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Friday, June 21 2013

The other day, Ronnie and I were talking through a "what if" scenario
about creating and distributing an alcoholic product.

Now, just to give you a spark of inspiration; I had a student who got
involved with my Distribution Profit System earlier this year.  He took
interest in my example about how you can take an ordinary product like,
say, vodka, for instance.  Then you can put a different "spin" on it
by maybe putting the vodka in skull-shaped bottles and sell them.  This
is what one entrepreneur did and he became successful so I used it as
an example in my course materials.

This student of mine by the name of Nick was inspired by this to the
point where he did it.  But instead of creating large vodka bottles
that would be sold in a grocery store, for example, he instead decided
to create different types of bottles for different liquors that were the ones you'd get on an airplane.  Well, maybe a tad
bigger than those.

One was...yes, you guessed it: a skull.  He has others.  One is shaped
like a pistol.  Another is shaped like an alien.  I only remember those
three from the picture he emailed to me.

Nick sells these through distributors to convenience stores and gas
stations.  And he sells them cheap.

The liquor, of course, is no top shelf alcohol.  It's the lowest form
of well liquor you can possibly imagine.

And he reported that in the past few months since launching his product,
he's already grossed just over $150,000.

Not bad for an idea he ripped off from me (that I ripped off from
someone else) and basically filling bottles he bought in China with
sh***y well liquor.

My prediction for Nick, provided that he stays on this same track, is
that he'll be pulling in about $700,000 by the end of this year and
grossing over $2 million by the close of 2014.

Go Nick!

So, back to my conversation with Ronnie.  He said that if he were to
churn out some type of alcoholic beverage, he'd completely turn his
back on any top shelf liquor.  (This was before I told him the Nick
story.)  Instead, he'd bottle up and sell the cheapest, most vile
and revolting alcohol he could get and call the product "Gut Rot."

I'm like..."Gut Rot"?!

He said, "Yeah, it's a catchy name.  It'll be super cheap and it'll
sell really well in not-so-great neighborhoods.  As long as people get
a buzz and it's cheap, they won't care about the name."

Even worse, I actually liked the entire idea and name of the product.


Because he had a point.  As he said during the conversation, it's
a stupid marketing plan to create some expensive $300-per-bottle
liquor where you can only sell to high-end customers when you can
churn out a high volume selling hundreds of thousands of units to
low-end "party" stores, even if you're only making a buck or two
per unit.

Which would you rather have?

Your "clothing line" in every Walmart in America where you're "only"
making about a $1 per shirt or pair of pants that's sold?

Or your "clothing line" in a handful of mom-and-pop boutiques across
the country where you're making about $50 per shirt or pair of pants
that's sold?  Except that you're only in about 25 mom-and-pop joints.

Oh, wait...Did I to mention that there are 4,663 Walmarts in the U.S.
and 10,857 Walmarts worldwide?

I'll opt for Walmart all day, folks!  And yes, at "only" a buck a crack.

Okay, sure, there are higher end department stores like Macy's and
Nordstrom's but it's getting harder and harder to break through buyers
in these types of stores vs. getting into higher volume stores.

Plus, you actually have to create a higher cost product which is a pain
in the ass.

Instead, service our "get-stuff-cheap" highly consumable Walmart society
by going China, getting a pallet full of stuff, and distributing it here.

And it's just as easy as that, too.

Here are some facts:

1)  No matter what, manufacturing is never coming back to the U.S.  I
don't care what Obama or anyone else says.  We can't make things cheap
enough with the cost of having a warehouse/plant, employees, health
care, insurance, and on and on and's not affordable.

2)  The Chinese have anything and everything you could ever want to
sell.  What they don't have, they can make for you.  And it's all cheap.

3)  What the Chinese don't have is the ability to distribute here in
the United States.

And that's where you come in...and make millions in the process.

Now, of course, certain things you absolutely cannot get in China
such as consumables like herbal supplements or anything edible.
(You can still have the packaging manufactured there.)

But everything else?  You can have made overseas, bring it over,
throw it into the distribution network, and rake in all the cash you
could ever want.

And I show you exactly how to do it!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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