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Wednesday, May 29 2013

Would you believe you could make a lot of money if you were selling something at $50 a pop?
What if you were selling 1,000 units a month?  Times 2 different products?
And what if I told you that you'd never even have to touch any of these units including never receiving a shipment or pallet of these wiz-bangs nor would you have to ship any of them out to anyone either?
Dream come true, right?  Or "bullsh**" is what you're really probably thinking...!
Except everything I'm telling you is 1000% true.
Even more exciting, this is only one of the many opportunities for Aggressive Income Strategies on Steroids that I'll be presenting in Los Angeles on September 27th and 28th.
What's Aggressive Income Strategies on Steroids?  Not "regular" Aggressive Income as I've taught before with my New Wealth Ninja techniques or with my real estate Aggressive Income secrets on SFR flipping.
This is like nothing I've ever presented before...yet it's something that I've personally been doing for the past couple of years and have really exploded with it about 9 months ago.
You have to appreciate the fact that I give bona-fide techniques and strategies that apply to today's economic conditions that you can use to get immediate cash flow.
And yes, our economy has shifted again.
Here's what you're up against now:
High competition with wealthy investors who are snatching up all of your residential income properties out there including apartment buildings, mobile home parks, and single-family residences.  There's barely any passive income property inventory left.  Sellers aren't doing much seller financing since there are way too many investors out there who have the cash to buy their why work with someone who needs seller financing?
Things have changed...again.
If you're going to compete in the real estate marketplace, you need cash.  And fast!  Why?  Because all the inventory is being eaten up left and right by wealthy well-funded investors, even as I write this email.
The good news is that we're on the ride up to a super hot economy.  And you're about to cash in...big time!  All you need is a hot product and a means to market it.
Our economy is ramping up for what will be equivalent to the Roaring 20s.  Or even better.  And if all you have is a job or some small service business, you're not going to cash in.  In fact, you'll be missing out on all the money.
I have a way for you to cash in since it'll be almost criminal if you enter into our New Economy without a means of collecting on the huge windfall that's coming up quick.
Since I'm stepping out of training by the end of this year, I'm giving my students a lasting legacy of as much valuable money-making information I possibly can based on my own experience.
Many of you know about the other company I have that's fairly new yet has become extremely successful selling a very low-cost, simple line of products.
And I'm finally ready to reveal the exact step-by-step details to show you how you can do the same thing.
No, this is not New Wealth Ninja stuff.  This is way beyond that.  New Wealth Ninja has limited my students to "max out" at about $20,000 a month in income.  This is Aggressive Income on Steroids.  You're looking at around $100,000 a month or more in income by following my simple step-by-step business action plan.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main

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