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Saturday, May 11 2013

I think a lot of you know the story about my dad.
He's sort of been in a downward spiral for the past couple of years, even going so far as to embezzle money from me.
And that broke my heart.
I found that, for my own sake, I had to completely disconnect from him over the summer of 2011 and ever since then I've had very little contact with him.
Then this past January or February (don't remember which), I went down to Orange County with Ronnie and met my dad at my favorite Chinese place in Laguna Beach called Mandarin King.  (If you live around Laguna Beach or ever visit, you can't miss visiting that restaurant!)
And for many of you who read all my emails, you know what happened that night.  I noticed my dad's teeth were broken.  And we're not talking about just any teeth.  They were his front teeth!
And this bothered me quite a bit!
How can anyone function in business with broken front teeth??
I fought paying for his dental requirements until I finally caved a couple of weeks ago.  I've found that sometimes you have to break your own rules when it becomes clear that you're being inflexible.
People walk their own paths as they lead their own lives.  They select their destiny based on a set of choices given to them in the beginning, middle, and even the end of their lives.
And he's chosen, for some reason, to have little contact with me and my daughter.
So what?
Apparently he thinks that there are more important things to attend to.  Or maybe he's never learned to fully appreciate family.  Or maybe he thinks he's being an attentive parent and grandparent.
Or maybe he doesn't even think at all.
Who knows and who cares?!  It's not for me to figure out.
I enjoy giving.  I always have.  And I believe that's one of the reasons I'm as successful as I've been in my lifetime.  Giving really does tie you into receiving when it comes to the universe.
And no, it's not just about giving to a church or other religious organization.  Giving/tithing is disguised in many different ways.
It can be giving money to a bum on a street corner because he's down on his luck.
It can be giving to your child's school so they can afford new computers to further all of the children's educational quest in that school or classroom.
It can even be giving to a family member who literally has nowhere else to turn.
When the universe gives back is only when the giving comes from a specific state of mind.  Did you give because you felt like you had to give and now you feel remorseful for doing so?  Because if that's the case, you've given from the wrong place in your heart.
But if you give because you truly want to help and you expect absolutely nothing in return, that's the place you should be giving from.
The guy who is pissed off and throwing money into the church tithing basket because he feels obligated isn't giving from the right place and he's no better off a "giver" just because he's giving in a church.
So, you have to be careful in how you give no matter where you are giving and to whom.
Giving is one of the ways to get the universe to automatically open doors for you.  It's always worked for me.  It can work for you, too.
Years ago, a good friend of mine (who is no longer a friend), used to reprimand me for giving to bums on street corners.  He would always moan about how they all used the money for drugs or alcohol and that I'm just funding their abuse.
One day, I was in my car in a fast food drive-through.  My friend was with me in the passenger side.  All of a sudden, while I was in the drive-through, a guy came up to my window asking for money.  He had some lengthy story about how he needed the money for food for himself and his family.  I didn't care what the story was because I always gave.  He got $20 from me.
My friend started bitching at me immediately saying that the guy was on his way to go buy liquor at some store down the street.  I didn't care.  It's not my job to regulate what people do with the funds I give to them because the place in which I gave the funds is always pure.
The guy who had just taken the $20 from me ended up going into the fast food place next door (an El Pollo Loco), buying a huge bag of food, and bringing it out to his family which was composed of his wife and 2 small kids waiting for him in a car.
Not only did my heart swell with joy for helping this family out but I was also able to say..."Told ya so!"
Did I make a difference?  For that meal that evening for that family I did.
And this is when you get the universe to open up for you.
Consider it like the Butterfly Effect.  If you know anything about the Butterfly Effect, you'd know that there is this theory that a butterfly could land on a flower in South America somewhere, flap its wings, and eventually that "movement" throughout the world can cause a massive hurricane in Africa, or some other such place far away.
Not only do I believe...but I absolutely know, without a doubt, that the same thing happens when you give unconditionally.
That same theory of the Butterfly Effect happens when you give; the benefit of that giving will ripple through the universe.  If anything is "blocked" for you, that ripple will quickly start shaking things loose like an earthquake.
Of course, you know all this right?
But what about the stuff you don't know about getting what you want by using the universe to work for you?
Like how to "command" the universe do stuff for you and get you the things you want in life.
Or how there are "attraction" secrets that books and DVDs like The Secret won't ever tell you about.  (Probably because they don't even know about these strategies.)
The basic problem with many of these "wealth attraction" new-age types of books, courses, and DVDs out there is that they don't tell you the reality of what it takes to manifest what you want in the real world, especially the business world.
They talk about "visualizing" and "affirming."
But did you know that neither one works at all?  In fact, did you know that it actually does the opposite of manifesting?
Even worse, many of these sources of "attracting" won't give you 100% of the elements needed to get what you want in life.  They'll talk about a small portion of what you need then leave out the most critical parts.
It's like outlining to someone how to build a house but leaving out the part about pouring the concrete foundation, wiring it for electricity, and putting on a roof.  Without any of those 3 elements, you won't have a functioning home regardless of how well you do the rest of the stuff.
And this is what I talk about in The Magic latest release.
For more about it, go to
In the very least, go there and listen to my 10-minute audio seminar.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main

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