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Friday, July 05 2013

The other day I saw this picture of a mansion in a magazine that some celebrity was on the verge of purchasing and I thought to myself...
How could someone -- anyone -- go from wherever they are in life and be able to purchase a mansion like this in 12 months or less?
Of course, my initial answer is that it would be improbable for most people to pull it off simply because they don't realize or believe it's a possibility unless they win the lottery or some great uncle who is a multi-millionaire kicks the bucket and leaves their entire fortune to them including a mansion, of course.
Then there are those out there who want this level of success, believe they can attain it, and even have a viable means of grasping onto it but...they don't follow through, work hard enough, execute their plan properly, or give up at the wrong time.
But what if...?
What if -- in addition to you already knowing the bona-fide path to financial success (i.e. real estate investing as a means of passive income) -- you had a means of getting 100% of the cash you need to invest in real estate?
And no, I'm not talking about transactional "wet" funding for flipping either.
I'm talking about being able to hit up someone like a long-lost rich aunt who is willing to shell out any type of funds for you on any real estate deal ranging from $250,000 to $100,000,000 provided that you can show her that the deal will make money (vs. being a loss).
And the terms?
Don't worry.  She's not going to ask for a stake in any of your deals.  She won't be asking for a piece of the monthly cash flow or a percentage of the gained equity.
All she wants is to be paid interest.
And because you've shown over the years through some wavering on what you wanted to do with your life, maybe a couple of failed businesses or stupid business ideas, and perhaps thumbing your nose at some of your creditors, your aunt isn't going to charge you the lowest possible interest rate.  She's going to charge you between 9% and 16% depending on the deal and how risky it is.
But...this isn't a problem.  Right?
After all, she is giving you 100% of the money needed for your deal so paying a higher interest rate isn't that bad of a deal, especially since she'll be forgiving of your past credit problems that may still be reflecting on your personal credit history.
If there was such an aunt in your life who could pull off everything I mentioned above...and knowing what you know now about how powerful passive income real estate investing is in MHPs, apartment buildings, and commercial-commercial long would it take you to be able to afford that mansion I was talking about at the beginning of this email?
A year?  Six months?  Less?
It would take as long as it'd take you to buy up as many properties as you could to buy the mansion and where this mansion would be.  Obviously a mansion in Malibu is a lot more expensive than a mansion in Tulsa of equal square footage.
The bad don't have an aunt who can do all of this.
The good news...I now have lenders who can!
It seems that we have fully economically "recovered" when it comes to the confidence coming back in the real estate market because I've seen some changes so powerful in the past couple of months that didn't even exist back in 2005.
And what is that?  100% LTV financing for commercial and residential-commercial real estate.
These programs are brand new, available through only a handful of private lenders, and the benefit to them is getting a higher interest rate on a market they now believe is "secure" based on the newly found strength in our economy.
Plus, this is also based on a demonstrated current and future value of the property you are investing in which means you aren't going to be going after vacant REO apartment buildings (not that there are many left anymore anyway) that need millions in rehab.
And yes, some of them are forgiving if you've had personal credit issues.  (When I say "forgiving" I mean they'll accept minor or older credit problems provided that you've shown you started fixing and rebuilding your credit.  I don't mean they'll accept you with a recent bankruptcy with 10 foreclosures piled on top, all in the past 12 months.  No one -- not even God Himself -- would finance you with credit that bad.  If that's your story, find someone --anyone -- to "partner" in with you until you get your personal credit squared away.)
For the first time ever, I'm able to present these sources to you in my 2014 Motherload Resource Directory.  I have 6 of these 100% LTV lenders.  I have 1 lender who works exclusively with Florida commercial properties.  I have a lender that is actively and aggressively looking to fund properties at a 100% LTV but they want to be part of your deal as an equity partner.
Plus I have several more new lenders and brokers with a wide variety of different exciting loan programs available for the first time in my 2014 Motherload Resource Directory.
If you've purchased a prior version of the directory, you'll get an "upgrade" discount.  Otherwise, you'll still get a discount for my 4th of July Blow Out which is ending soon.
If you've missed any other offer I've ever done before, this isn't the offer you want to miss out on.  Period.
Everybody knows that the world of real estate investing is all about other people's money (OPM).  Anyone with a rich aunt or an endless supply of money can easily make money provided that they're smart enough to know the appreciation value of real estate (instead of blowing the money on dope and hookers...or some other such nonsense).
If you've been struggling with getting money for your deals and have been frustrated with the lack of resources due to the "dry spell" our economy has undergone in the past 7 to 8 years, here's your lucky break.  (Finally!)
I have a short audio seminar about this phenomenal new Resource Directory at
This deal ends very soon and once it's's over!
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main

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