it.  You have higher class people who aren't having as many children.  You have lower class people pumping out as many kids as they can.  (This isn't always the case but it's statistically correct if you check your stats.)

Couple this with the ever-widening separation of the classes that's already been in full swing for the past couple of decades and you have the Perfect Storm pointing to a very near future of only low class and high class...and absolutely nothing in between.

You'll have the home owners of large homes.  And the gardeners, maids, and pool boys who tend to them.  Nothing in between.

You'll have the luxury car owners who drive the Bentleys.  And you'll have the detail services who clean those cars.  Nothing in between.

You'll have the wealthy who take high-end vacations.  And you'll have the food service workers, cabana boys, and maids who vacuum the rooms while changing the sheets. Nothing in between.

Kind of scary, isn't it?

The middle class is being muscled out by the day.  And as with any shocking, quickly-unfolding disaster, most people will end up on the side that has the most space.  This will be, of course, the low class side.  My prediction is that 92% will be low class (making less than $50,000 a year), 5% will be upper-middle to high class, 2% will be ultra rich, and 1% will remain the elite wealthy.  I'm not sure if the numbers will fall exactly as such but it'll be pretty damn close.

The good news (for you, at least) is that those 5% in the upper-middle class category will be making upwards of $300,000+ per year.  Nothing staggering.  It's not like you have to clear $1 million or more a year to make that 5% cut.  At least not for another couple of decades or so yet.

This is why I teach both Aggressive and Passive Income Strategies.  If you follow my business plans and investment strategies, you'll never have to worry about being Mr. CFO who went from making $200,000 to living on food stamps.  In fact, if Mr. CFO ever got his head out of his ass**** then he wouldn't have to live like that anymore.  Instead of being in a tailspin over the next "job," he can write his own checks and make what he wants with his own business or by investing in passive income real estate.

The problem is that most people are too fearful of taking that step.  Instead they keep clicking the send button...sending out yet another resume in search for that Holy Grail "perfect" job (that will never come) and losing their self-confidence with each passing second.

And that's just madness.  All over fear of doing something else.

I'm sorry but I'm fearful when somebody else has my future in their hands.  That's when I start to freak out.  I don't know how anyone can think they are secure in their "good-paying job" when the rug can be pulled out at any time.

Case in point, the former CEO of American Apparel who lost his job recently.  Even though he still lives in this gorgeous estate overlooking Los Angeles, he admitted that he's dead broke (and about to lose everything).  Instead of finding a new path (or, as I was yelling at him through the TV, "Start your own clothing company, you fool!") he's obsessed with getting his JOB back with American Apparel.  However, because he's such a loose cannon (i.e. legal liability), he doesn't realize that American Apparel will NEVER hire him back. (They can't afford to.)  Pretty soon he'll be like Mr. CFO...on welfare and food stamps.  Too narrow minded to realize the power of being able to write his own check in life.

If you haven't woken up yet...WAKE UP!

The cards are stacked against you and becoming more so as the clock ticks and ticks away. This year of 2015 is supposed to be your year, yet we just closed out the first quarter and you've still done...nothing.

I'm going to be doing a life-changing event on May 15th & 16th in Las Vegas called my 2-day first-ever No-Cash-No-Credit 100% LTV Real Estate Boot Camp Seminar.  I'll be presenting a variety of different 100% LTV strategies including how to raise the cash for your deals (and it's much easier than you think).  I'll be having more speakers than I usually have, all with cutting-edge information that will blow your mind.

And when you leave, you'll have a clear and concise plan on exactly how to make money in passive income real estate starting with no cash and no credit.

Additionally, you'll be given the opportunity to basically spend $7,000,000 of my investor partner's money on your own real estate deals which can potentially make you a millionaire overnight.  And I don't see that there will be many more of these opportunities left with my investor least not that I can see for right now.

Register for this event right now.  Get the Spring Blow Out Deal that will give you some extra bonuses that you won't get when this deal is over.

And start carving out YOUR financial future by writing your OWN check.  Stop depending on someone else otherwise the rug can be pulled out at any moment.  Even if the rug stays in tact, with as fast as housing prices and other basics going up (in appreciation), how long will you realistically be able to sustain your current lifestyle making what you're making now?  Pretty soon the music will stop.  And it's doubtful you'll have a chair to sit in when that happens if you remain on this track.

Here's the link where you can listen to a powerful audio seminar:

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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