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Sunday, February 06 2022


I am so f***** sick of this pandemic.  It just needs to...go away already!

So, as I mentioned to you recently, I got the Pfizer booster shot the day after I got back from Atlanta, which was NOT a good idea on my part. 

When I shot the PBS show over there, I was stressed out.  Probably had a lowered immune system because of the show stress and the air travel.

I wasn't back home for 24 hours...and then I get the booster shot.  (This was on December 20th.)

Five days later I was back on a plane heading to the Midwest.  Three days after that I was on a ship cruising through the Caribbean.

My immune system took a severe beating MOSTLY because of getting the booster shot.  So, I guess it wasn't a shock to me when I contracted Omicron in Nassau, Bahamas.  I wasn't even there for an hour, but I guess that's all it took.

When I came back home, the full thrust of the sickness settled in and I finally put two and two together: holy moly cannoli...I have Omicron.  I had every symptom.

This was three weeks ago and I still feel like I'm tired all the time.  I have a runny nose just out of the blue every so often.  And I just don't feel...quite right.  It's hard to describe.

My Hawaii retreat is coming up.  And the stupid f****** state of Hawaii decided to MANDATE the booster shot...otherwise they'll treat you as "unvaccinated" and require a 5-day quarantine upon arrival.  Because of this, I essentially twisted my daughter's arm to get the booster because she'll be attending the retreat with me.  And I didn't want to deal with any kind of quarantine period due to me having to serve my students in attendance for the event.

This was a BIG MISTAKE!

My daughter got so sick from the booster -- sicker than I'd ever seen her before -- because of this f****** shot.  I felt so bad, so guilty as a parent for making her do this.

Here I am, trying to do the "right" thing, and it completely backfired.  All I could do was cry and tell her how sorry I was for making her get that shot.

It made me think about just how ridiculous this whole "shot" thing is.  And how (I believe) we've taken this "pandemic" way too far.  (Isn't two years long enough, Dr. F****** Fauci??)

I got all three shots.  I got all three (so far) variants of Covid.  One was before my vaccine.  (The "original" Covid-19, January 2021.)  One was after my vaccine.  (Delta variant, August/September 2021.)  And the variant that made me sick was the Omicron virus last month.

Because the f****** vaccine does NOTHING for Omicron, folks. 

It's like a bad flu.  And there is no vaccine for the flu.  Or the common cold.  Or any "seasonal" anything.

I'm so sick of all these politicians...and especially that snake oil salesman...that Fauci bastard...for shoving this vaccine down everybody's throat for so long.  Maybe the vaccine helps with Covid.  I don't know if it does or doesn't.  But I will tell you that it doesn't do jack sh*t for Omicron.  And yet they're STILL force-feeding this vaccine to people KNOWING that it does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for Omicron...or ANY of the variants to come.

So...what the f*ck?!

It's a total scam...that's what it is!

Now, you know me.  Normally I don't get all political about anything because it's a waste of time...and too many people want to argue with me when I do.  But...don't you think there is something REALLY WRONG with what's going on these days??  Do YOU see it??  I'll bet you do!

My theory -- and I could be wrong -- but eventually this whole charade MUST come to a quick end.  There's only so long everybody is going to keep going on with this sham and then the government is going to have to swiftly re-evaluate keeping everybody imprisoned with this whole "get-the-shot-or-else" bullsh*t.  Or "sit-at-home-and-eventually-go-bankrupt" crap.  Or "you-better-get-vaccinated-or-you'll-never-go-anywhere-again" nonsense.

Biden...the liar.  "I'm only asking you to keep your masks on for first 100 days."

That was more than a year ago...and I know I suck at math but I'm pretty sure we're WELL PAST 100 DAYS.

Yet here in California, we're all about masks here.  People will mad-dog you, pick fights, and yell at you if you're not wearing a know, that thing that does NOTHING to protect you from anything while preventing you from getting enough oxygen to your brain?

When did everybody LOSE THE LOGIC in thinking?

Think about it!

If someone is standing 6 to 8 feet away from you and they are smoking a cigarette, if you're wearing a mask, would you smell the cigarette smoke?

The answer is...HELL YES YOU WOULD!

Virus particles are about the same size as smoke particles.  So....again, when did we lose our COMMON SENSE??

If you can smell cigarette smoke through a mask, those viral particles are ALSO getting through the mask.  HELLO!  Basic LOGIC, folks!

So...why are we still wearing the masks?

Ah, yes!  I'll tell you why.  Because Dr. Fauci...MASTER BRAINWASHER...who, if you recall, at the VERY BEGINNING of all this, actually SAID that MASKS DO NOTHING to prevent the contraction of a virus or bacteria, flip-flopped and decided that we all needed to lose more oxygen to our brains because...well, when you have oxygen to your brain, YOU CAN STILL THINK FOR YOURSELF.  And they don't want that, now, do they?

To be clear, I'm NOT an "anti-vaxxer" or a "pro-vaxxer."  I'm neither.  I don't care what you do or don't do with your own health and body.  It's your body.  It's your health.  Do what you want.  But don't mad-dog me if I don't want to wear a mask anymore.  If you're that threatened about Covid-19 (based on being brainwashed night after night for two years while watching the useless news), instead of expecting thousands of people around you to wear a mask (that does nothing for you) to conform to your false notion that it'll make you safe, STAY HOME INSTEAD!  Stop expecting the world to "bow down" to your false idea of what you need for own personal safety.  It's not the world's job to roll out a red carpet for you everywhere you go.  And you can have your meals delivered to your house for another year or two until you: (1) get sick of being lied to, or (2) jump off a bridge because you're so mentally gone due to having no "normal" existence anymore.

Anyway, that's just the way I see it.

Thankfully, after a full week of being sick, my daughter Brie is starting to feel better.  She's still tired.  She gets worn down quickly during the day like I do.  But she's on the mend, I hope.

I just feel bad because...who the hell knows WHAT is in those shots and what the long-term effects are going to be on people?!  Ever since I got my booster, I have these weird pains in my heart, like "pinching" or something.  A nurse told me that little kids getting these vaccine shots are now showing signs of ENLARGED HEARTS after getting vaccinated.  What is this poison doing to us?? 

It's pretty f****** scary when you think about it, isn't it?

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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