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Thursday, May 09 2013

The economic changes that are being thrown in my direction everyday is happening at such a break-neck speed that it's like being in a 3-D OmniMax Theater wizzing through the colorful universe at 10,000 miles per hour.
The Mayan Indians could have been right about the world ending last year.  I think what really happened was that the world as we knew it ended in December 2012.
And thank God!
I read somewhere years ago (and I don't remember what exactly I read or where) about how the "end of the world" was really an end of a phase.  All ends mean new beginnings.
And that's what I'm excited about.
So what "ended" exactly?
The never-ending phase of shysters, snake oil salesmen, and shifty-eyed cons have lost footing.  Now they're all sliding down a mountain, preparing for their rapid demise.

Can you imagine a country with an honest lawyer who really wants to help you and your cause/fight (rather than helping their bank account get bigger)?  Can you imagine an end to frivolous lawsuits like the McDonald's hot pickle debacle where people use big companies as a selfish means of cha-ching for themselves?
Can you imagine living in a world where doctors want to see you get healthy, especially using well-intended (and possibly "alternative") medicines in an effort for you to have optimal health rather than pushing Big Pharma drugs that, in the long term, could hurt you?
Can you imagine living in a place that matches the picturesque way of what we wanted to pretend we were in the 1950s...yet we really become that wholesome, honorable, respectable, and innocent as we wished we were at that time?

I know it's hard to imagine now, especially with everything happening in the news from the New Haven, CT horror to that psycho that held a 5-year-old hostage in a bunker for a week to the most recent news of 3 men that held 3 young women captive for 10 years and no one had the slightest idea that anything was wrong.
Yet now...everything is seemingly coming apart at the seams.  You're probably wondering why there's so much disastrous news.
Sometimes you have to pull everything apart, creating a mess, before you can put everything in some kind of perfect order.  I think that's what's happening in the universe right now.
Over the years of mentoring and teaching students, I've found that many of them want to skip over the spiritual aspects of creating wealth and just get to the creating wealth part.  Yet many do not realize that the spiritual aspects are just as important as the action steps needed in the wealth-building process.
It's like baking a cake.
If you have to choose between two cake-baking necessities -- ingredients or the oven --which would you choose?
Well, let's see...
If you have 100% of the ingredients to bake a cake but no oven, you'll have no cake in the end.
If you have an oven and no cake ingredients, you'll still have no cake.
The success action steps would be like having the cake ingredients with the full instructions on how the "process" of making your cake goes.
The oven is the "unseen" spiritual part of the success process that "heats" things up and actually makes the process work.
Again, as you can see, both are required if you're going to become a multi-millionaire.
Since you know this, why skip the spiritual part?  Do you feel like it's a waste of time?  Does it "trip you up" because you don't quite understand the mechanics of it?
One of the things I've been getting a huge amount of emails about is this basic premise from my students:
"I'm doing all the steps to invest and build a business yet I feel like I'm beating my head against the wall because nothing is happening for me."
And there's a reason for that.
It's not enough to have the knowledge, create the action plan, and do the steps.  It's like having the ingredients but no oven to bake with.
And we both know that, in the end, you won't get your "cake" that way.
With so much going on in the universe, things are changing at a warp speed.  The good news is that, unlike the old days when it took lengthy periods of time to "move" the universe in your direction, now things are happening in mere days and sometimes in mere hours.
But you have to know what you want, you have to know the order in which all the "things" that are needed for your want have to occur, and you have to be focused in a specific process to make that happen.
Last year I did a multi-day email blast series over Thanksgiving that thousands of you were instantly drawn to and wanted to know more about.
Here we are more than 6 months later and I've been finally able to put all the details down on paper for you.
I want you to read this mind-blowing report that can tell you exactly how to change your life and get what you want in ways that no one...and I mean no one...has ever told you about before.
Here's the link:
I think you'll start to understand: (1) why things haven't been "working out" in your life as planned lately, and most importantly (2) exactly what you need to be doing to finally catapult yourself into the successful dream-like life that you've always been after.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main

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