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Tuesday, September 27 2016

Since I announced the pre-order Fall Blow Out Deal for the Build Business Credit FAST! 2017 System WITH the never-before-revealed unsecured loan sources, I've been besieged with all kinds of questions that I'll try to address here.

About the business loan aspect with my investor partner: Just like his real estate down payment loans, the interest rates vary from about 7.25% to 9.5% (on average) but he reserves the right to drastically increase it based on 2 factors:  (a) having a very, very low personal FICO score from people who look like they NEVER paid a bill in their lives, and (2) higher than normal risk (real estate and business).  For example, we had a student calling to ask about whether this investor would fund a marijuana dispensary.  Yes, IF it's legal in the state in which it will be set up and...plan on paying out the ass on an interest rate on that loan.  This would be one where you're looking at a 15% interest rate, easy.  And the terms of these loans are 18 to 36 months.

So, that covers my investor and the loan program he has.

Now, again, for those of you who have the Raising Capital System that we just mailed out last month, you'll already have this resource.  Your user name and password for the LOAN button will be the same for the NEW business loan button that WILL NOT be available or on the site until October 1st.  So, you lucky Raising Capital people get the built-in benefit of getting this additional business loan add-on without doing anything more than logging onto the secret website on or after October 1st.

Some extra sources that I've never revealed to my students before are 5 brand new unsecured business lenders who will lend on start-ups even for those with past personal credit problems.  PLUS...I'm including a brand new equity partner who specializes in large multi-million-dollar real estate projects/deals.


Here's one of the best parts and it's an "unadvertised bonus" that I'm just now adding to this system:  one of my students has shared a secret crowd funding resource he's used successfully to seamlessly and effortlessly raise over $1 million for his property flipping deals.  And no, it's not one of those cheesy crowd funding sites either.  It's an incognito very little-known crowd funding website that you can also use to get tons of investors beating a path to your door if you have property flips (SFRs and apartment buildings) that need 100% cash PLUS rehab money to pull off!

You'll get all of the above resources in my updated Build Business Credit FAST! 2017 System.

CLICK HERE to listen to my audio seminar that explains all about it.  Now, since the crowd funding resource is so new, I don't talk about it in the audio but it WILL be included in your Build Business Credit FAST! 2017 System.

If you have any questions, call my office ASAP at 661-295-5050.  We're available Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm Pacific Time.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main


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