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Friday, June 11 2021

I think people have been wondering why I've been on and off the fence on teaching real estate investing strategies for the past couple of years now.  Well, to be honest, there have been quite a few moments of sheer wanting-to-jump-off-a-bridge frustration when trying to teach these strategies because sometimes they're not as simple as 1-2-3.  There's something called a PROCESS that must be utilized and followed with precision to do well as a real estate investor.  While I teach these PRECISE blueprints to my students, many times I feel like I'm dealing with the bottom-of-the-barrel lower-echelon folks who want this to be as easy as SOMEBODY ELSE doing ALL the work while they sit on their ass watching TV to collect huge checks...and that ain't how it works in ANY legitimate business.

For example, more than a few years ago I had somebody buy my Apartment Building Cash Flow System (now called Apartment Riches).  Nine days later he returned it (one of the VERY RARE returns we get) with the complaint that he didn't make millions in that 9-day time-frame so he thought it was a "scam" because of it.

Listen, people.  Anyone who tells you that you CAN make millions in real estate in just 9 days IS running a scam.  (You can't even close on your first apartment building in 9 days...even if you're paying 100% cash after finding your first deal on Day One!)  And if you're dumb enough to believe it then you deserve to be robbed of your hard-earned money.

Real estate investing is an ART just like balancing ANY business is.  And it's also a PROCESS of STEPS that MUST be completed WITH SKILL if you are to become successful doing this.  No exceptions.  Remember, anything worthwhile to YOU and to your bank account ideally will be a process so that you can simply wash, rinse...and repeat as many times as you want to make as much money as you want.

Only YOU know if this is the type of business YOU want to be in.  I cannot personally answer that question for you, which is a question I frequently get via email...going something a little like this:  "What kind of real estate do you think I should get into?" Hmmm...How the hell should I know?  I know what type of real estate I like to invest in but that only applies to ME.  I have no idea what type YOU will like to invest in.  Maybe you should try out different types of investing AND businesses to see what YOU will like.  Maybe real estate isn't your thing at all.  Maybe it's some type of online business.  You won't know until you try some things out for size.

Take a look at one of my long-time students, Ben, and the email he just sent to me:

"Hi Monica,
I have to take this time and pay you much appreciation for opening my eyes and providing me the confidence to reach financial freedom! Your no non-sense advice has really guided and just yesterday, I calmly told my Boss that I will no longer offer my services as the Lead Cosmic Origins Spectrograph Engineer for Nasa's Hubble Space Telescope Program! I can honestly say that I am only coming to work the next few months out of respect for my managers to train my replacement and to satisfy my personal desire to contribute to the science community.

Since attending your Multifamily Apartment Seminar in Detroit in Nov 2014, I really applied your teachings and came back to Washington DC fired up!! The next 12 months I raised private money, flipped 12 homes and kept pushing for more. One day I realized the system I developed that allowed me to flip houses while also maintaining a challenging career with NASA, was the same system I could use to develop multi-million dollar deals. And your training on obtaining aggressive income to do larger real estate deals was key! Direct Marketing wasnt my thing but I did push me to find a sweet niche converting 3-level townhomes into two, 2-level high end luxury condominiums on Capitol Hill. Also from your mentorships on researching markets to purchase apartments, I found myself very attracted to Tampa's economy ... so I jumped on a plane every other weekend and started building duplexes in Tampa in 2016. Concurrently I only focused on small development deals in DC as they grossed over 1.5M each! And each door I built in Tampa was netting over $500 each! 

And now I've surpassed my financial freedom point with passive income and have enough cash and credit to build my own apartments from scratch! More importantly, I have my freedom to enjoy my family and experience life with no boundaries.

As you know I'm not the most vocal person but I had to take this time to appreciate the knowledge and confidence you instilled in me to break this rat race! My next goal is to break the 100M mark so I can double back to help sponsor SpaceX to reach Mars and help humans travel our solar system! 

Many Thanks Monica and See You at the Top!

Another successful student,  

Amazing testimonial, don't you think?  One of the best I've gotten.  Yes, I get these types of testimonials regularly but this one really touched my heart.  Ben has been a student of mine for years.  He's tried out different things, "hit" one something he really likes that he's GOOD at and that he's making a ton of money doing.  But the only way to know what "fits" you is by trying things on for size!

And it's the testimonials like THESE that keep me in the training and teaching game because it makes it so gratifying for me to get these emails!

There is new activity on the real estate front which will be one of my main focuses throughout the rest of this year and all of next year.  In fact, I'm releasing the 20th Anniversary Edition of my Real Estate Cash Flow System which includes new unsecured money sources, private lenders, and partnership opportunities.  (CLICK HERE for the latest and greatest including the VERY RARE opportunity to get money from my investor for your deals).   Why?  Because NOW is when you should get started in this WHILE we're at a cooling off "stand-still" (mostly with commercial properties) by making your money connections, staking your claim in a specific area of the country, finding out which TYPE of real estate you'd like to become an amazing investor at...START NOW instead of later when everyone will be running around like a chicken with their head cut off because they won't know how to get money, where to start, what to do...all while the deals are flowing around them like snowflakes in a winter storm.  If you don't have it all lined up NOW and get involved NOW then by the time all the "action" starts hitting, you won't be anywhere near prepared to take advantage of these opportunities...kind of like how many of you were ill-prepared during the LAST recession which is why most of you have no properties from a time when we had the LOWEST property prices with the LOWEST interest rates in American history.  BECAUSE YOU WERE NOT PREPARED!

Time to change that NOW.  CLICK HERE.  No more excuses.  You either DO THIS or you don't.  Your choice.

I'm offering a smashing deal on the 20th Anniversary Edition of the Real Estate Cash Flow System plus offering bonus lenders, investors, and partnerships plus offering you a very special bonus...which goes away very soon!

CLICK HERE NOW to get this limited edition...and become my next success story!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main


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