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Sunday, September 25 2016

The other day I indicated my second and last chance to work with an investor partner who is doing now both real estate as well as business loans.  Those of you who have the 2016/2017 Raising Capital Course will already have this resource won't be able to apply for a business loan until October 1st.  Also, this opportunity to apply for this new type of loan only lasts until December 31st.  After that date, business loan applications with this particular investor will no longer be accepted.

Now, let me explain more about these loans and how they work:

I have an investor partner who wanted to do deals directly with my students.  At first he only wanted to do partnerships but then decided to offer real estate loans (for down payments).  He's been doing A LOT more loans than partnerships.  I've had hundreds of students who missed the deal asking if I'd offer this investor opportunity once more.  I told them that I'd have to wait to get permission to do it.  When talking to my investor about the tally of partnerships and loans so far, I asked him if he'd consider doing some business loans too since he's doing real estate loans.  He said, "Yes.  But only for a few months."

We committed to a date range for these business loans that will be from October 1st through December 31st.  Then the special application link will be pulled immediately thereafter, disallowing for more business loans.  These are loans for business start-ups or expansions.  Maybe you want to buy an existing business or start a business.  This is exactly what this newest loan program is for but it's ONLY for 3 months and that's it.  You have 3 months to get your business application in with this one investor partner of mine.  However, he'll still be doing real estate loans and partnerships until August 2017.

Now, those of you who got the Raising Capital Course for 2016/2017 were the luckiest bunch because you have access to the partnership side AND the loan side (including this new loan opportunity).  For those who procrastinated, I'm offering you the loan side (but not the partnership side) as a bonus with my Build Business Credit FAST! 2017 System.

You'll also get a BRAND NEW equity partner who is looking for large-scale (multi-millon dollar) deals and there are no deadlines on getting your application in for this.  AND I'm also providing 5 BRAND NEW business loan sources who specialize in giving loans to new businesses where the principle (you) may have poor personal credit.  These are sources I've never before revealed to my students to date and they, too, have no deadlines as well!

CLICK HERE to find out more about this once-in-a-lifetime OPM (Other People's Money) opportunity that ends VERY SOON!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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