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Monday, May 13 2013

Something strange happened to me yesterday on Mother's Day...
My dad called me to wish me a Happy Mother's Day.
But he sounded...different.  More uplifted.  More positive!
Just to be clear, my dad is disconnected from most everything I do in my life including the work that I do with my students.  And I've learned a very important lesson many years ago that you can't force your beliefs down other people's throats -- even if they are family -- if they're not ready to better their lives.
This is why both my dad and brother live their lives in the "trenches" both in mindset (where it starts) and physically (where your thoughts ultimately manifest).
Strangely, my dad's mindset was different when I talked to him yesterday.
Remember, I had his front teeth fixed.  One day after that dental appointment (which was a couple of weeks ago now), he called me to thank me profusely for paying for the entire dental procedure and then went on and on about how such a seemingly small improvement really makes a difference in self-esteem and ultimately how you project yourself out into the world.
Which I already knew.  Which is why I wanted to have his teeth fixed in the first place.  ("Way ahead of you, dad, on that one..." is what I was thinking.)
When you're not swimming in the "mud hole" of life, you get the benefit of seeing what's going on with others and how/why their lives aren't working.  Some things you can help change (like teeth for better self-esteem, for instance).  Other things you cannot change (like entire mindsets and belief systems, for instance).
When I saw my dad letting himself go like that, I knew there was something devastatingly wrong with his mindset and he was in a free fall downward spiral at that point.  And I felt I could do something very small to make a significant shift.
And I did.
Because when I talked to him last night, he was like a new person.  He was positive, uplifted, had new goals, and seemed like the "old dad" I knew years ago.
He was also talking to me about "attraction" and how it all first changing your state of mind and what you focus on.
"Hmmm, dad, I didn't know that!  Tell me more!"  (I had to let him keep talking so he could stay on his train of new thought!)
He was telling me about his discoveries with wealth attraction, that he had been working on some techniques he picked up from some website, and he was already noticing a huge shift and change in his life because of it.
And within just one week he was already seeing new opportunities he could participate in to further change his life.
What a difference a couple of weeks, a new set of front teeth, and a complete mind shift makes when you consciously decide that it's time to get out of the "muck" of life and experience the life you really want.
Do you even realize what type of mud hole pond you're swimming in right now?
Did you know that some of your conscious (and subconscious) choices are actually hurting you?
Did you know that being stubborn and inflexible about things you "think" you want is actually giving you a life that...well, just plain sucks?
Here's an example for you:
My ex-husband was offered (by me) a house in Michigan in a nice area.  This house was to be bought in 100% cash.  He would be solely on title.  Furthermore, his BMW payments would continue to be made and he would also get somewhere around $4,000 in support payments monthly until my daughter is 18.  That's another 13 years!!
What was Option B?
Getting absolutely nothing.  That's right.  Option B was to get none of the above including no more support payments if he chose to stay here in California.
He chose Option B.  He ended up losing his BMW and he couldn't afford to pay for his rented townhouse anymore so he moved in with his mom last fall.  He took a $12/hour job where his daily commute is an hour out and an hour back.
Option A is off the table.  However, I've presented Option A again to him last summer.  He still said no.  He consciously chose to struggle.
Now, you are probably looking at the situation going..."What the hell is wrong with that dude??"  I know.  Everybody says that.  Everybody says they would have taken Option A.  Everybody, of course, except my ex-husband.
What is his ulterior motive?  I don't know.  Being stubborn.  Making a "point."  Making sure I don't get what I want.  Who knows?!
Let's give you another example of this clear and obvious self-sabotage:
Ronnie's ex-girlfriend (and the mother of his 3 kids) is basically a struggling waitress with 3 jobs.  She was offered the same thing here in California.  She was offered a house, a car, and a job (since she was so "worried" about the job).  She would have no rent to pay.  No car payment.  And she'd have an income.  (Unlike my ex, she actually wants to earn her money and I respect that which is why a job was offered.)
She refused.
Currently she's homeless.  She bounces between an aunt's couch and a male friend's couch back and forth like a Ping-Pong ball.  She has no residence of her own.
And yet she still refuses to take my offer.
Now, you're probably thinking I'm making this all up.  I guarantee that I'm not making any of this up.  This is the reason that I live in California, Ronnie lives in Michigan and we see each other periodically throughout the year.  Neither ex will take an offer.  Both would rather suffer consciously and subconsciously for the remainder of their lifetimes.
And that's exactly what will happen to both.
I see what both of their lives will be like in 10, 15, 20...until the end of their lifetimes on this planet.  I can clearly see their "mud hole" that their swimming in.  They will literally have their same exact life that they have now in a decade from now.
And that's pretty sad, isn't it?  Especially since they were given literally a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity (that neither really deserved to begin with).
You're probably thinking that if you were either one of them, you'd take the offer...right?  Everything who is "clear headed" about the situation and can see it from above all says the same thing.
But they can't see the situation from the inside of their mud hole.
Now, you have to think about yourself for one minute.  What things are you not seeing from inside your mud hole?  What things would someone else say you had an opportunity to do or atalent to become that you could follow through with and yet you're not or haven't been?
The first step to have the successful life you deserve is to figure out: (1) what you don't want, and (2) what you do want.  Simple, isn't it?
Yet why are you not living the life you truly want to live??  Why aren't you making the type of money you really want to be making??
It's time to change all of that!
I've created The Magic Course which will help you with all of your missing pieces in your life.
To listen to an incredible audio seminar, to go and I'll explain to you how this can change your life within a matter of mere weeks!
If you're tired of doing all the work and seeing no results, this is exactly what you've been missing!
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main 

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