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Wednesday, May 29 2013
Have you ever watched the show Shark Tank?
I watch it religiously and I suggest you start watching it too.  (It's on Friday nights.)
What is the Shark Tank?
It is composed of 5 multi-millionaires and multi-billionaires.
Average Joes walk in there and "pitch" their business idea to see if one of the sharks will invest in their business for a certain percentage of the company.
The majority of the sharks have made their millions (and billions, in some cases) by one "type" of business strategy: product distribution.
Further, the majority of the business ideas that come through are about putting new products out into the multi-billion-dollar retail consumer marketplace...through wholesalers and distributors, mostly.
Think about it: "Big" products are in thousands of retail stores throughout the country and even throughout the world.  They're not sold via a single online "store" that some mom-and-pop home-based company operates.  They're not sold door-to-door.  They're sold through a massive wholesale movement that ultimately gets these products on retail store shelves and in the homes of end-users or consumers.
This applies to Big Boys like Coke or Pepsi, RJ Reynolds, and even 5-Hour Energy Shot.
Imagine coming up with a low-cost simple consumer item, creating a multi-million-dollar company starting from a few thousand dollars (or less), and "selling out" to a Big Boy corporation for tens of millions of dollars in just a few years from now.
That's how multi-millionaires are made.
As you profit from your company (with monthly aggressive cash flow), you shovel your extra funds into passive income real estate so that when you don't want to work anymore in a few years, you have passive income coming in to sustain the lifestyle you desire.
That's how multi-millionaires remain multi-millionaires.
As I get closer and closer to the end of this year, I'm sharing more and more of my intimate money-making secrets as I'm making money with those precise strategies myself.  And I'm choosing to share something out of this world with you.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main


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