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Friday, June 25 2021

Happy (Belated) Summer!

What are you doing with your time these last few days of the year?

Lately I feel like I'm twiddling my thumbs as if I'm waiting for something to "happen" or something.

Reality is, I'm just mentally "ramping up" for what's to come.  I have an extremely busy year scheduled for the rest of this year and the first half of 2022.  So maybe twiddling my thumbs for my summer hiatus is somehow mentally prepping me for getting my mind in order for the major work about to come.

I think what's most exciting about 2022 is that...well...2021 will be over with.  Of course, we have several months to go before that happens.  It was a rough year for me and for no particular singular reason or even a small grouping of reasons.  I think I felt a little "off key" but now I feel like I'm snapping back into my warrior-like focus.  I really did miss the old me.  Welcome back, old me!

How do I know the old Monica Main is back?

Let's see...

Less than 2 weeks ago I yelled at a real estate broker on the phone for talking down to me as if I knew nothing about commercial real estate investing then threw it in his face a few days after that during an on-site property inspection when he couldn't tell me the definition of an APN.  And this guy "supposedly" has been "in the business" for 30+ years.  "APN?  What's that?"  Are you f****** kidding me??

It gets better.

He tells me that there's no way he can figure out what the outstanding mortgage is on the building and that I should just offer what the asking price is.

Yeah, right!

Apparently he's never heard my nickname:  Lowball Queen.

He's also never heard of Loopnet either because anyone with a Premium Membership can get the current mortgage information within 5 minutes or do a title pull online without Loopnet if you have more than 5 minutes.

He also expected me to pay what the asking price is even though the bonehead seller has had the property on the market for a straight 6 -- going on 7 -- years without even a bite of interest at the same current asking price.

Laughable.  Isn't it?

Meanwhile, in the past week during a time frame when I've long given up hope that anyone would even pick up the phone (i.e. "summer season siesta"), I have 3 banks and 1 broker trying to contact me and lend me money on projects that I don't even have organized in my head yet, let alone committed to paper.

WTF?  Where were these people a few months ago?

Okay, so I have to say that I'm a "hybrid" of the old and new Monica Main put together.  The old Monica Main had a short fuse but took sh** too seriously (but at least got stuff done).  The new Monica Main is relaxed, emotionally disconnected from the results of her work, and doesn't seem to get enough done while being in her meditative "zen-like" state.

I'm a hybrid of both now.

This is why it's easy for me to laugh at the Old Man River commercial real estate agent who thinks I'm Barbie Blondie who knows nothing about commercial real estate investing.  Before I would have snapped his old ass neck like a twig.  Today I just...laugh.  I think the latter is worse for him.  Better for me too since I'm not getting an ulcer for no good reason.

The good news is that since I'm not detached to any outcome, I no longer take any deal seriously.  And guess what?  People are now beating a path to my door on deals, financing, partnerships, and unique yet profitable opportunities that I would have never considered on my own just because I am not so angry about everything anymore.

Make sense?

Okay, so what's the point here?  Am I getting to some point?

Yes.  There is a point to all this.  It's about 2021 and how you're going to make a killing in the months to come with something I predict to be a tsunami of opportunity when the market begins to crack at the seams.

When people experience a recession or depression, they think it'll never end.  It's almost like being sick with the stomach flu or something.  It feels like you'll never get better and you don't even remember the days when you even felt good.  Then, before you know it, you feel great and forgot all about it.  Same thing will happen when the good times roll back in.

Decades ago, my dad told me several things about economic cycles and how they work.  They go up.  They go down.  Just like a roller coaster.  It never stays up forever.  It never stays down forever.  Expand.  Contract.

The only specific thing I remember him saying about recessions was about the car industry.  He told me that it's usually the first industry to go bad and that's when you know you're coming up on a recession.

My own assessment came after that and is solely based on logic.  The first industry that goes will be the first industry to start picking back up once there is an onset of economic recovery.

And that is happening right now.  It's been happening since earlier this year.

But what's most notable about the economy kicking up into high speed is that investors are now buying apartment buildings and other commercial assets as fast as they can pick up these assets.  The days of all investors being in "watch-and-wait" mode are over.

This means that if you want to buy apartment buildings, mobile home parks, commercial-commercial buildings or even single-family residences (to flip or buy and lease), you need to be able to compete with investors who have money.

This means you'll need an EMD (earnest money deposit) and a down payment (usually 20% to 35% of the purchase price).

And if you're one of these people trying to work this business with no cash and no credit, those days are over.

But hope isn't lost.  Why?

Because as of earlier this year, banks have started tightening up on their lending criteria.  It think this is in preparation of things to come...because nothing stays at the top forever.

I have a powerful Real Estate Investing Strategy to share with you including some brand new private lenders, unsecured cash, and investor partnership opportunities.

But this deal ENDS TODAY.  CLICK HERE to get it...before it's too late.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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