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Saturday, February 27 2016
A Ghost Ate My Fish!

We're In Another Haunted Office and a Ghost Ate My Fish...See Pic as PROOF!!

Something very weird is going on.  We had our fish, Spot, who was our new office mascot.  Two weeks ago he was found in the filter.  Dead.  I figured it was a fluke that he died that way so I had Rose go to the pet store to get a new fish.  She named him Mr. Krabs since she knows my daughter likes Spongebob (and maybe I remind her of Mr. Krabs...who knows?)

Not but a couple of days later, we found the fish shredded in the filter. Mind you, the fish CAN'T GET INTO THE FILTER.  The filter tube is covered with a guard and there's no way a fish can get in from the top either.
Rose came into my office, sad and on the verge of tears.  We've both been feeling this weird spirit out in the hallway in the stairwell next to our office but it just reminded me of some old lonely guy who was just sad all the time.  I didn't feel anything demonic about the spirit so I just left him alone.
Now it seems that he comes into our office at night when no one is around and messes with our office pets, even eating them from the looks of the fish in the picture.
Rose asked me about if we should get another fish.  Nope.  I'm not putting another fish through whatever torture this weird spirit is putting them through after hours in the dark of the night. 
This would explain why our Internet goes down just about every day and our phone system will just go on the fritz for no reason at all. Makes complete sense now.
I have this "knack" for attracting spirits or ending up in buildings that have them.  Maybe it's because I'm more open than most people.  Who knows?  I don't like it.  So we smudged our office and our wing of the building with the door wide open, encouraging him to leave.  I'll let you know if it worked out for us...or not.  Sometimes smudging just pisses them off even more.
What do YOU think about this?  Double fluke?  Or something definitely weird is up?
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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