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Saturday, February 13 2016

These little scammers!  Yes, I just called the Girl Scouts scammers...okay, not ALL of them but SOME of them.  Maybe only ONE of them.  I really don't know.

You've probably noticed that it's Girl Scout season again.  I've already purchased 9 boxes of cookies in the past week and I'm now afraid to go to the grocery store until this cookie thing blows over.  Because I can't walk past a Girl Scout without buying at least one box.  Of course, I really don't eat Girl Scout cookies so they're starting to pile up on my kitchen table.

So, the first Girl Scout "hit" I got was on Sunday when I went to the store for a quick couple things at the store.  I walked out and they told me that all boxes of Girl Scout cookies were $5 each EXCEPT for the Thin Mints.  Those are now $6.  Okay. Great.  I hate mint ANYTHING so I didn't care that the Thin Mints were more money.  I gave them $20 and walked off with 4 boxes of cookies.

Repeat the same thing the next day at a different store with different Girl Scouts.  Another 4 boxes.  I didn't even ask (or care) about the Thin Mints.  I picked another 4 boxes for another $20.

Then the other day I stopped by another store where I'm like..."Screw it.  Let's get the Thin Mints."  I have some people in from out of town so, why not get them?  Right?  Sometimes the world doesn't revolve around me and my dislike for mint products.  So...I told the little girl I wanted a box of the Thin Mints.

"That's $5 please."

What...$5?  The rip off Girl Scouts down the road are charging $6 for each box of Thin Mints.

So, either the other little chick is skimming an extra buck off each box of Thin Mints she sells OR the rest of the Girl Scouts aren't clued in on the price hike on Thin Mints ONLY.  Which doesn't make much sense to me.

I have to say, I admire little kids when there out there hustling because that was me.  I was hustling to sell everything and I was damn good at it.  This is the point in their lives where they understand what it takes to get the things you want in life and that it actually requires -- GASP! -- work!!  Getting out there.  Hustling.  Selling.  Marketing products.  And making money...even if "skimming" a little here and there.  (I kind of doubt anyone will call the Attorney General on a 9 year old.)

And this, my friend, is why I am so good at making money.  I understand that work and hustle is required.  I understand that you can't just sit on your couch watching People's Court and Dr. Phil while keeping your fingers crossed and waiting for the Publisher's Clearing House people to show up with the oversized check and balloons, guaranteeing $5,000 a week for life.  Yeah, right!  How about I guarantee that for myself and stop waiting for the white pedophile van to show up on my street with my sweepstakes winnings?!

Of course, it doesn't have to be HARD work that you have to do to get to a decent "baller" money-making level.  But there is SOME work that must be adhered to and maintained at a consistent pace if you're going to do really well in this economy.  This is what we call SMART work.  You know a little system -- even if it's a simplified little business -- that you just duplicate, triplicate, quadruplicate (are these even real words??) over several of these "sales funnels" that we use to create our initial Money Funnel Business.

And yes, it's even easier than standing outside having to talk to a bunch of pissed off disgruntled people stopping at the grocery store after work just to skim a buck here and a buck there on Girl Scout cookies.

I did a recent very rare one-time-only 2 1/2 day Money Funnel workshop in my office where only a small handful of students were allowed to participate.  This event was POWERFUL.  Much more mind-blowing than I initially anticipated because just about everyone in the group had a product idea that all I had to do was flesh out for them.  And that was freaking EASY for me to do.  By the way, these are product ideas that many of you probably want to do.  We had a couple of health supplements, a book on health (curing cancer, specifically), a real estate flipping "guru" in the making, and a lawyer who is putting together a wealth creation course/system.  So, all types of products that you should want to sell online because these are the ones that make the most money.

What's most extraordinary about this workshop is that I went over everybody's funnel in detail which I've NEVER done before.  I had also gone over the Simple and Complicated Money Funnels in extreme meticulous detail for the first time EVER!  And now you can see these videos PLUS get my new Money Funnel System for a FRACTION of the cost that it'll be going up to once this promotion is over.

Now, why am I offering a deal on this?  Because this is a PRE-ORDER DISCOUNT and it just so happens that we're coming up on Valentine's/President's Day weekend so...what better time than to offer you a killer kick-ass deal? What does "pre-order" mean?  It means that nothing will be shipped until the week of February 29th.  In fact, no system will leave my office until March 1st and March 2nd.  Why?  Because I cannot let ANYONE gain an unfair advantage over those who are attending my upcoming Money Funnel Event in Beverly Hills.  Everybody will get this information at the SAME TIME.

If you're REALLY smart, you'll be getting the Money Funnel System WITH the Workshop Videos (all in one package) PLUS you'll come to the Beverly Hills Event on March 3rd and 4th so that you can gain access to my done-for-you funnel "clones" but...if you can't come to the event in a few weeks, I understand.  Getting this Money Funnel System with the DVDs will put you on a super fast-track to online money-making success like NOTHING I've ever offered before in the Aggressive Income Business category.  And I mean NOTHING!  This is how powerful this stuff is!

Click on this link to watch the testimonial videos from my 7 very special students who attended this one-time-only RARE Money Funnel Event a couple of weeks ago in my office:

The deal will end soon.  Don't be a sap-sucker waiting until the last minute just to find yourself having to pay twice as much because you procrastinated too long.  This can make you upwards of $20,000 a day once you master these simple easy-to-do strategies.  But this opportunity will only last about a year before everyone will know about it and the competition will become too fierce.  So, when you commit to The Money Funnel, you MUST take swift action to get your business going.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  We still have seats left for the Beverly Hills Event.  Click on this link to register:

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