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Monday, August 05 2013

The only thing my mother ever taught me about anything "financial" in my entire lifetime was about credit.  She always told me to take good care of my credit because our entire world revolved around having an excellent credit history.
She cautioned me about using credit wisely, about not getting into debt, and about "constructive debt" vs. "destructive debt" long before Robert Kiyosaki's book Rich Dad, Poor Dad came into the picture. 
And that's all she taught me about economics.  Period.
Turns out, it was one of the most important lessons a young chick like myself could have possibly learned because I'm only now just figuring out how extremely important all this "credit business" really is.
And the more fractured and delicate our economy has become over the past several years, the more cautious banks had to become.  The more cautious, the better your credit has to be in order to tap into the financial resources (i.e. loans, credit cards, etc.) that they have to offer.
None of us really could have predicted what happened with our economy.  The only thing any of us really could have known was the regular "ups and downs" economic conditions tend to wave through as the years roll on.
Now it takes really good credit to get to where you want to go...and that includes anywhere.
Let me give you an example:
Right now I'm in Las Vegas at a trade show for my other business.  There are hundreds of exhibitors, all of whom cater to retail stores and wholesalers.  This means that anyone with a business is considered a prospective buyer to these exhibitors.
But here's the deal...
The buyers qualify for "show deals" on placing orders directly with these exhibitors during this 4-day trade show.
There are what they call "purchase minimums."  This means that you're not going to walk up to a booth and realistically get one of anything.  In many cases, you won't be getting a handful of anything either.  You're looking at purchasing in volume.
We just closed out the first day of this 4-day show.  I, of course, had to walk the show to see the hundreds of exhibitors and what they had to offer in a variety of different categories.
And all I could see is dollar signs.
Because most of the items that are being sold at this trade show are not only being offered at incredible wholesale prices but the "show only" deals that are being offered for orders placed here at the trade show are...absolutely mind-blowing!
The money that can be made by simply buying products and selling them to the general public is nothing short of amazing.  Even if you had an eBay store, you'd make a killing.
But if you don't have the money to be buying these required volumes to get these "show only" deals, you're screwed.
Unless you have the credit, of course.
I started thinking about the new credit cards I just got for my newest company within the past couple of months, adding up to tens of thousands of dollars that I could simply use at any of these booths to essentially "flip" product and make a fortune.
And guess what, folks?
I may actually just do that.
After all, many of you who know me already know that I like doing different things just to change stuff up a bit (since I'm easily bored).
Since I have my seminar coming up next month in Los Angeles for my Underground Secret Event talking about the most Aggressive Income Strategies (on Speed and Steroids), within the past couple of months I've been creating this special "case study" that will be presented at the event to show you how you can build a $20,000-per-month home-based business literally starting from nothing.
And I can just add to that special case study I'm doing by buying some stuff at this trade show, "flipping" it online, and taking in some huge profits by using other people's money.
Yes, that's right.
By using the bank's money with the new business credit cards I just got!
There's nothing worse than building business credit and using it for anything but business and investing related endeavors.  In fact, using business credit for personal reasons should and probably is considered a crime on certain levels.  As it should be.
There's only one reason to get business credit: to use the money to make money.
And the last time I checked, a big screen tv or a new Mercedes doesn't make money.
As long as you are responsible and understand the importance of why you are fixing/rebuilding your personal credit while building business credit then you're responsible enough to do the right thing with all the money you're going to have access to.
And that is to use that borrowed money to make money.
If you don't understand that basic concept then don't even bother trying to get personal or business credit otherwise you'll be irresponsible with this newfound secret strategy.
You need to now choose how you'll position yourself for 2014.  You can choose to be broke and feeling sorry for yourself for missing the boat.  Or you can choose to seize these opportunities by positioning yourself slightly ahead of the curve so you can cash in big when the next year rolls around.
As I always tell you, the choice is always yours.
Again, you can choose to take advantage by both learning what I have to show you but by also (most importantly) applying the strategies I give you.
Or not.
You choose.  The nice part about life is that you always get to choose your own fate.  You just might be realizing for the first time ever that you actually do get a choice in the matter.  You always have.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main

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