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Wednesday, May 18 2022

It never ceases to amaze me on how utterly stupid some people really are.

And this BONEHEAD really screwed himself over by being...I don't know: A BONEHEAD!

Those of you who have been long-time students of mine -- some of you dating back to 2001, believe it or not --
know that I've offered LOTS of really profitable opportunities that have come to fruition for quite a few of you.

So, when the Monica Main "newbies" enter into the realm of things, they're not quite hip to how powerful some
of these opportunities can be -- even (and in many cases) LIFE CHANGING for them.  Instead, they'd rather
BLOW IT by being...stupid.

Over just the last few years alone I've been a part of hundreds of deals with my students including bird-dog
deals, partnerships, a liaison between my students and my investor partners, etc.  Most of my students are
VERY respectful to me when approaching me about a deal, partnership, or with a bird-dog offering.

But not the BONEHEAD.

So, recently, this BONEHEAD purchased my Bird-Dog Bonanza with the Opportunity to work with us on
bird-dog deals.  He emailed me a rude and disrespectful demanding email saying that he was a "highly"
experienced bird-dog and that he needed to know my criteria on deals.  I politely explained to him that these
criteria details are located in the course materials and then I included that I was actually offended that he
didn't have the respect to at least go through all of the course materials before contacting me about a deal...
which, I should mention, he didn't even present in the first place.

This is when the BONEHEAD decided to become unglued by telling me that I was being "evasive" by not
painstakingly spelling out the criteria to him because -- oh, I forgot to mention this part -- he didn't want to
go look at the Bird-Dog Opportunity card that was provided to him.  Even after I told him EXACTLY where
to find the listing of the deal criteria of properties we are looking for!


To be clear, anybody who wants to be a bird-dog for myself or my partners MUST be willing and able to 
  That's kind of...I know know...the FIRST thing my bird-dogs need
to do before submitting a deal.

Yet this BONEHEAD not only refused to look at the deal criteria list but then he THREATENED me if I didn't
give him this list.

Now, as my legal disclosures ALWAYS state, I'm not obligated to do anything with anybodyNor should I be.
But remember, of course, this BONEHEAD never even got to the criteria to begin with.  He was threatening me
about not giving him the list of deal criteria which, of course, I HAD given him the list but he didn't want to go
look at it.

So, I had to tell him the reality of the situation which goes like this:  I've been in this business of real estate
investing for OVER 27 years.  I NEVER (nor should I) work with people who are RUDE, disrespectful, 
demanding, and ESPECIALLY THREATENING in ANY way, shape or form.

Apparently this BONEHEAD never heard the saying, "You attract more flies with honey than vinegar."

Or however the saying goes.

So I told him that despite his "high level of experience" that he professed to have, without any deals submitted, 
we cannot and will not work with him.  I know...that's pretty obvious, isn't it?  How can we invest in ANY deal
(bird-dog or partnership) if it was never submitted in the first place?!

And then here's the REAL kicker!  (Oh yes, it gets even better, folks!)

He said that as time went on that I wasn't spelling out the list to him, his fees were going up!

I had to laugh out loud when I read that.  This BONEHEAD actually thinks he's the only one in the world who
knows how to find deals, acting as if he's in HIGH DEMAND with other investors, and that everybody is beating
a path to his door for his magical golden deals to where he can immediately raise his bird-dog fees on me for...
wait for it -- deals that he has yet to produce in the first place because...wait for it again -- he refuses to read
our list of deal criteria!

And then he THREATENED me for not...looking at the deals he never submitted?  Not giving him the deal criteria
list, even though I told him exactly where to find it?  I have NO IDEA!  (What's wrong with people these days??)

Sometimes you can't quite figure out how stupid people think.  Or how they get out of bed in the morning each day
to begin with!

I think this dude fully and squarely falls into the loony category and instead of harassing people by way of email,
he might find more personal success if he sought out a shrink instead.  Clearly he needs one.

Listen, I don't know about you but just think about this one little thing for one second:

Pretend that you're a multi-millionaire and you're looking to do real estate deals.  You don't care where they are
but they have to have a strong cash flow.

And pretend that you have some snotty pompous asshole who claims that he's the Top Bird-Dog in the country
(even though he's given you NO credentials to support that) and then threatens you that if you don't give him all
of your deal criteria (that you've already provided to him, nonetheless, but he refuses to go and look at the list),
he's going to write a letter to the Attorney General.

Oh, and that his bird-dog finder's fees are going up and up and up the longer it takes you to respond to his
threatening demands by way of email.

Now, just tell me, dear would YOU react to that?  Remember, you're the multi-millionaire who is
merely looking for deals for both yourself AND your investor partners.  You're just looking to find profitable deals
and you want to pay good people for bringing you these deals.  That's all you want really.


Do you WANT to deal with somebody who is an asshole?  Or somebody who threatens you?  Yes or no?

I'm guessing PROBABLY NOT.

I've been in business a long time and I can tell you that I have incredibly long-term business relationships with
both students AND my investors based on ONE THING, and ONE THING ONLY:  They're likable to do business
with.  Period.

And like ALL of the investors who I've worked with, NONE of us do business with people who suck.  NONE of us!

And what type of people suck?

Let's see...

Like BONEHEAD, people who suck are those who refuse to read the instructions provided, those who are mean,
rude, and disrespectful and particularly those who threaten us.  THOSE are the people who suck and THOSE are
the people we DO NOT do business with.

And like with ANY business, we reserve the right to refuse working with someone based on what I described above.

So, was the result of all of this with BONEHEAD?

I had to tell BONEHEAD that he doesn't have the qualities we are looking for as a bird-dog.  And that we won't be
working with him, now or forever more.  No exceptions.  End of story.

He screwed himself out of an opportunity because he's a jack-ass.

And I had to forward all of this to my attorney for further review and possible legal action against this BONEHEAD
in the event that he decides to file libelous letters with any government agency; it'll ultimately at that time turn into
a lawsuit against this jerk-off.

And there you have it.

All because we have a guy who thinks he's hot shit, the ONLY game in town when it comes to bird-dogging, and
he comes at investors with threats, thinking that he's going to get somewhere.  It's like poking a stick at a bulldog.
What does anybody think they'll accomplish doing that?  Especially doing that to people with money?  Crazy!

Now, for those of you who really want to do this with me and my investors -- the whole bird-dogging thing, that is --
INCLUDING a rare partnership opportunity, then you should CLICK HERE for something new that I have for you.

In the meantime, stay cool.  And by cool, I don't mean physically cool (even though that helps in this heat wave),
but to BE COOL.  Be cool to work with.  And if you're cool to work with then us investors will want to do business
with you.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Sunday, May 08 2022

Happy Mother's Day!

One thing I'd like to mention about my mom. 

She passed away on July 26th, 2005. 

I still can't believe it's been that long ago...yet it seems like both yesterday and 100 years ago at the same time. 

I've gone through a lot in my lifetime.  Yet I attribute a lot of my semi-chronic daily sadness to the loss of my mother, mostly because she died at such a young age (she was only 52) and I feel that we had some "unfinished business" that I felt we needed to heal from before her death. 

Some people tell me that I can heal those things regardless of her death but I haven't figured out a way to do that quite yet.  So, I'd like to take a moment to say, if you still have your mother around in the flesh living among us, please appreciate her as much as you can and certainly work on healing (if it's necessary) before she goes because you never know when she will take her last breaths...and when it'll be too late for any last words with her.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Friday, May 06 2022


Earlier this year, Andrew Shaw and I had a very long lunch together in LA was life-changing for me, to say the least.

And for those of you who want to know what we talked about during that meeting, I have something called "The Napkin Report" that we send out with our new book called Free With BNB.

Most of you haven't heard about this book yet because...well, we just released it.

(If you want a copy of this book, CLICK HERE.  You'll get The Napkin Report with it which outlines EXACTLY what Andrew and I discussed during this private lunch and it'll blow your mind!)

But that's not why I'm reaching out to you.

One of the authors of this book is my powerhouse student, Cynthia Kelly-West.  Many of you have met her in some of my Detroit events.  She even spoke a couple of times at these events.

And what she talked about has nothing to do with "traditional" passive income cash flowing real estate.  In fact, if you want to know WHAT KIND of cash flowing real estate she specializes in, CLICK HERE and you'll see what it is that she does.  (And yes, it's a VERY profitable form of real estate investing.)

THIS is why I decided to do something extraordinary.

And no, I still can't believe I'm doing this.

CLICK HERE to find out what I'm talking about.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Thursday, March 31 2022

You'll get a kick out of this...for a couple of reasons.  You'll realize what a bonehead one of my students is and, unfortunately, you may realize that you're being the same way after you've had a good laugh at the ridiculousness. of my oldest students (not by age, mind you) brags that he's been following me since 2002/2003-ish. the math.  That's about 20 years.  I think he's one of my "oldest" students still around (although that will probably change after he reads this email).

Yet he doesn't own his own apartment building.  He manages one, though.  It's 66 units to be exact.  And he boasts the fact that he's single-handedly brought it up from a 29% occupancy to full.

Good job.  Glad you are making someone else rich while doing all the slave work for your boss.  I'm sure he's proud.

But...because he's used to "managing" (not "owning," remember) a 66 unit, it's beneath him to own any building below that amount of units.  He wants something bigger, he exclaims. None of this "smaller" building nonsense that I've been teaching my students will do under any circumstances.

It's almost like working for Microsoft as an employee, wanting to start your own business but your new business has to be a Fortune 500 right off the bat or...well, you just won't do it at all.

How stupid is that mentality?!

Yet, as history seems to be unraveling for this student, it seems that wanting to own something bigger is the only obstacle for him not owning anything at all!

By the way, do you want to know the fastest way to piss me off?  Introduce yourself to me at any of my seminar events like this, "I've been a student of yours for 20 years but I haven't done shit with any of your information yet."

Trust me when I say that more than a healthy handful of my students have done this and every time it's like listening to nails on a chalkboard through a double bullhorn.

For those of you who have been following me for that long -- or even the past year -- you'll know that I personally have DRASTICALLY altered my PERSONAL investing methodology and strategy to exclusively focus on smaller buildings for the following reasons:

1)  No competition with the bigger investors.

2)  Properties are "mom and pop" owned allowing for all kinds of creative financing, lowered asking price, land trusts/contracts, etc.

3)  Cash flows, by "volume" are actually HIGHER than in a larger building; this is due to the LOWER operating costs by percentage against the gross operating income (gross rental receipts).  By "collecting" a bunch of little properties, you can see your overall operating expenses stay a steady low 40% to 45% instead of paying 65% of your gross income out in expenses (as you do with larger buildings).

4)  Qualification for smaller buildings is a CINCH, especially if you are a new investor with no management resume, no portfolio of buildings, no experience, and no assets to support a multi-million-dollar loan/mortgage as with what is NOW REQUIRED for you to acquire large multi-million-dollar acquisitions.  Banks/lenders do not expect to see any of the above with a small building, as you are a new investor and everyone has to start somewhere.

5)  A bank will put up with a lower personal FICO score and/or minor credit deficiencies when the loan risk isn't that high.

Yes, you can invest in larger time moves on and as you put together your initial portfolio.  But the biggest MISCONCEPTION there seems to be out there is that you need a 100+ unit building to retire.

And you don't.  Far from it.

In fact, in my last seminar event, I did a presentation showing how any one of my students could get 3 buildings (all less than $500,000) which would result in a cash flow of $14,000 a month...IN YOUR POCKET.  And they weren't large buildings.  Each one was very small.

If you can't retire on $14,000 then we need to talk.  Even MY personal monthly expenses are below $8,000 a month and I own home worth well over a million bucks and drive 2 luxury cars.  So, if $14,000 a month can't work for you're delusional, don't know how to use a calculator, or you're a drug addict.  Or a porn/sex addict.  Or just a dummy.

So...I guess I lost a student because he's going to still be sitting around, hard-headed as hell, and waiting for another 20 years to buy a building that's "at least" 66 units because, after all, he's been making someone else rich all these years by managing a building this size.  And it would be "beneath" him to own something smaller than that REGARDLESS of how kick-ass it cash flows.

You Forrest Gump says..."Stupid is as stupid does."

Hopefully you're not stupid like this, waiting around for no reason.

Now, part of the problem with this student (and many others) is credit and accessing unsecured cash for deals.  And the other part is that we're in an overpriced inventory-tight market.

But I have a SOLUTION for BOTH of those things.  CLICK HERE and join me for a complimentary real estate training.  This is a RARE training because, as you know, I just don't do real estate trainings anymore.

I strongly suggest you register for this one because it's ULTRA IMPORTANT.  Click here to register now.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Saturday, March 05 2022

A few days ago I landed here in Honolulu, Hawaii.  And I overheard something so ridiculous, I'm still actually quite shocked about it.

As my daughter and I were heading out of the baggage claim area, we were trailing behind this family of four: two parents and a boy...and a girl...?  Not sure.  Both kids were age 6 and maybe 4.

Anyway, I overhead the mother say to the older kid, "I know you're a girl but all your paperwork still says you're a boy so you have to understand that.  Your birth certificate says you're a boy.  And until we can get that changed, when people ask if you're a boy or girl, you still have to say you're a boy until we get that changed."


I couldn't believe what I was hearing so I asked my daughter in a whisper, "Are you hearing this?"

I know we had just gotten off a plane from LAX so you can expect all kinds of liberal ridiculousness from California.  I live there.  I'm used to it.

But this pushed past most of the stuff I can reasonably bend into any kind of justification in my own head.

In other words...I couldn't wrap my head around it.

Now, listen up.  I'm all for the whole "be-who-you-want-to-be" bit and if you go to bed one night as a woman and decide the next day you want to be a man, more power to you.  Hope it all works out for you.


Should a 6-year-old little kid be able to decide if he/she wants to be a boy/girl that is OPPOSITE of what they were actually born as?

Okay, maybe that's a loaded question.  After all, kids decide to become one thing or another depending on how the wind blows because kids are experimental.  That's normal.  They wear their Superman jammies day in and day out, cape included, because maybe they really believe they're Superman.  Or their ballerina outfit.  Or clown costume.  Or whatever it is.  Boys play with dolls sometimes.  I know my brother liked playing with Barbie's with me once in a blue moon.  (Don't tell him I told you that because he's as macho as they come.)  Girls pay with trucks.  (I liked Tonka trucks in the mud myself.)

But...when does it become...I don't know...ridiculous??

So...if my daughter told me at the age of 5 or 6 that she wanted to be a's what I would NOT be telling her:  "Okay, you have the right to be what you want to be so...let's have your birth certificate changed to reflect your 'new' sex, okay?  After all, you are 6 and I'm fairly confident that you are of the age in which you can make these kinds of adult decisions that will affect you for the rest of your life."


Instead I'd treat it as a "fad" or typical childhood fantasy and let it ride itself out until she's onto the next thing, like wanting to become an astronaut or deciding to go Goth (they call it "Emo" now) by painting her nails and lips black.  I would NOT be playing into ANY such childhood phases with anything permanent by making changes that are hard to reverse back later.

So, it comes down to the parents.  What kind of parent do you have to be to AGREE to make a PERMANENT CHANGE to your kid's birth certificate...changing it from the sex he was born (BOY) and change it to the sex he wants it to say (GIRL) the freaking age of 6???  What the hell is this world turning into...and why am I having such issues dealing with all this right now?

As you know, California is the state where all of this is supposed to be accepted, embraced even.  I've lived in California since 1987 and I am finding it more and more difficult to go along for the ride on certain things...such as gender-neutral bathrooms.  Since when is THAT a good idea?  Having a teenage daughter, the last thing I want in the women's bathroom is some creepy pervert who claims to "identify" as a female for the day just to gain access to the bathroom and commit an egregious crime like rape or molestation.  We all know there are too many of THOSE kinds of weirdos walking the planet everywhere we go.

Yet too many people think this thought process is "normal" because we're all brainwashed to THINK that it's supposed to be normal.  And when we express that we're "creeped out" by certain things (i.e. men using women's bathrooms, parents changing the sex of their kid from boy to girl at the age of 6, etc.), we're outed as being "un-woke" or whatever the hell they call us nowadays.

A few months ago I was on the NextDoor app and a parent of a first-grader took a screenshot of a "quiz" that was being given to his 7-year-old.  He said in his post, "Should I be concerned about this?"  And the screenshot showed a picture of a purple unicorn under a rainbow with a bunch of questions that seemed inappropriate for that grade level.  These questions included, "Do you think it's okay if this person is a boy or girl?" referring to the purple unicorn.  "Do you think this person should like boys or girls?"  "Do you think it's okay for you to be attracted to this 'person'?"  "Do you think it's okay for you to have feelings for this person?"  Some of the questions seemed sexual in nature and I understood this poor father's concern.

Yet the "woke" society quickly jumped on the poor guy saying, "Nope, I don't see anything wrong with any of that."  Or... "Seems perfectly reasonable and normal to me."  And making him feel like a piece of crap for being concerned and wondering if this curriculum was "normal" in schools these days.


Of course, I couldn't hold my tongue for a split second and I blasted everyone who posted a comment for being so "brainwashed" into "woke-ness," so fearful of being criticized by anyone by actually formulating a logical opinion anymore, that they all lost their minds...and their balls...for speaking up about something that CLEARLY WASN'T APPROPRIATE.

Within about 10 minutes after I posted my comment, the entire post was removed from the app.

Nobody likes to have "uncomfortable" yet truthful conversations.  And I'm getting this feeling that apps, society, the government, and big corporations are only allowing us to see, talk about, and react to WHAT THEY WANT US TO.  Anything else must be removed.  Pretty soon...people who don't agree with all this foolishness...they will be removed too.

If you don't know anything about George Orwell and his books...start reading them.  Read all of them.  Then you'll understand what our future holds for ALL of us.

But right now, you have options.  In fact, it ONLY comes down to ONE option if you think about it.  Make a lot of money...then move to a peaceful place (maybe even out of the country) where you can live out your days without being hassled with all this Big Brother nonsense.

CLICK HERE to find out what my biggest unveiling yet looks like...and how it can help you reach financial heights you've never been able to reach before.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Thursday, March 03 2022

I can't help but to notice that the government form I-9 recently expired.  This is the form that allows (and requires) employers to ask for identification and verification to be able to work in the United States.  Except that I was reading somewhere awhile back that the reason they are "retiring" this form is because it's considered "discriminatory" to enforce certain types of ID.


So...I can't ask someone to verify their residency status here in the United States because I'm "discriminating" but yet if I hire an "illegal alien" then I get fined $10,000 by the government?


This is, yet again, another reason why you should want to own a traditional business with employees, lots of forms to fill out, endless rules and regulations, and the chronic headache you'll be getting from ALL of it...all while it sucks your profit margins dry for the "honor" of dealing with it all.

This is one of the reasons why I absolutely HATE doing business in California in particular.  If you do the research on the top "business friendly" states in the country, you'll find California #33 out of the 50 states.  Not bad.  But certainly not great considering that California is the fifth largest economy in the entire world, larger than most countries.  Even larger than Canada (ranking #9 on the world economy list).

When you're a blue state (I'm not being "political" so just here me out), you'll find that there are A LOT more regulations to deal with...more red tape...more bullsh*t to deal with when trying to start and run a business.  When you're in a blue country...well, there will be many more federal regulations to contend with.

This is why I shuddered when listening to parts of the boring State of the Union Address when Biden was talking about "going after" fraud.  What this usually means (in Layman's terms) is:  "I am releasing the hounds on EVERY small, medium, and large business to find ANY kind of discrepancy -- operational, tax-wise, or other -- that we can use to (1) seize all your assets, (2) pile on frivolous "criminal" charges on your back, and (3) make sure you'll never be able to recover again thereafter."

That's what that REALLY means.

So, you have a couple of choices right now in our "blue economic era":

#1:  Start a really small "micro" business that is 100% above-board that will NEVER attract any government attention but can make you loads of money; this is even better when you're selling somebody else's products for a commission and don't have to take on ANY responsibility for the products they sell because...well, they're NOT YOUR PRODUCTS!!


#2:  Do nothing.  Work 40+ hours a week building somebody else's dream and business.  Fighting freeway traffic every day.  And having the fluorescent lights in your office cubicle suck the life out of you.  For the rest of your life.  Until you retire.  Or until you die.

Those are your only two choices if you think about it.  And I think we both agree that #2 really sucks!

By deciding to start all over again (and secretly...I actually am starting again with a brand new money funnel business I just launched IN my brand new office I just opened), I'm do it without employees and run the operation out of a tiny office where I don't show up but maybe 10 to 15 hours per week.  I have 3 "employee desks" in this new office.  After I had the desks installed, I decided... "Eh...I don't think I want anybody working here after all."  Then I won't have to worry about these new government regulations as it pertains to employees, paying people ridiculous sums of money to sit and watch Netflix on MY computers all day, and other business operation disasters that put me in a "damned-if-I-do-damned-if-I-don't" situation.

This is what we call "New School" business.  Have a business, operate it on a skeleton crew, and make a lot of money because you're not burdened with "typical" business overhead and problems.

Like what my new mentorship can do for you.

This group starts on Thursday, March 17th.  And as long as you have a computer with an Internet connection, you can AND SHOULD participate in this group.  Over 8 weeks I will show you everything you'll need to do to start a highly profitable online business from scratch using The Super System...which is a fully automated online marketing system that -- once we set it up together -- it can make you money 24/7.  And you can have this sucker fully up and running in 8 weeks provided that you give me your full participation (which is mandatory) in the group.

I have a deal on this group...for a short time only...which includes my upcoming 2-day "crash course" (live streaming) on March 8th & 9th.  (This will also be recorded in the event that you miss all or parts of this event.)

But...this "crash course" bonus isn't going to last forever.  In fact, the clock is ticking down as we speak.

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Questions?  Call my office at 66-295-5050 ext. 2.

This is a life-changing group that I probably won't have time to run again for this year...and if I do, it won't be until August or September.  Why wait that long to start generating a solid Aggressive Income Cash Flow when you don't have to?

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Sunday, February 06 2022


I am so f***** sick of this pandemic.  It just needs to...go away already!

So, as I mentioned to you recently, I got the Pfizer booster shot the day after I got back from Atlanta, which was NOT a good idea on my part. 

When I shot the PBS show over there, I was stressed out.  Probably had a lowered immune system because of the show stress and the air travel.

I wasn't back home for 24 hours...and then I get the booster shot.  (This was on December 20th.)

Five days later I was back on a plane heading to the Midwest.  Three days after that I was on a ship cruising through the Caribbean.

My immune system took a severe beating MOSTLY because of getting the booster shot.  So, I guess it wasn't a shock to me when I contracted Omicron in Nassau, Bahamas.  I wasn't even there for an hour, but I guess that's all it took.

When I came back home, the full thrust of the sickness settled in and I finally put two and two together: holy moly cannoli...I have Omicron.  I had every symptom.

This was three weeks ago and I still feel like I'm tired all the time.  I have a runny nose just out of the blue every so often.  And I just don't feel...quite right.  It's hard to describe.

My Hawaii retreat is coming up.  And the stupid f****** state of Hawaii decided to MANDATE the booster shot...otherwise they'll treat you as "unvaccinated" and require a 5-day quarantine upon arrival.  Because of this, I essentially twisted my daughter's arm to get the booster because she'll be attending the retreat with me.  And I didn't want to deal with any kind of quarantine period due to me having to serve my students in attendance for the event.

This was a BIG MISTAKE!

My daughter got so sick from the booster -- sicker than I'd ever seen her before -- because of this f****** shot.  I felt so bad, so guilty as a parent for making her do this.

Here I am, trying to do the "right" thing, and it completely backfired.  All I could do was cry and tell her how sorry I was for making her get that shot.

It made me think about just how ridiculous this whole "shot" thing is.  And how (I believe) we've taken this "pandemic" way too far.  (Isn't two years long enough, Dr. F****** Fauci??)

I got all three shots.  I got all three (so far) variants of Covid.  One was before my vaccine.  (The "original" Covid-19, January 2021.)  One was after my vaccine.  (Delta variant, August/September 2021.)  And the variant that made me sick was the Omicron virus last month.

Because the f****** vaccine does NOTHING for Omicron, folks. 

It's like a bad flu.  And there is no vaccine for the flu.  Or the common cold.  Or any "seasonal" anything.

I'm so sick of all these politicians...and especially that snake oil salesman...that Fauci bastard...for shoving this vaccine down everybody's throat for so long.  Maybe the vaccine helps with Covid.  I don't know if it does or doesn't.  But I will tell you that it doesn't do jack sh*t for Omicron.  And yet they're STILL force-feeding this vaccine to people KNOWING that it does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for Omicron...or ANY of the variants to come.

So...what the f*ck?!

It's a total scam...that's what it is!

Now, you know me.  Normally I don't get all political about anything because it's a waste of time...and too many people want to argue with me when I do.  But...don't you think there is something REALLY WRONG with what's going on these days??  Do YOU see it??  I'll bet you do!

My theory -- and I could be wrong -- but eventually this whole charade MUST come to a quick end.  There's only so long everybody is going to keep going on with this sham and then the government is going to have to swiftly re-evaluate keeping everybody imprisoned with this whole "get-the-shot-or-else" bullsh*t.  Or "sit-at-home-and-eventually-go-bankrupt" crap.  Or "you-better-get-vaccinated-or-you'll-never-go-anywhere-again" nonsense.

Biden...the liar.  "I'm only asking you to keep your masks on for first 100 days."

That was more than a year ago...and I know I suck at math but I'm pretty sure we're WELL PAST 100 DAYS.

Yet here in California, we're all about masks here.  People will mad-dog you, pick fights, and yell at you if you're not wearing a know, that thing that does NOTHING to protect you from anything while preventing you from getting enough oxygen to your brain?

When did everybody LOSE THE LOGIC in thinking?

Think about it!

If someone is standing 6 to 8 feet away from you and they are smoking a cigarette, if you're wearing a mask, would you smell the cigarette smoke?

The answer is...HELL YES YOU WOULD!

Virus particles are about the same size as smoke particles.  So....again, when did we lose our COMMON SENSE??

If you can smell cigarette smoke through a mask, those viral particles are ALSO getting through the mask.  HELLO!  Basic LOGIC, folks!

So...why are we still wearing the masks?

Ah, yes!  I'll tell you why.  Because Dr. Fauci...MASTER BRAINWASHER...who, if you recall, at the VERY BEGINNING of all this, actually SAID that MASKS DO NOTHING to prevent the contraction of a virus or bacteria, flip-flopped and decided that we all needed to lose more oxygen to our brains because...well, when you have oxygen to your brain, YOU CAN STILL THINK FOR YOURSELF.  And they don't want that, now, do they?

To be clear, I'm NOT an "anti-vaxxer" or a "pro-vaxxer."  I'm neither.  I don't care what you do or don't do with your own health and body.  It's your body.  It's your health.  Do what you want.  But don't mad-dog me if I don't want to wear a mask anymore.  If you're that threatened about Covid-19 (based on being brainwashed night after night for two years while watching the useless news), instead of expecting thousands of people around you to wear a mask (that does nothing for you) to conform to your false notion that it'll make you safe, STAY HOME INSTEAD!  Stop expecting the world to "bow down" to your false idea of what you need for own personal safety.  It's not the world's job to roll out a red carpet for you everywhere you go.  And you can have your meals delivered to your house for another year or two until you: (1) get sick of being lied to, or (2) jump off a bridge because you're so mentally gone due to having no "normal" existence anymore.

Anyway, that's just the way I see it.

Thankfully, after a full week of being sick, my daughter Brie is starting to feel better.  She's still tired.  She gets worn down quickly during the day like I do.  But she's on the mend, I hope.

I just feel bad because...who the hell knows WHAT is in those shots and what the long-term effects are going to be on people?!  Ever since I got my booster, I have these weird pains in my heart, like "pinching" or something.  A nurse told me that little kids getting these vaccine shots are now showing signs of ENLARGED HEARTS after getting vaccinated.  What is this poison doing to us?? 

It's pretty f****** scary when you think about it, isn't it?

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Saturday, February 05 2022

This is unbelievable.

One of my most used personal credit cards is Capital One.  I used it for all of my personal expenses.

Or at least I did until just a few days ago.

I've been a loyal customer for exactly 15 years.  I always pay off my entire balance each and every month.  And the only reason I used the card was for the rewards.

So, suddenly without notice, they closed my account.

Not only did they close my personal account but they also closed the useless business Capital One Sparks card I had.  You know, the one with the "whopping" $2,500 credit line they gave me for my business?  (Which is laughable considering all my other business credit cards give me a minimum of $20,000.)

So, I called them on the phone for at least some kind of explanation.

Did I mistakenly ever miss a payment?  Nope.  All good there.

Did my credit score drop?  Nope.  It's higher than ever.

Has my overall credit "usage" increased?  Nope.  Everything is paid off.

Did I go over the limit?  Nope.  Not by a long shot.

Did the card go "dormant," meaning I haven't used it in a long time?  Nope.  I used the damned card nearly everyday.


Who the hell knows what happened?

I was curious as to whether this happened to other people.  Turns out it has.

Evidently Capital One thrives on deadbeats who can't pay their credit cards (or who carry a large balances for long periods of time) so they can make money off the interest, fees, attorney fees (for collections), etc.

I don't fall into that category and never have.  So, I was "discarded" for essentially being useless to their business model...because I pay my bills.  (Go figure!) 

Being someone with pristine credit who pays their bills off every month and on time doesn't make them any money.  So, in the trash I go!

I also am feeling that perhaps they are having some financial problems (probably due to the impending credit bubble that is about to blow up in their faces) so they have to trim down their credit lines.  First to go, people who pay their bills and never make them any money in interest and fees.

That's me.

So, off with my head!

At first I was upset.  Then I started thinking about it.  Capital One sucks.  They have always have sucked.  Especially with their cheesy commercials:  "What's in your wallet?" 

Uh...not Capital One! 

And what the hell do I need them for? 

I have so many other better credit cards I should be using.

Somehow I ended up with a BMW Visa card a few years ago that I almost never use.  And since I plan on buying myself a new 8-series for my birthday this year, what better time to start racking up points I can apply to the down payment on my new car?  Right?

When life throws you lemons...go buy a $100,000+ luxury car.

I think that's how the saying goes.  At least in my world it does!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Thursday, February 03 2022

A dear friend and business partner of mine had passed away last week. 

His name was Dr. Peter Barrington.

Many of you know him and knew his legacy as an investor.  If you don't know, this man took a simple trading strategy and turned it into hundreds of millions of dollars.

A trading secret that didn't even have a name...until I decided to name it "The Slice."

Looking back, that name -- The Slice -- is pretty funny.

One day he was showing me how his trading system worked.  And he was trying to describe these "spokes" and how to determine the strike prices when deciding to buy a put or call option.

My visual-learning self blurted out... "So, kind of like the wedge of a lemon or orange."

I remember distinctly because Dr. Barrington paused, chuckled, and said, "Well, I guess so!"  It was almost as if he magically saw what I told him I was seeing, never considering such a thing even a moment before.

It took me MANY YEARS in arm-twisting to get him to allow me to promote his system which I appropriately named The Slice Trading System.  And I felt like I had moved a mountain after about 6 long years of begging when he finally said, "Yes!"

Of course, that victory was immediately dampened when he told me WHY he decided to do it.  "I've been diagnosed with cancer and they're giving me only six months to live."

This was back in 2018. 

And being the tough old bastard I came to know him to be, it didn't surprise me that he beat cancer...then beat it after he went into remission.  This trend happened three times.  Maybe four.  I think I lost count.

Instead of living only 6 more months, he ended up getting more than 3 1/2 years...defying the Grim Reaper in ways I'd never thought possible.

Last spring, he started getting really sick again.  I had a conversation with him about "fighting" and what it meant.

And he told me something surprising.  He said, "We go our whole lives fighting for and against everything.  And for what?  It doesn't make that much sense to do that, does it?"

I had never heard him talk like that before.  But then I realized at that moment.  He must've read the books I mailed to him!

When he was in hospice care the first time, I sent him some books written by Esther Hicks.  I remember the first two titles but the third escapes me.  The first two I remember were:  Ask and It Shall Be Given and The Astonishing Power of Emotions.  The third book might have been The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent...but I'm not 100% certain.  (If you haven't read those books, I highly recommend that you do.  They can change your life!)

When I sensed that he was letting go, I didn't look at it as "giving up."  I looked at it as "surrendering to a higher power" which is something I now try to do everyday with everything.  It's really shifted my vice-grip on feeling like I have to control everything.  He encouraged me to "go with the flow" more.

The last time I talked to Dr. Barrington was in December.  It was right before he was to go back into hospice care.  I remember him telling me that he was holding out until after the holidays so he didn't "ruin Christmas for the family," as he put it.  But we both knew it would be his last Christmas.  In fact, I doubted he'd escape 2021 alive, that's how bad he sounded.

The last thing Dr. Barrington told me was this:  "Don't waste your life doing things you don't want to do for money.  I can see you doing that sometimes.  And life's too short for that."

I knew what he meant.  And I silently began crying like a baby while I was still on the phone with him, not wanting him to hear my sobbing, not hearing much else he said after that.

You see, he knew I didn't want to do anything else in investing training including workshops and seminars for quite some time.  He was proud of me when I concluded my trainings over the fall of 2021, never to do them again.  And he also knew I was struggling with wanting to carry The Slice product line anymore because I was shifting everything about my company.  Because I fought so hard to be able to market The Slice System to everyone, I didn't want to tell him, "Hey, I don't want to do this anymore."  But I found out that he intuitively knew I didn't want the market and sell The Slice System anymore.

So, that's what he meant.  "Don't waste your life doing things you don't want to do..."

And that's why I started crying.

Our agreement has always been that when he passes, I'd get 100% ownership and control over The Slice System.  And while it's made both of us a lot of money over the years, I decided that I won't be promoting that product anymore.

So...if you want ANY of it, it's now or never.  It's yet another thing added to the list that I won't be reprinting ever again.  (For those of you interested in what I have left, CLICK HERE for the book and CLICK HERE for the system.)

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Wednesday, February 02 2022

In the early morning hours of Wednesday, January 26th, Dr. Peter Barrington had passed away.

It took me a week to come to terms with his passing and I have been beside myself with grief since I received the news, as I've considered him a close friend of mine for 12 years.

Many of you know that Dr. Barrington had been fighting cancer for the past several years.  He even survived hospice care a couple of years ago and was on the mend, thanks to a "secret" diet and nutritional concoction "prescribed" to him by some doctor from Switzerland.

But old habits die hard.  And Dr. Barrington couldn't live his life without his diet high in sugar, carbs, and fat.

So, after slipping back into his old dietary habitual ways, his health rapidly deteriorated.

After the holidays, he was admitted into hospice again.  Something told me that he wouldn't get out alive...and I was right.

I didn't know how to break this to my students.  So, I waited until the time is right...and today is the day.

For those of you who don't know the body of Dr. Barrington's extraordinary work, he was the one who developed the stock trading strategy that I named "The Slice," since his trading technique remained "nameless" for the decades he used his system.

He made hundreds of millions of dollars with his stock trading secret.  It wasn't until a few years ago when he finally let me allow others to enjoy the benefits of his powerful trading strategy.

In light of his passing, I decided that I no longer have it in me to promote and sell his trading system.  Once we deplete our minimal inventory of all the trading books and The Slice Trading System, I won't be marketing or offering this program anymore.

For those of you with the Hot Tips forecasting newsletter, effective January 1st, it's 100% online.  It's been written by Dr. Barrington's close assistant, Joshua, since around May or June of last year.  Joshua is the only one alive on this planet who knows The Slice Trading Secret as well as Dr. Barrington had and he is doing the trading forecasts through the end of this year and possibly into next year.  (Personally I think Joshua's trading forecasts are much more accurate than Dr. Barrington's...only because Joshua is of sound mind and Dr. Barrington hasn't been for too long.)

If you want one of the last Seven Figure Trading books that I have in stock, CLICK HERE NOW.  Once these are gone, that's it.  They won't be reprinted or offered ever again.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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