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Wednesday, February 13 2013

I just recently finished a 2-day in-office training last week for both Personal and Business Credit Secrets and I started thinking about something...
One of the strategies I taught in the workshop on the first day was how I once used this "cheat" to immediately have a negative delinquency removed from my personal credit without paying a penny to the creditor and...I don't even know if the "cheat" was legal.
Yet it got the delinquency off my credit report instantly within a couple of weeks.
I've used a variation of this "cheat" a few times after that and each time it's worked like a charm, instantly and without incident removing each delinquency off my credit reports within the shortest amount of time possible.
Of course, everything else I've used to get delinquencies removed from my credit years ago when I was in a "credit hole" just took more elbow grease and time to get the stuff off.
Eventually it all came off.
Now I have a FICO that's pretty damn near 800 and, for sure, it will exceed the 800-mark by this summer.
Not that I care.  After all, once you get to the 720+ FICO range, the credit "seas" will part for you and you'll be able to do and get whatever you want at that point.
Everything I've done for my credit has been stuff I've personally used, stumbled through, and had to essentially "re-invent" to both fix and build my personal credit and then to build business credit from scratch several times.
After my bankruptcy back in 2003, I had a FICO that was in the mid-400s.  Like everyone else, I didn't think there was much I could do to improve my credit score.
So I sat and did nothing for awhile.
I decided..."What the hell?  I can try to do something to improve my score."
I read some books, tried some stuff out, saw what worked, saw what didn't work, invented my own techniques, morphed other people's strategies into something more workable, and was able to boost my FICO from a dismal 450+ to jumping into the 640-FICO "club" within my first 9 to 12 months of working with "credit repair" and building techniques.
Once I hit 640, I was able to climb to above 680 within another few months after that.
Then I was "stuck" at 690 forever.
This was, folks, while I still struggled with a bankruptcy, multi-million-dollar judgment, and a few other stubborn things on my credit...I was at 690!
If I only knew then what I know now, I would have been able to jump that difficult 700+ mark.  (And to think that the 700+ "jump" was due to only one secret strategy that I presented in my 2-day training basically requiring me to not do one little thing!)
Once you get into the 720+ range then all the credit doors you ever dreamed of open up for you.  Getting to 750+ or higher is just a game at that point because you're not going to be able to "squeeze" anymore "juice" out of anyone creditwise.  The rest of your work comes in from your business credit building activities.

  • Can you imagine getting to that 720+ FICO by this upcoming summer?
  • Can you imagine using your awesome personal credit to quickly building business credit?
  • Can you imagine being able to access hundreds of thousands of dollars in unsecured business credit cash to use for down payment money on your commercial and apartment building properties?

I always have students asking me over and over again..."But Monica, where do I start if I'm just starting out in this business?"
The realities of commercial and apartment building investing have shifted over the past couple of years.  In order to play the game now, you need some money.
There are only a few ways to get the money:
1)  Take it from your savings (except most people don't have a few hundred thousand dollars lying around)
2)  Get an investor partners (except most people don't know how to do this or don't want to share the profits of their deal with someone else)
3)  Build business credit and get unsecured lines of credit for your down payment cash (and requires you to fix and build your personal credit first)
Opportunities are everywhere now.  That's the good news.
The bad news is that the good stuff is being sucked up by all the serious investors out there who have some big bucks behind them and they're not stopping their real estate acquisition activities until there's nothing left to be had.
You can still compete within all of this so long as you start playing the game a little differently.
You're going to have to enter the game a little differently.  You're going to have to fix bad personal credit then build both your personal then your business credit.
And you're going to have to do it quickly if you're going to have a chance in tapping into these passive income cash flowing property deals.
But the keyword is "quickly."  This means that your days of "dilly-dallying" around are over if you still want to latch onto some of these highly profitable cash flow apartment buildings, mobile home parks, commercial buildings, self-storage properties, and even single-family homes to rent out as passive income.
In my 2-day workshop, I had the video rolling so that I got every detail about how to fix/build personal credit as well as quickly building business credit.  Many of these details I've never included before in any other presentation I've done with my students.
In fact, I've included so many small details about credit that, after watching these videos and taking notes, you'll be such a huge expert that you'll even be able to make a fortune operating a credit repair business if you wanted to.  That's how thorough I was.
I even had a lady in the training group who told me that she owned a credit repair service years ago and that she's convinced after the 2-day event, everything has changed.  Nothing is even close to being the same as it was before when she was in the credit repair business.
If you're trying to use old, outdated methods to fix your credit, you're probably doing more harm than good.  It's best to learn the most cutting-edge strategies.
Even the one that is "borderline legal" to get stubborn negative marks off your credit report.
Go to this link for more details:
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main

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